The teenager au-pair

Scott Collins was your typical Spring
Valley teenager. 5’9” with short sandy brown hair,
the 18 year old had graduated last month in the
middle of his high school class. Co-captain of the
swim team, his record had been enough to get him a
partial scholarship to State in the fall.
With only part of his education costs taken
care of, a summer job was a must, just as it had been
for the last three years. Scott was lucky enough to
have had a steady summer job as a councilor at the
local elementary school’s day camp. The only
drawback was that whatever he earned at that job
was quickly swallowed up by his college fund.
Spending money for sports, dates and such
had to be earned through odd jobs on weekends.
These usually took the form of yard work, painting
and minor house repairs, the same sort of work the
young men of Spring Valley had done over the
summer since their father’s days. Consequently, the
competition for these jobs were fierce.
As he neared the end of his senior year, Scott
had racked his brain trying to come up with a want
ad for the local bulletin boards that would make his
services stand out more than everyone else’s. But try
as he could, he couldn’t really come up with one.
The honest truth was that there were a lot of guys
better at that kind of work than he was. He was
looking at a bleak summer.
All that had changed last May when Scott
stopped by to visit Susie Kellerman as she was
baby-sitting one night. It occurred to him that she
was making more than he ever did breaking his back
and doing a lot less in return. In a way, she wasn’t
doing anything that he didn’t do with his councilor’s
job. If he could find a way to present it the right
way, he could do the same thing. All he needed was
to find the right niche.
Then it came to him. Watching newborns and
toddlers was out of the question. Even if he could
convince parents that he could be trusted with their
care, that wasn’t something he wanted to be
responsible for. No, he would restrict his services to
pre-teen and teenage boys. It would be just like
summer camp. In fact it would be even better since
inevitably the kids went to bed soon after he got
there. All he really had to do was be there in case the
house caught fire or anything like that.
The idea took off like wildfire. What young
boy wanted some sissy girl to watch him when they
could have an older guy come over and hang out. It
was like not having a baby-sitter at all.
Six weeks after he posted the notice, Scott
had done nine baby-sitting jobs. Tonight he was at
the home of Dr. and Mrs. Fitzgerald. It was the third
time he’d sat for them, they seemed to have a
function to go to almost every Friday night. They
were already his favorite customers.
The reason the Fitzgeralds were his favorites
were several. First of all, they paid real well. Even
including a bonus, when like tonight, they would be
out until after midnight. Secondly, their two sons
were eight and ten, well behaved and went right to
bed when told. Finally, they had cable television, a
full refrigerator and let him have full access to both.
Putting his cold can of coke down next to the
bowl of popcorn, Scott played again with the
television’s remote control. That was another reason
he loved the Fitzgerald house. Not many people had
a 60” projection television – at least not in this town.
“Damn, 77 channels and I can’t find anything
interesting.” the young man said to himself as his
clicked past channel after channel.
Scott was about to resign himself to watching
some old sitcom when he remembered that the
Fitzgeralds also had a rather good video tape
collection. He’d watched one on his first time here.
Moving to the cabinet, he hoped they’d gotten
something new.
By the time he’d gone though the third draw,
it was obvious they hadn’t. The fourth draw had a
lock on it and had been locked the last time. This
time to his delight it had been left open.
“Jackpot!” Scott exclaimed as he opened the
His eyes opened wide as he saw the draw was
full of an assortment of adult movies. Quickly he ran
his fingers across the titles. Taboo Sex, Asian Heat,
Lesbian Lust, Anal Delight. It was a young man’s
dream. Dared he watch one?
Scott glanced up at the clock, it was quarter
to twelve. The Fitzgeralds weren’t due back until at
least twelve-thirty. He could at least watch a little of
But which one? He ran his fingers across the
boxes one more time until he came to an unmarked
one in the back. Intrigued, he chose that one. The
box was plain black without any label, the video
inside was also umarked but it was all white instead
of the normal black.
“Hey, if it was locked up it must be good.”
he thought to himself as he pushed it into the VCR
and dropped back onto the couch.
The giant television screen went black for a
few moments, time Scott took to glance up at the
stairway leading to the second floor. Billy and Mark
had been sound asleep for hours and there was no
reason to think they’d wake up now. Beside, you
couldn’t see the screen from the stairs. If for some
unknown reason they did get up, he could hit the
remote before they came down the stairs.
The dark screen suddenly came to life with a
view of a nondescript bedroom. Scott’s first
impression was that it was a hotel room and that the
picture looked like it was originally filmed with an
old movie camera and then transferred to video. It
had the same quality as some of his parent’s home
movies that had been copied like that.
Suddenly a tall long haired brunette backed
into the picture. Her back was to the camera and she
was dressed in a pair of green panties and bra. The
woman spread her legs and shook her backside at the
unseen cameraman. Still hiding her face, she began
to dance to some music that began to play. Scott
didn’t recognize the tune but it sounded pretty old.
“This is pretty lame.” Scott thought as he
watched for a few minutes. He’s seen better stuff on
HBO and considered getting another tape.
Wondering at the same time why anyone would have
bothered saving such a film.
He was about to hit the rewind button on the
remote when the brunette spun around and lifted her
hands to her ample breasts and shook them as well.
The cameraman then zoomed in for a tight shot of
her bouncing boobs.
“Well, enough of this.” Scott remarked as he
placed his finger on the stop button.
Suddenly the camera view moved up from the
woman’s generous endowments and focused on her
smiling face. The remote fell from Scott’s fingers as
he stared in shock.
“Holy shit!” he whispered.
He couldn’t believe it, but the resemblance
was unmistakable. She was a lot younger, thinner
and the hair much longer, but the woman on the
screen was Diane Fitzgerald.
“Oh wow.” Scott said, his voice returning as
the poor quality image held his total attention.
The younger Diane began to bump and grind
more and more to the soft music of the soundtrack,
massaging her breasts as she moved. Then with a
flourish, she removed the skimpy bra, exposing her
nipples to the viewer. The camera moved in even
closer as her fingers played with her nipples, causing
them to grow stiff and hard.
“This is great.” Scott thought as he rubbed
his hand over the bulge in his pants, a bulge that
grew even larger.
Watching intently, Scott guessed that Mrs.
Fitzgerald was in her early twenties in the film, which
would make it about twelve years old.
Soon the panties followed the bra, revealing a
dark hairy pussy. The camera closed on it for a
close-up and then pulled out to a wide view. Diane
struck a pose which suggested she was delighted in
posing nude for the camera.
With a wide smile on her face, she reached
down between her legs and parted her cunt lips –
exposing a small but excited citoris. Agile fingers
began to play with that as well.
Not counting quick glimpses of his older
sister when he’d walked in on her, this was only the
third time he’d seen any woman he actually knew
The first of course had been Debbie Wilson,
the girl he’d lost his virginity to on his 17th birthday.
Loosing his cherry to Debbie had been no great
accomplishment. The list of guys who’d enjoyed
Debbie’s charms grew every weekend.
The other had been his current girlfriend
Susie Kellerman. So far, the most he’d gotten from
her was a quick handjob in the front seat of his Dad’s
car. He kept trying to talk her into a blowjob, but
she kept insisting she wasn’t that kind of girl. The
one great plus of their nine month old relationship
was that Susie had a really great set of tits and she
was more than willing to let him play with them.
Onscreen, the little teleplay appeared to be
drawing to a close. Diana was shaking her whole
body in time to the music and the movements of her
hand. A look of bliss covered her face and Scott
quickly realized that she had masturbated herself into
an orgasm. Removing her hand from the furry bush,
she brought it up to her mouth and licked her fingers.
In an exaggerated gesture, she used her hand to blow
a kiss at the unseen cameraman. The image faded to
black and Scott let out a loud sigh. That tape had
been pretty good after all. What he didn’t realize
was that the best was yet to come.
After a few seconds, the screen came alive
again. This time it was a sharp and clear video
image. The naked woman in this new feature was
much more easily identifiable as Diane Fitzgerald.
Her hair was cut much shorter and styled similar to
the way she now wore it. She was still a lot slimmer
that the woman who’d spent so much time giving him
emergency phone numbers a few short hours before.
The small date and time in the television corner read
This time the camera appeared to be locked in
a stationery position, a tight shot of Diane’s head and
shoulders filling the oversized screen. Scott watched
in fascination as her head bobbed up and down,
riding on the long thick cock of an unidentified man.
With considerable skill she let the saliva covered
cock slip from her mouth and ran her tongue up an
down it’s length. Then with a broad smile she
engulfed it again.
Scott couldn’t take it any longer, he reached
down and undid the zipper of his jeans. He pulled
down the elastic of his briefs and his now rock hard
cock popped free. Never taking his eyes away from
the tableau in front of him, he began to lightly stroke
his cock. Each gentle touch send sparkling waves of
delight up along it’s length and throughout the rest of
his body. It took all of his willpower not to simply
grab hold of his eager cock and pump it to orgasm.
He knew if he did it would all be over in seconds.
Onscreen, it was quickly obvious that the
owner of that unidentified cock was about to release
his load under the rapid ministrations of Diane’s
talented mouth. He could hear the man’s low voice
caught on the videotape.
“I’m going to cum….” he called out.
Diane’s response was to push her head all the
way down and deep throat the pulsating cock. A
much louder groan from the man told Scott that he
had indeed climaxed. Even if it hadn’t it was only a
few seconds later that Diana slid her head upward,
her lips still tightly wrapped against his manhood. As
she moved she released her grip slightly and a large
stream of sticky while cum dripped down across her
Diane obvious relished the taste as she began
to eagerly lick up every drop of the precious fluid.
She rubbed her cheeks against the still hard cock,
smearing them with the sticky residue. Then, smiling
for the camera, she reached out with her tongue and
licked her cheeks clean. What she couldn’t reach
with her tongue she scooped up with her finger and
like a c***d playing with a bowl of cake frosting,
licked that clean as well.
“Shit, this can’t get any better.” Scott thought
as she finally gave in to temptation and closed his
fingers around an aching cock.
He had just begun to gently pump it when he
found that once again he was wrong.
The close up of Diane faded, this time to be
replaced by a much wider shot of the young Mrs.
Fitzgerald. She was now down on all fours still
facing the camera lens. Standing behind her, his
hands wrapped around her ass, was a tall dark haired
man. From the way she kept swaying back and forth,
a motion matched by the man, it quickly became
obvious that she had his cock buried deep inside her.
After a few moments, Scott finally shifted his
gaze from the delightful sight of Diane’s large breasts
bouncing in the air to the face of the man who was
bringing such a look of pleasure to her smiling face.
There was something about him but Scott just
couldn’t place him. Remembering that the tape was
over a decade old caused him to apply a little
imagination and his features soon took on a different
aspect. His hair was now a salt and pepper gray and
he also wore a mustache and beard, but there was no
mistaking those deep blue eyes. It was Dr. Samuel
The realization caused him to feel a little
stupid. Of course it was Dr. Fitzgerald. Did he think
the doctor would keep a video of someone else
fucking his wife.
“Fuck me, oh baby fuck me!” Diane
Fitzgerald called out as she slammed her body against
her husband’s cock again and again. “Fuck me
Scott was now jerking off frantically,
imagining he was the one fucking Diane. It wouldn’t
be long before he exploded. He was trying to time
his climax to that of the couple on the giant TV.
“Oh baby yes.” he murmured as he played
with his cock. “Give me your hot pussy.”

Scott and the Fitzgeralds were only seconds
from climax when the sound of a car coming up the
driveway filled the air. Swinging around to pull up to
the front door, the powerful headlights momentarily
illuminated the room.
Panic stricken, Scott dropped his cock from
his hand and quickly pulled up his shorts. Grabbing
the remote control, he frantically hit the buttons until
the forbidden image vanished from the large screen.
Realizing there wasn’t time to rewind the tape, he hit
eject and quickly grabbed it from the machine.
The frightened teenager could hear voices at
the front door as he pushed the normally locked draw
of the video cabinet closed. Hopefully it would be a
long time before they looked at the tape and when
they saw that it wasn’t rewound they would never
connect it with their baby-sitter.

Scott had just landed on the couch as the
front door swung open. He tried to still his racing
heart and pretended to be absorbed by the movie on
the television. Slowly he stood up and turned to face
the new arrivals, then realized to his horror that
despite his sudden fear, he still had half a hard on.
Hopefully it would go unnoticed.
“I’m sorry we’re so late.” Mrs. Fitzgerald
said as she stepped out of the foyer. “We had some
car trouble.”
It was only then that Scott looked at the wall
clock and saw that it was almost ten after one in the
morning. He’s been watching that video for over an
“I hadn’t really noticed the time.” Scott said
as Dr. Fitzgerald stepped in behind his wife.
Scott couldn’t help but imagine what the 30
something woman in front of him looked like naked.
How would her body compare with the younger
version of herself that had just excited him so. He’d
never really thought of women that age as sexually
attractive, but now strangely found himself willing to
trade a chance with Sally for one with Diane.
“Were the boys good?” Diane Fitzgerald
asked innocently, unmindful of the lust filled thoughts
directed at her.
“Oh they were great, as usual.” Scott replied.
“They went right to bed at 09:30 and I haven’t heard
a peep out of them since.”
“I’ll just run up and check on them.” the
Doctor interjected as he headed for the stairs.
“Good idea.” Diane said as she stepped
toward Scott.
“Oh shit.” Scott thought, remembering his
semi-erect cock. “Any closer and I’m going to get a
boner again.”
Just then, Diane’s attention was distracted by
another woman’s voice from the foyer. She stopped
in her step and turned her head in that direction.
“Diane, honey, you forgot your compact in
the car.” said the tall blonde woman who stepped
into the room.
“Thanks Christine.” Diane said as she
reached out for the small plastic compact.
Scott’s sudden new appreciation of older
women suddenly went into overdrive as he looked at
the new arrival. Christine looked to be about Diane’s
age but had a body that could’ve matched that on the
old video. In fact, wrapped in a tight cocktail dress
that looked like it had been spray painted on, her
breasts looked both larger and about to pop out at
any moment.
“Oh Scott, let me introduce my little sister.”
Diane said. “She gave us a lift home from the club.”
“Nice to meet you.” Christine said as she
walked over and extended her hand. “And for the
record, we’re only twenty minutes apart so you can
forget that little sister stuff.”
So enthralled had the teenager been by
Christine’s prominent breasts, he’d totally missed the
fact that aside from the different hair color the two
woman had a family resemblance that was
unmistakable. They been born identical twins but the
years had made some changes in their appearence
and Diana definitely now carried around a few more
pounds than Christine.

“The boys are fine, fast asleep.” Dr.
Fitzgerald said as he came back down the stairs. “Just
let me get the keys to the wagon and I’ll run you
home, Scott.”
“Are you sure that’s such a good idea,
sweetheart?” Diane asked her husband. “You’ve
had an awful lot to drink tonight.”
“Nonsense, I’m fine.” came his response.
“Samuel.” Diane said in a strong quiet tone
that said volumes, coupled with a powerful stare.
“Oh all right, I’ll call car service for him.” he
“I think that would be better.” Diane agreed.
Scott just sort of stood there trying to be
inconspicuous when in reality he was checking out
the two sisters. Diane was wearing a blue party dress
that accented breasts that Scott thought were even
bigger than he’d seen in the video. He knew Diane
belonged to the local health club but she never really
got back the figure that she’d had before her
pregnancies. Christine on the other hand had kept
the same form she’d had since their high school days.
Scott was again worrying about getting hard as he
wondered what she would look like in a video like
“They say it’ll be at least an hour before they
can get a car over here.” Sam said as he put down
the phone. “I guess that’s one of the drawbacks of
living outside of town.”
“Then tell them to forget it.” Christine
offered. “I’ll drop Scott off on my way back home.”
“Are you sure it wouldn’t be too much
trouble, Sis.” Diane asked. “He lives on the far side
of town, not really near your new house.”
“Not at all. How long could it take at this
time of night.” Christine countered with a smile. “It’s
silly for him to sit around for another hour waiting
for a ride.”
“Fine, its settled then.” Sam Fitzgerald said
as he reached into his jacket for his wallet so he
could pay Scott.
“Thanks, Mr. Fitzgerald.” Scott said as he
took the money, even though he was more interested
in watching the two sisters out of the corner of his
They were exchanging hugs and kisses and
for a fleeting moment, Scott wondered if they ever
did anything together. He had always heard stories
about sisters and such but never actually knew
anyone who knew it for a fact. The thought passed
quickly as Christine gave Sam a quick hug and kiss
on the cheek.
Scott followed her out the door after saying
goodnight to the Fitzgeralds once more. He couldn’t
help noticing that Christine had a really tight ass as
she walked in front of him.

Stepping out into the clear warm night,
Christine walked over to a baby blue Cadillac
convertible parked in the circular driveway. The car
had to be at least 40 years old and in mint condition.
Scott respectfully stepped up to the highly polished
fender and ran his hand across the metal.
“This is one awesome car.” He said, now
paying more attention to the machine than female
“My ex-husband’s pride and joy.” Christine
said with a touch of triumph in her voice. “I
sometimes think he cared more about this car than
me. That’s one of the reasons I enjoyed taking it as
part of the settlement so much.”
Scott didn’t really hear what she said, he was
too totally wrapped up in the engineering marvel next
to him. This car had magic. If he could take Suzie
out in a car like this instead of his father’s old Sentra,
there’d be no problem getting her to put out.
“I wish, just once, I could drive a car like
this.” he mused outloud.
“Sure, why not.” Christine said.
“What?” Scott looked up.
“I said, sure, why not.” Christine repeated.
Scott was sure she was joking until she
removed the keys from her small purse and tossed
them to him. Even then, he couldn’t believe she was
actually going to let him drive a car so valuable.
“My husband kept this garaged for most of
the year, taking it out only for special occasions.”
she said as she walked around to the passenger side.
“Me, I think a car is meant to be used. What use is a
thing of beauty if no one ever gets to see it.”
Scott quickly snapped out of his disbelief and
sprinted to the passenger door and opened it for her.
“Why thank you. It’s nice to see a young
man with manners.” Christine remarked as she slid
into the leather covered seat, giving Scott a good
view of her long slender legs.
Closing the door, he stood there for a second,
admiring both her legs and breasts which he could
now see from above. He wasn’t sure which was
more impressive, the woman or the car. Her
ex-husband must’ve been a real jerk to have lost
“Well hop in and lets go.” Christine smiled.
Scott literally ran to the other side of the car
and jumped in behind the wheel. The eight cylinder
engine roared to life and they sped down the

On the way back to town, Scott learned a
little about Christine Carey, or CC as she was know
to her friends. She had grown up in Spring Valley
but had moved away after college, which explained
why Scott had never heard of Mrs. Fitzgerald having
a sister, much less a twin. She’d married an older
man, some sort of investment banker when she was
25. The marriage had gone sour and ended in a
divorce a little over a year before. After traveling
awhile, she’d decided to come back to her roots and
moved back to town. In fact, she had just closed on
the old Miller place the previous week.
“The house needs some major work, but I
think that’s the most interesting thing about it.”
Christine was saying. “I’m looking forward to
renovating it. And the best part is that old Mr.
Moneybags, my ex, is paying for it.”
“Wow, you must’ve had some lawyer.” Scott
“No, not really.” Christine replied. “In fact
he never even contested the settlement. he just
signed it and that was that.”
“I don’t understand.” Scott said.
“Well I’m not really supposed to say
anything, that was one of the points in the settlement.
But what the hell, he’s four thousand miles from here
and who are you going to tell.” she laughed.
Christine had his full attention, this was
“It seems that in addition to his interests in
money and old cars, my husband also had an
somewhat keen interest in young men. Not a bad
interest I’ll grant you, but one which his fellow
business associates really wouldn’t understand. So
rather than go through a lengthy and somewhat
public divorce proceedings, I asked and he gave. It
was as simple as that.”
Scott had to surpress a shudder. What kind
of man would prefer a guy to the hot woman sitting
beside him.

“Is that the road out towards the reservoir?”
Christine asked as she pointed to a turnoff and
changed the subject.
“Yes it is.”
“Would you mind taking the long way
around, I used to love going out there when I was
younger. That is if your not in a hurry to get home?”
The fact that is was already one thirty in the
morning never entered Scott’s mind. He immediately
said OK.

A bright full moon reflected in the still waters
of the reservoir as they turned onto the road that ran
around it. Going this way was going to add at least a
half hour to the trip home but Scott couldn’t care
less. The longer he spent with Christine the better.
He found her directness fascinating.
Cruising along at a slow speed, they soon
passed two cars parked by the water’s edge. They
were apart a thousand feet apart and the occupants of
neither gave notice of the Caddie passing by.
“Is this still the major make-out point that I
remember it to be?” Christine abruptly turned and
asked as the two cars faded in the distance.
“Er…yes.” Scott answered, taken of guard by
the question.
If they’d been passing by twenty-four hours
from now, those two cars would be multiplied a
dozen fold.
“It’s nice to see that some things don’t
change.” Christine mused. “There’s something to be
said for tradition after all.”
Scott just agreed with a noncommittal
“Have you ever brought a date out here?”
Christine asked.
Taken aback, Scott turned and looked at the
older woman. He was unquestionably not used to
someone of her age talking to him like that.
“Yeh, a few times.” he quietly answered.
In truth, it was here that he’d gone with
Debbie Wilson on his birthday and would be back
here tomorrow night with Susie.
“I thought as much.” Christine smiled. “I
think that at some time or another, every guy and girl
from Spring Valley comes up here. They used to call
this place the cherry grove because more kids lost
their virginity up here than any place in the county.”
Scott turned and looked at her again. he just
couldn’t believe the things she was saying. If she
noticed the look on his face, she had no reaction.
“Make a right turn over there.” the blonde
woman said as she pointed to a small path next to a
maintenance shed. “I want to show you something.”
Following her instruction, Scott turned onto
the path and drove into a heavily wooded area. They
went a few hundred feet and she told him to slow
down and watch for a opening in the trees. Then to
make another right turn into it.
The turn came up suddenly and he had to
make a hard right to make it. As the wheels skidded
in the dirt he was afraid she was going to complain
about what she might be doing with the car. Instead
she stared right ahead, seemingly lost in thought.
About twenty-five feet ahead they emerged
into a small opening right at the edge of the water
line. The clearing was barely large enough for the
car, having been partially reclaimed by nature since
the last time Christine had been here. Still it was a
spectacular view. From right to left you could see
the entire reservoir as well as the brightly lit moon
above. You could even see the stars forming a frame
for the white globe. Best of all, it was far away from
the heavily lit area where everyone usually parked.
“It’s beautiful.” Scott said as he took it all in.