The girls get together for a little sexchat

“Where’s Joanna,” asked Peggy, “she’s always late?!?”

Judith smirked a little and responded cattily, “Doesn’t
Frank have Wednesdays off, if he does, I think we all
know what she’s up to!”

The three at the table all chuckled at that one, but it
was Susan who came to Joanna’s defense when she opined,
“Let’s not be too hasty with our criticism, I think we
would all agree if one of our husbands had a day off
we’d all be in bed with him if we could!”

The two other women stopped laughing for a moment and
then nodded their agreement, but Judith still had to
give a final zinger, “Yeah, but Jo’s so hot for Frank’s
cock she’d suck him off in public if he asked her to!”

“Did I hear someone saying my name?” Joanne called out
as she swept into the room, “sorry I’m late but I had
to help Frank with some chores before I could leave!”

Just hearing Jo’s excuse brought a chorus of laughter
from the other three, which caused a hurt looking
Joanne to reply, “What’s so funny, I said I was sorry!”

“Honey,” Peggy said sweetly, “you’ve still got cum on
your chin,” to which and embarrassed Joanne
automatically reached up to wipe it clean.

“Oh, you,” Joanne scolded, having fallen for Peggy’s
trick, “that wasn’t funny!”

“Oh relax, Jo,” Susan soothed, “we all know what a hung
stud Frank is, we don’t blame you one bit, but tell us,
who made the first move, you or him!?!”

Taking there good natured ribbing in stride, Joanne
replied, “Well, he came into the bedroom after his
shower toweling off, and although he wasn’t really
hard, he was kinda semi hard if you know what I mean,
really hanging down low and swing back and forth when
he walked!”

At that point Judith interrupted by saying, “God I love
it when they’re hanging low and looking almost hard,
jesus, I nearly cream when I see Tommy that way!”

Joanne looked at Judith and nodded knowingly, and
continued on, “Well anyway, I was sitting on the edge
of the bed when he walked by, what was I supposed to
do, I couldn’t very well leave him like that, so I
grabbed it, pulled it to my mouth, and sucked him off!”

“What I really love about it,” Joanne went on, “is that
he’s so cool about the whole thing, he knows how much I
love having it, he never lets me down, whether in my
mouth or pussy, he cums like a fire hydrant for me!”

“Ya know something,” Peggy chimed in, “all of us are so
lucky to be married to men with huge cocks, I mean, I
don’t think any of us could go back to a normal sized
man after being so fulfilled!”

“Oh, yeah,” Peggy added, “I just love watching him
masturbate for me, it’s so erotic seeing nine inches of
meat sticking straight up and having him fist it for
me, incredible!”

“Another thing that’s great about having a really hung
stud around,” Sue replied, “is that they’re all so
exhibitionistic, they just love to parade around the
house naked, making sure that you get an eyeful when
ever possible!”

“You got that right,” Joanne commented, “only last week
a neighbor lady dropped by to borrow some sugar, and
Frank purposely came into the kitchen to show off his
cock to her, talk about stunned, her eyes nearly leaped
out their sockets!”

“What happened?” Peggy asked. “Did you cuss him out
after she left?”

“Are you kidding,” Joanne replied, “he came over to me
and just looked at me until I dropped and sucked him
off, he knows damn well I can’t resist him, and it was
just his way of showing me who was the boss!”

“And who would that be?” asked Peggy.

“His pecker, that’s who,” Joanne sighed, “I guess I’m
just a cock hound!”

Nobody said anything for several moments until Sue
volunteered, “But we all know what the real deal is
don’t we!?!” and the other three almost in unison
chimed, “getting fucked!”

“Oh yeah,” she said dreamily, “nothing in the whole
world compares to getting boned by an exceptional

Judith added quickly, “You’re so right, Sue, and for
me, when he’s riding me and pounding me like there was
no tomorrow, that’s the best, but when I’m on top and
grinding down on top of him, well, I just don’t know
which feels better!”

Peggy jumped back in, “For me, it’s being on top, and
in control, I just love riding that thick stick, the
feeling of being filled to the brim, now for me that’s
the best!”

“I think you’re both missing the boat,” Joanne
responded, “to me there’s nothing like being taken hard
from the rear, and I mean taken!”

“Being pushed over a chair, having your panties ripped
off and then just fucking getting slammed, it’s like
being raped without the danger!”

“You’re right about that, Jo,” Sue answered, “sometimes
nothing beats being taken hard fast from the back, it’s
so erotic to feel him forcing your legs apart and then
having him shove it in roughly, mmmmmmmmm, it’s making
me wet just thinking about it!”

“That brings up another point,” Judith added, “when you
have a hung stud around, there is always the feeling of
sexual tension in the air, that at any moment you might
have to satisfy his massive needs!”

“Wow, you must be reading my mind, Judith, cuz in my
house, sex always hangs in the air like a heavy
blanket,” Sue opined, “and I wouldn’t have it any other
way, the tension always keeps me damp and ready!”

“Damp and ready,” Joanne said, “I think that describes
our situations to a tee, I don’t ever remember having
to wait for my pussy to get lubed up, it’s just always

“It better be ready,” Sue added, “if your hubby wants
it and you’re not lubricated, he could rip you apart
and not even know it until it was over!”

“Do you know when I feel the most heat in my pussy,”
Judith asked the group, “I’ll tell ya, when, like we’re
at a party and nobody but Dave knows I’m not wearing
panties, well right there I’m creaming a little anyway,
but the real thing that gets me going is just knowing
that my guy probably has the biggest cock in the room
and it’s all mine!”

“The rest of the chicks there don’t even know what a
fucking I’m gonna get when I get home, and by such a
huge pecker,” Judith sighs, “if they did, it would be
jealously city!”

“Ya know,” Sue replied, “just the other day we were at
the movies and I started thinking that Pete was the
best hung guy in the whole theater and I got so hot,
that when the lights went down, I reached over, pulled
him out, and calmly jerked him off!”

“Holy cow,” Joanne exclaimed, “weren’t you afraid of
getting caught?!”

“I didn’t even care,” Sue said, “I just had to have him
right then and there, it was so hot!”

“Do any of you think your guy cheats on you,” asked
Peggy, “sometimes I worry that he’s getting a little on
the side!”

“I don’t even want to know,” Judith replied, “I know
that he loves me, and if I found out, I’d just keep my
mouth shut as if nothing had happened!”

“I already know that Frank cheats on me,” Joanne said
quietly. The other three kinda gasped, and Peggy asked,
“How do you know? Did he tell you?”

Joanne sighed, and answered slowly, “Yes, he did tell
me, he doesn’t do it very often, but once in a while,
if the opportunity is there, he said he’s gonna take

“Wow, that’s honesty for you, Judith opined, “I hope if
it ever happens to me I’ll be able to handle it as well
as you, Jo!”

After a few more moments of silence, Judith asked, “Has
anyone of you ever fooled around on your mate?”

No one replied until Sue said quietly, “I have, just
once, and even though he didn’t have a huge cock, I
have to admit it was pretty good!”

“Who was it with,” Joanne and Peggy asked at once!?!
“Just a guy from the college,” Sue replied, “he was
doing some painting for us, and one thing led to

“Was he good?” asked Judith.

“Ahhhh, let’s just say that he was energetic,” Sue said
laughing, “and he did have a great body!” The other
women hooted and hollered at that one, and only when
the front door opened and Pete walked in did they quiet

“Well, well,” he said as he came into the family room,
“and what are you hens talking about?!?”

“Nothing really,” Sue replied with a wink to her
friends, “just girl talk!”

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