Sperm Hospital

She gazed out the hospital window at the familiar
scenery below. Vast fields of green and gold sprawled
out to the horizon. The August sun beat down upon the
asphalt of the highway running in the foreground; the
radiating heat turned passing cars into mirages. The
hospital was always cool; conditioned to a comfortable
72 degrees, but she could feel that unforgiving heat
through memories of hot and humid Missouri afternoons,
and it spread down from there to all of the parts of her
body. Today was going to be the day.

Her eyes remained focused on the landscape as her hand
idly fondled the call button at her side. A wry smile
formed on her lips as she began imagining the pleasures
she would soon be experiencing. It took all of her
willpower not to touch herself as she had been f****d to
do throughout the long weeks of her stay here, but she
didn’t want to spoil any of the fun. She could already
feel herself begin to moisten deep inside as her
fantasies danced across her now closed eyelids. Her
delicate fingers pressed the button.

sperm hospital

She was still facing the window when the door opened.
Her head turned, and she slowly opened her eyes as she
coyly said, “Thank you for arriving so quickly, I was-
oh! Doctor! Why, I … won’t you come in? And please, do
close the door behind you.” The tight fit of his slacks
was not lost on her as she watched him turn to close the

“What seems to be the problem Miss Conners?” the doctor
asked as he approached her bedside.

Sitting up and leaning back against the pillows, their
eyes made contact as she said “Well Doctor, I’m not
exactly sure how to say this…”

He sat down on the bed next to her, and taking her hand
in his, said, “Relax Miss Conners, I’m a Doctor, I’m
here to help you with whatever needs you require.”

“Well that’s just it you see, Doctor. Needs. I’ve been
here for so long that I’ve developed quite a few needs.
I would be very grateful if you were to help me with
some of them.”

The young Doctor shifted his collar nervously as he
attempted to ignore the tone of her voice, the words she
was using, and the look in her eyes as she spoke them.
With as much professionally as he could muster, he asked
“Well, Miss-er, Lisa, what exactly is it that I can do
for you?”

Her tight chest heaved as she breathed in deeply,
arching her back slightly as she stretched before him.
Her hand pulled out from his relaxed grip, and she
placed it on his upper thigh. “Well you see Doctor, I’m
so fucking horny that I can barely stand it.” Shocked
momentarily with her boldness, his mouth hung ajar for a
few moments as he fumbled for a response. “Why Miss
Conners.. I .. er.. that is I..”

“I’m sorry Doctor, I can see that I’ve made you
uncomfortable,” she said as she eyed the twitching
material covering his crotch, “it’s just that I’m so
very turned on lately; I can hardly stand it. Isn’t
there something that you could do for me?”

Trying to relieve the growing pressure of his cock
against his pants without actually reaching down, he
shifted his weight to the other leg, but to no avail.
Lisa’s hand slowly slid up his inner leg, but before she
could reach him, he abruptly stood up.

“Miss Conners, I, er.. regret your discomfort, but you
must understand that I’m a Doctor and you’re my…” His
voice trailed off as she gracefully reached behind her
and lifted a clipboard off the wall behind her, her eyes
never leaving his. She handed him her chart, and studied
his facial expression. She had already seen all that she
needed to know in his eyes; there was no way he was
going to leave this room until she had been thoroughly

His eyes scanned down the page before him, resting at
the bottom, on the word “Discharged.” As realization
began to kick in, he slowly looked up at the young body
of his former patient. A faint smile spread across his
lips, breaking his blank expression. “I see. It says
her, Miss Conners, that you are not longer my patient,
and as such the oath I’ve sworn to no longer applies to
you. Perhaps…” He paused his sentence as he once again
sat down upon her bed and rested his left hand on her
right hip.

“Perhaps I can be of some… assistance with your
problem after all.” Her grin widening as her lips parted
ever so slightly, she reached down, placing her hand on
top of his. She slowly slid his palm up her lithe body,
stopping when his hand reached her breast. As he slowly
began to fondle her, his other hand reached up and
snatched off his glasses. Placing them on the night
table beside her, he leaned in with a gentle kiss.
Watching him with open eyes as their lips met, she again
arched her back as she stretched, this time her right
leg making contact with his crotch. Grinding against him
every so slightly, she teased him with her body.

Their kiss became more passionate as their lips parted.

Their tongues met and danced lightly in circles of
pleasure. Switching hands to support his weight, he
began to massage her other breast, tweaking her nipple
between his fingertips. Her eyes still opened, she
waited for him to make the second “discovery” of the
afternoon. Slipping his hand underneath the bed sheet,
his eyes sprang open as he was met with bare skin.
Glancing down between the bed and the window, he saw her
gown crumpled upon the floor.

Satisfied with his reaction, she closed her eyes as she
gave into the passion of the moment. He slowly pulled
down the bed sheet as he placed kisses along her neck
and earlobe.

His kisses then trailed back up and met her lips as his
fingers followed the bare flesh of her left breast.
Circling her nipple with his index finger, he matched
the motion with his tongue. After a few moments of this
his kisses began to descend down the other side of her
neck. He slowly kissed his way down to her other breast,
as she let out a small sigh of pleasure. She was feeling
very wet now, and was anxious for him to touch her. He
blew gently on her wet nipple before trailing his mouth
over to her other peak. Her nipple was already rock
hard, and as he flicked it with his tongue his left hand
trailed down her body, parting her legs.

He caressed her inner thigh as she had caressed his,
slowly making his way up to her drooling pussy. He
placed his lips upon her mouth as his fingers traced a
path between her legs and labia. He teased her with his
fingertips as he could feel her warmth radiating
outward. Her whole body tightened as a finger slowly
parted her cunt lips, and he could feel her copious
juices coating it. Her hand, which was by now wrapped
around his shoulder, clenched as he dances across her
delicate clitoris. He didn’t want her to cum too fast
however, he wanted to make her last as long as possible.
Teasing her, he once again stroked his digit between her

He brought his finger up to his mouth, and licked it
clean while maintaining eye contact. She tasted
delicious, and he grinned. He began to kiss her again,
letting her taste herself upon his lips. Positioning his
body between her legs, he placed both hands on the top
sheet, and sat back as he unveiled her body. Her hands
cupped underneath her breasts and she brought one nipple
to her tongue as he watched. He began massaging her legs
with both hands as she continued to play with her tits.
Unable to resist any further, he began massaging on
either side of her pussy, as he slowly lowered his face
to her twat. Her anticipation grew as she waited for the
sensations to commence.

He pointed his tongue out and slowly spread her lips
with it, her juices running down his chin. He licked up
until he reached the hood of her clitoris, which he then
gently flicked with his tongue. His hands continued to
massage either side of her vagina, as he continued to
lick her and tease her clit. He could feel her body
twist and shake underneath him, as her moans grew in
volume. As her peak approached, he slowed his assault
and changed the tempo of his strokes to inhibit her

Her moans grew too loud for his comfort; he was afraid
they might carry through the door to the outside.
Somewhere in the back of his mind it registered that he
had never locked the door, but it was far too late to
attend to anything like that right now. Lisa meanwhile
was awash in pleasure. She had forgotten her surrounding
and was caught up in the moment. She groaned lightly
when he stopped licking her.

She had been really close, and wanted to cum very badly.
She decided that it was only fair for her to tease him
right back however, and began unbuttoning his jacket.
Practically tearing off his garments, his clothes were
soon in a heap on top of her gown on the floor. She
twisted on top of him and pushed him back against the
bed. She ran her fingers through his chest hair, and
down along his legs, as he laid there in his boxers.

She began to caress his rock-hard cock through the light
fabric while planting kisses upon his lips. Never being
one to waste any time, she quickly pulled his cock from
between the folds of his underwear, and began to stroke

As his body began to twist under her, she felt his dick
twitch slightly, and he let out a moan. Pushing her hair
behind her shoulders, their eyes met as she slid down
his body and slowly began to lick his cock. She knew how
men loved to watch a woman during oral sex, and after a
short pause, she took his entire cock into her mouth,
burying her nose in his public hair. His back
immediately sprang up in response, and she slowly
withdrew her mouth as her tongue trailed his length.
Again he moaned, this time louder, perhaps too loud for
his own good.

Lisa knew the door was unlocked, and under other
circumstances she would have grown all the more excited
at the prospect of someone walking in on them, but it
had been too long for her since her last good fuck, and
she didn’t want to be interrupted before she’d cum.
Perhaps too ensure their privacy, perhaps because she
was so fucking turned on, she pivoted her body in a
semicircle, her lips still locked around his cock. His
head slipped between her thighs, and he resumed licking
her at once. She particularly enjoyed the 69 position,
not only because she loved having her pussy licked, but
because she knew a guy who had to concentrate on
pleasing her would be unable to cum too quickly for her
to get off.

She enjoyed his oral ministrations for a few minutes
before she’d decided that she’d had enough. She wanted
his cock inside her right now. Lifting up from his
talented tongue, she turned and faced him. Holding his
cock upright, she sat down and slipped him inside of
her. She was so wet that his penis met no resistance,
and after he was all the way inside of her, she began to
grind her clit against his pelvis.

Lost in his own pleasure, the doctor could only react to
her sliding up and down his pole. He reached up and
fondled her tits, and as she leaned forward he once
again took her nipples into his mouth. She slid up and
down on top of him, riding him for all he was worth. He
slid his hands along her back and clenched his fingers
against her ass, pulling her down on top of him.

Realizing she was too close to stop now, she quickened
her pace until she felt her climax approach. She
couldn’t stop; all self-control was long behind her. She
felt the shaking begin deep within her loins, spreading
outward through her body. She rode the climax out for
all it was worth, before finally slowing down her
motions. As she settled back to earth she looked down to
see her former doctor grinning wildly at her.

“It’s my turn now,” he said as he lifted her up off his
erect member, and laid her gently down on the bed. He
prepared to slide into her when she stopped him.

“Take me from behind. I want to feel you deep inside of
me.” Always being a gentlemen, he had no choice but to
oblige the lady. She turned around onto all fours, and
he slipped into her slick snatch. Grabbing her hips with
both hands he began to thrust into her. Alternating
between this position, grabbing her tits, and rubbing
her clit with an arm wrapped around her body, it wasn’t
long before he felt himself getting close. He told her
so, and she stopped his movements.

“I want you to cum in my mouth, and spray my tits with
your cream,” she moaned into the pillow in front of her.
Pulling out quickly, she turned around onto her knees
and took him into her mouth. Normally, there was nothing
she enjoyed more than feeling a man spurt off deep
inside of her: she loved the force of his spunk as he
came, but this time she wanted to give him a sight to
remember her by.

Feeling his body begin to tense, she sucked as hard as
she could until first shot hit the back of her throat.
She pulled him out of his mouth in time for her left
cheek to get sprayed by his jism. She then angled him
onto her tits, where he spent the rest of his load. When
he was finished, she rubbed it into and all over her
breasts. She licked around her lips, and collecting the
streak across her cheek with her fingertip, she looked
him right in the eye as she licked his cum off her index

“Thank you Doctor,” she said in the voice of an
innocent, “that was just what I needed.”

“Well, Miss Conners, you’re very much welcome. In fact,
I think that although your chart says you’re in perfect
health, I may need to schedule a few more… checkups
with you. I just have one question though.”

“Yes, Doctor?”

“You know that I don’t normally answer the patient call
button. How did you know that I’d be the one to walk
through the door?”

Lisa smiled to herself.

“Actually Doctor, I wasn’t expecting you to answer the
call at all. I was expecting Rebecca, the Nurse.”

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