Seduction of Holly

My name is Paul, and I have worked at GMAF for about
five years. I am 28, and have worked my ass off trying
to get ahead. There is an opening for a junior vice-
president, and I intend to have it. There are others in
line for the same position, but I believe that I am the
most qualified. If not as qualified, at least, more
determined. I earn a very good wage, but since I was
married a year ago, we could certainly use the extra
money. A fourteen hundred dollar a month mortgage, and
two car payments, takes a big bite out of the paycheck.

My wife, Holly, is presently unemployed. She is 24, 5′
3″, 34-24-36. She is not a movie star, nor the most
beautiful woman in the world, but she is very pretty,
with a wholesome innocence about her. Have you ever
heard of a 23-year-old virgin today? Well, Holly was.
She comes from a very religious family, and is a devout
Catholic. We had plans to start a family, until she was
laid off from her PR job. We already have a baby room
furnished and decorated. There’s an opening in our
mailroom, and I am trying to pull strings to get her
hired here. It doesn’t pay as much as she was used to,
but still pays a good salary.

My immediate supervisor is Mr. Beal. That is what he
demands everyone in his section call him. He is a large
black male about 35. When he interviewed me five years
ago, he said, “You will call me Mister Beal, and
nothing but, Mister Beal.”

I have been intimidated by him ever since. We get along
pretty well, but never anything personal is discussed.
He seems to have gotten a little more friendly in the
last year, or so. I don’t think it is safe to have him
as anything more than an impersonal supervisor. I have
watched during the last five years and it seems as if
he gets on friendly terms with someone, and less than a
year later, they disappear.

I have heard they always move to better jobs, but I
still don’t trust him. The first to leave was the man
that took me under his wing, when I first started. He
was a happy, well-adjusted man and never had a trouble
in the world. Within a couple of months, after Mister
Beal began being his bosom buddy, he became quiet,
morose, and seemed to be in a world all his own.

About eight months later, I came to work and his desk
was empty. Mister Beal said he had taken a position
with another company. The same circumstances have
surrounded the friendship of four other friends of
mine. It has been a couple of months since the last of
“Mister Beal’s” friends has left for bigger and better

“Hey, Paul, how’s married life? You starting a family
yet?” As Mister Beal was saying this, he was sitting
down on the corner of my desk.

I was so surprised that all I could do is stammer,
“Married life is wonderful, but we haven’t tried for a
family.” Mister Beal made himself comfortable and
seemed to be there to stay for a while.

“Is this her picture?” he said, looking at a 4 x 5
framed photo on my desk. It was the only picture I had
of her in a swimming suit. “Seems to me, she has the
wide hips of a very fertile woman. My mother always
said you could tell a baby-making woman, by looking at
her hips. I don’t mean anything derogatory, by saying
she has wide hips. I think they are beautiful. You have
a very good-looking wife, and should be proud of her.
Have you ever noticed black women? They all have large
hips. That’s why there are so many black babies. A
black man is forever looking at a woman’s ass. Well, so
much for a history of black women’s asses. If you need
anything, let me know. You seem to be after that vice-
presidents job. I’m pretty tight with old man
Richardson. Want me to put in a word for you?”

I didn’t know if I should be pissed, or had been
complimented. “No, don’t say anything to the old man. I
will do this on my own. There is one little thing you
might help me with. Holly has been unemployed for a
couple of months. There is an opening in the mailroom.
Who is the best person I can find to put in a good word
for her? She really could use the job.”

“I don’t have anymore time to discuss it right now. Why
don’t you drop over to my house about 7 this evening? I
live alone, and we can make a night out of it. Your
little wife wouldn’t mind if you stayed out one night,
would she? We will discuss the mail room opening, and
maybe, I can come up with suggestions to help you in
your promotion,” Mister Beal said, smiling.

“No, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind. She is always telling
me I don’t have to stay home every minute.” I told him.
As he left, I kept trying to figure out what he wanted.
There was something behind this conversation, but, for
the life of me, I didn’t know what. Am I his next ‘
friend ‘ that leaves mysteriously? Maybe, there’s
nothing to it. There’s a chance that he really will
help, and Holly desperately wants a job. She’s going
crazy cooped up in that house every day, not to mention
the money we are losing.

Holly was elated to hear that I was going over to
Mister Beal’s. She had never met him and knew nothing
of his condescending attitude toward the employees in
his department. I never discussed my dislike or
mistrust of the man. I was still apprehensive of
meeting him at his own home, but Holly needed that job,
and it was just possible that he could help me with the
old man.

I was ringing the bell at promptly 7pm. Mister Beal
opened the door, and I was surprised to see him wearing
a pair of shorts, and nothing else. He was displaying
his muscular chest, and when I glanced down, there was
a huge mound between his legs. I looked back into his
eyes, but not before he had seen my eyes on his crotch.

There was a grin on his face, as he invited me in.
“Come in! Come in! Right on time. I like a man that is
punctual. Let’s go out on the terrace, and tip a few
cold ones. We can relax and get to know each other. You
can tell me what I can do to help your pretty young

After a half dozen cold beers, I was more relaxed.
Especially, after Mister Beal told me in the privacy of
his home to call him Jim or James. I was so surprised
that I almost fell out of my chair!

“Well Paul, I think I can assure you that your wife
will get that opening in the mailroom. Have her come
tomorrow morning, and ask for Mrs. Maynard. Mrs.
Maynard owes me a favor, and will be glad to do one for
me. I believe that you would be better off working on
the old man yourself. You are already the forerunner,
and as determined as you are, you have a good chance
without my help. Now, let’s go inside and watch some
home movies I have. Oh, by the way, these movies are
pretty raunchy. You don’t mind, do you?”

“No, I don’t mind. I haven’t seen a dirty movie in
quite awhile. Holly doesn’t like that kind of thing.” I
replied. “She is very religious and was a virgin when
we married. She is very conservative and would never
watch anything like that.” My God, I can’t believe I
just told him that! It must be the alcohol. I’m not
used to drinking. I haven’t had a drink since I met

We went into the den, and he brought out a bottle of
chilled brandy, with two glasses. He had a large screen
television, and the DVD was already loaded. I was
handed another glass, as he started the movie. It was
an interracial fuck film, and starred a black male,
with a white man and woman. It started out with the
white man sucking the biggest black cock I had ever
seen. The black man was eating the white woman. His
tongue was as long as my dick. Jim filled my glass
again, and I could see the bulge in his shorts had
grown much larger, if that was possible. I had a raging
six-inch hard on.

Jim said, ” why don’t you take your cock out and touch
it while we enjoy the movie. I’m going to pull off my
shorts, and do the same.”

He had his back to me, when he pulled down his shorts.
I dropped my pants and freed my hard dick. I sat back
down and began stroking my cock. Then, he turned
around, and I saw the monster between his legs. MY God!
I couldn’t believe that a dick could be that big! It
was twice as long as mine, and much bigger around. He
sat down next to me, and began stroking his massive

After a few minutes of stroking, he stopped, and looked
me in the eyes, “You know what is more exciting?”

“What?” I croaked.

“Let me stroke yours, and you stroke mine.”

At first, I thought he was joking, but looking into his
face, I could see he was not. He reached over and put
his hand on my cock. His big hand completely engulfed
it, but he began moving his hand back and forth. I
couldn’t bring myself to touch his. I had never had any
desire to touch another man’s dick. He took my hand and
placed it on the shaft of that monster of his. I didn’t
know what to do. Another man had my dick in his hand,
and my hand was on his. What had I gotten myself into?
I was so horny, that I was gently moving my hand back
and forth, even as I was thinking.

“Now, I would say to just pretend that it is yours, but
you could never pretend something that outrageous. So,
instead stroke my dick until I shoot my load all the
way across the room.” He ordered.

His long shaft was soft and smooth, but hard as a
brick. We are stroking each other with one hand and
holding our brandy with the other. He set his glass
down, and leaned over my lap. He put his mouth on my
hard dick and I almost cum immediately. I tried pulling
away, but there was no place to go. After all the
drinking, watching the erotic movie, and the
unbelievable feeling of his warm mouth on my cock was
too much. I shot my load down his throat. He swallowed
every drop! He licked my dick clean and sat up.

“Now, it’s your turn.” He said.

“What do you mean, ‘my turn’?”

“Don’t you think turn about is fair play? Did you think
I would suck your little dick, and you not suck me? You
never pushed me away, so you had to know that I would
want you to do the same to me. Don’t play dumb with me!
Now, get down there and start sucking, and when I cum,
don’t lose a drop! You hear me?”

He grabbed my head and pushed it down onto his dick. At
first, I just put the head into my mouth, but he wasn’t
satisfied with that. He pushed my head down until I was
choking. I had about eight inches of hard, black cock
in my mouth.

“You’ve been watching the video. You see how that white
prick is sucking black dick. You do the same to me.
Suck it good!”

I had no choice but to make him cum as soon as
possible. But, could I swallow his jism? If I ever get
out of here, I’ll never get myself into a position like
this again. God, why did I ever agree to come to his
house? Why did I drink so much? I was sucking, but
still had room for my hand to be masturbating him at
the same time. There was no way I could take all his
cock into my mouth. All of a sudden, I could feel his
dick getting harder. He took my head and forced my
mouth all the way down to his pubic hairs. I was
choking! I couldn’t breathe! Then, he was there! Spurt
after spurt of cum was gushing down my throat. I didn’t
think he was ever going to stop. I fully believed I was
going to die from lack of air. Finally, he finished,
and released my head. Cum was dripping down his dick.

“Lick it clean. That’s what I did for you.” He

I licked and cleaned his still hard dick.

“I think we are finished for tonight. You probably
want to go home and tell your wife the good news about
her job. Don’t let this little episode bother you. I am
not gay and neither are you. It felt good, and wasn’t
so bad, was it?” he said.

After everything was over, and I knew I wasn’t going to
die, I had to admit that it felt good. It was certainly
a new experience. Not one, I ever planned on repeating.
So, I replied, “It’s okay, but I don’t believe that I
could ever get into a habit of doing that.”

“Oh, We aren’t going to do this anymore, or, at least
I’m not. This was just to get acquainted. In the near
future, there will be a woman joining us. She will get
the benefit of all the cum.”

“A woman? I’m married. I cannot cheat on my wife. We
have only been married a year. We would never cheat on
each other.” I almost yelled.

“Don’t worry, you won’t be cheating on her. Don’t
forget, I am Mister Beal at work tomorrow. Goodnight.
It was a pleasurable evening.”

I could still taste his cum in my mouth. I couldn’t
wait to get home and gargle. I’ll put this behind me,
and not think of it anymore. It’s best, if I forget the
whole thing. I was emotionally exhausted when I arrived
home. Holly was delirious with joy that she was going
back to work. She never noticed that anything was wrong
with me.

Nothing was different when I saw Mister Beal the next
day. He was friendly, but not overly so. Just before
quitting time, he dropped a manila envelope on my desk.

“Open this after you leave, and be at my house at 7
this evening.” He said in a commanding tone. He turned
on his heels and walked away, without giving me a
chance to reply.

I opened the envelope, as soon as I got to the car. I
almost fainted! There were 8 x 10 glossies of me
sucking his dick, and then licking it clean. There must
have been a dozen pictures. My face was clearly
visible, but nowhere was his face in a picture. I could
have been sucking any black man’s dick. Oh God! What
does he want? I don’t have any money. I didn’t even go
home. I just drove around in a daze. I had looked at
the pictures over and over, trying to see if there was
just one, where he would be recognized. They were 9
x11’s, not 8 x 10’s. Kodak didn’t develop them; they
were run off a computer. He must have had a digital
camera trained on the sofa. I was at his door at 7pm.
He opened it, before I could even ring.

“Hey Paul, come on in and lets get down to business. I
know you are curious and I am ready and willing to
satisfy your curiosity. Come into the den, and lets get
comfortable. You look like you could use a drink.”

We walked into the den and he sat down on the sofa. I
started to set down next to him, when he said, “No, you
get on your knees between my legs. Take out my cock,
and suck on it while I tell you what you and I are
going to do. You hesitate? You want copies of those
pictures shown around work? You want copies sent to
your family and your wife’s family? You ready to give
up your career? You will never get another job in this
industry. Now, get on your knees and start sucking. I
will tell you what else you are going to do.”

He outweighed me by 60 pounds, and was much more
muscular than me. I couldn’t fight him and hope to win.
He had me, and I still didn’t know what he really
wanted. I had no choice but to get on my knees and take
out his long, limp dick. It began to grow as soon as my
mouth covered the head.

As I sucked, he started to talk, “This is what you are
going to help me with. You are going to help me seduce
your wife. I am going to fuck her until she will never
want another man. I am going to stretch her pussy,
until I am the only one that can satisfy her. Your puny
little dick will never be able to bring her to another
climax. Keep bobbing your head! Grunt, if you
understand.” Good! I’m glad we understand each other. I
am going to invite the two of you to dinner. You are
going to accept the invitation to my house. Every
chance you get; you are going to tell her what a great
guy I am. You are going to tell her about the size of
the monster you are sucking. You are going to tell her
what great lovers blacks are. You are going to help me
seduce her, or everybody in this town is going to see
those pictures!” I will post them on the Internet. The
whole world will see.”

He was holding my head on his dick, and I couldn’t even
reply. Tears were running down my cheeks. What had I
gotten myself into? And now my wife was involved! Poor
innocent Holly! What was I going to do? This is what
had happened to the other so-called friends of Mister
Beal. Why had each of them gone along with this kind of
thing for almost a year? Probably for the same reason I
was going to, terrified of losing their job and
reputation, terrified of losing their wife and all
their possessions. Is it possible that after he fucks
her, we can pull our life back together? Without those
photos hanging over my head, I could start over in
another city. He began to stiffen and I knew what was
going to happen. He began pumping load after load down
my throat. I swallowed more easily this time. My God, I
was a cocksucker!

“Thanks Paul. With a little practice, you could become
very good at sucking black cock. You know what you are
supposed to do, don’t you? You weren’t enjoying your
sucking so much that you didn’t hear me, were you?
Let’s not waste any time. Why don’t you and the little
wife come over for the weekend next Friday? That will
give her time to get settled into her new job. You will
also have time to embellish on all my attributes.” He
was still laughing as he said, “This house has plenty
of room. We’ll barbeque. There’s a swimming pool and
Jacuzzi. I’m sure she will enjoy a new and completely
different lifestyle. You don’t have to tell her how
different. She will know by Sunday. Don’t look so
gloomy. We are going to have a wonderful time. At
least, I am.”

Still laughing, he pushed me out the door.

“Oh, and Paul, I almost forgot, no fucking. We want her
horny for me, don’t we?”

On the drive home, I realized that I had become
resigned to the inevitable. The seduction of my wife
was going to happen, whether I liked it or not.
Curiously, I was a little excited about the whole
thing. Sucking his big dick wasn’t as repulsive as it
had been at first. Could I help seduce her and then
watch that gigantic cock penetrate her small pussy?
Would she enjoy it, or hate me and call the police?
Would she still love me? There were too many unknowns
for me to sort out all at once.

At home, I told Holly about going to Mister Beal’s. I
told her that I had helped move some furniture and had
strained myself. This got me off the hook of having to
make love to her for a few days. She was excited about
spending a weekend in a luxury victorian home, with a
large pool and jacuzzi. I had entirely forgotten
something. I had never told her that Mister Beal was

She went to work the next morning, and everything was
almost normal for the next few days. She was waiting
for me when I came in the door on Thursday. She was in
a raging fury!

“How could you? Why didn’t you tell me that Mister Beal
was black? Do you think I am going to spend a weekend
in a house with a black man?” She was screaming the
words at me.

“How did you find out he was black?” I asked the stupid
question without even thinking. I was trying to remain
calm, even though my stomach was roiling inside.

“He came down to pick up his mail because his secretary
was off today. He said he was so happy we were going to
be his guests for a couple of days. I almost dropped
through the floor! Why? Why were you keeping it a
secret? You can tell him we changed our minds. Tell him
anything, but get us out of this!” She said in a more
reasonable voice.

“But, darling, I already accepted. He got you the job,
didn’t he? He’s going to put in a good word with the
old man for me. Did he talk nice? Wasn’t he polite?

“Well, he was very nice and polite. I could tell he is
well educated. We made small talk for a while. He
complimented me on how pretty I am. That’s something
you haven’t done in the last few days. Still, I do not
care to be in close proximity of a black man for a
weekend. You were going to wait until he answered the
door, and let me be surprised, weren’t you?”

I tried being reasonable and explained, “Look honey, I
will be right there. I’ll always be by your side. Once
you get to know him, you will see he is really a very
nice guy. He’s a great conversationalist. He has a
beautiful home and a large pool. It will be great to
get away for a weekend. I don’t know how to politely
tell him we are not coming. There may go my promotion.
He may recommend one of the other candidates. Couldn’t
you swallow your prejudice for just one weekend?” I
could see she was starting to waver.

“Well, okay, but only for one weekend.” She finally

“Thanks honey, you will never regret your decision.” We
will have a wonderful weekend. His home is more than
twice as big as ours. I don’t know why a single man
needs such a large home, and I never asked him.” I was
talking too fast to cover up my nervousness.

That evening as we were laying in bed talking, she was
gently caressing my prick. It stayed soft, even though
I wanted her. I was too nervous, thinking about what
was going to happen in another day.

“Why does he live alone? Maybe, he had a wife, but they
are divorced.” She was saying more to herself than to
me. “What is wrong with you? You always want to have
sex, and for the last week, you haven’t touched me.
Don’t you love me anymore?”

“I’ll always love you and want you. It’s just the
pressure at work, and I’m not really over that strain,
yet.” I replied.

The next evening, as I rang the bell, I was carrying a
small suitcase and she had an overnight bag. Jim
answered the door, wearing a pair of boxer shorts. At
least, this time, he had on a shirt. He welcomed us
with a handshake and a big hug for Holly. It seemed he
took his time giving her a hug. We were showed to our
bedroom, which had a king sized bed. After unpacking
our weekend clothes, we joined him on the terrace.
There was a large bowl of iced punch sitting on the
table. We each took a large glass of punch, and he led
us around the house showing pictures and antiques he
had collected. Next, we went out back, to the yard and
the pool. He had a beautiful place and was proud of it.
Holly had finished her glass and he poured her another.
It was actually too sweet for me, so I had only sipped
on mine. Holly complained of being dizzy, and he
suggested she lay down till he had barbequed the
steaks. I took her upstairs and put her to bed, then
rejoined him. She was out like a light. We made small
talk for half an hour, or so, and then he threw the
shocker at me.

“Let’s go see that little pussy of your wife’s. I want
to smell and kiss it before dinner.” He said this as he
was getting up and heading for the door.

“But, you can’t do that. She will wake up and scream
bloody murder.” I sputtered.

“Oh no, she won’t.” That punch is spiked and she drank
enough to keep her sound asleep while I give her a big
kiss right between her legs.” He laughed.

When we entered the bedroom, she was sprawled across
the bed. He went right to her shorts and began pulling
them down. “Take off her blouse, so I can see and suck
those tits.” He demanded.

I didn’t know what else to do, so did as he asked. In a
few moments, she was naked in all her innocence. She
was about to be ravished without her knowledge. How
could I do this to my lovely wife? I was ashamed and
feeling guilty, but still had a raging hard on. I had
never dreamed this would happen. I stood back and Jim
got on the bed beside her. He kissed her lips, but
there was no response from her. He moved to her breasts
and began sucking one and then the other.

When she groaned, I was scared to death! But, she was
still sleeping. He kissed his way down to her pubic
mound, and was kissing and licking all around her
pussy. She squirmed in her sleep. Then, he spread her
lips with his fingers and was licking her clit. She let
out another long groan. I was holding my breath, and
praying she would not awaken. All of a sudden, his
tongue was darting in and out of her pussy. He would do
that for a few strokes, then, lick her clitoris again.
I couldn’t stand it any longer. I took my dick out and
started beating it. I was never so horny in my life!

He raised his head and told me to pull his shorts off.
Again, I did as I was told. That’s when he told me to
suck him, as he ate her. I was sucking him, stroking my
dick and he was eating her pussy. What an erotic sight!
Just the thought of this happening, made me shoot my
load all over the carpet. She was constantly groaning
and thrashing her hips. Jim stiffened, and I had
another load of his cum to swallow. I was beginning to
like it! Before she could climax, he stopped and got
dressed. He told me to clean up the mess I had made,
get her clothes back on her, and join him outside at
the barbeque. He acted as if nothing had even happened.

When I joined him outside, I asked why he had not let
her cum.

He said, “Because I want her horny and awake when I
fuck her. I don’t like a woman to be unconscious when
my big dick is put into her tight hole. I want her to
feel every inch. I want her screaming from the sheer
size of trying to fit into her, and then screaming from
pleasure when she has gotten adjusted to it. By the
way, you have a future in sucking cock, if you ever
want to change professions. Do you enjoy sucking?”

“Until a week ago, I had never thought about it. I had
never touched another man and had no desire to. I guess
sucking you isn’t so bad. I have changed completely in
a little over a week. In my wildest dreams, I would
never have thought I would be in this situation. I am
actually looking forward to seeing you fuck Holly with
that monster cock of yours. I would like to lick her
clean, when you are finished! God, I can’t believe I
said that, but it is true.”

“I’ll put these steaks on low heat, and let’s go inside
and watch one of my movies, starring yours’ truly.
Holly should be awake shortly. Let’s see what she does
when she walks in and sees my cock up a white girl. She
may not mean to look, but she is bound to see
something. We want to put the idea in her mind, that
white women love black cock.” He said.

We had been watching the movie for about half an hour,
of Jim fucking and eating a young, beautiful white
woman. I was horny again because I knew this was real.
The woman was giving it all she could, but couldn’t
seem to take all his cock inside her. I heard a sudden
intake of breath behind me, but never turned around.
Jim was saying how all white women loved black cock. He
was talking for the benefit of Holly, whom we knew was
in the doorway behind us. I asked him if he thought
Holly would be the same as the woman in the movie.

He was saying that he had never heard of a white woman
that didn’t enjoy a long black dick reaching deeper
than their husbands ever could. We were just making
small talk about the pleasure a woman felt when she
could feel the baby making sperm of her black lover
squirting into her womb. It must have been 10 minutes
before I heard footsteps going outside.

In a few minutes, we got up and followed. Holly was
sitting at the table, sipping on another potent punch.
She never asked what we had been doing. She was
probably scared Jim would tell her! Jim pulled his
chair from the table and kind of sprawled into it. He
was directly across from Holly. I heard an intake of
breath, and glanced at Holly. She was staring at Jims
shorts. I looked, and could understand why she had
gasped. You could see the head of his dick sticking out
the bottom on the left side.

Every few seconds, it would jerk as if it had a life of
it’s own, I knew he was doing this on purpose, but he
acted as if nothing was wrong. Holly would glance away,
but her eyes kept returning to the same spot. She was
getting more and more flustered. About that time, the
steaks were done, I brought out the salad and we had an
enjoyable meal. Jim suggested we go swimming after
dinner, and we all agreed.

I think Holly needed to cool off, and also, get away
from that punch bowl. Jim changed into a pair of skin-
tight swim trunks that looked as if there was a roll of
sausage stuck down the top of them. I was wearing
boxers, and Holly had on a conservative two-piece
swimsuit. Frolicking in the water, Jim seemed to
accidentally touch Holly’s butt or breasts several
times. Once, when he was helping her out of the pool,
he “accidentally ” brought her hand into contact with
his dick. She never jerked away and acted as if nothing
had happened, but I could see her face turn red.

When we went to change, she was strangely quiet. When I
looked at her with a question in my eyes, she said, “I
am scared. I feel as if something is going to happen
and I will be forever changed. There is something about
Jim that frightens me. I get a funny feeling when he
touches me. Did you see what he has between his legs?
How could a man be that big? Are all black men like
that? I saw you watching that filthy movie. That was
him with that young white woman, wasn’t it? Well, are
you just going to stand there like a dummy, or answer

“You were talking so fast, I never had a chance to
answer. You are getting hysterical. Please calm down
and think rationally. Most blacks are huge in the dick
department, much bigger than white men. He never knew
you could see him at the table. Yes, that was him in
the movie. You can’t blame him. She certainly was
enjoying what he was doing. I have heard that all white
women never want another white man after being with a
black. I don’t know if that is true, or not. It
probably is, for a white man’s equipment doesn’t
measure up to a black’s. She probably could not feel
her husband’s little white dick anymore.”

“Are you saying, if I made love to him, I wouldn’t want
you anymore? I believe that he has plans to try and get
into my pants before the weekend is over. He better
change his plans! I’m not sleeping with a black man,
ever! What would my parents say? What would yours? How
could I look at myself in the mirror, knowing what I
had done? I married you, not every man that wants to
put his penis into me.”

I tried to explain, without making her hysterical
again. “Darling, he is only being a man. He finds you
attractive, and he told me that it has been weeks since
he had a woman. He is only flirting. What harm is there
in that? So, he touched you in the pool and he wears
skin-tight swim trunks. Maybe he gets a thrill from
making you horny, but it is not going any further than

Any man would do the same thing. You are a very
beautiful, desirable woman. You have shut yourself away
from the world too long. People are different in the
real world. Just go along with his flirting, and
occasional touch. Nothing else is going to happen.
Please believe me, you are safe as long as you want to

“Are you saying that you don’t mind if he flirts and
touches me? Do you like seeing another man touch my
breasts or my behind? What if he does more than that?
Would you still just watch? Don’t you care what happens
to me? What if he is serious, and wants to really stick
that giant thing inside me? Would you keep your mouth
shut and let him?” I couldn’t understand why she was
speaking so calmly.

“Honey, I love you, and your happiness is very
important to me. If you ever wanted him to make love to
you, I would keep my mouth shut. There would be no
recriminations or accusations. I would accept the fact
that you did it because you wanted to experience a
forbidden act. An act that you have never dreamed
about! You have never done anything that was improper
in your life. For once, if you want to let your
feelings rule your mind, go for it. Maybe you should
forget your strict upbringing for once, and do what you
want to do.”

“Paul, do you know what you are saying? You are saying
that it is okay if I make love to Jim. You are giving
me to him for the next two days. How long have you felt
this way? You planned this whole thing, didn’t you? You
and Jim! Well, I am not something to be given away. I
am your wife and I never thought you would forget that
fact. Lets go downstairs and forget this whole
conversation. It’s making me sick to my stomach. I need
another brandy to get this bad taste out of my mouth.

Downstairs, Holly poured another brandy, and went into
the den, where Jim was going to show one of the current
box office blockbusters. Jim was on one end of the sofa
and Paul on the other. The only place to sit was
between them. After a few minutes of the movie, Paul
put his hand on her leg, just above the knee. She let
it rest there, and was sipping her drink. She felt a
hand on her neck, and first, she glanced at Paul,
thinking it was he. She could see both his hands. What
should she do?? The hand wasn’t moving, only gently
touching her shoulder and neck. She decided to ignore
both hands.

Paul’s fingers began tracing small circles on her
thigh. She was getting excited. She never realized that
the alcohol was lowering her inhibitions. Then, the
hand on her neck was slowly massaging her shoulders and
the back of her head. No one ever said a word. For all
intent and purposes, you would swear they were all
engrossed in the movie.

Jim was beginning to stretch his arm over her shoulder,
and he could touch just above her breast. She still
never moved, wondering how far she was going to let
this go. Another drink, and she relaxed, enjoying the
attention she was receiving from two men. Paul was
still tracing circles, and Jim took her empty hand and
put it on his lap, She attempted to pull away, but he
had a grip like steel. When she stopped pulling, his
hand became gentle. He placed her hand on his massive
bulge, and when she touched it, she could feel it move.
As her hand lay there, with his hand covering hers, his
dick began to grow. He was squeezing her fingers, and
they in turn were squeezing his giant, black dick.

Knowing that she was getting him erect excited her. She
had the power to make a man want her! His pajamas
couldn’t contain his prick any longer. It popped
through his pj’s and into her hand. He wrapped her
fingers around his dick and removed his hand. She kept
her fingers in place, but never moved them. He was
fully erect, and her fingers never reached half way
around this monster. She knew that Paul could see what
was going on, but not a word was said.

Paul had moved his hand closer to her pussy, and was
now rubbing the tips of his fingers across the crotch
of her shorty pajamas. She was dizzy from the
excitement, but mostly from the drinks. She had never
been so horny in her life. She was unconsciously moving
her hand up and down on Jim’s prick. She decided to go
with the flow and see how far this was going to go.
Besides, she was so excited, she didn’t care anymore.

If Paul didn’t care, why should she? She had not worn a
bra under her pj top, and now the hand around her
shoulder was under the top of her pj’s! It was slowly
rotating and caressing, but always getting nearer her
breast. Paul was rubbing her clitoris with his fingers.
There was a hand fondling and gently pinching her
nipples. She had her head leaned back against the arm
around her neck and had her eyes closed. She felt cool
air on her chest and realized that the buttons on her
pj’s were no longer closed.

Jim must be looking at her firm breasts! Then, there
was a hand on each breast, squeezing, massaging, and
pinching. It felt so wonderful! Never had she felt
anything like this in her entire life. Now, her hips
were being gently raised and she felt her bottoms being
slowly pulled down and off. My God, I am naked, she was
thinking. She was too embarrassed to move. She had let
this go too far, and now there was no way out! What am
I going to do, she was thinking. I’ll let them have
their fun, but there is no way Jim is going to stick
that monster dick of his inside me!

Maybe, all they want to do is feel. I think Paul is
going to eat me right in front of Jim. Then, there was
a mouth on her right breast, and a hand pinching the
other. That felt so wonderful. Paul was licking and
kissing her legs, and always moving upwards. Hurry up!
She was thinking. I am so wet down there! I need your
tongue to make me climax! Finally! He had his tongue
inside her pussy and was lapping up her cunt juice. The
mouth on her breast was alternating between one breast
and the other. The feelings from her breasts seemed to
go straight to her pussy. She couldn’t last much

Suddenly, the arm was removed from her neck, the mouth
left her breasts, and worst of all Paul’s mouth left
her pussy! She had been so near! What had happened? Was
this as far as they were going to go? Ah, that’s more
like it. The mouth had returned to her breasts. Now,
why isn’t Paul licking her pussy and finishing what he
started? Oh, Yes, there he is, better than ever. Wait a
minute! They’ve switched! Paul is sucking her breasts.
She would know his mouth anywhere.

That has to be Jim’s mouth on her pussy! Oh, My God,
Oh, My God, what have I gotten myself into? I never
thought Paul would let this happen. Not my husband, not
my Paul! How could he give his wife to another man, and
a black man, at that? Her mind was in turmoil, but her
body was still responding. She couldn’t have stopped
them, even if she had wanted to, And, she didn’t want
them to stop!! She had resigned herself to the fact
that she was being taken by two men and one of them her

Jim’s tongue was driving her crazy! He was fucking her
with his tongue and it seemed longer than Paul’s dick.
She had been groaning for the last five minutes, and
the men knew she was on the edge of the biggest climax
she had ever had. Never, Never, had anything felt this
good! She was there!! She was cumming! Oh, God, Oh,
God, Don’t stop! Don’t stop! NO! NO! Stop, Stop, I
can’t stand anymore! She passed out and her body went

Paul was the first to notice. “She’s unconscious. What
happened to her?”

“It was the intense pleasure of her climax. I’ve seen
this happen before.” Jim whispered. “Let’s get her
upstairs to the bed, before she comes around. The night
is still early and I have just gotten started. That was
a very small climax, compared to what will happen when
my 11 inches are buried in her pussy. Come on, I’ll
carry her.”

Jim picked her up and carried her up the stairs and
over to the bed, placing her on the pristine white
sheet ever so carefully.

“Okay Paul, this is where you bow out. I am going to be
lying next to her when she wakes. I want her to see
only me. She knows that I was the one eating her. Her
barriers against having sex with me have been broken.
If she sees you, they might spring back into place.
Later, you can join us, but for now, go back downstairs
and watch television. Or, if you like, go outside the
door and watch. She is mine for the rest of the night.”
Jim commanded.

Paul left the room, with his head hanging. There was
nothing he could say or do. This was all his fault, and
he knew it. His beautiful, innocent wife was about to
be ravished by a black man.

Jim finished undressing and removed the pajama top off
Holly. She was lying on her side, and he lay down
facing her. His body was pressed against hers’. She
slowly opened her eyes, and all she could see was Jim’s
face. Recognition dawned in her eyes, and then the
realization that she was naked in bed with a black man.
She was going to be fucked, and she knew it. There was
nothing to do, but accept her fate and enjoy it.

She silently prayed that he would be gentle. She still
couldn’t believe his dick would fit inside her, but she
was about to find out. He moved his head closer and
kissed her deeply, thrusting his hot tongue into her
willing mouth and laving her oral cavity for all he was
worth. Holly put her bare arms around his neck and drew
him close to her. Her pussy was already tingling with
anticipation and her young nipples began to harden
under the hardness of his bare chest muscles.

Jim began to move one of his large strong hands up her
side and between their bodies, seeking one of her ripe
nipples. He continued to French her mouth as he raised
up slightly on the other elbow so that his hand could
have greater access to her upthrust mound, and he
kneaded the pliant flesh between his fingers and
churned it round and round, causing Holly to become
even more excited. A feeble mewl from her throat goaded
him on, as he bent down to her chest, taking one
yearning breast in his mouth and sucking it so hard
that she gave a little gasp of pain.

He eased up a little then, sucking it more tenderly,
and nibbling the erect nipple between his teeth. He
turned his attention then to the other breast and
repeated his lusting ministrations, causing Holly to go
out of her mind with desire. She wanted it so badly! As
Jim caressed her firm young breasts, cupping each mound
in his hands to suck greedily at the tiny throbbing
pink nipples, drawing them one at a time into his mouth
so that he could flick his tongue around them, she felt
she could almost cum right then!

She moaned with ecstasy, feeling her want building up
again in her belly and her pulsing vagina juicy with
expectation. “Eat me, Jim!” she begged, goosebumps
forming over her flesh as his eagerly working mouth
gently nibbled across her breasts and then up and down
along the heated cleavage. She was quivering
uncontrollably from the flicking sensual arousal and
her voice was thick with excitement.

Jim continued to use his pleasure-giving mouth around
her throbbing breasts as he placed his hand on her
furry pubic mound and parted the puffy cunt lips with
his thumb and middle finger. Breathless, Holly flinched
as the cool air came in contact with the super-
sensitized furrow, now oozing with the secretions of
sexual excitement. His hands splayed open the tender
lips of her vagina even wider to slip a finger up into
the soft slit around her clitoris, the way his tongue
was opening the lips of her mouth to find her tongue

Immediately, the passionate wife established a grinding
movement with her hips, reveling in the wicked
sensations his lewd fingering was bringing her. God,
she was excited!

Jims’ finger slid up and down on the slippery cuntal
furrow, massaging every centimeter of her secret
passage. She couldn’t help herself — she was beginning
to cum already!

“Ohhhh… aaahhhhhh!” the young wife cried out as the
first wave of orgasm coursed through her naked body.
She bucked and spasmed and gasped aloud as the
indescribable surges electrified every nerve end and
she rocketed with ecstasy.

Jim thrust his finger deep inside her vagina and
continued his maddening assault as the young, innocent
Holly came and came. Then his tongue was snaking down
her body, lingering in her navel, and then moving
relentlessly into her dark pubic thatch. He sucked on
her pubic curls, bringing pleasurable sounds from her
sensuously opened mouth. She was anticipating his next
move, the thought of it quickening her heartbeat and
bringing a hotter flush of pink to her rosy cheeks.

“Oh YES, Jim, lick it! Lick it!” she cried out
shamelessly, almost wild with craven lust.

He did. He licked and sucked and frenched her pussy
until she came again and again. His knowing tongue
circled around maddeningly up inside her, flicking
lustily against the wet sensitive walls of her cuntal
passage. In response to the salacious titillation, she
wrapped her long legs around his waist and pulled him
closer to her, twining her fingers in his kinky black
hair and thrusting her pelvis harder into his face.

Jim reacted immediately to her excited want, licking up
from the entrance of her vagina to her clitoris and
back down again with long strokes of his tongue,
feeling her legs tighten and relax, tighten and relax
around his waist to help him in his lascivious labors.
He finally pushed her legs up high so that her knees
brushed her breasts, allowing him to bury his tongue
deeper into her hotly pulsating little cunt.

When she had cum three times more, her little pussy was
so over-sensitized that she pushed his head away and
begged him to stop. She almost passed out again from
the sensations and lay on the bed, sweating profusely
and gasping for air. Her eyes were closed and her whole
body trembled. Jim moved up her body and kissed her
passionately on the mouth, giving her a taste of her
own cuntal juices mixed with his saliva. She could feel
his heavily throbbing cock pressed demandingly into her
loins and her eyes opened wide in fear. It felt bigger
than ever.

Surely it would kill her, would split her vagina wide
apart and tear her very womb if he were to ram that
weapon up into her tight pussy!

Yet the obscene feel of its pulsing hardness gave her a
thrilling sense of sensual happiness, its throbbing
presence comforting to her in some strange way, and she
kissed him back more passionately.

Holly’s hips were rocking back and forth, allowing
Jim’s cock head to enter her opening very slightly, as
he continued to rub her pussy with his cock. As Jim’s
cock would graze Holly’s clitoris, she would shudder,
and a low moan would escape her. The tip of his cock
was taunting the erect bud of her clitoris, sending
wild sensations racing through her with each throb of
the slippery head.

Her cunt lips were yielding under the force of his
thrusting pressure. His enormous penis pressed into her
naked flesh like a rolling pin of flesh. The great
menacing weapon was already oozing its seminal fluid as
he rubbed his cock-shaft insinuatingly back and forth
over the top of her cunt slit, arousing her inflamed
clitoris. She found her buttocks beginning to move

Jim aroused her further by licking her neck, sending
goosebumps all over her body. Then he licked down her
chest, across her full proud breasts to her nipples,
which rose and hardened to the touch of his tongue. He
licked and sucked all over her breasts, forcing gasps
of pleasure from her throat. She ground her pelvis
harder into his loins, aflame for more.

“You’re ready for it now, aren’t you, you want it
now… the full length of a black man’s cock deep
inside you,” he whispered in her ear. He followed his
words with his tongue, licking in the sensitive little
channel and setting Holly on fire with craven lust.
“Don’t you?” he whispered again.

Pride captured her tongue, and the aroused wife did not
speak. She whimpered and fretted and closed her eyes.

“I do want it… now.”

“Want what?”

“Your cock… I want you to… to fuck me, Jim”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, oh YES. FUCK ME!” She kissed him passionately on
the mouth again and ground her breasts and her pubis
into his hard, muscular black body.

He kissed her passionately again then slid down her
body a little, so that his huge throbbing cock was
poised at the entrance of her delectable cunt. Using
his cock as a probe, he inched forward until he was
sure he was right on target, then he pressed hard so it
was tight against her vaginal lips.

“Jim… be gentle with me. I’ve never had anything that
big inside me,” she said softly, her voice quavering
with desire.

The pressure of his cock rubbing against her clitoris
created new sensations of arousal, and she found
herself opening her legs wider to admit her black
lover. He was slowly forcing her pussy lips open,
steadying his cock with his hand as it pushed into the
waiting lips of her pleasure hole. As he pulled at the
quivering half-moons of her buttocks, pulling her onto
his throbbing shaft, he shoved his tongue into her
mouth again and started licking into her cheeks.

Holly’s clitoris was fully aroused by the contact with
the slowly advancing penis, and her buttocks
voluntarily moved upward under the forcefully gripping
hand to get more of the exciting stimulation. He was in
her now, at least a couple of inches, worming his way
slowly into her velvety cuntal moistness.

She felt a lascivious thrill from his tonguing into her
mouth. She ran her hands over his back, his arms, his
neck, thrilling to the feel of Jim’s hard, powerful
muscles. He flexed his muscular thighs, moving his
enormous shaft a little further in. There was pain —
she thought her vagina would be split apart — but she
could endure it because she wanted his huge rod of
flesh inside her. Her body cried out for it, demanded
it, and there was no turning back.

“Oooohhhh… aaahhh… aanngghh…” she moaned,
grimacing with the pain.

Jim paused for a moment, panting above her, his body
slick with sweat. He wriggled his thighs then, warning
her in advance of an imminent thrust far up into her
cunt, so she stretched her legs wider apart and drew
her knees back, leaving her pussy in a more open and
vulnerable position to receive the immense, blood-
bloated rod of throbbing flesh. Its pounding heat was
already enticing the juices from her vaginal walls —
her pussy, her vagina, her clitoris wanted more.

He groaned aloud, then suddenly whammed his buttocks
down and forward, sending his palpitating shaft deep up
into her, searing her vagina as if a boiling thermos
had been rammed into her belly. Holly let out a loud
gasp of pain. She bucked and quivered and squirmed on
his cock, trying to evade his impaling weapon. But it
was useless. He knew that he had her. He gave an extra
shove, feeling the tip of his cock butt against her
cervix. God, she was tight! They lay still together for
a long moment, he giving her a chance to get used to
his cudgel. They were breathing in synch. He flexed his
throbbing member inside her, and she contracted her
vaginal muscles around it.

Jim slowly eased back out a little, feeling as though
his cock was being gripped by strong hands; clenching,
slippery hands as he shoved in again hard. Holly gave a
stifled cry. Back out a little and in again. (She
groaned.) Out… in… (She gasped, then sighed.) Out,
in… out, in… (a little longer

stroke this time) out, in… (She was moving under him,
her buttocks were coming to life. Out, in… faster
now… (She was thrusting her pelvis up harder to his

God, it was exciting! She had never felt so thrilled in
all her life. She pulled his head down and thrust her
tongue hungrily up into his mouth, her eyes closed, a
steady whimper of pleasure emanating from her throat.
Jim returned her kisses with ardor. They were both
consumed by passion, their sweat-soaked bodies locked
against each other.

A long stroke now — her cunt was wet and hot; his cock
was hot and sticky — in, out… iiiiinnnnn…
ooouuuttt… She was loving it! She couldn’t get
enough! Holly’s long legs were tightly wrapped around
his contracted, rock-hard buttocks. Her moans of
pleasure grew in volume until they reached a crescendo
as the well-fucked wife rode the full length of Jim’s
massively thrusting cock into her stretched vaginal

Her passion peaked at that instant. “Ohhhh… ohh my
God… I’m… I’m cuuuummmmiiinnnggg!” She bucked
furiously against him and ground her pussy as hard as
she could around his skewering cock, flailing her head
on the bed and spasming throughout her sweat-drenched
body. Her sighs of rapture culminated an act she had
never dreamed would ever happen. And while she was in
the throes of orgasmic ecstasy, the powerful, muscular
body on top of her shuddered violently and filled her
pussy with spewing jets of sticky hot cum.

“I love your tight pussy.” he said, flexing his cock
inside her once again. She could feel his organ
beginning to expand. She answered huskily, “And I love
your black dick.” squeezing his burgeoning cock with
her clasping vaginal muscles.

“Oh, My God, where’s Paul?” She suddenly remembered her
missing husband.

“He’s downstairs. Lets call him up here and have him
clean us up. That’s the least he can do.” Jim was
smiling as he said this and thinking of degrading Paul
even further. Jim faced the door and yelled for Paul to
come upstairs.

Paul must have been outside the door for he almost
immediately stepped inside. He was naked, and his dick
was small and limp.

Jim rolled off Holly and told Paul, “Come over here and
clean us up with your tongue. Ladies first, so clean
Holly first.”

Paul got between Holly’s legs and stuck his head
between her legs. Her pussy was gaping open, and cum
was running out of her pussy and toward her ass. He
placed his mouth over her pussy and began sucking and
licking. It seemed as if there was a gallon of cum
inside her. When he couldn’t get anything else, he
moved his head over and sucked Jim clean. Holly had
never moved, nor said a word. She placed her hand
around Jim’s still hard dick, and gave Paul a look of
contempt, or maybe it was pity.

“Okay,” Jim said, “you can go back outside the door and
masturbate, while Holly and I enjoy the rest of the
night.” As Paul left the room, Jim pulled Holly over on
top of him. His monster dick was sticking straight up,
like a light pole.

Holly climbed over him, positioned her pussy over his
cockhead, and speared herself, moaning as she sank
wetly onto his hard pole. She was able to slide down
the entire length and make the black tool disappear
inside her tummy. She leaned forward, and Jim pulled
her to him, embracing and caressing her. Holly was in
bliss. Her pussy was completely filled by Jim’s now
familiar hard cock, and he was lovingly holding her
close and safe, whispering words of reassurance and

Slowly, ever so slowly, she moved up until only the tip
was in her and then down again until she was fully
impaled on his cock. He rubbed and kneaded her breasts,
pinching her nipples from time to time, heightening her
pleasure. Holly moved slowly, as long as she could, and
then she went crazy. No longer able to control her
motions, She fucked his manhood furiously, as fast and
as hard as she could.

This was a pain-pleasure experience Holly had never
dreamed possible. She was a sexual animal, a real bitch
in heat, and it was fucking great! She could feel Jim
shooting his hot load into her womb. And then another
orgasm… and another. They were coming so fast she
couldn’t keep track. Her orgasms all blended together.
The room swirled around and around until Holly passed
out. Again, Holly opened her eyes, to find Jim staring
into her eyes. She could feel his cock still embedded
in her pussy.

Jim smiled and said, “I think you have had all you can
take for one night. Let’s go downstairs and find
something to eat. I’m starved.”


After a quick shower, Jim and I went downstairs and had
a plate of cold cuts. I was ravenous! Paul was sitting
in the living room looking dejected. He never spoke or
acknowledged our presence when we entered. I sat on the
sofa next to Paul and Jim sat down in a chair across
the room.

Jim said, “We have things to discuss. Actually, I have
things to discuss, and you will listen. First, Holly,
you will call Monday, and tell Mrs. Maynard you are
quitting. Give any reason you want, but I do not want
you working. Paul, I will see you get a raise, starting
immediately. You will no longer need her wages. Second,
I am the “old man.” I own the company. The president is
nothing but a figurehead. I have found whites do not
like working for a black. This way, I get the cream of
the crop of the brilliant young minds coming out of the
universities. Third, Paul, you will make Holly
available to me anytime I wish, and I assure you that
will be everyday. Beginning Monday, I won’t be around
the office much; I will be at your house fucking your
beautiful wife. Are there any questions?”

Paul raised his head and asked, “Do I have a choice?”
Does she have a choice? What if this was a one time
thing? What if she changes her mind, and doesn’t want
you fucking her again?”

“Well Holly, is he right? Is it possible you don’t want
this black cock in your tight white pussy again?” Jim
said, looking at Holly.

Holly turned beet red from embarrassment. His giant
black penis had made her feel better than anything else
in the world, better than anything ever would again.
She knew she wanted him again and again, but did she
want to be his white slut? What if her family found
out? It would kill them. Not only her family, but also
her friends were all of the opinion that blacks were
little better than animals. She had been told that all
her life.

Until tonight, that is what she fully believed. Could
she change? Had she already changed? What about Paul?
He had arranged all this, but look at him now. He was
evidently sorry. She still loved him, but she knew in
her heart, he would never satisfy her again. Could they
stay married while she only fucked Jim? What was she
going to say? How could she answer? Finally, looking at
Paul and then Jim, she answered, “Could Paul and I go
home and spend tomorrow talking about this? We have a
lot to talk about. Jim, I know I want you again. I want
you right now! But, I don’t want to destroy my
marriage. I don’t want to hurt my parents and friends.”

“Sure you can,” Jim replied, “and I have a couple of
tapes I want you to watch tomorrow to help you make up
your minds. I’ll send them over in the morning. I want
to make a copy of them first.”

Back at home, Holly said, “Lets sleep on this and
discuss everything in the morning. I’m tired and my
pussy hurts. I want to soak in a tub of hot water. Paul
was already asleep, when she crawled into bed beside
him. She was physically exhausted, and Paul was
emotionally spent. Paul woke next morning, with someone
banging on the door. It was the tapes! Paul knew in his
heart what was on one of them, but the other? He could

Jim had those damn cameras all over the house. Paul
fixed a cup of strong coffee and put one in the DVD. He
was right. This one was of him and Jim. He was going to
destroy this one, but Holly walked into the room.
Everything was there. Jim sucking him and what he did
in return. Their conversation, everything, and Holly
watched, speechless!

“Oh, My God.” Yelled Holly. Look what you are doing!
You’re sucking his dick and swallowing his cum! You’re
a queer! Why didn’t you marry a man, why me? You did
set it all up for me to fuck a black man. How could

Paul tried to explain, “He was going to send a copy to
our families. He was going to post them on the
Internet. You heard what he said. Let’s see what the
other one has on it, before you condemn me too much.”

The other began in the living room with Holly being
seduced and eaten by Jim. From the look on her face,
you could tell she was enjoying every second of it. It
cut to the bedroom, with her and Jim lying side by
side. Again, every detail was on film. Jim fucking her,
her fucking Jim, it was all there! Next was Jim by
himself. He was sitting in a chair, naked, and his
massive cock standing straight up! He slowly stroked
his cock as he talked. Holly couldn’t take her eyes
from the screen. She didn’t even blink!

He was saying, “I don’t know what you have decided, but
let me help you make up your minds. I can sell these
films to the porno shops and they will be distributed
all over the country. I can send copies to your family
and friends. I have their addresses from your job
applications. I can distribute individual pictures
around your neighborhood. I can put them on the porno
sites of the computer. I can do all those things, and
there is no way you can prevent me. Or, Holly can
become my white slut and do everything I ask her. It is
up to you. Even if you call the police, the films and
pictures will still be distributed.

“Holly, Paul will do whatever you decide. He is a wimp!
Remember how you felt with my long black cock buried in
your pussy. That’s where it will be everyday. You will
be fucked more in a month, than you have been all your
life. You know you want my cock, and you also know Paul
will never satisfy you again. It shouldn’t be a
difficult decision. I have already fucked you. It’s not
like I was getting a cherry.

“Paul has sucked my dick and loved it! We are all
friends and lovers. I have changed my mind about coming
there tomorrow. I think you and Paul should pack your
clothes and move in here with me. Later, you can put
your house on the market and sell it. You won’t need it
anymore. I think you should move in this afternoon.
I’ll be expecting you about four, and you better be on
time or you know what the next step will be!”

“Let’s have some breakfast, and start packing,” Holly
whispered. She was already flushed and horny again.
Looking at that monster between Jim’s legs had her
soaking wet.

You mean, we are just going to give in?” demanded Paul.

“If you have any suggestions of what else we can do,
tell me.” Holly snapped.
After thinking for a few minutes, Paul hung his head,
and said, “Nothing, I guess.”

Promptly at four a young, muscular, black man opened
the door. He must have been in his late twenties and
stood about six four. He took their bags and they
followed him inside. Paul and Holly looked at each
other, not knowing what to think. Jim came walking
toward them, with a smile on his face. This handsome
young man is Bob. He is my cook, butler, gardener, and
especially, my photograper. You never saw him yesterday
because he was behind those one way mirrors with his
camera. Don’t be bashful around him. He has already
seen everything you have.

After being settled in separate bedrooms, Paul and
Holly joined Jim downstairs.
Jim was explaining the living arrangements, “You have
separate bedrooms, because Holly and I will be using
one. Paul, you won’t join us, unless you are invited.
You may clean her pussy after I have fucked her, but
you will not fuck her again. You will do nothing
without my permission. Holly, you will be here during
the day with Bob. You will help him whenever he asks.
You will be available to fuck whenever I ask.”

Holly spoke up, “I’m not on birth control and I
absolutely refuse to get pregnant. I do not want a
black baby.

“You refuse nothing! You will get pregnant, if I say
so, not you! What’s wrong with black babies?” Jim said
angrily. “Who do you think you are, to sit here and
tell me what you will and will not do? As of now, you
are my white bitch slut! You do what I say, when I

Jim was thinking of the future and her being pregnant
was part of that future. Porno enthusiasts paid big
money to see a beautiful white woman fucking a giant
black dick. They paid even more, if she was pregnant.
He was a very wealthy man, and porno had done it for
him. She would be the fifth woman he had bred in the
last five years. Every fuck session was filmed, and
every film was worth thousands. He could fuck every
night and Bob would be fucking every day. When the baby
was due, he would transfer Paul to another area. She
could adopt the baby out, throw it in the river, he
didn’t care. His group had businesses all over the
country. One of them would want this beautiful white
bitch, to begin the process all over again.

After an all night fuck session, Holly wasn’t able to
get out of bed Monday morning. As Jim left, he told
her, “Bob is more than an employee, he is also my
friend. We share and share alike. You will do whatever
he asks. Do you understand?”

“What do you mean?” she mumbled, now wide-awake.
Where’s Paul?”

“You’re not stupid. Just do what I said. Paul left
already. He’s an employee, remember?”

When Holly finally got out of bed, she called and quit.
Mrs. Maynard had a smirk in her voice, when she said
she understood. Holly took her coffee to the terrace
and there was Bob cleaning the pool. He was in the pool
and stark naked. She couldn’t help but see his muscles
ripple and that black sausage hanging almost to his

Bob saw her and waved. He was completely relaxed and
unconcerned about his nakedness. He said, “I like
getting in the pool because the water is so cool and
refreshing. I’ll be out in a minute and we can have
coffee together. How about getting me a cup, and bring
the doughnuts.”

As Holly returned, he was leaving the pool. She was
thinking, I’ll pretend he has on swim trunks. I won’t
look at that huge, black, glistening cock swinging
between his legs. He is bigger than Jim! My God, do all
blacks have gigantic cocks? Holly sat down at the
table. Her mind was in an uproar. Jim had said for her
to do whatever Bob wanted. What if he wanted her to
take that monster inside her? He would rip her apart.
She was still sore from the last two days.

Thank God, Jim had stretched her. What was she
thinking! She was already accepting the fact that she
was going to fuck Bob! No! No!! She couldn’t have
stooped so low as to fuck any black man with a large
cock. But, she had. She knew she would do whatever Jim

Bob saw her looking with amazement at his cock. He
thought it was funny. Just wait till his baby making
seed was spurting up inside her. She would really be
amazed in a couple of months! Bob said, “Did Jim tell
you anything this morning?”

“Yes, he said to do whatever you asked.” She stammered.

“After we have our coffee, I want you to suck my black
cock until my seed fills your belly. I do not want you
to waste a drop. You will swallow all of it and then
lick me clean. Do you understand?”

Holly turned pale when she heard this. She had sucked
Paul a few times, but he had not cum in her mouth. That
was something filthy! Besides, how could she ever get
that into her mouth?

“I understand, but I don’t like sucking a man. I think
it is filthy and perverted.” Holly exclaimed. “Besides,
that monster will never fit in my mouth. It will choke
me to death. Why don’t you just fuck me and get it over

“Now, Now, don’t get upset. You will be surprised what
you can get into your mouth, even down your throat.”
Bob explained. “If you only relax and enjoy, it will be
pleasurable for the both of us. I’ll fuck you
afterwards, but first I want you to taste black cock.
Believe me, your husbands little white prick is nothing
like this. You will come to love black cum and suck
every dick you can. Let’s go inside to the sofa, where
we can be more comfortable.”

Bob was thinking, what a stupid white bitch. Didn’t she
realize yet that every room in the house was wired with
motion sensitive video equipment?

Bob settled on the sofa in a half reclining position.
His cock was already sticking straight up. It looked
like a large summer sausage. He told Holly, “Get on
your knees between my legs. Pretend your mouth is your
pussy. Fuck me with your mouth.”

Holly bent down between his legs and grasped his dick
with both hands. When Holly touched it she began to
shiver. It was so soft, yet so hard. She felt it from
its big black head down to his giant scrotum. It must
have been twelve or thirteen inches long. Holly grabbed
his cock with both hands and started stroking. It was
so big she couldn’t reach her fingers all the way
around it.

What a monster, and how in the world is it going to fit
into my mouth, she thought. She tentatively stuck her
tongue to the tip of his dick. There was pre-cum
already leaking from the hole. She licked it into her
mouth and tasted. She was surprised it didn’t have a
bad taste at all. She kissed around the head and down
the sides. Holly opened her mouth as wide as she could
and managed to get the head in her mouth and maybe an
inch more.

She slowly let this small part of the cock move in and
out of her mouth in a fucking motion. Bob grasped the
back of Holly’s head with his hands and jammed his cock
in her mouth as far as he could. Another 4 inches
disappeared between her lips. Her mouth was open wider
than it had ever been before and the cock head was deep
in her throat making it very difficult to breath. Out
of instinct, Holly tried to get away, but she couldn’t
move her mouth from Bob’s cock, with him holding her in

Using his hands around Holly’s head, along with his hip
movements, Bob began to slowly fuck her mouth. Very
slowly, Holly’s mouth started to relax, but her jaws
were opened to the max. This relaxation seemed to ease
her discomfort so she relaxed her throat. With each
stroke a bit more of Bob’s cock disappeared between her
lips. After several seconds Holly learned to control
her breathing by taking her breaths between strokes.

This really isn’t so bad, she thought. I can do this.
Slowly at first, then, while still holding the sides of
her head, he began to pick up speed and strength. More
and more of Bob’s cock disappeared into Holly’s throat
until he had about eight inches in her mouth and going
down her throat. No matter how hard he pushed, no more
would go down her throat. The only thing that really
saved Holly from total revulsion was, she was actually
turned on by all this.

She had never been treated like this before. After what
seemed like an eternity, Bob slammed his cock all the
way into her throat and just stopped. This interrupted
Holly’s breathing rhythm and scared her. She felt his
cock start to pulsate at this base and she knew he was
Cumming. She couldn’t taste his cum because the head of
his dick was so far in her throat. His cum was being
deposited directly into her belly. Bob relaxed his
hands on her head and withdrew his cock from her throat
and mouth.

Holly gasped for air, but her next reaction surprised
her. She licked and cleaned his still hard cock. By
milking his dick with her hand, she was able to still
get enough cum to roll around her mouth and really
taste it. It was delicious! The taste was unlike
anything she had ever tasted, and was a taste she would
come to crave.

Scooting back on the couch his huge cock stood straight
up again. Holly straddled him and let herself down over
his penis. Her pussy juices were dripping out of her
and onto his huge cock.

She felt the big head of his cock pushing into her
slit. It felt like trying to put an apple into herself.

Suddenly her lips spread open and began to swallow his
cock. Her eyes grew wide as she felt herself filling
with his huge black rod. There was some discomfort, but
no pain because she was so slick. She could feel every
throbbing vein on his dick. She began fucking up and
down, riding his pole like there would be no tomorrow.
Up and down she bounced taking all of him deeper and
deeper. She could feel his shaft clear up inside her
belly. He took her legs and put them up over his
shoulders letting his cock penetrate it’s deepest.
Holly ground herself down on him, loving this new

Never had she felt so alive. “OH FUCK ME!” she yelled.
He lifted her ass up and then let her down, again
burying his cock each time. Holly had been Cumming
every few seconds, but could feel the grandfather of
all cums building in her stomach. It was an
overwhelming sensation and she didn’t know if she would
survive! A woman wasn’t meant to experience such
pleasure. It could burn out her brain!

head of his dick was buried in her cervix. She could
feel his seed filling her up. The feeling was
The next thing Holly remembered was waking up alone on
her bed. She had passed out again. Her pussy was still
throbbing and tingling. She could feel a large wet
puddle underneath her butt. She knew she needed to
shower and clean herself, but it would have to wait.
She couldn’t move if her life depended on it. She dozed
back off and dreamed of having a black baby.

A month passed and Holly was truly a white slut for
black cock. Jim fucked her nightly and Bob fucked her
daily. She was on her back more often than on her feet.
Her pussy could easily take either one of them. She had
become an experienced cocksucker, and loved the taste
of their black sperm. Paul was there, but they seldom
talked. She occasionally had him lick her pussy after
she had been thoroughly fucked. Paul did whatever she
asked, with no questions.

Sometimes, he even sucked Jim or Bob, and seemed to
enjoy it. Jim said Paul was a cuckold, and had found
his position in life. She missed her period the first
month, but she was fucked so often, she had no time to
think of anything else but the pleasure of servicing
two huge cocks. Holly was always available and couldn’t
seem to get enough of their big cocks buried in her not
so tight pussy.

Jim was well satisfied with the money coming in from
the films. Since he had to splice two or more fuck
sessions together, so the movie would be at least an
hour and a half long, his profit was cut. But, he still
had forty quality pornographic films. They were being
bought on the Internet and rented in the porno stores.
Holly was one of his best sluts, yet. She would be
worth more when her pregnancy started showing. He still
couldn’t understand why white men liked to see their
pregnant women fucked by a big black stud. It was
inconceivable to him! He would have loved to stick his
big dick up her ass, but knew he couldn’t.

She had to have at least one cherry hole, or he
couldn’t pass her on when he was finished with her. He
already had her sold to a Brother that loved white ass,
but not if it was stretched. He insisted on having a
virgin asshole, and paid extremely well for the
privilege of getting her cherry ass. Oh well, you can’t
have everything, Jim was thinking.