A Catholic girl

Alice was a good Catholic girl, at least in all the
ways that matter. She went to church regularly. She
believed in God. She took seriously the Church’s
teaching on various issues, abortion, just war,
marriage and divorce.

The one thing that she struggled with was sex.

It’s not that she was a wild one or anything. Her
experience was limited. She was a black haired beauty
at the age of 26, with a sweet and sultry voice and a
killer body, pale luminescent skin, legs that went on
for days, perfect curves and proportions. All the guys
were interested in her.

Heck, even some of the girls came on to her. But she
had kept herself held back. She didn’t want to just
mess around. She wanted to follow her religion. She
said no to sex and sexuality. It kept her safe, but it
also kept her lonely.

And this was the difficulty. In the absence of a
healthy sex life, it made Alice want to try bold
things. Her fantasies were rich and plentiful. She
thrived on the attention of men when she’d wear a sexy
dress with her hair long hair braided, clear plastic
high heeled sandals bejeweling her soft feet. She would
blush and say no to all the advances, though secretly
she wanted nothing more than to fuck everybody in the
room. The divide between living her faith and her
fantasy world was driving her mad.

The one guy who didn’t seem to pay much attention was
Jay. He was a tall, awkward guy in his mid-twenties who
sat across from her in one of her small seminar classes
that she took at night. She was in grad school, hoping
to get a PHD in philosophy. In a small class in a small
room, with an almost incomprehensible subject, most of
the guys tended to let their eyes drift over to Alice.

She didn’t mind. In fact, she purposely saved her
sexiest outfits of the week for the nights when she had
class. Even the teaching assistant who taught the
class, a guy in his early thirties, would often lose
track of conversation after staring at Alice.

Jay, however, always remained focused on the
conversation of the day. He didn’t say much in class,
but when he did it was clear that he was thinking about
philosophy, not Alice. When Alice would try to catch
Jay’s eye, he’d look away. It drove her mad. She
determined in her mind that one way or another she
would get Jay’s attention.

The perfect day came in late October when the first
brush of cold air came through. That day Alice knew
that the teacher planned on removing the table from the
room where they all sat for class and replacing it with
an open space where all the students would be seated
facing each other. Alice wore a short black cotton
dress, completely inappropriate for the season, and
made sure that she sat directly across from Jay.

When she took off her long coat and revealed the dress,
exposing her legs, low cut so that the tops of her
breasts were visible to all, you could almost hear an
audible gasp from the men in the room. And it seemed to
Alice that the women were looking too, ashamed but
unable to help themselves. Alice was to die for.

Jay, of course, was looking only at the teacher who was
doing his best to begin the discussion. As the class
settled into session, Alice began to try to look as
seductive as possible. She crossed and uncrossed her
legs slowly several times. She moved her head back and
forth, swishing her hair from side to side. She licked
her lips. She dangled her sandal off the edge of her
foot. Nothing seemed to catch Jay’s attention.

Alice scribbled the words “I want you ‘ Alice” on a
piece of notebook paper, folded it, and had the girl
next to her in the circle pass it around until it
reached Jay. When Jay finally received it, he opened
it, looked at for two seconds, then placed it aside,
resuming his enraptured attention on the class. He
didn’t even look in her direction.

“What do you think, Alice?” said the professor,
breaking into Alice’s thoughts. “You’ve been awful
quiet tonight. What’s your opinion?”

Alice had no idea what the topic of discussion was. She
was embarrassed for a moment. Until she noticed, for
the first time, that Jay’s attention was on her. He was
looking at her, waiting to hear what gem she would add
to the conversation.

Alice thought about her Catholic upbringing. She
thought about everything she’d always denied herself
and everything that she’d ever fantasized. In that
moment, nothing else seemed to matter except how badly
she wanted Jay to notice her, to be interested in her.

“It’s all social convention really,” said Alice.

“I’m not sure I know what you mean Alice,” said the

“Well,” she said, “All of our philosophy is, really.
It’s all about controlling what we really want, about
keeping our desires penned in. And we do that through
social convention, which keeps us from doing what we
want out of fear for breaking some taboo of the

“Say more,” said the teacher.

Alice had her eyes focused on Jay who was staring at
her intently, apparently intrigued by her response.

“For instance,” she said, “I really want to have sex
with Jay, right now, in front of everyone. But if I
crawled over there right now, stripped naked, and
started to gyrate against him, I’d be breaking a huge
social rule and everyone in here would become

Nobody moved for at least thirty seconds. You could
hear a pin drop in the room. Finally, the teacher
cleared his throat.

“Yes,” he said. “Well, an interesting observation
Alice. Very noteworthy. Moving on.”

Alice smiled at Jay. He smiled back. And before Alice
knew what she was doing, before she had time to think
and to pray to Mother Mary for guidance, she found
herself down on all fours, crawling on the floor across
the circle to where Jay was sitting. The teacher’s
voice trailed off and eventually stopped as everyone
began to stare at Alice, who had unzipped Jay’s pants,
pulled out his rock solid cock, and began to lick it up
and down. Jay moaned and closed his eyes.

“Um… Alice?” said the professor. “Alice, you made
your point. And yes, we are all a bit put off by this
breaking of social convention. But this really isn’t
all that appropriate for the classroom.”

“No, professor, Alice is right,” said Jay. “Everyone in
this room has been wanting Alice for weeks, but no one
had the guts to do something about it. Everyone was
restrained. But Alice here, she’s bold enough to go
after what she wants. She’s surpassed the rest of us,
if you think about it.”

Alice cooed at Jay’s words of praise, sucking lightly
on the head of his cock. He began to run his hands
through her hair and moan again as she slowly tried to
take his hardness all the way into her mouth. She could
feel the eyes of everyone in the room on her. She knew
they were practically salivating at what they were
seeing. Their attention on her was electrifying.

“This is wonderful,” said Jay. “Finally, someone who
isn’t afraid. You all are cowards. Cast off your
inhibitions. Or are you all just content to watch?”

Alice continued to allow her head to bob up and down on
Jay’s cock. Her mind was blank. Her body moved with the
motions of her lust. Her hand drifted down between her

“This is disgusting,” said one of the three other girls
in the class. “I’m not going to stay here for this.”
She got up and walked out. Eventually the other two
girls left as well, along with two of the guys. The
other six guys in the class remained, as did the

“You taste sooooo good,” Alice said. “I should have
done this weeks ago.” The she allowed her mouth to be
filled again by Jay’s rock solid cock. Now she was the
one who was focused, keeping herself occupied with Jay
to the exclusion of noticing the rest of the room.

Suddenly Alice felt a hand on her shoulder.

“Lift your ass up in the air,” she heard the voice of
her teacher say. Without thinking, Alice obeyed, moving
herself so that she could keep her mouth on Jay’s cock
while half standing with her ass up high. She felt her
dress being lifted up, a pair of warm and clammy hands
grabbing her thighs, then the sharp pain of something
penetrating her. She nearly yelped, but the pain
subsided and all that was left was a burst of pleasure
like she’d never known before. Her teacher began to
thrust in and out of her, moaning loudly, occasionally
slapping her ass.

“God, Alice!” he said, “You are the hottest little
thing in the world. Oh, God… Ohhhh…”

Just as the teacher came inside her pussy, Jay pulled
his cock from her mouth and sprayed his hot cum all
over her face. The thrill that Alice felt was
indescribable. And she’d been so close to cumming
herself. She wanted more, badly.

Alice stood up and wiped her face off with her hand.
Her dress still hung loosely on her body. Her eyes were
wide and hungry. “Alright,” she said. “Who’s next?”

One by one the guys came forward, two and three at a
time. At some point Alice’s dress got ripped off her
body so that she was completely naked. She fucked and
sucked every remaining guy in the class. Eventually,
other guys came into the room. Other young guys from
other classes, a couple of other teachers, even a
couple of janitors. They fucked her in every hole. She
loved it when there was a guy in her ass, a guy under
her in her pussy, and a third in her mouth. She came so
many times she lost count.

By the end of the night Alice was covered in cum from
head to toe. She estimated that she’d had sex with at
least twenty-five men, most of whom had left after
they’d cum, some of whom had stuck around and come back
for second and third helpings.

As the last guy pulled out of her tight, young asshole
and came all over her back, Alice collapsed onto the
floor and smiled. This was a bittersweet victory. She
was so happy, having finally conquered her fear and
lived out her fantasies. Yet she wasn’t sure who she
was anymore. She certainly couldn’t be the Catholic
girl she’d been anymore.

“Wanna spend the weekend at my place?”

It was Jay, standing above her and handing her some
paper towels. Alice straightened up her body and stood
to face him, graciously accepting the towels and wiping
some of the cum from her forehead and chin.

“Sure,” she said. “I wasn’t expecting to hear you say
that. But I’d love to.”

“Great,” said Jay. “We’ll have some fun Saturday night
and then maybe go to Mass on Sunday morning, if you’re
down with that.”

Alice smiled. “Sounds great,” she said.

This new life of hers was going to work out just fine
after all.

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