The 22 Year Old Virgin

Donna was a 22 year old virgin, a coloured girl, light skinned and beautiful. She had a lovely shapely big ass with wide hips, lovely thighs and smallish 32c breasts. Her best asset was her big mouth and sexy body.
Chloe was a year younger than Donna whilst Donna was voluptuous Chloe had a petite body with a bam in your face JLo ass, her boobs though not huge looked really big on her petite frame. Like Donna she was also a self proclaimed virgin. Her features were slightly Indian kinda like Priya Rai with piercing green eyes.
Now I had been going to church with these two girls for years and they practically grew up in front of me. I secretly desired these two girls and I didn’t for one second believed that they were virgins. However since they proclaimed their virginity I wasn’t going to challenge them on it. I’m a 37 year old man a father of 3 children with a lovely wife. I love my wife and I was not going to disappoint her by openly pursuing two young girls in our parish.

About a month ago I won 25 Million in the Lottery, my wife doesn’t know anything about this and I’m still keeping her in the dark as I’ve formulated a plan to have my way with the two sexy babes. For all intents and purposes the ladies in question has won a trip to Singapore, my wife knows that my new job requires me to leave for Hong Kong on a business trip. I offer the girls a lift to the airport as we’re both flying Emirates. Unbeknownst to my wife I’m not going to Hong Kong and the two girls is unaware that I have three first class tickets to their destination. They pick up their business class tickets at the airport and I being the chivalrous gentleman offer to have them upgraded to 1st Class. They readily agree and now my plan is in motion to impress the panties off these so called virgins.

Our flight is 16 hrs long and most of that we’ll be sleeping. As we take off I order us some Champagne to celebrate. The girls aren’t big drinkers and soon feel the effect of the alcohol. For the next couple of hours I ply them with liquor and am not surprised that they are the first ones to go to bed. There aren’t a lot of people in 1st class and I wait till everyone’s asleep before I bed down.

My berth is in between the girls and now I lower the screen between Donna and I. On the expectation of hot weather she has worn a lovely flowing summer dress. This has ridden up and has exposed her milky thighs, the globes of her delectable ass are clearly visible and I tentatively stretch out my hand. I can’t resist touching her ass and I cop a feel of it. My heart is racing partly in fear and partly from the sexy sight in front of me I can’t believe I have this sexy tight bum in my hands. I squeeze it and now I’m not satisfied with just feeling her ass I want more. In between her thighs I spy the pink covering of her thong over her pussy. Without any thought I find my fingers exploring and I touch the bottom of her pussy. She sighs and then she moves, in fear I rip my hand away.

As I’m thinking how I’m going to explain the lowered berth, I notice that all she’s done is moved from her side onto her back. Her camel toe is clearly visible now and I’ve got unobstructed access to her pussy. I stare at it and I know I want to see it in all it’s glory, before I can stop myself I’ve moved her thong to one side. Her neatly trimmed pussy is now visible to me and now I know I’ve got to take the chance, I touch her pussy and when there’s no reaction it emboldens me to further my exploration. I rub her pussy and soon her bud is exposed, I see it and start to rub it, she moans and I stop. I look at her face and see that she’s still fast asleep. I continue my stimulation and soon her juices start to flow. Keeping my thumb on her clit I slide my finger into her dripping pussy.

I find her G Spot and now I’m stimulating her clit and her G spot at the same time. She groans a little louder and soon I have her going over the edge. She comes with a loud grunt and I quickly straighten out her clothes and close the screen between us. Not a moment too soon as the stewardess opens her screen and tries to wake her but as she leans down Donna groans again and the stewardess smelling the liquor on her breath assumes that this was just due to drunkenness. I breathe a sigh of relief as the stewardess returns to her station.

Seeing Donna’s pussy and playing with it has compelled me now to do the same to Chloe. I go over to her berth secure in the knowledge that the berth right next to her is open. I open the screen and not wanting any scares I shake her trying to wake her. She just groans but doesn’t wake, I now know that I can play with her without any fear. Chloe being the bolder of the 2 has worn a short skirt that displays her long legs beautifully. On opening the screen I’ve found her sleeping on her back with her skirt around her waist, her black thong covering her mound that is shaped like a Beetle’s hood. I move the wisp of material to one side and find that her lips are shaped like that of an orchid.

Before I know it my head is buried in her crotch, her body responds immediately and her clit is slightly bigger than Donna’s, I draw it between my lips and suck on it furiously with no thought to what can happen if I’m caught. Her body responds and her hips start moving up and down in unison with my ministration. I slip a finger into her pussy and like Donna she’s extremely tight. I move my finger with difficulty, probing looking for her G Spot. Chloe is a moaner and she’s making these soft mewling sounds as I bring her closer and closer to an orgasm. She comes violently in my mouth and I lap up all her juices. I quickly disengage and close her screen as it becomes obvious that she’s waking. I go into the toilet and a couple of minutes later emerge with all her juices washed off my face. There is however a lingering aroma and this brings a smile to my face. I greet the now wakened Chloe and the she tries to hide her flustered face. I ask her what’s wrong and she answers that she’s just had a dream which woke her. Surely it wasn’t a nightmare I ask and she replies with a faraway look in her eyes no.

The rest of the flight is uneventful and as we disembark, the Hilton staff is awaiting them at the airport with a sign with their names on it. I remark that I’m also going to be staying at the same Hotel and ask them to join me. My Limo picks us up and you can see that the girls are clearly impressed, I think to myself that my plan is working. I make arrangements with the girls to use the vehicle when I’m supposedly in meetings the following day. They agree and when we arrive at the Hotel I magnanimously offer to have their rooms upgraded to the penthouse suite right next to mine. This they accept unaware of my devious plans. I arrange with my driver to take them to all the sites and ensure that wherever they go they get VIP treatment.

Just before they return from their excursions I arrange that they go to a top boutique for evening gowns. In all of these things I make sure that they must be aware of just how much money I’m spending on them. I let them believe that my new job allows me such a big expense account and this quells their reservations in accepting these gifts. I take them for a night on the town in their Versace gowns and I know that I can shortly make my move.

I have spent the whole day looking at footage of the two girls getting ready to sleep and I’ve caught their discussions on the dreams they’ve had. Luckily for me they haven’t realised that the erotic dreams they’ve had was because of my ministrations. Donna remarks to Chloe that this was only the second time she’s ever come having a dream, “and the last time I came, I found my hands between my thighs.” Chloe says, “I think my hand were between my thighs because when I awoke my thong was drawn to one side.” I’ve had their room rigged with hidden camera’s and the footage of them sleeping (Chloe sleeps in the nude) has had me horny as hell and determined to bring my plan to fruition
After our night on the town we return to our Hotel, at their door I invite myself in for a night cap. They readily agree suspecting nothing of what’s going to happen in the next couple of minutes. We talk and I steer the conversation in the direction of the movie Indecent Proposal. Both girls agree that they’ll never agree to have sex with someone for a million bucks. I ask and what if I were to offer you 2,5 million? I’d do it Chloe replies laughing, me too Donna says laughing with her friend. I say “girls if you go into your rooms you’ll find a briefcase on each of your beds go and fetch them.” They fetch it, I give them the combinations for the briefcases and they open them. They both gasp at the sight of the money and all of a sudden they’re no more laughing. “In each briefcase is 2,5 million, that’s what I’m offering you to sleep with me. Think about it and contact me on the Hotel phone. I’ll be in my room, don’t think too long because that offer expires in an hour.”

I watch on the TV as they discuss the issue, “we can move and no-one will be the wiser, we’ll be rich,” says Chloe, “but what about our standing in our community” replies Donna. After about 30 minutes I can see that they’ve come to an agreement and they phone me. I don’t want to seem too eager so I let the phone ring 6 times before I answer. “We’ve decided to do it” says Chloe and I reply that I’ll be right over.
I know that both girls are reluctant and I know too that the person that I’ll have to concentrate on is Donna as she’s still very undecided. “What do you want us to do” Chloe ask, I reply that they should just relax and follow my lead. I go to Donna and grasping her face in my hands I give her a gentle kiss. I can feel her nervousness and reluctance and I realise that I mustn’t rush this. I give her more kisses interspersed with gentle probes of my tongue. Her lips are sealed tight but after a while she’s responding to my kisses and gently parts her lips I now slide my tongue into her mouth and soon she’s returning my kisses, up until now I haven’t touched any other part of her body and now I move my hands to her boobs. I rest it there gently as I feel her recoil slightly allowing her to get used to the feel of my hand there. As she relaxes I start tracing my finger around her nipple, her breathing starts getting shallower as her body responds to my ministrations. Still kissing her I now use my other hand to unzip her strapless gown. I move it over her boobs and with nothing holding it drops onto the floor.

I want to step back and look at her body but I’m soo close to making sure that this happens that I don’t want to chance having Donna pull out so I continue circling her nipple with my finger. I try gentle squeezes and I find her responding even more. I bring my mouth down to her breast and suck on her nipple she lets out a groan. Her pelvis is making involuntary sexual movements and I know that I’ve crossed the Rubicon. I steer her backwards towards the sofa and she sits down on it. With her boob still in my mouth she leans backwards, I look downwards and her pelvis is simulating the sex movements. I break my contact with her boob and she lets out a moan of dismay. I kiss her belly and she squirms under my touch. I continue my kisses downwards onto her thigh past her pussy all the way down to her feet. I continue up the other leg and as I get closer to her groin I kiss the inside of her thigh. It feels warm and is full of promise. She’s squirming under my kisses and her clit is already visible. I blow on it and it drives her insane. I continue blowing on it till she brings her hand downwards I stop her hand from touching her clit and ask her “do you want me to suck it?” Yes please, please Terence suck it make me come, please. Ever the gentleman I do as she ask and take her love button into my mouth. At the same time I slip a finger into her tight orifice.
I stimulate her G spot whilst I’m sucking on he clit and she starts panting. I continue my steady ministrations and soon her juices have wet my cheeks. With a loud sigh she exclaims ooooooh I’m coming, yessss, yesss Terence oooooh and she starts keening as she comes in my face. I lap up all her juices and by now I’m rock hard, my 7” dick straining against the confines of my pants. Her bud is oversensitive now and a light nibble makes her squirm once again. I stand up and without taking off my shirt I drop my confining pants. My dick springs free and before she realises it I’ve buried my dick to the hilt in her tight pussy. Eeeeek she screams and as I pull my dick out I notice a bit of blood on my shaft. I realise now that she really was a virgin and I’ve just popped my first cherry.

I now gently push into her allowing her channel to get used to the Girth of my 5 inch thick dick. I pull out just a little and my shallow movements have the desired effect of making her pussy take my girth. I notice now too that Chloe has moved closer too us and she’s staring at Donna’s stretched pussy in trepidation and deep seated lust. Unconsciously she’s playing with her nipples through her dress and I can see them standing like bullets. I now feel Donna meeting my thrusts and I pull out all the way before ramming my dick into her pussy. She’s unbelievably tight and I’ve got to really concentrate in order to stop myself from coming. I work up a steady rhythm alternating deep strokes with shallow ones. Donna is overwhelmed and soon she’s heading to another climax, by now Chloe is so turned on by the sight that she’s laying next to us with her finger in her pussy, naked as a jaybird. I reach over and give her ample boobs a squeeze. Donna is in the process of coming and she moves her head from side to side. “Fuck me Terence, fuck my tight pussy make me come, oooooooooh yess, yess, yessss I’m coming. Her pussy squeezes my dick so tightly that it forces out my spunk in high velocity spurts. I don’t think I’ve ever come that much in my whole life and I let her have it, my pelvis jerking as I come.

By now Chloe is close to coming and as I pull my semi hard dick from Donna’s pussy, Chloe comes hard onto her hand. The sight of her coming has me hard once again and as Chloe comes down from her high, I lift her and turn her around on all fours. I gently insert the head of my engorged dick at her entrance and I ask her “do you want me to enter you slowly of fast like I did Donna” because breaking your hymen’s gonna hurt. She takes that decision away from me as she pushes back hard onto my dick and I pop her cherry. With her impaled on my cock she says “Donna didn’t have a choice why should I have one?” I grip her hips and start fucking her in a steady rhythm, I lean over her and take her boobs in my hands.
I love the feel of her pussy gripping and letting go of my dick and from the mewling sounds she’s making I know she’s enjoying it too. Donna moves closer and notices Chloe’s engorged clit, “rub her clit” I instruct and as Donna starts playing with it I stick two fingers into her lovely pussy. My balls is making a clap sound as I’m fucking Chloe and her pussy is emitting pussy farts, I can feel her increasing the speed of her movements and I increase speed too. Now the sounds are clap clap clap frrrttt and schuelch as the sound of my finger in Donna’s soppy pussy accompanies our fucking noises. All too soon I’ve got Chloe coming and her sounds get louder as she comes. Aaaaaieee, ooh, oooh ,oooooooh, baby I’m coming, I didn’t know it was gonna be this good, oooooh, oooooh, her pussy starts milking my dick and we come together as I fill her pussy with my copious amount of Jism.

Having come twice in such a short time I feel drained and as I remove my dick from Chloe’s pussy I lay in between the two girls, Donna is pleasuring herself and soon she also comes. As I’m trying to get my breath back Chloe says to me, ”you know Terence we planned on not coming, we planned on faking our Orgasms and just get this over an done with, if we had known that this was going to be so much better than playing with ourselves we would have started years ago. Now we know what the others go on about and since you’ve been soo gentle with us and such a gentleman we want you to teach us more. We’re here for another two weeks I’m sure you can teach us a whole lot more can’t you?” “I’ll try my best” I replied.