Sleeping Beautifully

This is unbelievable, I never thought anything
like this happens in real life. My best friend is my
computer and the Internet is my playground. The sex
newsgroups feed my adolescent mind with vivid fantasies
that are just out of reach in reality. If only I could
take that first step to fulfill those dreams with the
opposite sex. I never thought I would be living out one
of those hot sex stories I ravenously read about on the

I’m average looking not a girl’s wet-dream, but they
show some interest in me, and I a lot in them. I’ve had
a few dates, but they haven’t gotten passed the hot and
heavy kissing and breast feeling stage. These dates
always left me wanting more, but I never got the nerve
to delve into the pot of gold and taste the tender
fruit of womanhood. Most of the time I was horny as
hell. With no female comfort, this left me with my
trusty hand to lull the tension in my body.

Sometimes I would fantasize about my mom being in my
room nude when I jerked off. This usually got me every
hot and I would shoot off almost immediately. I live
with my mom who’s 36, and she’s beautiful. My mom could
be the double for Terri Hatcher, she always has lots of
guys trying to date her, and she has always had my
silent lust. She’s a single mother, and I never knew my
father, I have asked about him a few times and mom gets
a strange look on her face and tells me, he died along
time ago so.

Most of the time living with mom is great. Once in a
while she gets into one of her moods then it’s time to
head for cover. Unfortunately this story is about one
of those times.

Things were hopping at work, my mom is a part owner of
a small advertising agency and her biggest client was
being a pain in the ass. She was spending many late
nights at the office working on ideas to make people
want to buy the crap the guy made. So, when she got
home she wasn’t in the best of moods. These moods
didn’t usually last long. But this time her client was
taking his business elsewhere and mom was in a bind.
Her nerves were strung out tight, she wasn’t sleeping
well, and every time I stuck my head out of my room she
wanted to snap it off.

After a few days, she was band from the office. Her
partner told her to take some time off that was when
hell week began.

Mom was getting worse so I had it out with her. I told
her to see our family doctor to get some help sleeping.
To my surprise she did, and the next day she came back
with a prescription of heavy-duty sleeping pills.

That night she took her first pill and was dead to the
world. I was tired too and fell asleep in front of the
TV until the phone awoke me a 10 P.M. It was her
partner. An urgent matter had come up and he needed to
talk to mom.

I yelled up the stairway for mother to pick up the
phone, but didn’t get a response. I went up to her
bedroom and found her snoozing away. I tried to wake
her up, but it was no use. Nothing short of a nuclear
explosion was going to wake her.

I hung-up the phone after telling her partner that she
was out of it until the morning.

A chill went down my spine. My fevered mind when into
overdrive. For some reason I went back into my mom’s
bedroom. I stood there watching her breathing, one arm
thrown out pulling the sheet away from her body. I
could see the breast closest to me, the nipple was al-
most visible because of the way the material of her
nightgown was pulled.

I took a deep shuddering breath and wandered what for
a moment if she was so under the sleeping d**g what
I might do to her without waking her up. I was at that
age (13) where was always horny. And I had always been
attracted to my mothers body. When she went on dates
and didn’t come home until real late, I would fantasize
about the things her boyfriends might have done to her,
and what she might have done for them.

My mind was racing as I watched her wonderful breast
rise and fall rhythmically and she continued to sleep
that deep sleep.

I realized that I had a hard-on, and at first I was
embarrassed. I thought about going into my bedroom and
jerking off, while fantasizing about mom’s beautiful
breasts. My hand came to mind, but a better alternative
was laying in my mother’s bed unconscious.

At that very moment I decided to fuck my mom. I was so
excited by that thought I almost shot my load standing
there beside her bed.

She was lying on her back with her head tilted away
from me, her mouth slightly open, and her dark brown
hair fanned across the pillow. I slowly pulled back the
covers to reveal her body covered in a pink satiny pair
of pajamas. Her chest was rising and falling with each
breath. Every time she inhaled her breasts strained to
be released from their confinement.

Her nipples were outlined in the thin material. My
mouth was watering for a taste of those tender rose
buds. I slowly started to unbutton her top. I had to
stop for a second and get a hold of myself because my
hands were shaking so much, my heart was in my throat.

I finally got her last button undone. Her chest was
revealed in all its glory to my gaze. They were the
size of ripe grapefruits. I held my breath and bent
forward, put my lips on my mom’s right nipple and
started to suck on it, and with my sweaty hand I
fondled and squeezed the other one.

Her nipples hardened under my attention and mom started
to breathe faster. I got my tongue into action. I began
to lick her breasts. My penis was hard as a steel rod
and straining to be let out. I reluctantly let go of
her breasts and quickly undressed.

I stood naked beside my mother’s bed enjoying the
strange feeling running through me. I wanted to see her
all. I worked my fingers under the waistband of her
pajama bottoms and pulled down and kept tugging until
I had them off her shapely legs. After all this violent
tugging ,she was still out of it, and to my pleasure I
had a good view of her pussy. The pubic hair was dark
and thick. I stared in wonder for the longest time then
finally moved in for a closer look.

The nearer I got, the stronger the sweet musk sent be-
came. I stuck my face into her pussy and took a deep
breath. I absorbed her sent. This was too much for my
young mind to take, I had to have a taste of mom’s
wonderful juicy pussy. I had read all about oral sex
on the Internet, and I felt that I would be able do
this right.

I ran my tongue up along the slit of her pussy. It felt
like I touched an open light socket. I went mad with
lust at the feel of her thick cunt folds against my
tongue. With my tongue probed inside her cunt.

Mom’s mind might be out of it, but her body was re-
sponding to my eating her out. Her legs opened wider
and the muscles of her cunt grabbed my tongue and kind
of milked it.

I found the clit and my tongue began a fencing match.
I licked up, around and socked on it. It was like
Niagara Falls down there, it was so wet. I lapped and
sucked up her love juice.

Soon mom started to moan. This scared the hell out of
me at first, because I thought see was waking up; I
looked up, but she was in the same position when last
I checked with her eyes closed. But now she had a smile
on her face, I could tell that she was feeling pleasure
from my efforts. I felt safe, but I also felt pain, I
was hurting. My cock was ready to burst.

I climbed up on the bed and moved in between those
beautiful long legs. I grabbed my painfully ridged
dick. It felt like I had a boa constrictor sticking out
between my legs; it was pulsing and jerking around. I
was more then a handful just then.

I rubbed the tip of my cock-head along her wet pussy
lips. I said in a whisper, “Do you want my big cock in
your cunt Mom?” Getting no negative response to this
question, I slowly sled my tree trunk of a cock into

Inch by inch I slid home until was all the way in; she
felt incredible it was indescribable. It felt like I
had my cock in a warn velvety vice.

The moaning from my mother was getting loader. I start-
ed to slide back and forth in her. Man was she wet and
warm! I didn’t last long; I felt my balls tingling,
then my first hot molten jet of cum pulsed into her.

Jet after jet filled her up, it felt like it would
never stop, and I kept thrusting. Cum leaked around my
cock and down the crack of her ass, and I kept thrust-
ing. She couldn’t hold my large load of cum, but I kept

Slowly the pulses ebbed and stopped. I had never felt
like that before ever in my life. Masturbation has a
pail thing compared to what I’d just experienced. I was
dazed after shooting my jism into my mom. I was weak
and used up as I lay on my mom’s chest.

When I came to my senses, I looked at the clock on the
night stand, jesus, it was 3:00AM. I pulled out my de-
flated member, more of my cum was oozing out of mom’s
pussy onto the bed sheets. I ran to the bathroom and
got some towels to clean up the mess as best I could.
I put her pajamas back on and tucked the sheets around
her neck. I was worried about the smell of my cum in
the room, but hoped that it would disperse by morning.

I was exhausted. I went to sleep with a satisfied smile
on my face that night. I awoke later that morning, I
still felt a little drained from the experience of the
night before.

I showered and made myself something to eat. Mom got up
after lunch. I was finishing up a big glass of milk in
the kitchen when she came in; and was a little nervous.
I didn’t know if she would remember, what had happen
last night through her heavy d*****d haze.

She was softly humming to herself, she came up to me,
kissed me on the cheek, and said “Morning sweety”.

I replied “It’s afternoon Mom. Did you sleep well?” My
voice broke a little.

Mom replied “I had a wonderful sleep. Best ever, I had
some interesting dreams too. Those sleeping pills are

My heart was thundered in my chest. She thought last
night’s activities were a dream, good. I was in the

While the pills lasted, she every morning woke up with
a big load of my cum in her pussy. But all good things
come to an end; She ran out of the pills and the doctor
wouldn’t give her any more, because they were addictive
he said.

My sex toy was now out of reach. I had to go back to
using my hand. After having the best — going back to
second best was very difficult for me.

Several weeks later she when back to the doctor for
another problem. When she got back, she dropped a bomb
on me. She was pregnant! I didn’t know what to say…