A young Asian woman imagines what it would be like to take a big black man

The beautiful Asian bank teller cringed as the huge black customer appeared before her to make a deposit. Being a minority herself, Cindy believed all people should be treated equally and had no hatred towards blacks, but this giant black man gave her the shivers. She cringed at this coal black monster who grinned at

Sperm Hospital

She gazed out the hospital window at the familiar scenery below. Vast fields of green and gold sprawled out to the horizon. The August sun beat down upon the asphalt of the highway running in the foreground; the radiating heat turned passing cars into mirages. The hospital was always cool; conditioned to a comfortable 72

A couple like to play rough

She was tough, alright, just as advertised. Tall, blonde, blue-eyed and fiery, and loved her bondage sessions. She had a very high tolerance for pain too, maybe that was what I really admired about her; that she could take anything I could dish out, and then some, and that she truly loved every minute of

The Office Whore

Nicolette is our office whore. She started as the receptionist, but it got so difficult to get inside the front door, what with all the men lined up to fuck her every day. It was simply easier to move her to another room. Besides, it’s difficult to answer the phone when your mouth is full