Drunken Milf Teacher

Peter O’Malley was sulking in the dimly lit parking lot. The loud music blasting from the club continued to remind him of the fun he could be having if only…. “What a stupid law,” he fumed. “I can vote. I can be drafted into the army. But at 18 I can’t go into a place


I had decided to take a break from my fast paced life of working computer systems to take a long overdue vacation. Looking through the online vacation packages one caught my eye looking through the specifics of the package I decided to go for it. Where would my vacation take me, not where I expected.

Drunken orgy

It began as a note that arrived on Monday. Steve was coming for a few days. He was accepting the open invitation my husband offered him last time we saw him. My husband, David, and I liked Steve but he tended to drink a bit much for our liking. David and I are involved regularly

Mistaken blowjob when drunk

Janelle had been over a few times since then also. Each time she tried her best to avoid me or at least not make eye contact. The biggest difference was she putting me down. Actually, she didn’t say much when I was around. My sister Diana also took a notice that Janelle was acting different