Aunt Candy gives her nephew a special present on his eighteenth birthday

After dinner at my brother’s house to celebrate my
nephew’s eighteenth birthday, the birthday boy, Tony,
drove me home. I’d had some wine that night, so that’s
what I’m blaming for what I did next. If I had to tell
the truth, though, I would have to say it was because
I’m a nasty little wench.

As we drove toward my house on the outskirts of town, I
placed my hand on my nephew’s knee. When we turned onto
the driveway leading up to my house, I moved my hand
further up his thigh towards his crotch. The side of my
hand nudged against his nut sac, and in the dark car I
could hear Tony gasp and take a deep breath. Evidently
I had gotten his attention.

“Err, Aunt Candy,” he stuttered.

“Mmm?” I queried.

Tony’s mind must have been awhirl. It was my purpose to
scramble his thoughts. “Something you want to say?” I
asked. At the same time I gave his cock a loving

“Err, um…I…” He gripped the steering wheel hard. He
focused his eyes straight ahead. “Um…” He tried
again. The words eluded him.

I squirmed in the car seat, my pussy heating up and
flooding the crotch of my panties with its juices. I
felt deliciously wicked. My nephew’s young cock
responded to my finger poking. It hardened in his
pants. I moved closer, rubbing the length of his
burgeoning manhood.

“Oh, God, Aunt Candy.” The car came to a halt halfway
up the driveway.

“Yes, dear?” I asked, and I turned toward my nephew and
fumbled with his pants zipper. Suddenly, I felt a warm
wetness spread under my palm. My poor embarrassed
nephew looked like he might cry. I caressed his cheek
and told him it was okay that he had jizzed his shorts.
“Aunt Candy will clean up the mess.” I said.

I slid back into the passenger side of the front seat,
tugging my nephew along with mw. Then I unbuckled his
belt and pulled his button-fly jeans open. Reaching
into his underwear, I pulled his cock out into the cool
night air. Wet and cummy, it fit into the palm of my
hand. But once I began to lick and suck on the head of
it, Tony’s cock plumped up and I gave him some
meaningful head.

“Gee, Aunt Candy, I didn’t think you’d give a blow
job,” he sputtered, shocked by my aggressiveness.

“I have a black belt in deep-throat,” I groaned, Then I
really rattled his feathers by plunging his cock into
my throat.

“Man,” he groaned, and he clasped his hands behind his
head, watching my face bob up and down on his cock.
“You’re taking right down to the root! You’re gonna
make me cum in your throat!”

Now he had the idea. That’s what I wanted. A long,
sweet swig of man-cum. My favorite drink and my
eighteen year old, newly turned man, nephew was about
to give me plenty. I felt his cock head swell, so I
locked my lips behind the ridge of his cock and twirled
my tongue in the opening. He came in my mouth and I
swished the sweet creamy cum around in my mouth, loving
the taste and feel of it. Again and again he shot a wad
of cum into my mouth. I swallowed every bit. Each spurt
thrilled my palate.

“Holy Shit!” he exclaimed, when I finally released his
dick and sat up.

I told him to get the car started and up to the house
and I would put his pants into the laundry so his
parents wouldn’t know what he had been up to. What I
really meant was that I didn’t want my prissy sister
and up-tight brother-in-law to know that I had given
their son his best birthday present.

Once in the house, he kicked off his loafers and I
pulled his pants and shorts off and shoved them into
the washer. Grabbing his hand, I then dragged him
upstairs into my bedroom and pulled his shirt over his
head. I pushed him down onto the bed and looked at him.
His cock was standing up straight and proud.

I dropped my blouse and bra on the floor, soon they
were joined by my pants and panties. I climbed onto the
bed straddling Tony’s hips with my thighs. Leaning
forward, I brushed my nipples across his hard muscled
chest, I kissed his neck and face. Squirming my body
against his, I felt that I could eat him up and devour
him whole.

“Am I dreaming?” he asked

“Yeah,” I said, “you’re having a wet dream and I’m it!”

I pushed myself down my nephew’s body, kissing and
nibbling away at his pecs, sticking my tongue in his
navel, and then on down further I went. I straddled his
thigh and rubbed my throbbing clit on his kneecap
sending electric thrill shocks throughout my body. My
nipples hardened and elongated.

I pushed my nephews legs further apart and began to
lick all along his inner thighs. I lifted his balls and
licked beneath them, then, I steadied his dick and
licked it from bottom to top on the underside. When I
got to the top, I took the head into my mouth and
sucked as I stroked him and sucked him at the same

“Oh, God,” Tony croaked, “I hope I never wake up.”

“Sweetie, I doubt that you could sleep through this.” I
said. I climbed back into my nephew’s saddle and nudged
the tip of his cock into my pussy lips. My pussy
twitched and opened up. I sank down onto the shaft,
letting it fill my pussy. I humped up and down on it,
my tits jiggling and swaying, “Now it’s my turn to
cum,” I said.

Tony raised his hands and grabbed a tit in each. I
leaned forward and pulled his face into my cleavage,
feeding him a nipple. He sucked on it roughly, biting
the hard tip and twirling his tongue. He swapped to the
other tit and sucked the nipple deep into his mouth
sending waves of sexual pleasure down my belly to my
clit. Rapidly, I began to climax.

“Cum with me, darling,” I said. “This time shoot it in
my pussy.” No sooner said than done.

“Are you cumming?” asked Tony.

“Am I ever!” I crooned.

Hot sperm flooded into my pussy. My own juices flowed
in abundance. I came and then came again. My pussy
continued to throb and cum until my nephew’s balls were

Handing him the bedside phone, I told him, “I think you
better call home and tell your parents you’ve had car
trouble and you’ll have to spend the night with Aunt

As he dialed, I scooted down and started to lick up all
the cum and pussy juice coated on his cock.

“Mom, I’ve had some trouble with my car and Aunt Candy
says I can stay here tonight. I’ll be home tomorrow
when everything is fixed. See you then. Bye,” he moaned
into the phone before hanging up.

I moved up and squatting over his face, said, “Now, let
me teach you how to eat pussy.”