Slippery Maneuvers

“Do you trust me?” I ask as I tie a blindfold around
your eyes.
“Yes, of course I do,” you respond with a smile, not
knowing what I
want to do, but sure that it will be enjoyable.
“Come with me.” I take you by the hand and guide you
to something
soft. As you climb on it, it feels like the bed. “Kneel
down,” I tell you, “and
put your elbows against your knees.”
You do so. Then you feel something going around the
back of your
knees, the front of your elbows, tying them together.
“What are you doing?” you ask.
“Pleasuring you, as I always do,” I reply.
After a moment or two, you sense me kneeling in
front of you.

You feel warm oil pour in a tiny stream onto your
buttocks and trickle
down your spine, then my hands on your back as they begin to
massage and
knead your muscles, sliding back and forth through the oil.
“Lift your head a bit, open your mouth.”
Your head comes up, your mouth opens. I put a
raspberry into it.
“Eat.” I continue to rub my hands over your back, sliding
them under your
sides to cup and massage and squeeze your breasts.
Your mouth opens once more and I place another
raspberry in. As you
eat, I continue to run my hands around your slippery
breasts, twirling your
hardening nipples between my fingers.
You open your mouth again and I insert two fingers.
You suck on my fingers, tasting the raspberry
flavourof the oil.
I remove my fingers, resume rubbing down your back,
your shoulders,
your sides, your breasts. It feels good–warm and soothing
and erotic.
Once more your lips part and this time my cock
slides into your
mouth. Again you taste the raspberry flavour as you lick and
suck the juice
from my cock and you feel it harden and grow from the work
of your oral

In a short while, I pull my cock from your mouth.
You feel me moving
around you. Then you shiver as ou feel the oil trickle down
the crack of your
bum, over and around your labia to your clitoris.
My fingers begin to smooth out the oil, rubbing in
circular motions
over the cheeks of your bum, then sliding down across and
almost into your
cunt, but moving further to massage your clit, rubbing it,
twirling it between
my fingers.
You moan. You struggle against the bons that hold
your elbows to
your knees, but you can’t free yourself. You realize you
want to and yet you

You feel my tongue now against your clitoris,
rubbing against it,
sliding over it, first lightly, then with more pressure.
My tongue butterflies up your pussy lips, flicking
from one to the
other, sticking provocatively into the opening of your cunt,
but never
entering its depths–sliding instead further up to stab into
and twirl around
and flick across your bumhole.
Your hips sway, desiring more, but you can do

Now my tongue slides down again and I push my lips
against your
pussy lips, thrusting my hot tongue deep into your cunt
again and again,
tasting the raspberry juices mingled with those of your own
sweet sex.
Now my fingers join my tongue, pushing into your
cunt, then just my
fingers as they slide in and out. Then, wet and slippery,
one finger slides up,
encircles your bumhole several times before gradually poking
its way into it.

Slowly at first, turning and pushing gently, my
finger eases its way in
and out of your hole, and then you feel the ridge of my
knuckle as it passes
your entrance again and again as I push my entire finger
into your
nethermost channel. You moan and grab at the finger with
your sphinctr
muscle until I eventually ease it out.
There is but a moment’s pause before once again you
feel me rubbing
at your ass, then you sense something new entering slowly,
bigger, yet something more fulfilling.

There is only a slight heavy pressure as my cockhad
pushes its way
past your anus, and then the muscle closes around the tip.
You groan aloud
as I push further, and you feel the length of my shaft
sliding past the rim of
your ass, aided by the slipperiness of the raspberry oil.
You push your bum towards me, begging me to

I shove into you, pull back till my cockhead bumps
your sphincter,
then in again, then back, gradually increasing my thrusting
momentum as
the oil lubricates my movements in and out, back and forth.
I loosen one of your arms and your finger reaches
instantly for your
clit, rubbing it furiously to bring yourself to a violent,
bucking climax, you
voice grunting and groaning as I continue to thrust my hard
cock into your

Then I call out yor name as my own orgasm builds
suddenly. I ram my
cock, thrusting hard, my thighs slamming your ass as my jism
spurtsout into
the slippery channel of your bum, migling with the oil
until, gradually, I slip
easily out, and your asshole puckers slowly shut, thankful
for the releaseof
my cock, yet relishing the ecstasy it wrought for those few