The girl gets drunk and ends up busting into a lonely mans apartment

Over the years I’ve gotten my fair share of pussy,
but none of it was anything really special — just a
bunch of good, enthusiastic fucking. Maybe I was just
unlucky or something, but the girls I managed to go to
bed with were not really into the kind of free-form sex
I would have liked. Money and power, maybe… but not
true sex aficionados.

Anyway, I was transferred to my advertising
agency’s corporate offices in Los Angeles last summer.
Rental rates for apartments were out of sight, but I
finally located a medium-sized place I could afford and
settled in. It was in one of those sprawling “swinging
singles”-type places. You know the kind: A tiny little
pool no one much uses and a laundry room the size of a
high school gymnasium. The pool was frequently orna-
mented by some fantastic bodies crammed into tiny
bikinis, but I had yet to score on any of those women.

It was the height of summer in the city… hot and
hazy. Since I didn’t really know anyone there yet, I
just got into the habit of holing up inside my air con-
ditioned apartment with the VCR every night. My butt
remained parked on the couch, which folded out into my
bed, and I became a real couch potato. The only sex I
was getting was when I punched a fuck video into my
machine and beat off.

Then she entered my life — very abruptly.

I had just folded out the narrow bed and popped a
weird porno flick into the VCR… something called
“Rollersluts.” It was about one in the morning on a
Friday night and I was just getting into the kinkiness
of a bunch of naked people fucking on roller skates. I
was up late, even for me… and I was really engrossed
watching a long dildo sticking out of one of the pret-
tiest ass holes I’ve ever seen, on a girl sucking one
of the largest cocks I’ve ever seen, when I heard a
heavy thumping sound at my front door.

The thumping turned into hard pounding. Whoever
it was wasn’t likely to go away. And there I was,
stark naked with a huge boner. I slipped on a pair
of underpants, grabbed a college golfing trophy from
the mantle for defense, and cautiously opened the door.

Something barged through, trailing a strong wave
of perfume. I stood back and watched the visitor, a
tall beautiful girl who’d just had too much heavy

She pushed past me and made a bee-line for the
couch bed and flopped down all sprawled out. She lay
there silently, her legs splayed out widely, one leg
dangling off the edge of the bed. I heard her mumble
something about “fucking keys…” and then she passed

I walked over to the bed and stood looking down at
her. Her body was bathed in the soft flickering light
of the TV screen, but even in that light I could see
that she was a real knockout. I turned the table lamp
on to get a better look and discovered that she wore
her very dark black hair in a short pageboy cut.

Her tight cotton pull-over top clung tightly to
her large breasts and her hips were just full enough to
be exciting, but not carrying an ounce of fat. And her
thighs and legs were fantastic! She was wearing a
micro-miniskirt which draped softly over her belly and
upper thighs, and it had ridden up far enough to just
barely cover her pussy. Now, I may or may not be a
pervert… but the temptation was just too much. I
squatted down beside the bed and peered up under the
skirt hem.

I peered between her widely parted thigh tops…
and squinted, not quite believing what I was seeing.
At first I just saw a smooth silky surface with a
crease down the center and made the obvious assumption
that she was wearing a pair of tan panties. But then
I looked closer, and suddenly realized that what I was
staring at was her naked, hairless pussy! She wasn’t
wearing panties.

I looked again, lifting the edge of her skirt just
a bit and saw that her deep slit was sort of gaping
partly open — but what was really astonishing to me
was the fact that her entire cunt area was bare! Shaved
and hairless…

The light from the TV screen made that cunt almost
seem to glow. I lowered my face closer, my temples
pulsating. It was as though I had leaned over to sniff
a flower. I again smelled the heavy scent of perfume..
and something else. My nostrils flared. I could smell
her musk now, her vagina.

My hard-on was now steel-hard, heavy, a really
huge thing trying to escape from my underpants. Thank
goodness the girl was oblivious to everything as she
lay there in never-never land.

What was I to do? She had the only bed, so I did
the next best thing I could. I took some blankets from
the closet and made a bed on the floor. I punched the
VCR off. Just the presence of this astounding girl in
my apartment was far more erotically exciting than any
porn flick.

It’s embarrassing to admit, but I beat my meat as
I lay on the hard floor. I didn’t sleep too well,
since the floor wasn’t very comfortable…. but when I
finally did drop off I experienced the most intense wet
dream I have ever had.

In the morning I woke up to find the girl gone.
No girl, no nothing. But I could still smell that per-
fume of hers so I knew that it couldn’t have been a

As was my habit, I did my laundry Saturday morn-
ing. I was walking back to my apartment, lugging my
clothes basket and thinking about the previous night,
when I found this note taped to my front door.

It read: “Dear Nice Neighbor in #205, sorry about
last night. Thanks for the bed. Dinner tonight? My
place. Seven-ish. Bring white wine. Love, Cassandra,

So *that* was what had happened: This girl, in her
wasted state, had failed to climb one more flight of
stairs and had mistaken my apartment for hers. I snif-
fed the letter. There was that perfume again, or what-
ever it was. It was a deliciously nasty thought, but I
fantasized that she had rubbed her pretty cunt against
the note before taping it to my door. And already she
was using a word like “love” with me. “Love, Cassan-
dra,” the note said, not “sincerely,” not “warmest per-
sonal regards.”

My head spun. As a result of one chance encounter
I had met the girl of my dreams. No more porn vids
this Saturday night… because I intended to be wining,
dining and with any luck, fucking!

Late that afternoon I got my hair trimmed and
bought a couple of bottles of good white wine at the
liquor store. When I got home I shaved, showered and
applied too much cologne to my body — even splashing
a few drops on my cock. My third leg was already par-
tially erect and throbbing in anticipation.

Promptly at seven, I knocked on the door to #305.
She greeted me with a broad, bright smile, flashing a
pair of penetrating brown eyes at me. She showed me in
and we introduced ourselves.

“Cassandra Pleshette,” she said.

“Gary Hanson,” I responded, trying to make my
staring at her body a little less obvious. She was
wearing a short frilly pink dress that barely reached
mid-thigh. A doll’s dress, it looked like. Then there
were those fantastic legs of hers, long and sensual in
black hose.

“What do you do, Gary?” she asked.

“I’m in advertising. An account executive.”

She beamed. I’m in advertising, too. Well, sort
of. I’m a lingerie model. Here, let me show you.”

She handed me a beautiful-looking glossy catalog
from one of the Hollywood lingerie stores with the high
prices. I was probably blushing as I opened the pages.
Looking at them with her standing there beside me, I
was sort of embarrassed. It was filled with photos of
beautiful young women wearing all kinds of wild under-
wear and accessories.

“I’m on page 58,” Cassandra called out over her
shoulder as she stepped back into the kitchen. I flip-
ped to the page… and there she was wearing some
crotchless hose and a push-up bra with the nipples cut
out. I just gasped, and felt my cock stiffening again.

She returned, giggling, and showed me to the
dining table. I sat down and sipped the white wine
while I watched her whip up dinner in her Chinese wok.

She cooked while I leafed through the catalog some
more, but I finally had to put it down because I was
just plain getting too worked up. Hell, we still had to
get through an entire dinner plus all that soul-search-
ing after-dinner conversation phase before I’d even get
a chance to make a move on that gorgeous body of hers.

“You sure were a lifesaver last night,” she told
me as she added ingredients to the mixture in the wok.

“Glad I could help,” I replied in my best man-of-
the-world voice.

“This party I went to was a real bummer. No
interesting men. If I’d known that a nice-looking guy
like you was just a few feet away, in the apartment
just below me, I would have stayed home.”

I felt myself blushing again.

Cassandra put a lid on the wok and very suddenly
stepped over to me at the dining table. I pivoted my
chair to face her, and before I could react she had
plopped down on my lap and was sitting hard against my
growing erection. I was speechless for a moment.

“Well,” she said with a grin, “what do you think?”

“Think?” I said awkwardly.

With that she bunched her short skirt up and pull-
ed it above her waist. My eyes nearly popped out of
their sockets. She was wearing the same pair of
crotchless hose that I’d seen in the catalog! She
spread her legs and my eyes devoured the details of her
pussy as she revealed herself to me — the thick,
fleshy, pink outer lips, the broad, softer, inner lips,
and the thick puffiness of her prepuce.

“I wasn’t entirely out of it last night when I saw
you looking at my pussy. Do you think its pretty?”

I cleared my throat, licking my lips. “Yes,…
yes, its a fabulously pretty pussy,” I finally managed
to stammer. My cock was stiffened under her ass and my
balls were aching.

Cassandra reached down and spread her inner lips
with her fingertips, performing a sort of gynecological
show-and-tell for me. She pulled back the hood of her
prepuce and I could see the shiny knob of her clit at
the head of that wet slit.

“I shave it because in the kind of modeling I do,
pubic hair can be a real nuisance.”

“Sure,” I couldn’t believe that this was happening
to me.

“Well?” she said, slipping a finger into her deep
cunt cleft.

“Well what?”

She leaned close and whispered into my ear, “the
food has to simmer for a while. Do you want to fuck?”

“I can’t tell you how glad I am you offered,” I
answered, “ever since I got here my cock has been
trying to convince me to pounce on you.”

Laughing she rose from the chair and squatted be-
fore me. Unzipping my fly she released my stiff
erection. I’m built pretty well, long enough and
pretty thick, and she grabbed me like a handle, pulling
me to my feet and leading me to the bedroom. Lingerie
models must make more than account execs, I thought to
myself, because she could afford a one-bedroom apart-

I stripped my clothes off quickly, watching as
Cassandra pulled that pink dress off over her head.
She wasn’t wearing a bra and her full tits swayed very
enticingly. She left the crotchless hose on as she
walked to the bed and lay down.

“We’ve got about thirty minutes before dinner’s
ready,” she said, spreading those fantastic legs and
exposing her deep hairless cunt gash. I didn’t need
any more inviting as I moved between those legs.

She had a water bed and we were soon rolling and
swaying about on the soft surface. I sucked at those
beautiful tits, tongued her hard pink nipples. First
the left breast, then the right one. I sucked them
into my mouth as much as possible, swallowing as much
of their voluptuous flesh as I could.

But it was Cassandra’s cunt that really captured
my attention. I drew her long legs apart, opening her
wide, and buried my mouth in her warm moist slit,
tasting that fine perfume of hers. I rimmed the cunt
lips with my tongue, nibbled at her erect clit, and
then wriggled my tongue deeply inside her small vaginal
opening. She began to moan and I could feel her cunt
muscles clench around my tongue.

I know many women — and some men, too — think a
vagina is a rather ugly organ, especially in its shaven
state, but not me. It was the most arousing sight I’d
ever seen. I couldn’t get enough of it! I thrust my
tongue inside her hole, then one finger, then a pair of
fingers while I rubbed her anus with my thumb. She was
dribbling wetness and I lapped it up as fast as I could.

Then it was time for some oral action for me.
Cassandra rolled over and snared my penis in her mouth.
Her head bobbed frantically as she performed an en-
lightened fellatio on me. I had had some very nice
blow jobs before, but never one delivered with such

I didn’t want to come in her mouth — I wanted to
feel my semen squirting inside that hairless box. I
pulled her free and eased her over on her back. I
pressed her knees back till they touched her tits,
flattening them against her chest. Her naked ass was
thrust up and her hairless slit was spread widely open
before my eyes.

I positioned myself above her, bringing my heavy
cock down into the open crack. My glans slid back and
forth rimming her pussy lips, teasing her clit.

“Fuck me!” she cried, reaching between her legs
for my cock, “Now!”

I shoved forward, her cunt lips spreading to re-
ceive me. My cock was very large relative to her tight
hole, but it dilated to accept my thickness. I bottomed
against her hard cervix, withdrew nearly completely,
and began pistoning in and out, feeling the tightness
of her tender trap clutching at me.

We were both panting and sweating as I stroked
deeply at first, then shallower, then in as deep as
possible again. I bit my lower lip, clenched my teeth,
fighting the urge to ejaculate. I thought about my
job, about paying my taxes, anything to keep my mind
off the fact that I was fucking into the most gorgeous
piece of ass I had ever seen.

I couldn’t hold out for long. Cassandra gave me
one more incredible cunt squeeze and I exploded, spray-
ing my steamy semen into her convulsing snatch. She was
crying out now, making noises of female passion that I
had never heard before. Her climax was as least as
shattering as mine!

We remained lying there for a while, my cock still
deep inside her hole, neither of us wanting me to leave
that snug harbor. Then, miraculously, I got hard again.
Or maybe I never really got soft, I was so aroused.
Anyway, we were both ready to fuck some more.

She got up on her hands and knees, presenting her
slick ass to me. Her cunt was all slippery and sloppy
now with the mess of semen I had slopped in there. I
thrust into her again and with each new piston fuck-
stroke, some of my old semen dribbled out of her to
run down her legs. Ten or fifteen minutes later she had
come twice more and I finally climaxed inside her

We finally did get around to some dinner and
wine… and then we went at it again, this time with
Cassandra riding me. In that position, I could see
every detail of my cock shaft splitting her nude pussy.
After another couple hours of lovemaking, I finally
fell asleep. I woke up happy and after showering, we
went out to breakfast. Afterwards, we returned to her
apartment and spent most of the day in bed.

In many ways, that was the best summer of my life.
I never felt so sexually satisfied before or after. I
just went with the moment. Cassandra was a free spirit
and I knew that I’d never be able to keep her for the
long run. Dreams of marriage were out. For all I knew
I was just one of many guys she was fucking… but I
felt damn lucky to be one of them.

That fall she left for a foreign modeling assign-
ment. I drove her to the airport and said good-bye to
her in the jetway. We talked about seeing each other
again somewhere soon… but we both knew that it would
never happen. It was just one of the magical, marve-
lous things.

I’m married now — happily, I think — but as I
said, I think of Cassandra a lot. Last night I finally
talked my wife into shaving her thick, brown cunt fur..
but I’ll never tell her why I asked for this favor.

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