The Lesbian Factory

When Jill woke she found herself strapped to a bed, nude
and spread eagle. Standing around her were several women,
also nude.

“What’s going on?” Jill said, confused.

A beautiful redhead, with a shapely figure stepped
forward. “My name is Erika. Welcome. You have been
sponsored into our lesbian society.”

“But I’m not gay!” Jill said.

Erika smiled. “That will soon change.”

“What? Untie me… let me go!” she said struggling
against the leather straps.

“Each day,” Erika continued, “we will give you a lesson
in lesbian love. At the end of your training, you will
be a full fledged cunt lapping lesbian.”

“Never in a million years, let me go,” Jill said.

Erika smiled. She turned and kissed deeply the woman
that stood next to her. “This is Joanne. Joanne was our
hardest case. But after I was finished with her, she
became my best student. Now she’s not only one of the
best lesbian lovers you well ever meet, but she’s become
a nymphomaniac. She lives to have sex. Don’t you

“Yes,” Joanne said.

“Eat me,” Erika said. Joanne dropped to the floor and
began to lick and suck on Erika’s hairless cunt.

“I’ll never do that! Let me go, NOW!” Jill said.

Erika smiled. “In time Jill, you will beg to eat me.”

“But now, your first lesson. Joanne is going to be your

Joanne stood up. Jill could see her face glistening with
Erika’s cunt juice. Her cheeks, and chin coated in
Erika’s secretions. She licked her lips, getting as much
of Erika’s tasty juice as she could. Joanne got up on
the bed and straddled Jill’s face. Her juicy cunt was
only inches from Jill’s face. The way Joanne was
sitting, f****d her outer cunt lips wide and naturally
spread open her hole so that Jill could see into
Joanne’s pink, wet hole.

“I want you to kiss her cunt, Jill,” Erika said.

“Never,” Jill said.

“Kiss her cunt, and I will untie you and let you have
your breakfast.”


“You can’t win Jill. If you don’t do as I ask, I will
have Joanne smear your face with her cunt, rubbing her
wetness all over your face, and you will not get your
breakfast. Do as I ask, one little kiss and you can have
a pleasant morning.”


“Okay, You can proceed Joanne.”

Joanne smiled. She started rubbing her clit, which
started her juices flowing. Soon a steady stream of her
cum as running from her hole, Joanne moved so she was
right above Jill’s mouth. A few droplets of her juice
dripped onto Jill’s lips. She tried to move her face out
of the way, but Joanne moved with her, dripping her cunt
juices all over Jill’s lips. Then Joanne’s rubbing of
her clit triggered her orgasm. She moaned loudly and
then her cunt spasmed and she sprayed a thick stream of
cunt juice all over Jill’s face.

Erika smiled. Jill’s face glistened in Joanne’s cunt
cum. Her cheeks and chin and forehead, even her hair was
drenched in Joanne’s silky cream.

“Now see what you made Joanne do? One little kiss was
all I asked for and now look. Come Joanne lets go play,
I think your sweet cunt needs a good licking.”

“You’ll never get away with this.”

“But of course we well dear. Every detail has been
looked after. But we can talk about that again some
other time.”

Erika and Joanne left the room with the other girls and
Jill could hear them in the next room making love, their
screams and moans rising and falling for hours on end.

The aroma of Joanne’s cunt stayed with Jill all morning.
Then around 12, Erika and Joanne returned with the other
women. Several of the girls were carrying trays of food.
Fresh vegetables, and fruit, and cheese and wine.

They sat around, kissing and laughing and enjoying the
fresh fruit. Jill watched as Erika bit into a ripe
peach, it’s juices spilled from the fruit and streamed
down her chin and dripped onto her tits and ran down her
flat stomach and over her hairless mound and into her
cunt lips.

Joanne knelt in front of Erika, spread her pink cunt
lips and began to lick her and suck on her, drinking the
juice from the peach and from Erika’s flowing cunt.

Jill watch as Joanne brought Erika to orgasm, and then
took her time licking up all of her cum. Then Erika got
up and she and Joanne approached Jill.

“Ready for some lunch?” Erika said to Jill.

Joanne then got on the bed and straddled Jill, lowering
her cunt as she had done before.

“All you have to do is give her a little kiss, then you
can eat.”

Jill looked up into Joanne’s engorged, wet cunt lips.
Her hole was again open and Jill could see Joanne’s cunt
juices glistening on her inner walls. Jill was hungry
now and after the morning episode she knew she wasn’t
going to win this one. Slowly she moved her head up, put
her lips together and gave Joanne the briefest of kisses
right on her clit.

“See that’s wasn’t so hard was it?” Erika said.

Joanne moved off of Jill and the other girls in the room
fed her. They then remove the straps and Jill was able
to move around the room. They left her alone in the
room, which had the king sized bed, a couch, two chairs
and a TV. The door was locked and the room had no

She sat down and turned on the TV. The screen flashed
and she was watching a lesbian porn movie. She changed
the channel and it to played a lesbian movie. Each
channel, and there were 12 in all, played a different
tripe X lesbian movie. She turned it off and sat down.
Minutes later she was asleep.

When she woke she was again strapped to the bed, spread

Erika and Joanne stood next to her.

Erika said. “Supper time. Now in order to get supper,
you have to kiss Joanne on the mouth, then kiss each of
her nipples.”

Jill nodded, that wasn’t to bad. Joanne leaned over Jill
and they kissed. It was brief and there was no tongue.
Then Joanne moved so the nipple of her right breast was
over Jill’s mouth. Jill lightly kissed it, then she
kissed the left nipple.

“Very good,” Erika said. She then let Jill eat, but this
time she was not released from her restraints.

“Jill you have been a very good girl today, so I am
going to reward you by letting Joanne eat you out.”

“No,” Jill said. “I’m not a lesbian.”

“We’re working to fix that,” Erika said.

Joanne got between Jill’s legs and placed her hands on
her thighs, pushing her legs wider. Jill could feel
Joanne’s hot breath on her exposed cunt. Joanne made
some yummy noises, then cupped Jill’s cunt with her open
mouth and plunged her tongue into her hole.

Erika said, “Enjoy Jill. Joanne loves to suck on a sweet
cunt. She will eat you for hours on end.”

Joanne opened Jill up, spreading her inner lips. She
then slowly circled her hole. Jill rocked her hips,
trying to stop Joanne, but it was no use. Joanne seemed
to be able to keep up with the bucking and at times her
movements f****d her tongue deep into her cunt.

Jill gasped as Joanne’s tongue found her erect clit. She
tried to hide that all this stimulation was turning her
on, but she couldn’t hide her wetness. Joanne made
slurping noises as she lapped up Jill’s cunt juices.
Then Jill came.

She had tried to hold back and of course that made her
orgasm that much more powerful. Streams of hot cunt
juice flooded Joanne’s mouth and she let her mouth fill
with Jill’s cream, not swallowing it, but holding it so
her taste buds would be alive with the flavor of her

Jill came and came, she had never had a multiple orgasm
before and as the waves rocked her and her nipples
tightened, she lost herself and let go, enjoying for the
first time the mouth of a woman on her vagina.

Joanne cleaned Jill’s cunt, then started again on the
road to bring her to orgasm. Jill was amazed at Joanne’s
talent, and that she could use her tongue for so long.
Jill came twice more, and again they were multiple
orgasms. She had no idea that an orgasm could be so good
or last so long. Joanne was unstoppable, and enjoyed
every second of her cunt sucking and licking.

Jill said, “Joanne you have to stop. I have to pee.”

Joanne looked up from Jill’s cunt. A big smile crossed
her face, which was dripping wet.

“I’m ready for that,” she said. “Go ahead and pee.” She
then cupped her cunt again.

“I can’t do that!” Jill said.

Joanne didn’t reply. She just kept her mouth glued to
her cunt, covering her slit. Jill held back, but as time
passed a trickle of pee entered Joanne’s mouth, then a
flood, like a dam breaking. Joanne, a pro at drinking
Erika’s sweet pee was able to drink down every drop of
Jill’s piss.

After Jill finished, Joanne said, “Thank you.”

Jill fell asleep short after and when she woke the next
morning, she found Joanne asleep between her legs. She
felt her hot breath on her cunt and it turned her on

“Sleep well?” Erika said coming into the room.

Jill nodded.

“Time for your morning kiss.”

Joanne woke up, gave Jill’s cunt a few long deep licks,
the straddled her face again. Lowering her cunt to
within a few inches of her mouth.

“Kiss her and then I will release you from the bed and
you can have breakfast.”

Jill didn’t protest this time, she was to hungry. So
with her lips together she kissed Joanne’s clit quickly.

“Sorry, But that’s not good enough. I want to see an
open mouth kiss, with some tongue. Right in here.” Erika
said, pushing her finger up Joanne’s birth canal. Jill
watch Erika lick the finger clean of Joanne’s juice.

Nervously Jill pushed her tongue out and raised her
head. She felt the tip of her tongue come in contact
with Joanne’s folds, she immediately tasted Joanne
flavor. It was like yesterday, but a bit spicier. Jill
pushed her tongue into Joanne’s cunt, french kissing her

Erika smiled. “She’s a bit wild tasting today because
she hasn’t had her morning cleaning.”

“Would you clean me?” Joanne asked of Jill.

“No,” Jill said.

Erika laughed. “Believe me, you’ll wish you didn’t miss
a chance to clean her, once she cums, you are treated to
such a wonderful wet shower of pussy juice. Oh, forgive
me you have had one shower…” Erika laughed again.
“Then it’s my turn.”

Erika untied Jill and she and Joanne sat on the couch.
As Jill had her breakfast she watch Erika eat Joanne’s
cunt and receive her spray as she orgasm.

After Jill finished her breakfast, several women took
her back to the bed and they tied her back down. Jill
tried to fight back, but she was out numbered.

“Now,” Erika said. “It’s time for another lesson.” She
then took a silver colored vibrator in her right hand,
and with her left hand pulled her own

cunt lips open and pushed it into her hole. Jill watched
as Erika push the vibrator six inches deep, and rotated
it, back and forth, then pulled it

free. It glistened in her cum. She then held it out and
just inches from Jill mouth. “Lick it clean.”

“No,” Jill said. “I’m not doing this, I’m not going
to… Oahhhgg!” Erika plunged the vibrator into Jill’s

“Bitch!” Jill said when the vibrator was removed.

“I’m not a Bitch! A slut. A cunt, but not a bitch. Now
back to the lesson.

You have to learn this one well. It’s harder then it

Erika then pushed the vibrator up Jill’s cunt. She
worked in and out a few times, getting it wet, then she
pressed it to Jill’s lips.

“Now can to tell the difference in taste? From what
Joanne and I and yourself tastes like?”

“No,” Jill said, refusing to play this game.

“Well lets start again.” Erika stuffed the vibrator up
Joanne’s cunt, getting it all coated, then pressed it to
Jill’s lips. Erika rolled it around on Jill’s mouth,
before placing it inside her wet cunt.

Erika fucked herself with the toy, then said, “Now me
again.” She pushed the vibrator into Jill’s mouth.
“Notice now?”

Jill caved in. “Yes… I can tell the difference.”

“Really? Good. Now we’ll make the game a bit harder and
see if you really can tell the difference.”

Erika then had the other women gather around. She then
began to have Jill sample all the others. There was,
Jennifer, and Diana, and Sarah.

“Remember their names and taste, Jill. Now that you have
had a taste of all of us, lets see if you can pick some
of us out.”

Joanne then blind folded Jill. Then Erika fucked Sarah
with the vibrator until it was soaked in her cunt cum.
She then pressed the vibrator to Jill’s lips. “Who is
this?” Erika asked.

“I’m not playing.”

“Yes you are.” Erika said. She then pointed to Sarah and
motioned for her to sit on Jill’s face. Sarah gladly

Jill felt the bed move, then the weight of someone above
her. Next she felt the hot wet cunt lips press to her
mouth and squish out to cover her face. Sarah rode
Jill’s face, rubbing her dripping cunt up and down, from
across her chin to above her nose.

Then she stood up.

“Who?” Erika demanded.

“Diana,” Jill said.


This time it was Joanne who sat above her and lowered
herself to her face. Jill could taste the spicy lips on
her mouth. And she knew who this was. As Joanne raised
up, Jill said, “Joanne.”

“Very good, see how easy it is? Now who is this?”

Diana was next. She sat on Jill’s face and Jill felt the
cunt juices ooze between her lips.

“Diana,” she said.

“Very good.”

Jill was made to correctly identify each of them, and if
she got one wrong she had to start again. After several
tries she final was able to identify each girl. They all
had a similar flavor, but just different enough.

Erika removed the blind fold. “Good girl, you have done
a go job and a good job means you get to be eaten by
Joanne for the rest of the day.”

Joanne got between Jill’s legs and started sucking and
licking. Erika said.

“Joanne, this session should be in a sixty-nine.”

Joanne moved into a sixty-nine with Jill. Jill stared up
into Joanne’s pink gash. Her puffy cunt lips fanned out
and dripping wet. Erika and the other girls left the
room and Jill just laid there. Joanne didn’t force her
cunt to her mouth, she just kept it inches away.

Joanne didn’t talk, she just licked and suck, Jill fell
her orgasm building and remembered how great the
multiple orgasm was from the day before. For some reason
this sent a wave of pleasure thought her and her orgasm
was even stronger and lasted longer then before.

As her orgasm waned, she looked up at Joanne’s pink
lips. It was like looking at a rose, with its petals
covered in dew. Honey dew. Then Jill did something
unexpected. She used her tongue to lick off several of
the droplet that clung to Joanne’s cunt lips. Joanne
moaned and Jill continued, she licked deep into her
folds and soon Joanne was cumming.

Her juice sprayed and gushed from her cunt. Jill lapped
it all up and continued after Joanne’s orgasm had
stopped. She pushed her tongue into her folds and licked
up the sticky cum that dripped from her inner walls.
Joanne and Jill made each other cum quickly again and
Jill didn’t know why, but all of a sudden it seem to be
even more of a turn on to make Joanne cum then cumming

They stay in a sixty-nine for the rest of the day, and
at one point Joanne undid the restrains so Jill could
play with her folds.

Joanne Asked. “Are you enjoying licking me?”

Jill had to confess. “Yes, yes I am. I never knew I
could enjoy lesbian sex. I never knew I would be able to
pleasure another woman.”

“Well you have Jill, you have. You’re a wonderful

Jill realized for the first time Joanne’s beauty. How
could she have missed it.

Joanne kissed her lovingly, a long, deep french kiss.
Jill kissed back, enjoying the feeling of her tongue in
her mouth. Joanne pressed herself hard against Jill’s
body. Their breasts touching. Jill cupped Joanne’s right
tit, squeezing it lightly. She had to admit caressing
another woman’s body was more of a turn on then she had
thought possible.


Two weeks pasted before Jill realized she actually
looked forward to licking Joanne’s pussy. In fact, she
now looked forward to licking any pussy. One especially
she wanted to taste was Erika’s. Many times when Joanne
came to her, her mouth tasted like Erika. Jill would
almost cum when Joanne approached and her smelled
Erika’s cunt on her breath.

It was intoxicating. As much as she didn’t want to admit
it to them, she had already given in. She was sure
lesbian sex was all she needed. No, all she wanted. The
feel of another woman, her taste, it was all so
wonderful. More so then she would have ever guessed.

Jill smiled when Joanne entered the room. They no longer
restrained her. So she freely rushed to greet her with a
deep french kiss. She didn’t want Joanne to know she was
hopping to taste Erika on her mouth, but Joanne was way
ahead of her, having noticed how deeply and long Jill
kissed her if Erika’s taste was on her mouth. Joanne
didn’t disappoint. Her face dripped in Erika’s
secretions. Joanne had even fucked Erika’s cunt with her
tits, getting them good and juicy.

Joanne pushed Jill’s head down toward her aching
nipples. Jill engulfed on and upon tasting Erika’s pussy
juice there, licked and sucked her clean, she then
sucked Joanne’s other nipple until she could no longer
taste Erika’s flavor there.

“Disappointed that her taste is all gone?” Joanne asked.

“Sorry,” Jill said. “I didn’t mean…”

Joanne cut her short. “Don’t worry, I understand. I love
her taste too. And today, you get to really taste her.”

Jill smiled. She kissed Joanne deeply again. “I’ll show
her what a good lesbian I’ve become.”

Erika entered the room a minute later. She was wearing a
silk, red dress. Jill could see everything as the fabric
was so sheer. Erika’s red hair fanned out over her
shoulders, giving her a regal look. She sat on the edge
of the bed and motioned for Jill and Joanne to join her.

“So Jill. Joanne says you are ready. In order to make
sure you are not just playing along we have setup a few
tests, to see if you are really a cunt lapping lesbian.”

Jill smiled. “I am, I can assure you.” She looked at
Erika’s pink folds. She wished she could just climb
between her legs and show her just what a cunt lapping
lesbian she now really was.

Erika rang a bell and a woman entered. She was fairly
fat, yet not unattractive. She had short brown hair, was
5’6 and at least over 200 pounds. She had very big tits,
40 DD or more, and her cunt was a tangle of hair. She
thick and black, that her labia could not be seen.

“This is Kathy. I want you to eat her out and make her
cum,” Erika said.

Jill nodded. Kathy sat in one of the chairs, her ass
taking up all of it. She opened her legs as much as she
could but was restricted by the chair.

Jill moved between Kathy’s legs. Her spicy aroma wafted
up to Jill’s nose. This woman was very strong smelling.
Stronger then any of the girls she has licked before.

Erika said. “Kathy hasn’t washed her cunt for a week, so
she’s going to be very strong tasting. If you really are
a cunt lapping lesbian it shouldn’t matter, any cunt
presented to you should be something you want to eat.”

Jill moved closer to Kathy’s cunt. Her juices leaked
into the tangled of hair that covered her entrance.
Slowly Jill parted the hairy mass with her finger tips.
Under the matted mess she found Kathy’s slit. Because
she had so much extra weight, her cunt lips were pushed
together and bulging out.

Jill ran her middle finger into Kathy’s slit and pulled
her sticky folds apart. A powerful odor rushed out to
meet Jill’s nose. The trapped air, air that had been in
her cunt for hours, if not days farted out and hung
around Jill’s head.

Jill knew Erika and Joanne were watching intently. Kathy
looked down at Jill. Jill looked up. She was a very
pretty girl, even with all the extra weight. Jill then
looked back into her fleshy folds. She had to dig into
her cunt lips to find her entrance, then dig some more
to find her clit hood.

A thick, sticky mucus leaked out of Kathy’s hole, it was
Kathy’s discharge. Jill lowered her head to Kathy’s hole
and started to lick. Kathy’s cunt wasn’t very pleasant
tasting. Her cum was tangy, and slightly bitter.

Jill paused between licks. Each time she ran her tongue
up Kathy’s slit, she tasted more and more of her
discharge. And with each lick she liked it more. Slowly,
Jill was cleaning Kathy’s sticky cunt, eating her juices
and making her taste and smell fresh.

Kathy started to really drip and these juices were much
better to drink. Jill pushed her face deep into Kathy’s
fat folds, her cunt leaking all over her face. Jill
rubbed her face deeply into Kathy’s vagina and licked up
her center. Kathy screamed and started to cum. She
rocked her hips forward, her orgasm crashed down on her
and she started to piss out her cunt cum. Jill was
caught off guard.

She hadn’t every had a pussy this wet, Kathy squirted
her cum all over Jill’s face. Jill didn’t know what she
should do. Kathy kept cumming on her. Jill looked right
into Kathy’s hole and watched as her lips bulged and a
thick spray of cunt cum jetted out again. The liquid
felt hot and gooey as it smeared her face. It had a
slightly oily texture and smelled wonderful.

Realizing she was missing a rare event, Jill opened her
mouth and shoved her face deeply into Kathy’s folds. She
pushed her tongue into Kathy’s cunt hole and felt her
stream of cum rushing out of her and into her mouth.
Each wave was wetter then the last, and each wave of cum
that Kathy gave up was drank by Jill.

When it was all over, Jill took her time licking Kathy’s
cunt clean. When she was finished, her pussy lacked any
taste but that of saliva.

“Very good,” Erika said, her and Joanne clapping.

Jill stood up and gave Kathy as deep, long french-kiss.
“I hope I can do that again for you,’ Jill said.

Kathy smiled. Said nothing and left.

Jill looked over at Erika. She was sitting with her legs
spread wide. She hooked a finger into her hole and
pulled, causing it to gap open slightly. “My turn,” was
all she said.

Jill smiled. She lowered her face to Erika’s wet cunt
and started to feast on it. Drinking her spicy juices.

She had licked for a few minutes, then she heard the
door open behind her.

“Now,” Erika said. “You’ve proven to me that you’re a
lesbian, and to Joanne as well, but have you proven to
yourself that you are gay? We will find that out I
think, right now. Jill I want you to turn around and see
who sponsored you into our society.”

Jill looked up at Erika. She was puzzled at first, then
remembered that Erika had mentioned that she had been
sponsored into this. Slowly she turned around. Before
her, standing in the doorway was her mother, Kim.

“Mom?” Jill said slowly.

Kim smiled at her daughter. “Yes dear.”

Jill’s eyes widened, when her mother stepped into the
room. She was wearing a heavy green housecoat. She
lifted it off her shoulders and let it drop to the
floor. Now completely nude, Kim walked toward Jill. Jill
stood up, her face shinny with Erika’s pussy juices. Kim
kissed her deeply.

Jill felt her nipples harden. She had never imagined
kissing her mother, she had never imagine seeing her
nude like this. Kim was 45, her long blond hair sweeping
over her shoulders. Her 36 C sized breasts pressing into
her. Jill also couldn’t believe her mother had a shaved
vagina. Her hairless slit moist with her excitement.

Erika then said. “Now Jill prove to yourself that you
are a cunt lapping lesbian. Eat your mothers pussy and
show her how much you love her.”

Jill looked her mother square in the eyes. “Is this okay
with you mom? I mean… it’s incest.”

Kim kissed Jill. “If you knew how many times I wanted to
lick your sweet slit when I saw you nude, getting
change, or coming out of the shower…. Please baby,
mommy wants you to do it, but only if you wan too.”

That was all Jill needed to hear. Together they got on
the bed, Erika moving to make room. To Jill’s surprise,
her mother moved over top of her, into a sixty-nine
position. Jill waited was she lowered her dripping cunt
to her face.

Jill grabbed her mother’s ass cheeks and spread them
wide. She then moved her mouth to her hole. Her mother’s
outer lips where a dark brown, but as her hole opened
she could see into her birth canal, her inner walls so
pink, so slick with moister.

Jill licked into her mother’s hole. Her cunt was big and
sloppy. She pushed three fingers into her to feel her
inner walls and to collect some of her cum. She scraped
her fingernails in her walls, pressing her fingers into
her bumpy flesh.

“Ohh, mom, your cunt is so wet, and so, so…”

“So big dear?” Kim said.

Jill didn’t know if she should say so, but yes… “Yes
mom, your cunt feels so big inside.”

“That’s from giving birth to you and your three sisters,
and from all the fisting Erika and Joanne have given

“You’ve been fisted?”

“Yes honey, and mommy would love if you fisted her right

Jill pulled her fingers free. They we dripping in her
mothers juices. Jill felt her mother’s mouth close on
her cunt and felt her tongue snaking between her fold
and pushing deeply into her watering cunt. Jill used her
left had to pull at her mothers folds, parting them
slightly. With her right hand she reached into her
mothers cunt and pulled until her hole gapped open wide.
She could see deep inside her, her fleshy walls dripping
with her discharge.

Slowly she pushed two fingers of her right hand into her
mothers gash. Kim moaned, she spread her daughter’s
folds wide and plunged her tongue deep. Jill could feel
her mother chewing at her cunt lips as she tongue lick
into her slit. Jill added all her fingers to her
mother’s cunt, then folded her thumb over into her palm
and pushed. Her hand easily slipped into her mother’s

Her cunt was indeed loose. Even with her hand filling
her up, there was lots of room. She started to fist fuck
her, moving her hand back and forth, fucking her deeply,
until her hand pushed up against her cervix. Kim moaned
loudly each time her daughters hand banged into her
cervix, rocking her body. She had never been fucked so

“Yes honey, fuck mommy’s cunt, fuck my hot box and make
me cum all over your hand. Make me cum so hard that my
pussy soaks your face. Do you want that honey? Do you
want mommy to soak you face with her cunt cum?”

Jill screamed out loud as her mother made her cum. Kim
came too, screaming into her daughters gapping hole.
Jill felt her mother’s cunt muscles tighten and grip her
hand. She felt her discharge soaking her hand and wrist.
She felt every spasm, every twitch, as her cunt gripped
her hand. Slowly Jill pulled her hand free. It dripped
with her mothers cum, and Kim turned to face her

She kissed her and held her hand up like a prize. Erika
and Joanne joined them. Together the four of them licked
the cum off of Jill’s hand and wrist.

“So,” Jill said. “Am I a cunt lapping lesbian now?”

“Very much so,” Erika said. “And now that your one of
us, you can choose to sponsor someone. Do you have
anyone in mind?”

Jill looked coyly at her mother. “Well I have three
younger sisters to choose from. What do you say mom.
Should we pick one of them?”

Kim kissed her daughter. “That would be a wonderful

“Great,” Jill said. “Lets get started.”

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