The Blonde at the gas pumps

It was a cool night and I had decided to take a bike ride just before
sundown. I got my leathers on and fired up the Harley. She sounded great.
It was loud due to the custom drag pipes and I sat there for a few
minutes listening to that strong deep thump in the motor.. I put it in
gear and took off.
I rode for hours and I was somewhere in the country. The sun was just
about to set when I figured I’d better get gas. I spotted a Texaco
station so I headed for it. I pulled up to the pump, got off the bike and
grabbed the gas hose. As I started to fill the tank I looked across the
lot to the other pumps and I could see a beautiful young woman putting
gas in her car. She looked to be about 19 to 22 and she had long blonde
hair that seemed to glow as the suns rays shined down through it. She was
wearing a dress that was tight and showed every curve of her shapely
young body. She looked like some kind of an aerobics instructor or
college ball player or something. My eyes followed the curves of her
perfectly shaped ass down to a pair of long, tanned sexy looking legs. As
she stood there at the back of her car, she would move impatiently
waiting for the tank to fill. Each time she moved I could see the sweet
curve of her round ass under that dress. I was starting to fantasize
about her and me when I noticed that I had completely filled my tank but
I couldn’t take my eyes off of her so I left the gas nozzle in my tank
acting like I was still getting gas.
In my mind I started to undress her. Slowly. Very slowly.. Picturing what
the body under that dress looked like. Oh God…. I was getting a hard on
thinking about this woman. Something about her was driving me wild. I
couldn’t stand it. Suddenly, as if she could hear my thoughts, she turned
and look right at me. My first instinct was to turn my eyes in another
direction. But I couldn’t. I continued to stare…
She turned back around and finished pumping her gas. Then she walked
around to the driver door, got in and started to drive off. I watched as
she pulled out of the parking lot driveway and headed down the street.
Good-by sexy, I thought to myself. I replaced the gas hose and got on the
bike. I headed out onto the street and opened the throttle. The night air
hit me in the face and it felt great. November days in Florida are still
warm but the nights are nice. The air is cool with just the right amount
of wetness to really open your eyes. I rode on still thinking about this
sexy blonde woman from the station. I started to slow down and prepare to
come to a stop when I saw the traffic light up ahead turn red. I got to
the light, stopped the bike and waited. I lit a cigarette and stared at
the light. As I looked at the red light, I could still picture the woman
in the dress.
I started getting hard again….. I should of said something to her, I
thought to myself…. Too late now. But that’s just like me. A day late
and a dollar short every time.
As I sat there thinking about her and that beautiful ass, a car pulled up
beside me at the light. I was in my own fantasy world thinking about the
girl so I really didn’t notice the car or the driver. A sexy voice broke
me out of my fantasy saying, I saw you looking at me at the station. Did
you like what you saw? I turned and it was her. She was smiling at me and
waiting for me to answer her. I loved every minute of it, I replied back
to her. She said, I love Harleys and older men and I would love to get a
closer look at both. I told her that I was heading home to put it up for
the night. She said, can I follow you to your house to look at the bike a
little closer? I said, if you want to. I just live a few miles up ahead.
She followed me all the way home and pulled into the drive way. I got off
of the bike and walked over to her car. I opened the door for her. I
watched as she turned in the seat to get out. As she turned, her legs
spread apart, and her dress opened up revealing her crotch. She didn’t
have on any panties. I could see that she had a nice clean shaved pussy
and I could feel my cock getting hard again. Instead of getting out of
the car, she just sat there with her legs spread apart. Suddenly I
realized that I was staring at her pussy and pulled my eyes away and
raise them to look at her face. She was smiling at me. You like what you
see don’t you, she asked. I just smiled. My name is Gean she said and she
raise her arms up as if she wanted me to help her from the seat. I
reached down, grabbed for her hands, but instead of getting out of the
car, she reached up, grabbed the back of my head and pulled me down to my
knees. She pulled her dress back to expose her clean smooth shaved pussy
to my hungry eyes. She reached over, put her hands behind my head and
said, go on baby. Taste it. I know you want to. She pulled on the back of
my head and brought my lips to her pussy. It was hot and very wet.
I didn’t hesitate for a moment. My tongue snaked it’s way between her
lips and into her opening. She tasted good. It was a sweet taste. That’s
it…. cum I thought. She had cum on herself knowing that I was watching
her. I continued to lick between her lips and suck on her clit. She got
wetter and wetter. By now her juices were making a small puddle on the
vinyl seat. I ran my finger into the liquid on the seat and got it good
and wet. I felt for her asshole. It was tight. Very tight. I thought to
myself, I bet she has never had anything in there before. So as I
continued to lick her pussy, I inserted my finger into her ass. I felt
her pull back trying to get away from my finger.
I couldn’t take it anymore. I took my face away from her snatch and
grabbed her hand. I said come on inside before one of my neighbors call
the cops on us. We ran inside and barley made it through the door when
she turned around and ripped the dress off. She was beautiful. Her body
was tight, thin and so fuckin sexy. I didn’t take too long to examine
I grabbed her and pulled her to the floor. My mouth zeroed in on her firm
erect nipples. I lightly bit one nipple while my fingers pinched on the
other. My mouth slid off of her tit and my tongue began to make a trail
down her stomach heading towards that sweet little tight snatch. It
didn’t take long for my mouth to reach that sweet tasting hole again.
Soon my face was buried between her lips and her firm thighs were
pressing tight against my ears. I could feel her legs trembling against
the side of my face and I knew that it wouldn’t be long before she would
be cumming. I sucked her clit between my lips and pulled on it while my
finger found it’s way to that brown little hole below. It was wet from
her pussy juice and begging for my finger to come inside. So without
hesitation, I rammed my finger deep into her ass. I felt her whole body
tighten up and she began to spasm. Her legs clamped around my face like a
vice. She let loose a flood of her hot cum and it splashed across my face
like water from a garden hose….
She screamed out loud…….Ohhhhhhh God……. Oh Jesus…….. Her
voice trembled as the cum spurted from her pussy.
Her whole body was shaking. I held tight and tried to suck up every drop
of her juices. Then, her body went limp. Her thighs fell open to each
side. Slowly her feet slid down until she was just laying there. Flat on
the floor. Sweating and breathing heavy. I raised up on my knees between
her legs and said, come on now baby…. We’re not done yet. Now it’s my