Margo’s Neighbor

“Seems like you’ve got this down,” I said. I unclicked my pen and started putting away my things. “Your parents getting home soon?”

“Umm, lemme check.” She took out her phone.

“If not,” I said, “maybe we can talk about what we talked about before.”

She smiled as she constructed her text. Like Margo, Julia had a sarcastic undertone to her demeanor. She was hilarious, but she rarely let you see it on her face. She had bright green eyes, but they were masked by heavy eyelids. A minute of fervent typing and paper shuffling and I was packed up and ready for the answer.

“Late,” she said. She gave a playful golf clap and put down her phone. “Ok.” She exhaled. “So yeah. I think you should come over tomorrow.”

I thought I understood her immediately but chose to keep it cool. “Like, for a session?”

Julia tilted her head. “Well, yeah. That’ll be the cover if it comes to it. It’s not gonna matter.”

“Why won’t it?”

“No one’s gonna know you’re here,” she said.


“So we have early dismissal,” she said. “I’m home by 12:15. They’re gonna be at work until 5. So yeah.”

“I see,” I said. “So you could tell them you asked me to come for a session, for SAT sake.”

“Yeah.” She smiled again, not sarcastically but in an enticing way.

Julia was a light-skinned Indian teen. She had braces to go along with those heavy green eyes. She was athletic and fit. Varsity tennis for her high school. But maybe most surprisingly, she had a booty. Like, a real serious one. A booty that captured the word itself. And she was tall, which gave that booty of hers an extra ‘o’ or two.

“Wow, this is kinda crazy,” I said. “So, like, this is what you want?” I was sitting at her dining table, the street view from the window directly in front of me. I glanced instead up and to my left, at the top of the stairs that led to her bedroom. The thought of me walking up there gave me a nervous excitement in my stomach.

She laughed for just a moment and put her palms flat onto the table. “Ok, I know.” She exhaled. “So, yeah, I feel I just need to say this. Even though I know you already know.” She exhaled again. “I like you, dude.”


“And, yeah, like, I dunno if I want to…yet. But, we could at least, play around.”

I was trying to keep it cool but my heartbeat was speeding up. “Yeah. I mean, I just have to feel certain that we don’t have any potential problems.”

“Yeah for sure. So, no one’s gonna be home. No neighbors, no, like, cleaners, no surprises for tomorrow. And they never never just drop by or anything. They’re like all the way in Mountain View.”

“There’s no cameras in the house?” I asked.

“Dude, no!”

“Well, I’m just making sure!” I said.

“Yeah yeah I get it I get it,” she said. She squirmed in a cute little way in her seat. “Also, oh my god this is so awkward. I’m not like…experienced, if you get me.”

For years there had been a fantasy in my head that I never got to try. Timing was most of it. Conditions had to be just right. I hoped, at least, someone would think it’s hot. I felt a rush at that very moment, to take a risk, at least in my head, and suggest it to her.

“I have an idea I’ve never tried before but would love to.”

She said an “ok” like you would if you were pretending to trust someone, but deep down, you weren’t sure what to expect. I recognized her feeling that she felt in the moment. I could relate. I definitely didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable. In fact I felt a strong desire to do the opposite for her, and I also felt confident that my idea aligned with her comfort. That was a big reason I felt willing to risk saying something in the first place.

“Ok, so, we put on a song. I’m sitting on the edge of your bed, the front side. You face away from me and sit in my lap.”

When I spoke of having her sit in my lap, it was like we had broken a wall of awkwardness. We were now in it, together, being fully real with ourselves. That made us both settle into each other’s gazes and indulge in the details.

“So you’re dry humping me. We have all our clothes on, just like now, our jeans. And we keep going until the new song comes on. We can, like, plan out the songs, ya know? But then for the new song, we switch into pajamas, do the same thing.”

Julia also had, to go with her bundle of sarcasm, a hearty laugh that sounded everyday and real as they come. She laughed as she clapped the table top and then said “whoaaaaa” like I had said something edgy.

“I like it,” she added. It was then silent and quick to feel awkward, and she interrupted the silence with a big laugh that was agreeable.

“And then,” I said, “then the new song comes on, and now we’re in our underwear. And the last song…well…”

“Na–ked,” she said. We both laughed.

Her heavy eyes looked at me seductively, but at the same time that look of seduction looked like someone pretending to be seductive. The fact that she was so unfamiliar with the type of stuff we were talking about added a whole level of hotness to the situation.

“So…what happens after that?” she asked.

I smiled and put my hands up. “Nothing, possibly. Something else, possibly. You fully decide, no matter what.”

We shared some seconds in silence, while smiling to each other. Julia had her arms crossed on the table, her chin settled onto them. She lifted her head and exhaled into a smile.

“Dude, I’m in,” she said. “Oh my god, this is crazy. I can’t believe we’re gonna do this.”

“Just as long as you want to,” I said.

“I want to,” she said.

I stood up and patted my backpack. “Ok, you said 12:15…so, like 1? 130?”

“1 is good,” she said. “Oh my god. Should we, like, oh my god I’m so awkward, dude, I dunno how to say things.”

I smiled at her.

“Should we,” she said, “like. I think we should kiss first. Like, right now.”

We slowly moved into each other and I brought my right palm up to cup the left side of her cheek and chin. I gently tilted her head and locked softly into her lips, which then softened even more. All the while my left hand embraced her body at her hip, holding her steady. She nibbled on my bottom lip as we breathed from the b***d rush. It ended for a moment and I couldn’t stop myself from letting out a “wow”.

“This is a good idea,” she said before a laugh. We had a couple quick pecks in a row and then let go of each other. Julia fanned herself and told me it was time to stop.

“Ok,” I said. “I gotta get going anyway. So, 1. I’ll plan to show up then. Maybe I’ll park around the corner and just walk to your doorstep, in case of snoopy neighbors or something.”

“But they’d see you if you’re walking up. This isn’t a thing, dude. Just drive up, it’s fine.”

“I’m just nervous too!” I laughed, walking to the door. “Alright alright. I’ll…see you then.”

She put a hand on my back and said bye.


The next day I was a wreck in the best sense. The kind of behavior where you’re so nervous, you’re packed and organized and ready to go out the door, but it’s still not happening for another 2 hours. Getting to the airport behavior, at least for us anxious types. And of course above all, nervous because of what I was gonna do with her. I kept an open mind to the possibility that nothing or anything could happen. Be happy with it all either way.

It was a long drive over. It was an even longer walk from my car to her front door. But I rang the bell and could hear jogging footsteps approaching, the door then flung open, Julia with a wide smile of braces to go with her white lace top and blue jeans and the maroon hair bow. For being relatively light-skinned, that sharp white top brought out her beautiful warm light brown color. I slipped inside and we embraced and Julia leaned in to kiss me. A flash of panic hit me because my muscle memory was telling me I was coming to teach her and the family was home. So I was slightly resistant to receive her touch, but we locked lips and that feeling fled as a primal lust barged its way through. I rubbed her back and slid my hands down to her hips.

I pushed my crotch into her and pinned her against the entrance wall. I had to kiss up a bit because of her height, and as I did so I started grooving my hardness in circles into her jeans.

Julia parted from our kiss. “Ok good, I was worried you needed, like, time.”

“I wasn’t sure. But, yeah, I’m good.”

“I’m in my head too much. I’m just happy you’re here,” she said. It was only then that I realized she had been bouncing up and down a little bit since the door opened.

“Come on,” she said. “I just need to, at this point.”

I agreed with her but inside it was like I couldn’t catch my breath. But I still felt fine with that feeling. Things were so fast in that moment for me to even process.

She grabbed my hand while still bouncing a little. “Ok. Ok.”

She jogged ahead while whispering “Ok” and I hopped up the stairs in unison. With each leg lift I could feel the bulge in my pants rubbing against my jeans. At the top of the stairs and to the left was her bedroom. It was hard to see with minimal light but it looked like it was a bit messy. The fleeting thought passed through me that we were about to mess it up even more. How thrilling that thought was. But no time to think, we were inside, the light on quick, which felt warm and soft and the walls hummed with a welcoming shade of honey. I sat on the front of the bed. Directly ahead there was a tv on a stand and clumps of clothing blocking one of the mirrored closet doors, the other door available to access, where I could see my own reflection. To the left of the bed was the wall. To the right of the bed there was enough space for her dresser, some clothes around it and a few pieces sticking out of drawers. On the top of the dresser she had speakers and personal care products and no room for anything else. It was a nice room and it was a messy room and it was real. The room was a warm honey color and felt like it too.

Julia’s energy was up. She awkwardly turned to different corners of the room, as if looking for something to do. It was cute. And when she turned around, I was staring at her jeans because her juicy ass sprung up and down, and it was a bit hypnotic because her juicy ass sprung up and down. I told her she looked really, really good.

“I like how sweet you are,” she said…

I was thinking about how close we were to touching each other. The fact, even, that us rubbing and touching each other would cause us to get wild with energy. The fact that that fact is true, is a turn-on in itself.

“No one but us,” she said. “No one’s gonna know.”

“Hell yeah,” I said. I felt excited and unguarded right then, and it helped the words naturally flow out. “I’m excited for us to feel each other.”

“I’m excited too!” she said. She put her hands to her chest and did a little shimmy, saying, “We’re gonna touch each other!” She laughed to drown out her perceived awkwardness.

She tapped her phone and a Travis Porter song started. Bring it Back. I got instantly hard, and so quickly that it kind of sent me into a stupor. My shock came from the fact that when I played this game out in my head, I imagined that song to be the last song. I was a bit worried that this could be an issue, like it would be too much to handle, but then I had a better thought, that starting with such a turn-on will only make what’s to come even better. Julia was thankfully unaware of this overthinking, as she faced the mirrors and twerked at me to the beat.

“Ohhh yeah,” said Julia, through her braces. “Imma back it up on you right now. Back….up….this butt.” She giggled.

“Ohhh, sit on me,” I groaned.

She saw the way I groaned, and lowered those heavy eyelids even more to look as seductive as she could. She let out a little “mmmmm” in response to my noises, wiggling her butt just a bit. “That’s so hot,” she said.

I looked in front of me as she cutely scooted backwards step by step towards my lap, to the beat, and then said, “Here I come…”

I grabbed Julia’s warm hips, guiding them steadily, watching her bubble cheeks settle into my crotch. She smelled nice. It was so warm my eyes rolled back for a second, and we collapsed backward onto the bed together, Julia’s back on top of my chest, still in embrace. She was giggling. While she was on top of me, my attention went directly to the warmth below, where her butt met my cock. My shaft was pressing against the zipper, pushing it upward, into a region around her ass that was so frickin’ warm. I swerved my hips into her with just a hint of thrust. She was onto my game instantly. No hesitation she complimented my push with an even stronger swerve that circled and circled. We moaned together, which we then both noticed, which turned us on at the same time and we moaned together again. Then the music came to our attention, the repetition of (bring it) back, back, back, back. We thrusted in unison to it. We started grunting as well.

“This is so fucking sexy,” I grunted out word by word. We both grunted with each thrust.

Julia laughed and said, “We sound so stupid. But I can’t help it!”

I rubbed my hands along her hips and up her sides, just below her medium-sized breasts. “This is so fun,” I said.

Bring it back, bring it back, bring it back, bring it back

I was on the edge of the bed, now sitting up, and she was sitting deeply into my lap, lifting herself up and plopping that juicy butt back down with each beat. I watched her butt squish into my crotch, and watched the space between her ass, where her pussy would be, hit the bulge on my jeans to that beat. It was so sexy that I held her steady by the hips, so she was hovering right above my cock, and lifted my bulge into that spot over and over and over, at first to the beat, but my horniness got the best of me and I started thrusting way faster into her. And right at that moment, her speaker, which must have been powered by bluetooth, cut out and the song stopped.

But I didn’t.

I was too horny and kept thrusting into her jean-covered crevice. Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh like a frickin’ rabbit. The song was still cut-out; the only noise was the friction we were making together.

Julia laughed and squealed a bit. “Having fun humping me hard?”

I was concentrated on my thrusts so all I really got out was a prolonged “yeahhh” as I continued.

“It’s like we’re almost fuckingggg,” she said. “Oh my godddd this is so hot.” Unh unh unh unh unhhhh

Somewhere in the middle of it all, the song came back, and very naturally we resumed dry humping to the beat. I leaned both of us forward a bit more and cupped my hands onto her breasts above her top.

“Mmm your nipples feel so hard,” I said.

Julia laughed. “Uh, duh!” She laughed some more.

“Ok, feel this,” I said. I stopped our humps and secured my hands onto the inside of each of her thighs, each hand grabbing her soft flesh. I squeezed and lifted her thighs just a bit and centered the spot where her pussy was, from behind, right onto the high point of my bulge. I slowly yet firmly pressed the tip of my bulge directly onto that hot spot between her legs, then pressed in even more.

“Ooooooooh.” She melted and moaned.

“Ohh fuuuuck yeeeeah.” I slurred the words almost drunkenly.

“Your dick, unhhhhh,” she said, “feels, unhh, so nice.”

She melted and I melted and time melted away, and at one point or another the song had ended but it definitely took both of us a while to realize it. I was flat on the bed, Julia on top, kissing me and rubbing her hands all over. What snapped me out of the trance is when she popped up off of me and said, “Time to change!”

I took a few breaths as she grabbed some clothing and skipped to the door. She turned back to me and with a cute smile said, “I’ll go to the bathroom. You can change here. See you in a minute!”

I gave myself a moment to smile and reflect on the fun we were having. From my bag I pulled out my pajamas, which were satin and silky and felt like nearly nothing. In fact, they might have been too smooth, because they did absolutely nothing to hide my erection. It was, no joke, pretty damn close to pitching a tent. But hey, I knew what I was doing! The magic of planning hours in advance…

I thought about what was to come. I thought about how much warmer and closer and hotter it would feel to press my bulge up in her warmness. I wondered if I’d even notice a little wetness from her…

The door burst open and shut in a flash. She was wearing a thin green shirt, one that dangled nicely off the tip of her very blatantly erect nipples. Her pajamas were plaid, red and brown and yellow, and looked pretty fluffy in comparison to mine. Her smile dropped and I saw a flash of vivid green in those eyes before her eyelids hid them away the very next moment.

“Ohhh dude,” she said. “Those pjs…not hiding anything!” She belted a big laugh. She pressed something on her phone and Made You Look by Nas came on. She put her phone on the dresser without ever breaking eye contact with the sight in front of her. Perhaps that’s an unimportant detail in the big picture, especially with what was to come. But if you wanna know me a little better, with the way I am, with what I value…THAT moment…I will NEVER forget that moment…

“I didn’t know you like classic rap,” I said.

“Is that what this is?” she said. “I didn’t know. I just googled songs to dry hump to.


“It sounded good, especially, like, this one part.” She giggled.

“Oh yeah?” I said. I was on the front of the bed, hands holding me up on either side. “Which part?”

She walked over to me and turned away and gave me an expression over her shoulder, like a classic movie actress who knew exactly what she was doing. She slid into position and pushed her butt against my cock to push it back, then against my belly button. It wasn’t warm anymore, it was straight-up hot. And in the absolute best way possible, with absolutely no discomfort, like a jacuzzi after you’ve settled into it. And she settled into it and my cock was swallowed by the heat and there was nowhere to escape and no reason to either. She was slowly sliding her crack up my shaft. When the kick of the Nas song came in, that stylized punching sound, like out of a 1950s superhero cartoon, she did a quick and powerful crush of that ass onto my dick. I flinched and said “ooh” when she first did it, and when she did it again I thrust just in time so we were really smashing our naughty parts into each other.

“Helllll yeah,” she said. A thrust on every fourth beat. And when that other part of the song happened, the bass line with a bunch of short da-da-da-daaah’s before the kick, she swerved into me like she was waxing a car. She was intentionally teasing me. She’d crush me in a quick move, then lift her ass up so I couldn’t do anything but wait until the next crush. And eventually I’d get rewarded with some sexy lap swerving. What it did was only get me harder, because my cock was now getting less contact than before. She knew it. I knew it. She did it anyway. And the fact that she had control over me made me even more excited, because she was calling the shots, like I had before. Sharing is caring.

The sights in front of me were like the trance of a lava lamp. It was so cool to notice the little details, the outline of her full ass, the parts that were squishy and the parts that were firm. The space between her legs was darker plaid and more crinkled than the fabric surrounding. It seemed like she was wet, but honestly it was really hard to tell, and a part of me thought I was projecting more than seeing. It was so hot anyway, so it didn’t really matter. While the crushing and humping and swerving continued, my hands were exploring her upper body underneath her shirt. She was really fit. I could feel her stomach muscles convulsing rhythmically like they were strong ripples on the water. I played games rotating between tickling and pinching and pulling her nippes, depending on how she reacted. I was playing my own little musical game within the game.

And that’s when she said, “Let’s switch it up.”

She turned around and grabbed both of my hands by interlocking her fingers with mine. Julia pushed my arms against the bed fully stretched apart, and jesus christ it was so sexy as she used her strength, pushing me further up the bed until I nestled my head into the pillows up top. She got on top and did a squat facing me with her feet flat, so from my perspective her crotch area was right above the underside of my shaft. Her pussy heat was beaming rays of energy just an inch away from my pitched tent.

“Are you ok with this?” she asked. She almost said it like she was mocking me. But I took it playfully and smiled and nodded my head. Then she took her pajamas and pulled them further up her waist, tightening the fabric around her pussy. I could see a clearer outline of her inner thighs, of her butt cheeks below, and of the space in between. She looked at me and without a word spoken pointed a finger to a spot near the top of that space in between. She took her other hand and pointed a finger to a spot a couple inches below. Her half-open eyes dripped green seduction all over my face and body.

I decided to take another risk.

I gave her a little push and from her squat position she easily tumbled back onto the bottom half of the bed, her legs spreading apart as she rolled. When she settled her feet, legs still spread, laughing a bit, I scooted up to her and put my finger to my mouth as if to shush her. With my left hand I pointed two fingers at where her clit and vagina would be, like she did just before. But then I took my right hand and presented it to her, as if I was some sort of magician, and pointed a finger from that hand down below her vagina to where her butthole should be.

She giggled and squirmed and playfully cooed, “Noooooo.” I pouted my lips as she maintained a smile and I took that finger and stroked it at the spot between her ass cheeks, stroking her asshole with a slow but firm swipe. She flinched and giggled then pushed me back against the bed and dragged me back to where I was before. Back to the squatting position, hovering over me.

“Let me take care of that top spot first,” I said. I grabbed the cloth around my erection and formed it into a solid pipe of smooth blue satin. I moaned out some jittery, guttural, dumb-af-sounding moans as I slapped my silky shaft against that top region, giving her clit some welcoming smacks.

“Ohhh wow!” she said. “Ohhh fuck yesssss.”

I switched it up by sometimes pointing the tip of my dick right at her clit and swirling it around and around, spelling out letters of the alphabet, but especially capital Q’s. It was so cool watching her face scrunch and contort and then recognize that she was scrunching and contorting and then lose herself into bouts of laughter, all the while I continued, making her feel like she was in an inescapable loop of stimulation that made her senseless and incoherent. And I think that she knew exactly that this was happening, which added onto her laughter and her overall noises, a sort of self-realization that she was on the edge, which made her even more on the edge.

At some point in the middle of this game, while I held her waist squatting above, I pressed my cock down a bit where her opening would be. When I first did this, Julia suddenly stopped all cooing and laughing, and stared at me with a furrowed brow, as if to say, “Dude, you’ve done it now!” And she moaned, like I mean moaned, and it sounded sad but not sad sad, and it sounded sexy like she was gonna melt. And she did. She melted waves of heat onto my shaft, like hot air was blowing down there, and between my cock head and the thin strip of satin, I could feel moisture dampen the plaid fabric of her pjs.

I held my satin shaft at the base and used my other hand to lift her butt up, off of the tip. Then when I saw I was in the right position, I looked down as I lowered that butt again and watched the tip of my satin shaft poke the same spot and go a little bit inward. I looked up at her and she was staring right into me, biting her lip. Her body language was so sexy and it made me feel like she was completely enamored with what we were doing, and that unspoken approval made me feel even better, and my cock felt harder.

“This is so amazing,” I said. “Are you happy?”

She plopped out of the squat onto my belly, leaned in and kissed me hard, biting my lip to the point it almost hurt! She let go and grabbed my cheeks and shook my face a bit, saying slowly but surely, “Fuck. Yes.”

We looked into each other’s eyes and both noticed how silent it was.

“Oh,” she said. “Oh!”

I laughed.

“Oh boy,” she said. “You know what…”

Our bodies took over into a mode of sexual fervency. I got up off the bed and so did Julia and we stared at each other as we began the rapid ritual of removal, my t shirt off, her green top up and over her shoulders, her shimmy of her hips as she wiggled off her pj bottoms, my two-step bottom removal, first over the boner, then straight to the floor. Her bra and panties were light purple and my boxers were neon orange. My boxers almost seemed pointless at that moment because nearly all of the fabric had shifted to the front. I stared at her breasts, which were perky beyond imagination, then looked down at those panties which hugged her hips super low. The fabric converged downward towards a see-through triangle, where I could spot a very clean and dark landing strip.

She saw what I saw and said, “I did it for you.”

As we both stood facing each other in the space between the right side of her bed and her dresser, I took her right leg and lifted it onto the bed, staring at that triangle even more closely, where the light purple fabric on her dark mound transitioned into a strong dark purple region below.

“You’re soaking,” I said. “Oh my god that’s hot.”

Julia looked at my boxers and tapped a finger onto a dark orange spot right at the tip. “That too.” She grabbed my boxers at the base of my shaft and gave me a few sudden strokes before she let go, as if to say, “Too slow, you couldn’t catch me!” My mouth fell open and I laughed. She turned around and I got an unstoppable incomparable unforgettable view of her thick and perfectly curvy ass, which swung to the left and to the right and to the left and to the right. Like a dog I got on my knees on the bed and shuffled over to the front, meeting her ass and saying hello. Facing the mirror, she backed up a few steps towards me and bent over a bit, now the dark purple wet spot at the bottom of my line of sight. I looked further up across a sea of light purple bubbly butt that consumed and overstimulated all the rods and cones in my retinas. My mouth was still open and I wondered how long it had been like that. With both palms I filled my grasp with ass flesh, if only I had more than two…

When I lowered her moist region onto my hardened cock it barely felt like there was any clothing at all. I actually laughed out loud like this was all a crazy joke and turned the corner into moans so primitive that I was completely unaware until later that there was no song playing. We made our own music of animal sounds that could not be interpreted as anything but what you would think them to be. They were loud and they were guttural and they sounded like screams and sometimes they were dragging in their slowness and sometimes they exploded like popped popcorn. I can’t remember the exact line, but at some point I said something like, “You’re giving me everything I need.”

“Mmmmmm,” she said. “More.”

And at some point after that, as she was taking a momentary break from the motion, simply sitting on my lap, I reached under her panties on both ends, and pulled them slowly into her ass crack, now the cloth in a single hand’s grasp, and I pulled them gently a bit up, so they sunk into that crack and her cheeks popped out. Of course she giggled. And she asked what I was doing.

“Just playing,” I said. “I just wanna take a peak.”


“Is that ok?”

“Yep,” she said. “Look all you want.”

I held her hands, my palms facing upward, her fingers interlocked palms facing down. We massaged each other’s hands, slowly undulating our hips in unison like we’re steadying ourselves on waves. I let one hand go and encouraged her to lean forward just a bit, her ass raising into my line of sight above my junk. I pulled my erection from a 12 to 6 position, swiping her warmth along the way. Two films of cloth between us. My free hand bundled the cloth of her panties, tighter now, thinner now, now sinking into her ass deeper. I looked closely and could see her light brown skin, and the more fabric I gripped the more skin I could see. A bit darker now. A bit more hair. Soon enough I was starting at the outlines of her pussy, and the outer crinkles of her asshole. I tried to lean in a bit, and caught a whiff of her musk, which was primal and sexy and in other ways ineffable, in other ways not 😉

Julia playfully let out a “Stahp itttttt” and I smiled and let go of her panties.

She adjusted herself and began to groove into me a bit. I put my hand underneath my boxers and grabbed my cock at the hilt. Still from underneath, I guided my boner right towards her asshole and pressed my orange tip into her just a bit. She jumped back and giggled.

“What are you doinggg?”

I said, “Do you not want me to?”

“Nooo,” she said. “It’s just, like, a bit weird.”

I gave her a squeeze and told her I’m cool with a little weird.

She bit her lip and put her hands on both cheeks on top of her panties, and gave it a spread. I tapped my dick against her ass crack, then pressed my tip into that same spot. This time I went deeper. This time she pushed into it a bit and wiggled. “Dirty,” she whispered.

“Mmmhmm,” I said. I pulled away, held my cock for just a moment. Then I thrusted forward, pressing my cloth-covered cock into her cloth-covered asshole. I really tried to push in a lot and she went with it, holding her breath as I played a game of spelunking her own panties into her asshole. Push in. Push out. In. Out. I slapped it on her, and I could see the wetness all over those panties, from top to bottom. Some of it me. Some of it, her.

She went shhhh with a light smile and whispered, “We can’t tell anyone. It’s too dirty.” From the sight of it, she was right.

I grooved all types of ways into the cloth on her asshole and pussy, precum coming out of me all the while. The naughtiness below made our inhibitions stronger and we gyrated more comfortably. My cock was going through levels of hardness and the inevitable was approaching. I must have thrust a little too fast at one point, because on cue Julia jumped off of me and went to her phone.

“We can skip this one,” she said, pressing a button while fanning herself.

She exhaled. “Ok, whewww, we’ve gotten so far.”

“Yep,” I said.

“Ok, but,” she said.

“Yes,” I said. “Yeah what’s up?”

“I don’t want to do it right now. We are not going to do it right now,” she said.

“Ok, yes,” I said. “I understand.”

“Nothing goes in,” she said. I told her that I fully understood. I hoped it would happen, of course, but I saw this day as a stepping stone. I prepared for that possibility.

Julia pivoted to face me directly. She exhaled and put her hands to each side palms down, as if to say Ok let me gather myself. She reached behind her and then threw her unhooked bra at my face. I caught it, taking in her musk inconspicuously but probably not. She pressed play and WAP came on. I’d say I saw that coming from a mile away but I hadn’t cum yet. And she was young and brave, and she kicked her panties to the headboard. I rushed my boxers off and bundled both our intimates against the left wall.

Julia hopped on the bed and the bed shook. She crawled to me and I was sprung, and as she arrived, so did her musk, and it was potent and took me into its grasp, and I didn’t want to leave. I could spend the rest of my life in that volume with her, vulnerable to the infinite. The song drove her movements. She grasped me behind my neck and drove her feet into the base of the headboard, grasping the top of the board with her other hand. She was able to hover her pussy near my cock. She grabbed the base of my cock and positioned it against my belly. With her hand back to my neck, Julia slid the wetness of her pussy up and along my erection. It was hot and smooth and it numbed me so damn nicely.

“How’s it feel?” she asked, slowly sliding herself up and down.

I laughed. “Holy crap, I…I…”

“Hehe you can’t even,” she said.

She was warm and slippery and I was catching my breath most of the time. It was an awesome feeling, having her pelvic muscles rub on me heavy and strong. The thought that she was being so uninhibited to be so physical added to it. So did the feeling of what could happen, the idea of her pelvis slamming into me hard while she’s riding my dick. And this may be a bit weird but the smells that were surrounding us, smells that I wouldn’t go out of my way for on any regular day, were driving both of us wild. It was so strangely kinky to be rubbing on each other and getting more turned on by the musk we made. It made my mouth water.

Then Julia turned around. I adjusted my legs and my cock barely moved I was so hard. I spread them nice and wide so she could settle that big ass onto me. Her pussy was neatly trimmed from behind. Her asshole was a bit hairy. Both of her holes were winking at me. In that upright position, my cock was perfectly lined up along the length of her openings, and I slapped it against both. It was fun to slap her pussy and nestle it between the lips. It was really fun to press the tip of my dick against the rim of her asshole. She definitely noticed as I rubbed my head nearer and nearer to her anus, pushing against it at the same time.

“I’m having so much fun,” I said.

She moaned and rocked back and forth onto and away from my cock. “It’s such a teeeaaase.”

“You mean this?” I asked, the moment before I rubbed my tip quickly onto her clit.

“Staph itttt,” she whispered.

“Oh my god, Julia,” I said. “Can I taste you?”

She spun around almost clipping me in the head with her foot, but finished the 180, her breasts now dangling between her arms as she was on all fours doggystyle, staring me down with her mouth open.

She giggled. “I was wondering if you would ask that!”

She crawled up to me and leaned in slowly for a little kiss on the lips, then in the most faint way possible, curled out, “Can I taste you, too?” I gave her another peck and we sucked on our tongues for a while. WAP had been over for a bit. My game was a total success and failure at the same time, and I was very cool with that.

When we got into a 69 position, I was able to see Julia’s head right above my cock in the reflection of the unblocked mirror. She looked at me in the reflection and cutely asked, “Ready?”

I nodded and watched her begin to lick me like a popsicle, and her tongue felt especially good as she lapped me warm and wet. She giggled and told me that she could taste herself on me.

“You like how it tastes?” I said, continuing to catch my breath over the sensations.

“Mmm yeah,” she said. “You should try it too.”

Julia was a bit taller than me, so it was easy to get her bottom half positioned perfectly above my face. I put my palms on her cheeks and lowered her body slowly, the heat hitting me stronger. Like I said before she had a powerful musk, one of pheromones and sweat and pussy, but it was healthy and natural. A part of me was a little hesitant because of how strong it was, but I had another urge far more powerful and primal. I pursed my lips onto the region surrounding her clit, and the taste was a bit salty, then neutral, and the smells were like a tonic that made me mindless and wanting more and more, wanting more and more. I moaned from both the intoxicating aromas and the swirls she was putting on my dick that very moment. Julia moaned as well, then started twerking her booty on my face while I licked Q’s and B’s on her clit. Her twerks stirred up the surrounding air and the pheromones from her pussy and ass drove me nuts. I was lapping her fully, staring at her clit and slowly working my tongue up along her pussy lips, to her opening. I got ambitious and kept my tongue moving upward.

She detached her lips from the side of my dick and looked into the reflection as I leaned my head up and started rimming her asshole, my line of sight peaking above the horizon of her ass cheeks. She was clean but it was so very naughty at the same time. My cock was fully upright as I did it, and she certainly noticed.

“That’s so dirtyyyy,” she said. “You’re so bad.”

“I can’t help it, you’re so sexy,” I said. “I want all of you.”

Julia moaned out a “me too” and went directly back to sucking my cock head directly into her mouth. I threw my head back and groaned. And then without warning my eyes widened and my mouth fell open in shock as she pushed her head down and my cock slid all the way into her mouth into the back of her throat. It was like a suction of tight slippery warmth all the way down the base of my shaft. I was giving audible “uhh”s of pleasure as Julia stayed locked onto my cock stuffed all the way into her throat, slightly bobbing up and down. She slid it out of her mouth and gasped with strings of saliva dangling between her and me.

“Oh my god,” she said. “I can totally do it!”

“Holy shit that was insane,” I said. “That was insane.”

She gathered the strings of dangling saliva with my cock like it was cotton candy, then rubbed that extra slippery spit all over my boner. “Hold on,” she said. And she swallowed my cock in one fluid motion and had her lips pressed against my pubic mound. I grabbed her ass cheeks and squeezed my pleasure into her flesh, and I couldn’t help my legs from involuntarily thrusting just a bit as she was fully engulfing my cock down her throat. She pulled out again with more saliva strings and said, “Yeah, do it.”

“Do what?” I asked.

She moaned and said, “Don’t make me say it! I’m shyyyy, dude.”

“Please,” I said.

She looked at me in the mirror and said, “Fuck my throat.”

I got excited and said, “Ohh, fuck yeah,” as I positioned myself just right.

“You can fuck it like it’s a pussy,” she said. Another moment to save for life.

I leaned a little bit to the left of her legs so I could watch my erect cock up and into her mouth, into her throat all the way. I thrusted into her, my balls flapping all the while. She was taking my cock really easily, and let out cute glug noises each time I got all the way in. I inhaled a big breath and started thrusting rapidly into her throat embrace. Glug, glug, glug, glug, glug, glug, glug.

“Ughhhhh,” spilled out of me as I stopped the thrusts and pulled out of her mouth for a moment. I had a tingling and needed to hold my cock a moment, just in case I was about to cum. She opened again and I went back in. Glug, glug, glug, glug, glug, glug, glug-glug-glug.

I caught my breath. “Wanna know something sexy?” I asked.

Julia wiped a tear and asked, “What?”

“Think about yesterday when you told me you liked me,” I said. “And now look at what we’re doing together.” I lifted my cock back into her throat and pounded away.

Glug. glug. glug. glug. glug, glug, glug, glug. glug-glug-glug-glug, gluglugluglugluglug.

She caught her breath. “You’re soooo baaaaad,” she said. Glugluglugluglugluglugluglugluglugulgluglugluglug.

I pulled out of her mouth and slid away from her, but kept her all fours doggystyle. “And just to be clear, I really, really, really like you too,” I said. I got on my knees and buried my face in her from behind, suctioning between her pussy and ass. She yelled out a collection of “Oh my god”s as I ate her up fully.

She turned around and we embraced in deep kisses that swirled our personal flavors back and forth. She got on her back and spread her legs wide, her hand now in between, and she said, “Cum with me.” She started fingering. I started stroking.

We were staring at each other intently and our heads were shaking while doing so because our hands were so busy below. I was biting my lip and staring into her gorgeous green eyes and the inevitable was at my doorstep. And as if on cue she started having short breaths of “Oh” that interrupted each of themselves, and her hand was rubbing furiously. Julia opened her green laser beams fully and I saw the glory and she melted into orgasm as those eyelids lowered their curtains. I was still jerking off hard but was ready to pop off any moment.


“–in my mouth,” she said.

“Oh god.”

And Julia got up and I grabbed her head and guided the tip of my cock onto her resting tongue. And I pounded the base of my cock hard and a tingling within arose and the heat increased and I could feel my cum coursing through. I told her I was cumming and her mouth went blehhhhhh in anticipation and I spasmed jets of white liquid over and over and over and over at least 6 shots directly into her mouth as she moaned each time a squirt of cum went in.

She closed her lips onto my head and sucked in the last drops as I spasmed with that feeling you get when it’s too much and you can barely take it. Julia took it all in her mouth and swallowed while looking at me. Then she coughed a bit and told me it was salty. Oddly enough that moment of the sexual fantasy breaking into a harsher reality was an even further turn on for me. We both stood up and kissed.

And then in the time to follow we talked casually and allowed the conversation to turn into silences. But unlike before where they were a bit awkward, these moments were now relaxed and fun, and we reflected in silence on what just happened and would chuckle or say something like “wow” every now and then. When we started putting things back to the way they were, I grabbed our underwear from the bed.

“Can I keep these?” I asked, holding her soiled panties. The words escaped my mouth before my brain could catch up to stop them.

“Uh, why?” she asked.

I put them up to my face and inhaled her dirty musk. “Souvenir, I guess. Hold me over until next time.”

She giggled. “You gonna sniff those and jerk off to me?”


“Ok,” she said. “But what do I get?”

I started jerking myself without putting a thought to it. And then I had the thought that I was acting so impulsively in the presence of this girl. And that thought, the thought that she brought it out of me, was making the whole situation even hotter, and my dick got harder in the middle of it all.

“How about a little snack for the road?” I said.

Julia got on her knees and played an innocent face while sticking her tongue out. She nodded her head in approval.

“Feed meeeee,” she said. Blehhhhhhhh.

My cock wasn’t even fully hard at that point, but I had a lingering horniness that wasn’t going to stop me. I slammed my hand hard onto my cock, and pretty much willed myself into a state of ecstasy as I felt the tingling again and I shot a couple more jets of hot semen directly into her mouth. “Thereeee you goooooo.”

She smacked her lips as she finished me off. “It’s so hot that I got that out of you.” She got up and started putting her clothes back on.

“You make me want to do everything I can,” I said.

“Like lick my butt?” she said. She gave me a coy smile.

“That. And more,” I said.

She smiled. “I believe it.” She stood and did a little shimmy in place.

I felt great and was in such a light mood, so I then jokingly said, “So. Same time next week?”

And as she finished dressing herself she turned around and said, “Yes” in the most serious way possible. I looked at her and stared into her with lust, and my cock responded in that moment. She saw and returned the look of lust right back at me. It was intense. And I was hard, somehow. She crinkled her forehead a bit and said, “Awww. Did I just say the magic words?”

I nodded.

“Mmmm. You have some more cum for meeeee?”

She crawled quickly over to me and I ripped my jeans and boxers off in a fury, and she opened her mouth and I shoved my cock into it. And the b***d rushed to my cock in no time, and I started throat fucking her.