The action in the adult theater was not only on the screen

In the 70s, before video players, if you wanted to see
hard core, the adult theater was the place to go. I
have watched those grainy, black and white stag films
before but never an adult film in color.

One night I decided to get up enough nerve to drive to
the nearest adult theater. I parked some distance away
and quickly walked to the theater. Upon entering the
theater, I stood in the aisle waiting for my eyes to
adjust to the darkness.

In front of me, on the screen, was a big stud just
pulling out of a very hairy pussy. His cock dripped
with cum. I must have been caught up in the action on
the screen when I heard a voice behind me to sit down.
Walking down a couple of rows, I slid into my seat. To
my right was an older man who had his hand in his pants
jacking off.

Not wanting to stare, I turned back to the screen.
Shortly, the older man to my right slowly moved over to
the seat next to mine. Out of the corner of my eye I
could see he now had his cock out and was slowly
stroking it. As I started to pay more attention to him
then what was happening on the screen, he reached over
and placed his hand on my inner thigh, slowly stroking
my thigh while still stroking his cock.

In no time, I had an erection that was straining
against my pants. The older man must have been reading
my mind because he moved his hand from my inner thigh
to my zipper and slowly unzipped me. His fingers then
slid into the opening and carefully pulled my throbbing
cock out. Still stroking himself, he slowly began
sliding his hand up and down the length of my shaft.

I began breathing harder and harder as his gentle hand
caressed me. Shortly I whispered to him I was ready to
cum and he quickly removed his hand. He leaned over and
told me to meet him in the men’s room. I could hardly
fit my stiff cock into my pants, and touching it made
me pre cum. Quickly walking up the aisle, I went into
the lobby and looked for the men’s room.

Entering the men’s room, I went to one of the empty
urinals and pulled my semi hard cock out. The man
standing next to me looked down at my cock and smiled.
He was stroking his and showed me. It was very thick.
Then I saw the older man enter the room. He was well
dressed and carrying a rain coat.

As he passed by me, he tapped me on the shoulder and
whispered for me to follow him. He went to the furthest
stall and entered, with me right behind. Once inside
the stall, he told me to stand on top of the toilet
bowl and quickly unzipped me and gently pulled out my
hard member.

This time, instead of stroking it, he kissed the tip of
my cock, which was wet from the pre cum, and licked off
all the cum. Then he proceeded to suck me off, sliding
his mouth down the entire length of my shaft. I
couldn’t hold back any longer and shoved my hips
towards his mouth as I blew my load into his mouth.

He swallowed every drop of my cum and after sucking me
off for a while longer, he withdrew my semi hard cock
from his mouth and wiped my tip with his silk

I saw the bulge in his pants, unzipped him, and pulled
his hard cock out. For an older man, he had a good size
cock. I slowly began stroking it, concentrating on the
head, when he asked me to remove my hand and hold it
out, palm side up.

I did what he asked as he jacked himself off and filled
my palm up with his cum – a good load for his age.

This was my first experience going to an adult theater
and the action could not have been hotter!

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