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It was a typical chilly morning in the small town in Michigan’s upper peninsula. Tom glanced at his watch as he starred out the window enjoying the morning sun razing over the horizon. He finally heard the click of the bathroom door opening and the sweet smell of Chantal’s perfume flowing into the room. “Honey?

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I was laying in bed in a semi-conscious state with the full moon trying to break through the curtains. All I could remember was drinking in the bar with Sue, I couldn’t have drunk so much in such a short time could I. Then as I was drifting off again I felt a smooth hand

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My name is Inice, I’m a 20 year old woman from Jamaica. My black ancestry mixed with Asian, and eastern European has been kind of a gift to me. All the girls in my family have always been beautiful. It’s been that mixture of the races, that all came together some how – in a

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Blackwoman drove down the rich suburban neighborhood till she heard what she waited for. There was a dispute going on at the house down the road where a black maid was getting chewed out by a white woman for not cleaning the dishes clean. It was her cue to that the situation needed correction. She

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