Repaying my cheater Husband

I was furious, I was horny. I was hurt, I was frustrated. I was unhappy, I was on heat. I have a husband, I haven’t had sex for almost two weeks. I haven’t seen my husband in the time of the business trip, now he has called to say he have to stay a few extra days, unexpectedly. We have a good life; we didn’t have a good marriage.

I sat on the love-seat sofa, waiting for my husband to call from his hotel before his ‘evening business meeting’. I always suspected my husband was cheating on me out of town and that was the reason for the few extra days delay. He was going to shack up with some bar-bimbo he picked up and bedded on the expense of the company account. Today was the day I was going to confront him about his infidelity when he called. I expected him to call in about a half hour, after his young brother, Douglas got home, so he could say hi to him to.

As I sat on my couch with my mind on my libertine husband, I began to daydream about Dan, my first boyfriend. If the memories still serve me right; making out on the couch when I was young in my parents’ house was something I really loved. Of course, when they weren’t around. On my couch alone wearing a casual dress, I crept my hands under my loose white blouse I was wearing to my braless boobs as I continued to remember my sensual past, the past with my first.

Making-out was so much fun! How my sweet tender boobs have been suckled, and the nipples stood out so hard. Dan loved doing everything on me, everything a girl could want! I raised my skirt and put my other hand on my panty-less pussy, as I reminisced about the talented tongue of Dan, the tender-aged teenager who so sweetly tortured me from tits to clit. Oh, I was so horny! My finger found the button then slid down to dip in the well of my womanly weeping cunt, just like how my first boyfriend had petted me long time ago.

Dan, my first boyfriend had, back then, been the same age as my brother-in-law now. They even sort of looked alike. Maybe that was why I have been attracted to my husband. Only he didn’t like to go down there, you know, to my womanhood, not the way Dan did. I pitied the lady – no, make that slut, who my cheating husband was screwing. That girl would not walk away bowlegged like when Dan, my teen lover had made ravaging sex to his nubile girlfriend. Me. I wondered briefly if my young brother-in-law was as big between his legs as my first boyfriend had been.

Yes, I have proof now of my hubby’s infidelity. When Mr. ‘screw more days longer’ called yesterday, I heard a young female voice laugh, calling his name in a sexy manner. So I was madder than hell. I was a hot woman in my late twenties’ but very still attractive. I could tell from the glances I got from the horny men. To be honest I don’t know why husband was wasting time with a little slut when I can rumble and rock and roll and raise the roof and break the bed, and game all night long; and he was wasting it on some tramp that likely didn’t have half my experience in pleasing men.

I wished for my school days again, when boys and girls played Kalongolongo and explored each other’s bodies. Then when you get older you grope each other’s bodies, then progress to lips kissing, then lips kissing everywhere, lips and tongues all over each other’s bodies only if there are good at the ‘game’. . Until finally on that day you play the game past the limit, you go all the way, you do it. It never seems planned but it always seemed inevitable in retrospect. That the trip down the slippery slope to having sex was something that was ultimately unavoidable. Was it like that for my husband’s affairs? Was he trying to recapture his youth, like that answer to the same question in ‘Nairobi half-life’?

When the hell was ‘The Cheating Cow’ going to call? I have wanted a chance to give him hell before Douglas came home from school, but he said he would call when Douglas was in. Maybe I should have an affair with a younger man, to recapture my own youth. To be like a k*d again, making out on the couch, with no one else but only us. Just the two alone; to kiss, and grope, and lick, and taste, and make sweet love to my sweetheart. I continued to tug my long brown nipples and stroke my slick crotch. I drifted off into the fantasy of being laid by my first boyfriend, with fingers guiding my body toward a release. A climax I had saved up for the Cheat’s homecoming, but now was just a mass of tension needing to be unsprang.

Just then I heard Douglas come in. I quickly sat up and pulled my dress down. I gathered my blouse closed and tucked it in a bit. With the waist band of my skirt. Douglas came into the room with a huge grin on his face. “Boy, have I got good news!” the youth couldn’t contain himself. “I got my first A in Chemistry! Now I get that reward my brother promised! A whole new PS4. I bet it will beat PS3. My brother is going to be home tonight right sister-in-law?”

I looked at my brother-in-law and knew I would have to disappoint him. “Oh, Douglas, He had to stay a few days longer on his business trip. So your putting will have to be put off.” I could see the pain in my brother-in-law eyes, of not having the immediate gratification he had hoped for, so proud of an A. He had worked so hard for it I was sure. What could I do to make it up to him, for his brother’s failure to be home to congratulate his young brother on a job well done? Maybe something appropriate to the course he got the A in Chemistry. I asked the downcast k*d, “What other subject did you get the A in, Douglas honey?”

“In Biology, sister-in-law.”

“And what were you learning about in Biology?”

“This month we studied Reproduction and little of sex education!”

“Well! No wonder you took an interest in your studies and got a good grade. So . . . an A in Biology – ehh? . . . Do you want to become a gynecologist?”

“A what?”

“A doctor who takes care of women, helps them have babies and so on. You get to look at women’s crotches all day long! Then for some crazy reason I didn’t consciously understand, I lifted my skirt and spread my legs then closed up everything again, giving my brother-in-law who is like a son to me the best, if brief, beaver-shot of his whole life.

“Maggie! What was that!?”

”You tell me, you’re the whiz-k*d that got an A in Biology!”

“Well, I haven’t seen many, and I only caught a glimpse, but I believe your looks like…”

“Like is missing your brother’s shrub?” I blurted out inadvertently.

“Is that why your nipples are so pointy Maggie?” my brother-in-law asked.

Yes, you learn that in Biology?” Then suddenly, I knew how I could reward my brother-in-law for the A he had brought home.

“Did they show a picture of a woman’s breast in class, Douglas? Have you ever seen a woman’s, a grown woman’s naked breast, Douglas?” The last was spoken in a lilting, breathy tone which obviously offered a peek at her peerless peaks.

“They showed a sideways cutaway, not like looking at brother’s white people-magazines you guys let me gawk at. I never have seen a breast nipple erect, not live and poking out . . . ready to be touched . . . like yours are.” He returned my implied invitation to gander at my chickpea, with a gambit to cop. It turned me on, I felt my body responding to his tentative advances, like a k*d again, ready to make out on the couch.

“Could I, Maggie?”

“What?” I was brought out of my romantic erotic reverie.

“Can I see you breasts, see your nipples erect? Open your blouse and let me see your…please, Maggie!”

Still in a dream-like state, I re-opened my top to display half-inch rosy spikes atop of the full fruit of peach colored pendulous pillows. Bold as a broker’s, Douglas reached out his right hand and cupped my left tit and gently squeezed. “Are you going for extra credit?” I whispered as my thighs began to spread.

God he did remind me of my first sweetheart of long ago. He was my sweet brother-in-law, why not reward him. The feeling sent a gush to my cunt thinking about what I might do, to provide a suitable substitute for my husband fiasco.

Once more the youngster broke into my thoughts with a surprising statement. “My member is growing, want to see?” and he pulled down his pants. Sure enough the once fuzzy was turning furry. I thought to myself. Douglas’s dick was like a double to my first boyfriend’s. I’ve had such fun with it, it had such fun in my pee-pee-hole.

Oh, to recapture the first taste of love, the sweet kisses, the thrill of the first push past my hymen, making me a woman, the exhilaration of my first cum with a cock in my cunt! My brother-in-law would have all that adventure before him. I was sure that he would love couch cuddling as much as his sister-in-law. Maybe even with his brother’s wife!

My brother-in-law stood before me in just his shirt now as he stepped out of his jeans, which lay in a wad on the floor. His penis was a preternatural large organ for his age, putting his brother to shame with the man-size club he carried. It was already hard, thrusting up from his loins like a thick flagpole with a red knob at the end that had the daintiest hole at the tip. A spout for baby-making cream, and now thanks to the school, he knew how to use his tool. Or the theory thereof, until he got the practice down pat, he still had things to learn.

Should I show him? Well at least I could show him mine, since he was showing me his. I flipped up my skirt again to reveal my narrow band of dark hair crowning the coral gash of damp feminine fecundity. Why not? My husband, his brother, was out tom-catting around; why shouldn’t the home pussy get some fun? The k*d was missing out on putting while his old brother was putting it into Miss Affair-of-the-Month. Douglas was gazing down at my exposed privates, where my pubis was publicly splayed and displayed before him. His erection bobbed with yearning for my honeypot. I was sure Douglas was going to have me as I was sure again as sun will rise from west he had had hots for me.

I wiggled my finger at Douglas who possessed the over-size toy, indicating he would get into position. Douglas knelt between my wide angle limbs. He resumed clutching my left breast and placed his left hand on his my right thigh. The tip of his penis hunted my hot-spot like a heat. Just like when I was an innocent girl, once more with a boy about to lose his virginity in my body. Yes he was my husband’s brother, and his brother wasn’t home to know what was going on. After all, who would know if a little wickedness happened? When the cat’s away…you know the damn saying.

Then the phone rang

“Hi! Honey, it’s me, I miss you! The phone made his voice sound even less sincere. “How’s Douglas? Is he home from school yet? Let me talk to him.”

Douglas froze as he heard faintly the quite distinctive sound of his brother’s voice on the phone, asking for him. How could his brother know he have been at the very portal of his wife vagina, at the moment before passing into manhood and entry to paradise, just about to be the man of the house while the big brother was away? Then I think he realized that the moment was just a coincidence. I haven’t come to my senses but I couldn’t stop smiling and holding my skirt high so it wouldn’t get in the way of their impending passion. I nodded my readiness to fuck and closed my eyes as I held the phone to Douglas’s ear.

“Hi, Douglas!”

“Hi Brother! How’s your trip?” Douglas’s cock tip nuzzled in my damp neither lips.

“Fine, I have to stay a couple of extra days to finish up some details the company wants me to personally handle, and then I’ll be back. Meanwhile you take real good care of your sister-in-law. How was school?”

“Yes, I’m taking good care of Maggie.” Douglas replied as the plum colored head of his fat dick slid into my anxious, eager, open, willing, waiting, wantonly weeping womb. We both smiled at the sweet moment. “And Bro guess what! I got my first A in Chemistry and Biology! Don’t worry about buying me PS4. Maggie is taking care of things.”

I could now feel the meat of my husband’s brother’s love-muscle slither to be half way in, and then it twitched. I loved when he did that!

“‘Maggie is giving me a special reward for getting an A in both Biology and Chemistry.” Douglas concluded, with a push of his hips.

He thrust the rest of the way into my jam-jar, to the hilt, root to clit, balls to bottom, tip nudging womb; a deep, hard, tight, hot, throbbing, hairy, animal, happy connection. A union which was spiritual as well as physical, love bolstered by lust, lust emboldened by love. Sister-in-law and brother-in-law as one; again and again and again as the boy banged his beautiful k*d cock into my cunt.

“Yes, darling,” I brought the phone back to my face, “You might say I’m giving your brother an extra boner, whoops! I mean bonus for his achievement in school. Good-bye, darling I have to cum, oops! I mean go.”

Douglas’s hips picked up the tempo and the sound of crotch flesh clapping together became louder and louder. The voice on the phone sounded both a little confused and just a little suspicious.

“Just what class did he get an A in? And what’s that sound I’m hearing there?!”

I laughed at his questions and with the rising of my long awaited orgasm. I managed to gasp out an answer to the first question, “It was an A in Biology.” My giggles turned into moans as I finished, “And he’s teaching me everything he learnt!”

As I fumbled for the disconnect button, Douglas hit his peak and could be plainly heard by his brother saying, “Here I cum Maggie, right in your sweet pussy!!!

What is sauce for the gander is sauce for the goose, and the gosling gets to baste his giblet into the gravy as well!

I was no longer furious, I was humping, I was in heaven, I was fulfilled, I was happy, I was fucking, finally. I have a husband I haven’t had seen or had sex with in two weeks. He has a good brother, and right now Douglas was being very a good brother-in-law, as I climaxed a second time and began to build to a third.

I always loved making out on the sofa, and now I have a teenage sweetheart lover again to always make love to me on the couch, or wherever we wanted to. Especially, when my husband/his brother is out of the house! And now that is what I intend to know as long he cheats on me in his business trip. Maybe in two-three years to come or when Douglas is of an adult age, I will dumb his first cheating brother for him regardless of what the society and culture claims.