The Adult Arcade

I was a single guy in my mid 30s, and had recently
broken up with my girlfriend of the last four years. My
libido had always been high, but now it was getting out
of hand (pun intended!). I was running around more and
more with my pants sticking out in front as if I had a
k*d’s ball bat in there.

My heart wasn’t yet into finding a new girl because I
was still kind of raw from the breakup with Janet. That
didn’t keep me from needing sex, though. That night I
had just dined at a Mexican restaurant near city-
center, and was driving home, wishing for some kind of
interesting diversion.

On the way, I noticed an adult arcade that I’d seen
several times but never visited. I knew from the guys
at the office that the place offered sexy books and
videos. Steve had told me that you could even watch a
selection of hard-core videos in the privacy of your
own booth. Tonight, that sounded better than just going
home and wanking off, and I was in no mood for a bar.

Being a devoted pot head, I preferred weed. In fact,
I’d lit another Jay right after leaving the restaurant,
and by now I was feeling the effects of the outstanding
Colombian Gold my connection had scored for me on a
recent trip to Iowa. I quickly lit another and toked
three or four times before putting it out.

I was thinking to myself, “What the Hell?” and turned
in. Feeling nervous, but already getting horny at the
thought of watching some beauties suck and fuck, I had
to rearrange old “Clyde” in my pants to minimize my own
“show” before I went in.

I walked in bravely, as if I knew what I was doing. I
browsed around the books and videos for a while, the
explicit pictures and words making me harder all the
time. My right hand slipped into my pocket so I could
press and squeeze my nearly seven-inch, circumcised
pride and joy without being too obvious about it.
Paranoid? Naaah. But the good smoke was making my body
more sensitive than usual — especially my cock.

I noticed that most people there were guys, but there
were a couple of attractive women, too. That surprised
and excited me, even though they were with their guys.
It was just sexy and exciting to think that some women
enjoyed this, too.

Sooner or later, everyone seemed to gravitate to the
arcade. I watched a few get tokens at the counter
before they went in. “Time for action,” I thought to
myself, so I went over and got ten bucks’ worth,
wondering if that would be enough. I figured it would,
since I was already so damned horny.

I sauntered over to the arcade trying to look as casual
as I could. Yeah, right! Like no one was going to know
I was about to go into a booth and masturbate my hot
rod to a roaring climax, or maybe two. Like anyone even
cared. They were all there for the same reason: to get
their nuts off.

I entered through a hallway where the movies were
advertised with colorful empty video cartons displayed
in a glass case built into the wall. The pictures of
women were all great, and the men all well hung.
Although I’m not gay, like most guys I admire handsome
cocks when I see ’em. And, a couple times in my life I
had taken advantage of opportunities to fool around
with a guy. Anyway, a sign explained that the number on
each carton was the channel on which that video

As I scoped out the triple-X action on the cartons,
Clyde was starting to ooze right through my shorts onto
my pants. I knew I had to get some relief or my pants
would have big spots all over the front. So, I walked
on into the arcade’s long, very dim hallway, which was
lined with a series of doors. Some were ajar, and I
chose one of those and entered the little booth.

There was a very low-wattage light bulb that was on but
there was a switch if you wanted to turn it off. I
checked where to drop the coins and where the seat was,
latched the door, and fed a handful of tokens into the
machine. The video snow changed immediately to a clear
picture of a couple fucking. My face got all hot and
flushed — aided by the fine weed, no doubt — as I
watched for a minute before turning off the light and
sitting down in the plastic chair. Then I flicked
through the channels until I found a video I liked

It showed a very pretty, golden-haired girl spread on
the edge of a hot tub moaning as her guy was licking
her clit, rubbing her belly and squeezing her butt.
“Ah, yess,” I sighed as I dropped my pants and pulled
my big woody out through the opening in my shorts. I
let my full balls hang over the bottom of the fly of my
shorts. I liked that because it put pressure on the
bottom of my balls, which always intensified the
pleasure of masturbation. I started stroking him up and
down as I stared at the action onscreen.

The woman in the video was still moaning and sighing as
I stroked myself, getting wetter and wetter with my
lube juices; but soon my stoned brain realized that I
was hearing more than one set of feminine moans and
sighs. At first I was too busy getting into the
slippery feel of my fist on my leaky cock to pay much
attention, but after a few minutes it got through to me
that the sound seemed to be coming from next door. I
looked around the booth to see why those moans were so

For the first time I saw an opening in the side wall,
about six inches square. “Ah Ha!” I thought. Bending a
little, I looked through the hole into the adjoining
booth. The light from the screen there let me see the
bare round bottom of what I was sure was a woman moving
back and forth a little. Clyde jerked up even higher at
the thought of a fine naked female ass right there in
front of my eyes… Clyde’s way of saying, “Yummmmm,
gimme some of that!”

As I looked more closely, I saw she was giving head to
the proud cock of a guy seated on a bench in front of
her, just like the bench in my booth. My hand squeezed
my meat harder as I watched and pumped back and forth
along the length of him a few times. Watching this
action, I suddenly was hotter than I could remember
ever being. I was breathing hard, and felt like I could
tear down that damned wall.

I let out a husky groan. My fellating neighbor must
have heard me through the opening. She glanced my way,
then moved her bottom over to the opening I was gazing
through and shook her cute little ass almost in my
face. I took that to mean she wanted some attention, so
I reached through and palmed her fine butt, which had
the effect of causing her to sung up against my hand in
pleasure and breathe a soft, “Oh, yessss, baby!” But it
was loud enough for me to hear and the acknowledgment
from her only made me squirt more lube.

Encouraged, I moved my hand all over her round ass and
up and down the crevice between those globes, then down
lower between her cheeks to her pussy. My middle finger
extended under her looking for her slit. I found it and
slid my finger back and forth along her lips.

She was sopping wet, and spread herself for me by
squatting down a bit and pushing back even more. That
let me slip my finger into her fairly deep, then I
added a second finger, eliciting an, “UmmmmmmMMM!” from
her stuffed mouth. Her pussy was very snug, even with
all her squishy juice, and there was indeed lots of

At that instant, I would have given the world to get
Clyde inside this hot and sexy girl’s inviting box. As
if she could read my emotions, she pressed her butt
firmly back against the wall, my fingers still inside
her. She bent down further over the cock she was
sucking, trying to raise her ass and cunt to a position
where I could fuck her. I quickly got the idea — Hell,
I’m no dummy! — and stood up, pointed my raging
erection through the opening and rubbed it around
slickly on her bottom.

We were both hot for each other and we adjusted our
stances so that my helmeted glans — which felt like it
was about to burst — soon found her slit and slipped
inside her one or two inches. God, but she felt like
liquid fire in there, and I was mad to plunge myself
into her all the way.

But the damned wall, although only a couple inches or
so thick, limited how deep I could get Clyde into her.
I raised up on my toes and pressed my belly tight
against the wall to get as far up her pussy as I could,
straining my loins forward to the max. I got maybe
three inches into her then, and just did those little
“almost movements” inside her, concentrating on
expanding and compressing my cock by my squeezing butt
and pumping b***d into Clyde.

She started contracting and releasing the muscles
inside her pussy around me. She was very good at it,
because those soft, hot folds lining her sweet hot cunt
massaged my meat better than any hand ever could. She
was about to suck the cum right out of me with her
convulsive squeezing, even with such a shallow
penetration. I whispered, “Let me come over there.”

But she said, “No,” and then, suddenly, she pulled away
from my cock, leaving Clyde jerking in thin air.
“Nooooo,” I moaned. “Please, noooo, baby.”

But almost immediately, I felt heat and wetness on my
shaft again, this time deeper, and with the distinctive
roughness of a tongue on the Oh-so-damned-sensitive
underside of my helmet-glans. She seemed to like that –
– natural, I guess, since I have a bulbous, well-
defined helmet with a wide glans, just made for a
woman’s mouth to enjoy in several ways, as well as
being perfect for scraping the sidewalls of a pussy on
the outward stroke.

“God have mercy,” I thought. “She’s going down on me,
now.” With her mouth, she could suck me more deeply
than with her pussy in this awkward through-the-wall
arrangement. I felt like I had smoked about a quarter-
pound of hash and had gone to paradise like one of the
characters from the Arabian Nights. From her back-and-
forth movements and little grunts, I was sure she was
being fucked from behind by her partner. That thought
made it even hotter.

Pressed up against that wall, moaning, lost in
pleasure, my prick inside her soft, sweet, fiery mouth,
I felt my cum rising and whispered loudly to her, “I’m
gonna cum, girl,” thinking maybe she’d pull off.
Instead, she mumbled what I took for an okay, not
stopping her action but increasing her suction. Then I
lost it, squirting four or five long streams of my
overheated cream into her waiting throat. She obviously
wanted it, loved it, even.

She didn’t hesitate, but took it all and sucked even
harder until I was drained and ready to collapse. That
climax had felt like a fire hose squirting, and if
anything was left she sucked the last drop from me.
Only then did she let me go, making a kissy-slurpy
sound as Clyde slipped from her still-sucking mouth.

I bent and could only whisper a husky, “God, thank you,
girl … that was the best I ever had,” through the
opening. Her hand brushed my cheek as if to say,
“You’re welcome,” and I took that soft hand and kissed
it with as much passion as I could muster in my weak

Then, she disappeared from my view as the three of us
made ourselves presentable to the real world again. I
just sat there for a few minutes, getting my breath and
regaining my strength, letting my overstrained leg and
stomach muscles recover. Then I opened the door and
went out. I noticed they hadn’t left their booth yet,
so I hung around the hallway where they would have to
pass, hoping to catch a glance of her in the light.

Then I saw them, and my heart did a quick jump. She was
a real beauty, dark haired, short, big eyes, a cute
nose, and a very nice mouth (I should have known that,

Her body was obviously as good above as I knew it was
below; she was well built, tits not too big but that’s
the way I like ’em, and a nice little bubble butt that
I adored. I didn’t even notice him, my eyes were so
full of her. As she passed, she looked at me and
smiled. I wondered if she knew that I was the guy she
had just blown so wonderfully. A small smile passed
between us, hinting that she did, and then they left.

I can tell you that she gave me the best female blowjob
of my life (so far, anyway), and she was one of only
two women in whose mouths I was ever able to ejaculate
— and the other one I had to work hard at to make that
happen. Ejaculating in men’s mouths was no problem for
me, but with women it was. Go figure.

Back to the story, I didn’t want them to think I was
stalking them, so I waited a few minutes, then started
to leave. As I passed the counter, the clerk said,
“Hey, man, the little dark-haired lady who just left
asked me to give this to the guy with the yellow shirt
on your way out. You see any other yellow shirts back

“Nope,” I replied, taking the offered card. There was a
phone number written on it. I could only guess what
that number might lead to. Would I call it? What do you
think? I’m not stupid, after all.

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