A long and boring train ride turns into a most pleasant one

This story is real except for the names. It took place
on September 1985. This is my first story ever and I
hope you’ll like it.

I dry docked my 28 footer in Perama near Athens, packed
my clothes and started my journey to Amsterdam to join a
nice Dutch woman I met while sailing the Greek islands.
It was going to be a long and boring train – ferry –
train of about three days until I reach Maud in

I hadn’t have sex in the last two weeks and was quite
horny from the sea breeze and the Mediterranean sunny
atmosphere. Sailing the Aegean Sea mostly in the nude and
without a partner to put the fire off leaves one with
charging sexual energy. Being sexually charged always
radiates to where it is being expected.

Sitting on the Greek train from Athens to Patras, I
started to get horny and get a partial erection from the
train movement that made my penis rub on my pants (too
hot to wear underwear). Across the aisle there were
sitting two young women in their early twenties who spoke

I started a conversation with them and was immediately
attracted to Erika who had a strong glitter in her eyes.
I sensed sexual desire from her but couldn’t do anything
about it, but to tell myself that I missed another chance
to explore the other sex. From the looks she gave me I
could imagine she felt the same. From our conversation I
understood we were taking the same ferry to Brindisi in
Italy where we were suppose to take the train, they to
Germany and me to Holland.

When the train reached its destination, we found
ourselves getting the tickets together to the ferry,
going to the top deck to find a place to spread our
sleeping bags to get some sleep during the night passage
to Italy. To my disappointment the deck was lit up with
strong deck projectors and was full with young
backpackers going back home. Besides that, Monika,
Erika’s girlfriend was sticking to her and it looked like
it was impossible to get to talk to Erika alone and see
if we can have something going on between us to spice up
our common route. The three of us conversed till late.

I was telling them on my sailing trip in Greece, which
was mostly in the nude, and they told me about nude
beaches they had visited and enjoyed tremendously. You
should know that most people regard nude bathing in
Germany as very natural, so we all didn’t have any
inhibitions talking about it. It was getting chilly, so
the three of us kissed goodnight and entered our sleeping
bags and after a while fell asleep.

Next morning we woke up when the ship entered Brindisi
harbor. After having a thorough customs check mostly for
drugs, we went to buy our train tickets. We found out
that we have a train ride together until I change in
Bologna in the middle of the night. I thought to myself
that there is no more chance to get to know Erika in the
physical way, so I tried to enjoy the company and make
the most of it. We had early dinner together in a small
Pizzeria and went to the train that was supposed to
depart at 8 p.m.

The train was extremely crowded, as it was early
September and there were a lot of young Europeans going
back home at the end of their summer vacation. We managed
to find empty sits in a cabin of six with two triple sits
facing each other. Erika found herself sitting beside me,
and Monika took a seat on the opposite bench. In the
cabin there was an Italian family of father, fat mother
and their teen-age son.

With the whistle blow the train started to gain speed and
we were starting to move in our sits to the rhythm of the
train. After about an hour of small talk in the cabin
people went quiet with the monotony of the train
movement, so I closed the sliding cabin door, took a
blanket from my bag and turned the lights off. I
positioned myself back near Erika, covered the two of us
and made sure our bodies were touching each other.
Without saying anything she put her head on my left
shoulder making her comfortable.

Slowly, very slowly, in order not to attract any
attention from the rest of the passengers, I slid my hand
from my thigh to Erika’s thigh and met her reassuring
hand that led me to her pants’ zipper. I opened the
zipper slowly and felt the warmth of her soft hairy
triangle through her panties. Erika moved slightly under
the blanket to give more room and gripped with both hands
my exploring hand as if she was telling me to listen to
her guiding hands.

I put all my senses into my exploring fingers and moved
slowly to feel the meeting lines between her thighs and
her Venus hill. There was already a wet spot in her
panties. The train movement helped me gently massaging
her hairy triangle while getting manual feedback from
both her hands which where pressing my arm and releasing
whenever she wanted to change the rhythm of my hand

I felt it was time to dare a bit more as the rest of the
passengers didn’t seem to notice what was happening under
the blanket. I slid my hand under her panties to continue
my fleshy train ride and let my fingers feel the wetness
that was dripping from her now swollen outer lips. My
fingers where feeling each lip separately causing her
fingernails to dig into my arm flesh and her love
triangle to contract under my touch. I slid my middle
finger along her love canal opening till I reached her
anus were I was greeted by a strong anal contraction that
felt like a welcome hug, followed by relaxation and
another nail digging into my exploring arm.

I closed my eyes and let myself imagining my eyes were at
the tip of my fingers watching closely where I was
treating my silent lover. I got all excited from the
situation and was starting to get a real hard on that was
pressing against my pants. Erika did not remain passive
for long and started her own journey to my zipper,
opening it and letting out almost unheard surprised gasp
when she met my erect wand as there were no underwear to
deal with. She gave me a little appreciating smile and
started to massage my erect shaft.

After having a short stop to enjoy her treatment I came
back to her moving back to her well rounded clitoris,
massaging gently like having endless turns in a round
about with the traffic and against the traffic and never
going to turn outwards. I started to feel her tension
building so I moved away from her clitoris dipping my
finger into her love canal sliding deeper till I felt her
goddess spot and came to a rest. Her G spot was waiting
to be caressed.

She was reacting to my gentle massage by contracting and
releasing her vaginal wall around my finger,
synchronizing perfectly with my tiny little movements
that were building her energy another step higher towards
an inevitable orgasm. All that while my horny shaft was
being treated and cared for with respect and plenty of

I was coming closer to my climax too, but was far behind
her now almost rhythmic uncontrolled spasms that were
getting more and more intense as were her finger nails
that were digging into my exploring hand. I started to
slow down my movements a little so she wouldn’t explode
and felt her reassuring grip of my finger by her yoni
muscles telling me I was doing the right thing.

A few minutes later she started to ride a “train” of tiny
orgasms that I kept feeding with my finger. Her orgasmic
trip was slowly getting more and more intense till I felt
my finger was locked in place by her constant
contractions and the look in her eyes told me she must be
left to ride the wave by herself. I stopped moving my
finger and stayed inside her respecting her silent wish.

When she was starting to relax the cabin door was opened
aggressively and the lights went on by the conductor who
was asking impatiently for “billetti” (tickets) to be
checked. With our pants still opened we searched under
the blanket and held out the tickets, dazzled by the
lights like the rest of the cabin passengers, who woke up
from their light sleep.

The conductor announced that we would arrive at Bologna
Centrale in ten minutes where all passengers to Germany
should step to the first eight wagons as the train will
be separated and the wagon, which we were in, is
continuing to Milan.

We harried to zip our pants trying to look I, hardly
having any time to look into each other eyes to exchange
some looks that would say thank you, or I liked the small
affair we shared together. Erika took a small piece of
paper and gave me her address in Germany, while I was
giving her mine in Holland, were I was supposed to stay.
I didn’t reach my orgasm and my shaft was still
demanding, but not getting any treatment again. My next
release was a big one with Maud in Holland, but this is
another story.

At the end of October I received a letter from Erika that
started: “Sitting by the fire sipping from a glass of hot
spicy wine I remember our train ride.” In the letter she
invited me to visit her in Germany. I gave it a deep
thought and was almost tempted to do that, but an inner
voice told me some things are best for the time they
happen and should be kept that way in order to maximize
the experience. After sixteen years I think I was right,
as the memories are still fresh like they happened today.

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