The Foot Fetish Dream

I have lived my whole life with a huge fetish for women’s feet, but never actually had a women open enough to listen to my wants. Sometimes my desire for the soft touch of a beautiful foot rubbing my body and cock would make me go crazy. I would stare at the women in the street, walking with high heels, wedges, slops ! Looking at their toes, imaging them stroking my cock ! Every day was hard cause I would see what I desire so much is so many different ways ! It seemed my choice of profession followed my fetish too. I am the director of an advertising firm that searches for models for brand name clothing, focusing on footwear, and on my schedule was a search for the next foot model for D&Gs new shoe range. I could not wait.

As the day came by, myself and my partners sat there as hundreds of girls arrived to try out for the parts. We sat, with a small like runway which was about at our eye level that girls would walk out onto with there sexy feet, hoping to be hired. I was the luckiest man alive that day as it started. I couldn’t help feeling sad for myself, using my profession to help my sexual urges.

Girl after girl came out to stand in front of us. Some gorgeously barefoot, I watched as there soft soles and gentle feet walked silently around in front of us, coaxing me! Standing on tip toes and showing their soles. It was like a strip show for me !! I thought how perfect the shape of a foot was, the sole, perfect for my cock to sit in, and glide up and down, the toes, the rub down against my throbbing head, and the lushes curve, for me to fuck ! Some were in high heels and stilettos, those beautiful thin strapy shoes that I wanted to rip off. Some came on stage lingered about let their shoes fall off the feet to show them barefoot. The soft immaculate skin of their feet memorized me.. why were they made to be so sexy !!

I saw the most beautiful feet I had ever seen. So many different types. My favorite, tiny, with small rounded natural toes, perfect skin on the top.

I felt everyone could see the lustfulness in my eyes, I just had to get away. I decided to go get myself off in my office and come back refreshed unless I would burst right there ! So I walked away.

I walked quickly to my office and flung my door shut and ripped open my jeans and grabbed my member and started beating off, without seconds passing the door I stupidly didn’t lock in my rush flung open. I would have tried to hide what I was doing but I was too shocked too! It was one of the girls, a fairly short girl, maybe 5’5, slender body with an amazingly cute face, and such small beautiful feet. She wasn’t shocked or surprised at all. She looked at me, with the same lustful look, she knew what she came for and was confident. She had startling green eyes and a sharp face. Dirty blondish hair with an amazing tan. She was so sexy she was intimidating. She walked slowly, barefoot to me and said, “Getting hot out there, I see” I just nod, stupidly I thought after.

She walked over around, in front of the desk now. She stood there at the foot of the desk and leaned over to see my hard cock. She was wearing black, tight hot pants and a pink spaghetti top. Nothing more. The sight of her shapely thighs, and bulging pussy, so easily visible.. with her gorgeous legs that led all the way down to her feet, It was the best sight I had ever seen. She slid her self onto the desk, on her stomach. She raised her feet in the air, showing me her soft soles. She had kept them perfect ! I wanted to fuck them, to fuck them so badly. Her feet were amazing, they looked so soft, she swinged them around and memorized me, her watching me all this time watching her feet. They were just as long as my cock, maybe size 35 or so and glistened from what must have been some type of oil. She had a toe ring on the left foot and an ankle bracelet on the other !

I finally broke away from my stare and listened to her.
“Do you like my feet? “ She said, now, sounding vulnerable about the question.
I nodded and stared.
She swung them back and forth in the air, rubbing each other. Sliding across each other so easily thanks to the oil, rubbing each other.
She spoke again.
“Do you think they would feel good on your cock?” She said staring down at it, rock hard still in my hand.
I said yes! I want them! The feeling I had then must have been how I could explain the most intense lust you can have !

She reached down and grabbed my cock out of my hand and stroked it gently, each stroke felt amazing, I was going to cum just from the sight of her beautiful feet while she did it. She stared straight at me watching her the whole time.
She asked.
“Do you think my feet are the best out there?”
I decided to get cocky,
“I don’t know, why don’t you show me ?”

She smiled coyly and told me take off al my clothes;
“Ok, take off all your clothes… I want you to feel your whole body with my feet ! “

I obliged very quickly.
She got up on her knees on the desk watched me undressing and slipped a hand over her bulging pussy and watched. She then, sat down.. on the edge feet hanging off.
I was not sitting there naked on my chair… my erect cock standing up to her.

She put her feet both on my chest, rubbing me. I instantly took hold of one of them, I put her small natural toes straight into my mouth and sucked them! The taste was better than I could have imagine, and so soft ! To my surprise she moaned ! She was enjoying it !! She loved it ! I kissed and licked her soles while her other foot traced the lines of my body, except for my cock.. she kept going close then moving away. She pulled her foot away from me… and pushed me back. Now it was silent for awhile.

Ill never forget the feeling then ! With her soft, still oiled foot, she gently touched the tip of my cock and slid her toes down, all the way.. till she got to my balls and kneaded them with her foot, the other joined, lentght wise with my cock and began moving up and down. Oh my god, the sensation, the view !! I was watching as her right foot stroked my cock, she did it so, every time she got to the top she would push her toes down, that would rub my throbbing head ! The other foot rubbing my balls ! She put both feet, side my side on my cock now… toes on my head.. They were so small, they could fit there so easily. Her big toes were now on my head, other toes wrapped around also.. She moved gently up and down, up and down.. with her heels at the end of her stroke rubbing my balls ! I had never felt anything so good in my life ! My cock was being milked from every point by a gorgeous young women’s beautiful feet !!

It was too intense, I was going to cum in seconds ! But I wanted to more than I ever had before, but I also wanted it to last !

Her motion was perfect, for the first time I could not be a quiet person, I moaned and moaned as I watched her. The feeling drove me crazy, I thought I would faint ! Up and down she kept going ! it felt like her feet moved in a wave as they went, pressing down on my tip, so sensitive, so amazing, like slipping your head just in and out of a moist pussy, then moving the weight to the middle of her foot as she rubbed down, satisfying my urge to thrust and thrust, and then ending wish gently pressure on my balls from her heels, building huge amounts of cum!

That was it… there was no turning back… The sight and feeling of all of this, this unknown girl, sensually loving what she was doing drove me over the urge. I just wanted to cum!! And keep cumin! It felt like nothing before, my body tremored like women would when cumin. She went faster and faster until I burst!! My cum shot up my chest nearly up to my neck, full streams one after the other, 5 of them! And with each she pressed with a mix of harder and softer stroking down with each spurt. I was being milked.

I was out of it then, it felt like I was waking up from having fainted !

She lifted her feet finally off my cock, then rubbed my body with them, tracing along my cum, rubbing it around and collecting it with her feet. She coated them with my cum, then waved them in the air as my cum clung to them! Her toes and soles covered in my cum!

I just lay there.. I could not believe it all. She just smiled at me the whole time. She smiled so sweetly yet so evilly.

I knew what she had came for, she wanted in on the shoot. But after what happened, i would not be able to forget this girl.. I needed her !