The weekend visit

Lauren had just got home from work that afternoon. She had changed into a T shirt and a light sarong and she collapsed on the couch, a little tired. Her husband was having an old friend over for the weekend and so, besides having to work today, she had just cleaned the house. Her thoughts strayed for a moment to her husband’s friend John.

She had always had a thing for him. An attractive man in his early fifties (the same age as her and her husband), he had dark red hair short, and his piercing blue eyes always made her heart skip a beat. He was tall, about 6ft, 83kgs and very charming.

She was an attractive woman who hadn’t really lost her original figure. She was about 5’7, 65kgs, average sized tits and nice ass. Her brown hair had aged a bit so she now kept its blonde and shoulder length. She had amazing blue eyes, and kept a smoothly shaved pussy.

Lauren closed her eyes and thought of their visitor. Her hand eased down over her sarong to her crotch area, her legs parted slightly as she ran her hand between them. Her pussy felt flushed, and as she pressed down on it through the thin material, a naughty thought flashed through her mind.

She hesitated for a moment. Her husband was home from work in about 2 hours, and John would arrive around the same time. Why not?
She thought about going into the bedroom and getting her vibrator from the drawer but decided against it. A quick play right here would be easier. And besides, she didn’t pleasure herself that often anymore.

She lay back on the couch and opened up her sarong exposing her apricot coloured cotton knickers. Slipping her fingers inside them, she ran her fingers along the sides of her swelling folds until they found the comforting warmth of her entrance. Her breath was shaky as her finger glided down the damp slit of her smoothly shaved pussy. This immediately sent tingling sensations through her body, and a fantasy scene to her head.

She pushed her knickers down and just far enough off her hips so she could rub herself freely. She closed her eyes, reached between her open legs and began to lose herself in her own thoughts.

She took her time, enjoying every second. She pictured her husband’s friend pleasuring her, kissing her, and making love to her and after a few minutes her breathing gradually grew more laboured as she teased her clit and dipped her fingers inside her primed pussy. She was close to orgasm now. Thoughts of her husband’s friend inside her filled her imagination. Her breath rapidly became much shorter and faster, a small moan escaped her lips as her fingers rubbed over her pleasure centre. Faster and harder she pushed down on her button…she was so close now, so close… and then a voice!!!

“Hi, anyone home, hello… OH! Shit… sorry!” it gasped

Her eyes snapped open, and she shrieked. She saw a fleeting image of a man disappear back down the hallway. She realized she had been completely lost in the moment and had not heard the front door open. She hoped it was her husband but quickly realised it was John, and scrambled to get her knickers back up and her sarong back in place.

“I’m so sorry Lauren,” John exclaimed, “Nobody answered my knock and the door was unlocked, so I thought….”
He was around the corner out of sight, but he had seen enough! The image he saw when he walked into the lounge room was now burned in his mind forever.
His best friends’ wife lying back on the couch, legs apart and masturbating. His cock was already straining in his jeans.

“That’s okay,” she replied from the living room completely flustered.
“Its fine, you can come back in now.” She was dressed again, and she was sitting up on the couch, hiding her red face in her hands.

“I’m so embarrassed.” she said, muffled into her hands.

“Ah, don’t be. I didn’t see anything” he lied.
He was standing in the room now and trying to hide the bulge in his jeans.
He couldn’t help himself, but he was drawn to her like never before. He found that he wanted to make a move on her, and struggled to keep himself contained.

She took her hands away from her face and stood up. She was still all flushed from her embarrassment.
They kissed hello and hugged. John held her a little longer than usual and she could feel his bulge against her stomach. As they broke their embrace she glanced down then looked away quickly. Her look had lingered long enough for him to catch it. Now he was more turned on than ever.
There was an awkward pause as they looked at each other.

“I’m so embarrassed!” she said, moving her hands back up to her face. Her clit remained super sensitive and ready for an orgasm, and her mound was still swollen and it was driving her crazy – she had only been seconds away from orgasm when he arrived!

“You have nothing to be embarrassed about, like I said, I don’t think I saw anything”.
She knew he was lying, the bulge in his jeans told her that.

They both laughed it off and that was the end of it, although Lauren allowed herself a smile knowing she had made him hard.

Her husband arrived home about 30 minutes later, dinner was had, and everyone turned in early for the night.

The next day, after a day of catching up, they all found themselves sitting out on the patio that night. The 3 of them were catching up with a few drinks. Lauren had spent much of the day by herself and she could not stop thinking about her awkward moment the day before with John.

She found herself becoming more aroused as the day wore on by wondering just how long John and been standing there and she knew he would have seen everything. She hadn’t even been able to release all that tension from yesterday.
Throw in a drink or two that evening, and she was very horny with her pussy in constant stages of arousal. Every time she looked over at John, her pussy twinged.

He was not doing much better. He had wanked himself to sleep the previous night, thinking about what he’d seen. The image of her masturbating on the couch was still crystal clear in his mind. The fact that she was also wearing the same sarong he saw her in that day wasn’t helping the situation either. Was it a tease? He thought.

Her husband left to go to the toilet, so Lauren got up to get some more drinks and John followed her into the kitchen.

“I’m still thinking about yesterday,” he whispered to her.
“I thought you didn’t see anything” she replied.

“I lied” he confessed.

She smiled, “Stop it” she said breaking into a nervous giggle. Her discomfort turned him on all the more.

“Who were you thinking about?” he asked, mischievously. He was rock hard by now. She chuckled, nervously again, smiled, looked him right in the eye and raised her eyebrows at him.

“Really?” John replied. He was stunned.

She raised them again confirming his question.

He instantly took advantage of the moment and took her hand, placing it on the bulge in his jeans.

“Stop it” she quietly giggled looking down at his bulge but leaving her hand in place.
The toilet flushed, and she gave him a wee squeeze before she grabbed the wines and headed back out onto the patio.

John and Lauren spent the night squirming in their chairs. When the night ended, John went to bed in the spare room and had his cock out in seconds. It was a very short wank and he was done.

For Lauren, it wasn’t so easy. Their room was just across the hallway about 2 metres from their own bedroom and she didn’t have the opportunity to masturbate. Her husband didn’t even try to fuck her that night! Within 15 minutes he was snoring. She gave him another 10 minutes before she couldn’t take it any longer.

She eased out of bed, knowing he would never wake, and crept out into the hall. She was wearing her bed clothes, which consisted of a white singlet, no bra and a pair of black knickers.

She quietly listened at his door, then taking a big breath, she slowly opened it and stepped in closing it quietly behind her.

John hadn’t pulled the blinds down all the way and she could see him asleep in the half moonlight which lit the room.
As she stood beside the bed, she could hear he was sound asleep. Lauren looked at him, deciding if she should continue. This was not like her at all! She never did this, ever, but he had shown her all the attention tonight and he had managed to get her really turned on

She reached down and moved the duvet off of him, pushing it over to the other side of his bed, exposing his naked body.
He was laying on his back with his ample cock laying softly across his thigh.
Lauren sat down on the bed beside him and just sat there quietly for a minute listening to him breathe and watching the soft rise and fall of his chest.
She was so nervous but excited at the same time and she didn’t know how he would react. She contemplated leaving and couldn’t believe he hadn’t woken up yet!

She gingerly leant forward and lifted his soft penis off this thigh with her hand, then put the head of it into her mouth. His cock was warm and tasted a bit salty as she began to gently suck him. She slipped her other hand around his balls, cupping them while she licked along his shaft trying to harden him.
He started to stir and wake, and as his eyes opened, his cock began to thicken and harden inside her mouth. He then realised what was happening and quickly became hard.

He moaned, reaching down and running his fingers through her long hair and encouraging her to continue.
Feeling him grow and become so hard like that in her mouth had made Lauren inwardly ecstatic. Her body was now rapidly priming her for sex.

She couldn’t keep this up though, she was craving him.
“Shhhhh, we have to be quiet” she whispered to her new lover.
She ached to have him inside her.

Lauren pulled him out of her mouth and stood up. She reached under her singlet, slid two thumbs into the elastic band of her knickers and pulled them to the floor before stepping clear of them.
She knelt on the bed with one leg and swung her other leg over him, straddling his cock which now lay horizontal and rock hard along the slit of her married pussy.
John put his hands around her hips and she leant down and they kissed sensually teasing and exploring each other with their tongues. Long kisses followed. Both of them were now turned on beyond description.

She broke their kiss and sat upright. She raised up off him for a second.
She reached between her naked thighs and grabbed his thick member pulling it upright and positioned the tip of his cock against her wet entrance. She let go of his cock when it was in position, and lowered herself onto him.
Her pussy expanded as he entered her…

“Ohhhh…fuck” she sighed, falling forward so that she was holding herself up by her arms. She pushed down hard, and John’s entire cock slid easily and quickly into her vagina. Both their pubic bones mashed together.

“Ohhhh!” she moaned in a hushed tone. She pressed her vagina hard against him and she buried her head into his neck, keeping him inside her. His lips found hers and they shared a sensual kiss. Her tongue darted into his mouth, exploring him as she kept him inside her.

Their lips remained together as he slid his hands along the top of her thighs. He reached her hips then her arse and gripped it with both hands. He began to thrust upwards, sliding in and out of her married pussy using small strokes at first.

His hands caressed up her back and in the process deliberately taking her singlet with them. They broke their kiss, and she sat up, raising her arms above her head like a c***d.
He pulled it up and over them and clear from her body, freeing her tits in the process. He was seeing them for the first time. The half-moon light was all he needed to admire her body. Her breasts were just perfect, her nipples were lovely and stiff, and they urged him to take them.

He leaned up, his big hands holding her small back as he sucked a nipple into his mouth. She sighed above him as he ran his tongue in a circle around one breast, before kissing over to her other one. In the meantime, he was, still staying deep inside her, but moving slightly in and out. He reached out and cupped a breast in each hand, squeezing both nipples gently as he continued to tease them with his mouth and tongue.

Her hands ran through his short hair as she watched him manipulate her tits, feeling his cock slide and move inside her. He felt so warm, so good, and so different inside her. She began to ride him, unable to help herself as she fucked his cock.

John released her breasts and lay back in the bed as Lauren began to slide her pussy up and down his cock until it nearly popped out. She would let get as far as the bulbous head before sliding back down on it. His hands slid down to her ass, squeezing it as he watched and enjoyed this married woman fuck him.
Soft moans began to escape from her mouth – she couldn’t help it!

The orgasm that she had waited for, for 2 days, was fast approaching. She leant forward and placed a hand on his chest. Her breathing was heavy and intermittent as she reached down and rubbed her clit.
He was slowly pushing up and into her, and whispering for her to cum.

It was too much for her and in no time at all, her orgasm struck. She slid her cunt all the way down his engorged cock, rubbing it against him as the intense feelings hit her full force. Lauren felt herself lose consciousness a little, waves of black running through her head. Her heart was pounding, her pussy was locked and squeezing tightly around his cock. She spasmed on top of him as her entire body electrified while it washed through her.
“Ohhhhhhh….faaaaaaark!” she moaned as she shuddered in orgasm on her lover. She had totally and uncontrollably succumbed to her desire, then slowly, very slowly she started to regain her senses.

John was so turned on that he couldn’t take it anymore. He couldn’t give her the time she desperately needed to recover.
He lifted her of him, and rolled his friends weakened wife onto her back. She instinctively opened her legs, and he positioned himself between them.

He looked down as his engorged helmet pressed against her open and swollen pussy, then he pushed inside her.
Lauren was spent and she was now hyper sensitive, but she still locked her legs around her lovers’ hips. He hovered over her holding his weight on his arms.

He started to fuck her and the bed began to squeak a little under the movement of his thrusts…..”Shhhhh” she whispered… “Cum for me babe” she quickly added. She looked down and watched his cock sliding in and out of her. She bit her lip to reduce the volume of her pleasure.

John was losing it. It was beyond his control now and his rhythm slowed then he muffled a grunt and stiffened. He quickly slid his cock from her pussy.

With his hard cock in his hand there was a millisecond pause before he grunted loudly. A long, thick stream of white fluid shot out the end of his cock and splattered across her stomach, some of it even catching the underside of her breast, then there was a second and a third jet in quick succession.

Lauren giggled as her chest heaved as she watched more of his cum shoot out in a thick streams, again landing on her belly. It felt warm on her stomach, and it turned her on so much knowing that she could make another man cum like that.

Finally, John milked the last of his seed from his now softening cock. Her stomach and pubic mound were coated with semen. She could feel it on her mound and reached down to rub it over her belly and through her married slit. She lay before him with her eyes closed, smiling with him still between her open legs.

“I needed that.” she whispered, as they slowly began to clean themselves up. He softly kissed her smiling lips while he gently wiped his semen off her with a towel.
“You know what prevents all this mess?” he whispered
“A condom?” she asked.
“Nope, next time I’ll just cum inside you” he replied with a cheeky grin.
“Will you just?” she grinned back.

And with that, she kissed him and got off the bed. She found her knickers and singlet and slipped back into them before she quietly left the room and snuck back into her bedroom. Her husband was still sound asleep.

John awoke the next morning reflecting on the night before.
The sun was in the window so he knew he had slept well. He checked his phone…it was 11am. He wondered if Lauren had slept as well as he had and his cock began to harden as he thought of her. He started to encourage it but thought he better get up.

He heard the car leave the garage and hoped it was her husband.
He got up and put on a bathrobe he had borrowed from him for his stay. He closed it around him and secured the tie then came out of his bedroom.

He heard dishes rattling in the kitchen as someone was getting coffee and hoped it was Lauren. He rounded the corner and there she was.

She turned her head when she heard a noise behind her, and she smiled when she saw John. She blushed a little and felt her body tingle at the sight of him.
“Good morning” he said as he entered the kitchen. “Good morning” she replied.
She was making some coffee so John came in and sat opposite her at the bench.
She looked up at him and smiled.

“Where did he go?” he asked.
“Oh he’s gone to the shops. We need to get some gas for the bbq tonight”.

“You look stunning Lauren” He said to her.
She was wearing a light summer dress with spaghetti straps. The dress was white with light blue flower prints on it. It came to just above her knee line and had a low cut front which showed just enough cleavage to be classy without been too revealing.

He moved out from behind the counter and came up behind her.

She was surprised when he slipped his arms around her waist and his lips kissed her lightly on her neck.
She squirmed, “Stop it, we don’t have time for this now” Lauren hissed.

John ignored her and turned her around to face him. They kissed.

“Mmmm…” she moaned into his mouth as his strong arms held her close.

They kissed again and this time their tongues started exploring each other’s mouth as he pressed her against the counter. He squeezed her ass cheeks through her dress as they made out there in the kitchen.

Laurens reached down and undid the tie on his robe and it fell open exposing his cock. She took his rapidly hardening cock in her hand and started to pull him. Their kissing became hungrier and more urgent.

She broke their kiss, and turned her back to him. He continued to press against her and kiss her neck and ears. He cupped her breasts from behind and caressed them through the thin material. Her vagina was swelling uncontrollably now, anticipating the attention she would soon receive.
She could feel his harness pressing the cotton material of her dress against her arse.

John dropped his bathrobe on the kitchen floor. He could smell the strong scent of her arousal as he primed her for sex.

He lifted her dress up exposing her white lace knickers. She didn’t stop him and hoped her husband took his time at the shops.
She leant forward, subliminally giving him permission to take her.
She reached down and simply pulled her knickers to one side allowing him clear access to her married vagina. Her heart was pounding, her breath wouldn’t come, and the inner walls of her pussy were starting to lubricate.

John took his rigid cock and rubbed it back and forwards between her legs making sure she was ready for him. She was. Lauren reached back and took him in her hand eagerly guiding him to her pussy. He stared down at his thick helmet resting at her entrance and pushed into her.

He grabbed her hips and pulled himself inside her. She pushed back and he was in. Her cunt was tight and hot and when she squeezed her arse her pussy tightened even more.
Lauren moaned and looked back over her shoulder “Ohhh fuck” she stammered…. “Just fuck me” she told him. “And no mess” she added.

He knew exactly what that meant and started to pump her from behind.

“Oh yes…just like that” she moaned.

This man’s cock felt so fucking good inside her. This was raw sex, and she loved it.

John leaned back and watched his dick slide in and out of his friends’ wife. She was pushing back on him with every stroke and the sight of her dress pulled up and her knickers pulled aside only heightened his excitement.
He kept fucking her knowing that he wasn’t going to last.
He could feel his cock swelling and his balls began to tighten. He was gasping hard…trying not to cum, he wanted to saviour her in this position but with no luck.

With his cock buried deep inside her he held her still. Milliseconds later he let out a loud grunt as his cock swelled and burst inside her, spewing jets of thick semen into her pussy.
Lauren squirmed and giggled when she felt his seed squirt into her, and pushed back hard on his cock while he continued to empty inside her.

At least 3 more strong ejaculations followed, filling her before his orgasm started to subside and his cock began to soften.
She waited for him to finish before pulling forward, making his cock slip from her with an audible plop sound.

She reached between her legs to feel her wet pussy and felt his seed start to run down the inside of her thighs. She quickly put her knickers back in place, pulled her dress down and stood up. She could feel her knickers start to dampen as they wicked his cum from her. She turned around to see her naked lover.
His lips found hers and they shared a kiss.

“Here” she said as she reached down and grabbed his bathrobe.
“You better put this back on.”

They heard the garage door roll up which signalled the return of her husband.
John replaced his robe, returned to his side of the counter and she made him that coffee.