Traveling salesman fucked me hard

I often reminisce of the days when my job required travel and meeting a lot of interesting people. I was much younger and good looking then and I guess I was born with a talent for not only selling, but for persuasion. I had charm, a silver tongue, and a high level of lust for women. I had a lot of success in both selling my product and in getting the ladies to melt. In my hands. My desires for sowing my oats and my sweet talking talents were a perfect blend for the 7-8 year tour that still amazes me to this day.

I was freshly out of college back in 1992 and landed a pretty cool job traveling to school boards and education conferences. I had the task of selling books and education materials to teachers. The gender mix at these events was probably 70% women and 30% men. Of the female group, the marriage rate was probably around the same. I was very successful in the sales department, alway meeting goals and impressing my company. I didn’t realize my other talent right away but once I did I was obsessed!

I was horny a lot during my high school and college days and got my fair share of pussy, but at first I didn’t think it was possible to get the same needs fulfilled because the girls all changed. A good number of the women I met on my trips were married and there was a lot of age variances. Maybe I was just intimidated by them. The women, mostly teachers or administrators, ranged in age from 24 to 60. I never dreamed this was a target group for pickups or one night stands.

So more about what I started getting myself into. In addition to my strong sexual desire, I also had a strange fascination with impregnation and how babies were made. I remembered getting to touch the pregnant belly of my moms friend when I was maybe 10 years old. I was actually so taken by my excitement that I walked away wishing I could touch her some more. It wasn’t until a few years later that I realized how women get pregnant and that was even more fuel to my impregnating fire. I learned how babies were made and that became a fetish of mine before I knew what a fetish was.

My first time meeting a teacher at a conference was probably 10 months into my traveling career. She was a young woman of about 26 years of age or I can say she was around my age at that time. I noticed that she was married right away from the ring but had no thoughts of anything physical. It wasn’t until later, after chat lying and her smiling, that I figured out she was flirting. I thought that surely she isn’t interested but what the hell, I’ll flirt back. She asked me, after about 30 minutes of small chat and those subtle flirting comments, if I was staying in the hotel. I said I was and she said ‘hey, maybe we’ll see each other later tonight’. This didn’t seem to be a question but I knew she’d be down in the lobby after she said it. Later that night I walked down and sure enough she was sitting there alone at the hotel bar. I approached her, said my line I’d been rehearsing, ‘oh there you are, so we did see each other again’. She said ‘oh hi there’ and my first experience exploring the intimacies and sexual manipulating married women was about to begin.

A few drinks, a golden boy smile, and some compliments open the door to a world I could have never imagined. I had two things that had to be covered in all of my future conversations with the married ladies. One, tell them how pretty they are (even if not true) and two, tell them that they got married too soon and how they are missing out on all the fun. And a third thing, if needed, tell them that they deserve better if they even hinted at being unhappy at home.

So here I am, sitting with Jamie, the first married woman I would have in a group of many. I was nervous and unsure but her flirting made it so easy. A few drinks later and the mind games mentioned above had her in my hotel room on her tip toes kissing me while my hands cupped her ass cheeks. Our tongues explored each other’s mouth and my hands enjoyed their new soft round friends. After a few minutes of making out I asked a question that I’d ask hundreds of times over the next several years…’do you want to fuck me?’

Her answer didn’t come in the form of words, it came to me as a telepathic ‘Hell Yes!’ as she lifted off her blouse and then sat on the bed in the same spinning motion. I helped her out of her remaining clothes as we did some more kissing and touching. My clothes came off in waves in between kisses, touches, her soft coos, and her subtle sounds of passion.

It was time to make the magic happen and I offered her to get comfortable on the pillows. She scooted up, grabbed the pillows and arranged them under her head, and her legs lifted up as if they were saying ‘it’s time for you to get between us now’. I positioned myself above her and looked down to survey my reward for the night. A married cutie with pretty blonde hair and blue eyes. A very nervous little smile that seemed to be switching between a face saying ‘fuck me’ to a ‘please don’t hurt me’. Her body was fit and well toned. Her skin color was nicely tan without any tan lines. Her breasts were perky and pointy, probably a full C cup size and they pointed almost left and right instead of straight out. She had to be going to gym because her stomach was firm and almost had a hint of six pack but not well defined. Her pussy was a mound of flesh with no hair, not even a hint of hair. Her ass was small but round and she was a short frame overall. I’d guess she was 5-2, 115-120 lbs.

I stared down at her and positioned my body firmly between her thighs. I could feel my dick bumping her legs and that lumpy little mound. I thinker briefly about asking ‘ are you sure you want to do this?’ but realized that just might get a ‘no, get off me’ response. Instead I simply said, ‘you look so pretty under me tonight. I’m going to be gentle with you unless you say otherwise. I hope you can’t get pregnant.’

She nodded in a very small up and down affirmation and I reached down and grabbed my goods between thumb and forefinger. It is a nice thick 7′ circumcised dick that most would say looks ‘pretty normal’ in size. I found her spot and started guiding it up and down the mounded humps. There was only a hint of moisture at first and I considered spitting on my fingers, but then it started to get slippery.

Just as her warm place was opening up she said, with a quiver in her voice and almost in a whisper, ‘you can’t cum in me ok uhhhh,’ I continued my work and just as she was finishing that sentence I sank almost all the way inside her, causing the grunting sound that followed. I thought about what she had said but was also thinking of the warmth, the wetness, that bone and how tight she was with me inside her. I was about to start the first pull back when she said it again, this time with more information. ‘You can’t cum inside me because I can get pregnant’

My mouth, speaking for my dick and not thinking about any consequences, said ‘ok ill pull out early.’ I was now in a rhythm and feeling a lot of Jamie’s insides in a very intimate way. Her cervix was well within the depth I could reach and her pubic bone stood up tall above her tummy. It was so warm inside her and I was feeling it to my base with each thrust.

Her boobs were now pointing towards me, they hadn’t changed but her hands were now holding them, making them point up. I was steadily fucking her and she was making small lifting motions with each pump. I sucked one of her nipples, it was inviting as she held them towards me like an offer. I then kissed her, took over the boobs and held them in my hands for a minute. It was an amazing sexual experience and then it happened.

No, she didn’t change her mind in an overwhelming fit of guilt, she was still lifting her ass between strokes, still holding her tits, her legs still wide open. No, I had a thought. The thought was the first ever. I never considered this thought in high school or college. I thought…I should cum in her. I don’t want to stop, the risk of not using protection was mostly hers, and she was cheating on her husband. I slowed down my rhythm and started kissing her. Her legs came up off the bed and I could feel her feet crossed behind my ass. I could feel the strain coming over my balls, the feeling of relief and pleasure combined. I pumped her firm and then let it go. She was suddenly a lot wetter and she said ‘I’m cumming’ as I pumped again I could feel my balls spasm and my dick twitch. I pulled back real fast and said I gotta pull out. I jacked the last three or four ropes of cum up into her belly and chest as she quickly moved her hand to her clit. She continued to cum and made harsh jerking motions as her hand wiggled over her pussy. She was panting, taking deep breaths, and was saying ‘thanks for pulling it out’ all together.

As we ended I could tell her whole mood had changed. She went from animal being fucked to girl who just torched her husbands soul. She was very quick to dress, had little to say, and thanked me for being so nice.

As she walked out of the room I was literally horny all over again. I just fucked that sweet little married thing and came in her fertile little pussy I thought. Holy shit…

This was the first encounter of this type but not close to the last. Each girl fueled my desire for the next. I started a list of the girls, their age, the body type, their hobbies, their religion, kids/no kids, marital status, and other details. I learned to buy condoms but they all had a hole. I made sure, after years of this and hundreds of girls, to do whatever it took to get my cum inside them. I was never contacted by a single one of them, not one…but I often wonder how many babies I made with them because I know that I had to have made at least some, maybe more….

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