The Black Maid

My name is Inice, I’m a 20 year old woman from
Jamaica. My black ancestry mixed with Asian, and eastern
European has been kind of a gift to me. All the girls in
my family have always been beautiful. It’s been that
mixture of the races, that all came together some how –
in a perfect harmony. At any rate, I think that’s why I
got my current job, and at the price I was asking for.

But I think I should have read the small print of
the employment contract a little better. I thought the
job description read “Upstairs Maid” when, in reality,
from the way things turned out it probably should have
read “Made Upstairs.”

I’m telling you the honest truth when I say that
after the first week I spent more time in beds than
making them up. I suppose I should have expected little
else. It was a big family. Seven boys all living at
home, each with an abnormal sexual appetite and a
healthy curiosity. No wonder the employment agency had
such a problem keeping the position filled. I’m sure
most of the girls loved the work but couldn’t keep the
pace. There was always a pair of hot hands pulling you
off into one corner or another and most of the time be-
fore you could say anything your dress was up and your
pants were down and there was a big white dick pumping
its juice into your pussy. The boys would always slip a
five or a ten dollar bill into my apron pocket after-
wards so the job did have some fringe benefits, so to
speak, but the wear-and-tear on even the horniest gal
did take its toll.

Then the strangest thing happened. I noticed on
my day off when I usually went home to visit my mama
that this strange itch started to creep up between my
thighs and that no matter how I tried, I just couldn’t
get to sleep. I’d toss and turn and be awake most of
the night. I never did get any peace until I’d given
in completely and rubbed myself to orgasm. Sometimes
not even that would help and I’d have to sneak out my
rubber dildo and work myself over hard and good. Fight
it as I tried, I finally had to break down and admit
that I had become a sex addict. If I didn’t get a hot
load of love juice shot into my hungry hole every day,
I just didn’t get no peace at all. I don’t know if the
boys noticed the change or not, but in a very little
while it was me who was dragging them into the bedroom.
And there were plenty of times when I got greedy. I’d
take on two at a time.

The boys picked up fast enough on some things,
let me tell you. “Our little canary is singing a little
tune today.” One of them might remark. “I wonder who the
lucky one was who feathered her nest.”

I’d get a playful little pat on the bottom and
they’d be on their way. I was no good at hiding my moods
and if I was full of good cheer and humming to myself as
I worked, the word quickly got around that one of the
boys had fed that pussy. It sort of got to be an in-
family joke. I liked all the boys so I made sure that
no one got cut out of his fair share. Brothers or not,
their fucking techniques were so wildly different that
a girl would have to be out of her mind not to want to
keep trying them all.

Ervin was the first one of the family to invite a
friend over to take part in the fun and games. I was
upstairs trying to get some of my work done when Ervin
bounded up the stairs with a somewhat shy brown-haired
young man in tow. Young friends were always coming and
going in that big old house so I didn’t pay them much
attention at all until Ervin stopped right in front of
me and began to rub his crotch.

“Inice,” he said, “I want you to meet one of the
guys from the football team. His name is Butch. He’ll be
visiting here for a few days. “I want you to treat him
just like one of the family.” I did something half way
between a nod and a curtsy and started to go back to
work. “Can you believe it, Inice, he’s never ever seen
a shaved pussy before.” I straightened up and put my
hands on my hips and tried to look like I was mad and
pouting. Ervin saw right through me. “Don’t you think
you should correct that oversight in his education.”
And then he said the magic words. “He’s thick and long
and fucks ass like a young pit bull.”

Butch looked so awkward, shy and boyish that I
found it just impossible to get mad at either of them.
I know I should have at least pretended I was part lady
and not all whore, but my itch had been itching for
hours and I wasn’t in any mood to play games.

I immediately broke out in shivers when I was
sandwiched firmly between their two strong young bodies.
Their hot hands were all over me, rubbing and squeezing
my firm brown-sugar titties and parting my luscious dark
outer lips to get at my bright pink insides. With their
hands all over me and a hard dick in each of my hands,
my irritating itch suddenly vanished, by the time I slid
down between the two of them and started to service
those man poles they had me out of just about all my

I don’t know why, but I got a real thrill out of
slowly unzipping their Levi’s and pulling their love
sticks out one at a time. I felt just like a k*d opening
a Christmas package. That was especially true with Butch
for his was the surprise, and surprised I was by the
thick, big-headed circumcised dick that I finally
managed to free from the covering material of his pants.
It was so beautiful and perfectly formed that I had to
stare at it for a couple of minutes before I popped it
in my mouth and drove it all the way into my throat
until it lodged to a dead stop. How sweet and warm he
tasted. I started to stroke that thick shaft as I sucked
on him until I had him swollen up to twice his normal
size just from the pure pleasure of it all. Then I
started to work on Ervin. I knew the little tricks that
got him hot the fastest and I used them all, rolling his
massive hot nuts in my hands while I licked up and down
his hard shaft and gently nibbled on the head of his
dripping dick.

“Didn’t I tell you she was one fantastic cock
sucker?” Ervin asked Butch as I pushed the heads of
their dicks together and began to lick and suck on them
as if they were one. “She’s made me shoot more than once
just sucking me off. And with a pussy like hers waiting
for you — its almost a crime. You’ll see,” he added
with a wink.

“It sure looks like sweet brown pussy,” Butch said
suddenly diving between my legs and shoving his pink
tongue into my cinnamon candy folds. “I guess it’s time
I found out.”

Man, could he eat pussy!

If Ervin hadn’t been holding me, I would of col-
lapsed right on the floor. There I was, caught between
the two of them, Butch’s tongue probing and exploring
in my dark pink love tunnel and Ervin covering my butt
and back with sexy love bites, every once in a while
darting into my secret rear door with his slippery oral
probe. Instantly I was so close… so close… but I
held back. I was determined to control myself until the
very, very end. I was aiming for an orgasm that would
blow the back of my head right off. These two looked
like they might be able to get the job done. And then
— WOW!

Butch must have sensed my roaring hunger for cock.
He pulled me down on the floor with him, spun around and
rammed his hot cock into my all-to-willing mouth. Ervin
was right there with us. And this time he wasn’t fooling
around. He pulled the cheeks of my soft brown sugar buns
apart as far as he could get them and sank his tongue
into me as far as it would go. Hold back… hold back…
I had to keep telling myself that over and over again. I
was all set to pop a cork — what with a tongue in my
snatch and another shoved up my chocolate butt — but I
was greedy. I wanted to savor every single moment of the
experience and not miss a thing.

“Yes!” I sobbed. “Oh, yes! Do it to me. Do it to
me good!”

I devoured Butch’s throbbing tool in a single gulp
driving it almost all the way down my throat. I was go-
ing wild with them both working on me at the same time
like they were. Everyone was stuffing themselves with
sex. It was glorious. I could have gone on forever.

“Sit on my mouth!” Ervin suddenly ordered, pulling
me away from Butch. “I want to work over that hot cunt
of yours good!”

“Yeh, man. Eat that hole out. I got it nice and
juicy for you. Nice and juicy. Slide that hot tongue of
yours up that snatch and really turn her on,” Butch
said. “I’ll work on those beautiful brown boobs.”

“Oooohh. Ooooohhhh! Aaaaaahhh!” I wanted to scream
with delight from the delicious treatment I was being
given but every single time I opened my mouth all that
came out was a breathless sigh of ecstasy. They couldn’t
have helped but know what pleasure they were giving me.
My body was trembling and shaking like a twig caught in
a windstorm. I pulled my honey bran thighs as far apart
as I could get them and let Rob’s magic tongue do its

I was so hot! So terribly, terribly hot. “Fuck me,
fuck me,” my plea was almost too soft to hear but the
need to have a hard cock rammed up inside of me was get-
ting too strong to control. “Oh, please, please!” I sob-
bed. Ram a cock into me!”

My two hot studs were only too willing to oblige.
Butch sprawled out on the floor next to me and waved his
dick wickedly. I only needed one invitation. I tore my
cunt away from Ervin’s hot mouth and quickly straddled
Butch. The feeling of the hard swollen head of his dick
pressing tightly against me, demanding entrance sent
wave after wave of hot fire flashing through me. As he
slowly slipped his monster into me, I felt like I was
being split apart. For me, that was the nicest feeling
in the whole wide world. Knowing some man’s love stick
was buried to the hilt in me gave me an incredible feel-
ing of completeness.

“Oh, daddy, yes,” I moaned softly as I started to
ride him. “Give me all that dick. All that big, hard

His hands encircled my waist. As I pumped down on
him, he’d thrust his hips up. We were really driving
cock into cunt with that kind of action. Once Butch had
taken over the action completely, I beckoned Ervin over
and held up my soft brown titties for him to nuzzle and
caress. The first touch of his wet mouth on me brought
my little nipples to full erection. I grabbed his head
in both my hands and pulled him as tightly to me as I
could. I wanted to stuff all my firm ripe titty into
his mouth.

As good as the fucking was — Ervin and Butch took
turns in putting me through my sexual paces — I knew
the fun had not yet begun when Ervin handed me a jar of
lubricating cream. I shuddered with terror at the same
tingled instant I tingled with delight at the thought of
having two fat pricks pounding up my butt.

“Grease it up good, Inice,” Ervin encouraged,
“your lover man is ready to fly!”

“Easy,” I murmured, “please take it nice and

I knew I was wasting my breath. I bit down hard
on my lower lip to keep from crying out as he entered
me. Ervin liked to get in hard, fast and deep. Standing
behind me like a stud stallion, he pushed past my weak
defenses like a hot knife slicing through butter. I
always thought that those first few minutes would be
the end of me, but they never were. This time was no
exception either. The deeper Ervin worked his dick into
me the better everything began to feel.

“Is that good to you, baby?” Ervin kept asking
over and over. “You like to be ridden by your hot dick

I had never been closer to heaven. Ervin was pump-
ing cock between my brown buns like he was trying to
split a log and Butch had crawled beneath me and was
working on my titties with his talented mouth. I was
determined to hold back, determined to hold back even
if my fingers were furiously stroking my soft pubic

Butch got up quickly behind me. Expertly he spread
my cinnamon cheeks with one hand and pushed his dick
into my slippery hold with the other. He held his body
absolutely still and made me whip my ass around to pull
his cock into me. Only when I had worked my way all the
way back on his shaft did he take hold of my waist and
begin to drive his hot manhood into me!

Ervin had cleaned off and once again I was having
all my holes covered with sex. I started to tremble like
a volcano about to erupt. The guys knew that there was
no turning back for me. My pending orgasm hastened their
own. I thought my cry of ecstasy could be heard in the
next county when I finally gave myself over to the de-
light that I had been restraining for so long.

Ervin grabbed hold of his dick and started to
stroke it wildly. “I’m cumming. Oh shit, man, am I ever
going to shoot.” The words were hardly out of his mouth
when a thick stream of hot love juice shot across my
bronze titties and laid there like a delicate white
ribbon of love. Butch was only a second behind him. He
shot off in thick jets of creamy deliciousness, putting
down a second ribbon of love across my titties. Totally
spent, the three of us collapsed into each other’s arms.

Well, I thought, as I laid there comfortably be-
tween them, I didn’t get much of my housework done but
I certainly had earned my pay.

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