Sperm Roulette

Several weeks had passed since Barb’s ‘date’ with Tom’s
black friend and it turned out that she did not get
pregnant from her first interracial fling. After
Barbara’s black lover left that night, her mind in a
turmoil with the possibility that she might well end up
pregnant with a black c***d. It was the next day
before she told Tom of the potential pregnancy.

As the days wore on, both found themselves becoming
more and more turned on by the thought. They fucked
without reservation during the following weeks.
Finally, three weeks later, her period started. Both
were relieved but, at the same time, a little

Tom felt he had never been so aroused as he was with
the thought of this possible pregnancy hanging over
their heads. Barb was also excited by it.

Tom asked, “Would you ever consider trying it again?”

“How?” Barb asked. “But if I did, it would have to be
a gamble, not a sure thing,” she added.

Tom suggested a possible solution. He asked her to
plot her periods over last few months and from that, to
approximate her ovulation dates. Barb found that she
was possibly fertile about 7 days each cycle month,
beginning about 14 days after her period ended.

He explained his plan. From the day she ended her
period, they would count 14 days from her period’s end.
Then on one randomly selected date in the following
seven days, she would have unprotected sex with a

Barb asked, “How do we choose which particular day?”

Tom explained, “I’ll take some old poker chips, write
the numbers 1 through 7 on the chips and place them in
a bag. You’ll choose a chip at random from the bag. The
date on the chip will be the night or day you will find
a lover to perform the deed. But remember, only one
drawing per month.” Barb agreed that this way would
indeed make it random.

“Would you consider trying a black man again?” Tom

Barb agreed she would, since she had really liked that
way her previous lover had fucked her and she had heard
that black men never turned down a real red head. Tom
suggested putting the same numbers on two sets of poker
chips, red for Afro-American and white for Caucasian.
This way she would draw not only the day of her
‘breeding’ but also the race of her stud.

This month her fertile period was charted to be from
the 14th through the 20th. Tom made up the chips, put
them in a bag and held it over his head so that she
couldn’t see them. Barbara reached into the bag and
removed a red chip with the number 18 on it. Simple
arithmetic told them that the 18th was VERY close to
her probably ovulation date. On the 18th of the month,
Tom made their usual preparations by trimming her
auburn bush and picking out her outfit. Barb left her
wedding band on to encourage her lover to go

They drove to a club known to be a hangout for white
women looking for black men. Tom waited across the
street and sweated, would one of the men he saw
entering the club be the man to impregnate his wife and
have her carry his c***d?

Barb entered the club and ordered a drink. Tom had
chosen a low cut V-neck blouse that showed off her 34D
breasts. After several dances with several men, she
chose a tall black man named Ricky. She could tell by
the bulge in his pants that he was ready for action and
suggested a nearby hotel they go to. Ricky quickly
agreed and within minutes they were alone in the motel

Ricky told her sternly to strip, beginning to dominate
her. Barbara felt a little nervous but she really
enjoyed the demanding way he treated her. She slipped
out of her blouse and skirt, and posed for him in her
panties, bra and stockings.

“Let me see those titties!” he demanded. Barbara took
off her bra and her very firm 38D’s were displayed for
his pleasure. He walked over to her and massaged them
with both hands. Her nipples erected immediately and
she felt her panties beginning grow damp.

Ricky commanded her to go down onto her knees and suck
his cock. Barb did as she was told and began to undo
his pants, pulling out a very hard, very large, jet-
black cock. She took it into her mouth and began to
suck on it. He helped her by grabbing the back of her
head and pulling it toward his groin. His cock, wet
with her salvia, glistened in the room’s soft light.

Ricky suddenly grabbed her by the hair and pulled her
to her feet saying, “Get rid of those panties!” Barb
slid her panties down over her hips and let them fall
to the floor. Ricky eyes widened, he had never seen a
real red head. Most of the red-haired white bitches he
had fucked were only dye jobs.

“I just have to eat that,” he exclaimed. Barb lay back
on the motel bed and spread her thighs wide, telling
Ricky to tongue her wet pussy. He was a fantastic
pussy eater and soon Barb came, pulling his head hard
against her crotch and grinding her pussy into his

When she recovered, Ricky got up, went over to his
pants and pulled out a rubber. Barb begged him not to
wear it. As Ricky hesitated, Barb told him that since
she was married, she was on the pill and like her
lovers to use a condom.

Ricky threw the rubber down and climbed onto the bed
with her. Barb opened her legs, allowing him to enter
her. He drove his hard penis into her very wet,
fertile pussy all the way to his balls, then began to
pump his shaft into her hard and deep!

After a moment, Ricky placed her ankles on his
shoulders, allowing him to probe her even deeper. Barb
felt like a total slut for letting some stranger (and a
black stranger at that) fuck her. Not only fuck her,
but also allow him the chance to fertilize her eggs and
carry his black c***d. Just the thought of that made
her cum again.

Ricky continued to pound away, telling her he hoped her
pills were extra strong ones because he was about to
deposit a huge load of sperm deep in her cunt.

Not long after that, Ricky slammed his cock as deeply
into her as possible, his body tensed as she felt the
head of his cock begin to jerk and pulse. Barb swore
she could feel every jet of his sperm striking her
cervix, wondering if he would be the one to knock her

Finally Ricky finished and her pulled out of her. As
Ricky rolled over onto his side and fell asleep, Barb
instinctively pulled her knees up to her chest in order
to keep as much of his cum in her pussy as she could.

After about 30 minutes, Barb gathered her clothes and
left the motel room. She found Tom parked close by and
got into the car.

“Are you ok?” Tom asked.

“Oh, Yes!” she said. “Would you like to fuck me now as
well?” she grinned.

Tom only smiled as they pulled out of the motel parking

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