Slippery Maneuvers

“Do you trust me?” I ask as I tie a blindfold around your eyes. “Yes, of course I do,” you respond with a smile, not knowing what I want to do, but sure that it will be enjoyable. “Come with me.” I take you by the hand and guide you to something soft. As you

She Fucks Him

She was running late and all she could think about is your new friend Dennis. When you first met him, you knew he was just too far away to meet and driving each other crazy in person was just not on her financial agenda. However, here you were driving to some secluded motel for a

Fuck my ass again

Sunday we always did the cleaning. As morning moved towards the afternoon the house heated up, and clothing began to disappear until the women were in panties and I had on light cotton boxer shorts. No one was being subtle about still being horny. I walked into the kitchen and found Val leaning against the

Mother in Law’s inspection

I heard a knocking at my door, I went over, opened it, and was surprised to see my soon to be Mother-in-law, Lisa Perkins, standing there. She smiled at me and said, ”Good morning Leo, could I come in and talk to you for a bit?” I was happy to let her in, she was

Mom’s huge ass

It was Friday night. Valerie and her 21 year old son, Charlie, were sitting in the lounge of their home, watching a movie on television. “Gee mom, maybe you should get one of these!” Charlie teased his 52 year old mother, when a girl in a thong appeared on the TV screen. Valerie laughed. “Yeah,