Turned on Mom 1.

The woman who, after a few drinks at a party, takes on all corners, males and females alike. The man who, during a strip show at a stag party, climbs up on stage with the girl and performs with her in front of his friends. The couple who, under group pressure, reluctantly join the neighborhood mate-Swappers.

Anna Murray is one of these outwardly proper and quite normal people. But within her a perverse desire for her son lies coiled like a snake, waiting only for the proper stimulus to arouse it.

TURNED ON MOM-a fictional story about a society that refuses to face many of its real problems.

-The Publisher
turned on
by Paul Gable

Anna Murray brushed back her long, fine blonde hair as she watched her husband Paul pull on his Navy officer’s uniform.

“How long are you going to be gone this time?” she asked apprehensively as she watched his husky, eight-inch cock pop into his white cotton Jockey shorts. Anna could still feel her husband’s jizz leaking out from between her sore, slackening cunt-lips. She raised her left hand and rubbed her hard, brown nipples as she prayed God that he’d be back soon.

“I don’t know exactly, honey,” Paul said as he tucked in his khaki shirt. “The C.O. said something about three weeks.”
Three weeks! Anna moaned out loud and closed her eyes, picturing her husband’s cock jerking wildly against her parted lips. She could see that powerful, throbbing vein that ran from the base of his mammoth prick to its swollen, pulsating head. Three weeks without Paul’s dick! She didn’t know if she’d be able to control the feelings that were beginning to grow in her toward her son Greg.

“Hey, it’s not the end of the world, babe,” her husband said softly as he sat down at the edge of the bed and ran his powerful fingers over her pendulous tits. “You think I’d go off and leave that pussy of yours if I didn’t have to?”
“You don’t understand! Oh, God, you don’t understand,” Anna moaned as she rolled over on her belly and beat the cum-stained bed sheets with her fists.

“Hey, if you’re worried about someone breaking in, Greg’s going to be here all the time. Today’s the last day of school, so he’ll be around to protect you,” Paul said as he leaned over and gave her juicy snatch a farewell kiss.

Greg. . . Oh, Greg! Anna thought to herself as she felt her cunt spasm crazily. She pictured her son-eighteen years old and every inch a man. His thick, wavy black hair curled across his wide forehead and behind his ears. Greg’s body was like his father’s-tapered like an hour-glass, muscular, and covered with a bushy, wiry matting of black body hair. And his cock.

“Ohhhh,” Anna cried out involuntarily as she remembered the night she caught him jacking off in his bedroom. Both of them were too embarrassed to do or say anything for several seconds. During that time Anna stared lovingly at her son’s hard, long prick as it twitched between his fingers. It was then that she first realized she wanted his prick stuffed inside her cunt.

“Hey, come on, babe. I’ve got to go, and I don’t want to leave you groaning like this,” Paul said as he leaned over again and kissed her lightly on the
back of her neck.

“Do-do you want me to drive you down to the pier?” Anna asked in a strained voice as she fought back the tears.

“That’s all right, hon. Some of the guys are picking me up in a few minutes,” Paul said as he picked up his briefcase and started to walk out of the bedroom.

“Paul . . ” Anna started to say. Her husband turned around, and she shook her head. She couldn’t tell him the real reason she didn’t want him to leave.

“I’ll be back sooner than you know it,” he said over his shoulder as Anna heard him walk out of the house.

“Oh, God. Oh, God,” she moaned softly to herself over and over as she slid her fingers under her belly and inched them down to her contracting cunt. Images of her son floated through her mind as she held her pussy-lips apart and slid her forefinger into her hot hole. “Mmmm,” Anna groaned softly as she stirred them gently against the sides of her snatch walls, then slid them up until they bumped against her twitching clit.

“Hey, Mom, breakfast ready yet?” Greg called out from his next-door bedroom.

“I-In j-just a second, honey,” Anna stammered as she pulled out her juice-slicked fingers and rolled out of her king-sized bed.

“I’m starved!” the boy shouted out.

Anna heard his door opening and she ran for the bathroom to get her robe.

“Hey!” Greg cried out in surprise as his mother
crashed into him.

“Ohhhh!” Anna groaned as she felt her mammoth titties fly up and flop against her son’s bare, hairy chest.

“Gee, sorry, Mom. I didn’t know you were out in the hall,” Greg said breezily as he wrapped his arms around Anna’s slender body to regain his balance. It all seemed perfectly innocent. Yet Anna thought that her son’s embrace was getting a little too friendly for comfort.

“I’m all right now, Greg,” Anna said, pushing her son gently away. The hair on his chest rubbed like sandpaper across her erect, brown nipples and made them tingle deliciously as she walked quickly into the bathroom.

“You’d better hurry up, Mom. I don’t want to be late for classes on the last day,” Greg said as he sauntered up to the partially opened bathroom door.

Anna had just tied her robe together and was walking out into the hallway when she saw that Greg was blocking her way. She started to say something, then lowered her eyes and noticed a growing bulge beginning to protrude more and more from her son’s tight Levi’s.

“I . . . uh . . . ” Anna said stupidly as she felt her cunt walls rumble with passion and lust. A trickle of something hot and wet oozed out front between her swelling, reddening snatch-lips as she felt her nipples roasting under her robe. “I think I’d better get some food down into that stomach of yours before you fly out of here,” Anna forced herself to say lightly as she brushed by Greg and walked into
the kitchen.

“What are your plans for the day?” Greg said as he followed closely behind her.

Anna swallowed hard and swore that she wouldn’t turn around to gape at what she knew was the massive, hard bulge of his cock as she opened the refrigerator and took out the milk.

“Oh, the wives of some of the officers from your father’s ship are getting together for a luncheon over at the O Club today. The new chaplain’s supposed to be there, and I guess it’s only proper that I go,” Anna sighed.

“Sounds dull,” Greg said as he gulped down the dry cereal. “Don’t forget the meeting of the Sea Scouts tomorrow. The guys are all looking forward to coming over here,” Greg said as he jumped up from the table and ran back to his bedroom to finish dressing.

“And what am I supposed to do with eight teenagers?” Anna asked as she followed Greg automatically to his room.

“We’re just getting together to make plans for the summer outing. Dad’s in charge of it this year, so it just seemed right that we should meet over here. All you’ve got to do is make sure there’s plenty of food for us,” her son said as he pulled on a white T-shirt. You’ll be fine, Mom,” Greg said, kissing her lightly on the forehead as he bolted for the front door. “See you later.”
Anna ran to the front window and watched Greg run down the street until he disappeared around the corner.

“Damn!” she said out loud, reaching up with
both hands and squeezing her swollen tits for relief Her cunt contracted in response. She thought of going back to beck and finger-fucking herself to a climax. But one look at the living-room clock told her that she had to get dressed quickly to make it in time for the O Club luncheon.

As she pulled into the O Club parking lot, Anna noticed a ruggedly handsome, tall blond Naval officer in dress whites talking to three women.

“Anna! Anna, come over here and meet Chaplain Thompson. I just know you’ll find him fascinating,” one of the women called out to her from the front patio.

“Mrs. Akins speaks too highly of me,” the chaplain said, flashing a broad smile at Anna as she walked up to him and extended her right hand.

“Hilda’s always one to exaggerate,” Anna joked.

“Well, we’ve never had such a good-looking man to take over the chapel,” Hilda said.

Anna had to agree with her. Chaplain Thompson’s looks combined with his powerful handshake made her already steamed-up snatch grow even hotter.

“I think I’ll be going to church more often,” one of the others giggled nervously.

Suddenly Anna had an idea. Maybe this new chaplain would listen to her problem. She had to tell someone about the feelings she had toward her son.

As the three women turned and walked into the
club, Anna took Chaplain Thompson aside for a second and whispered in his ear.

“Please, I’ve got to talk to you as soon as possible,” she hissed nervously.

“Official business?” he asked softly. There was something warm, comforting and inviting in his voice that made Anna’s knees almost buckle under her.

“Yes, and it’s urgent,” she added.

“Right after the luncheon-in the chapel,” he said as he took her arm and led her into the reception room.

Anna fidgeted all through the seemingly endless stream of speeches that welcomed the new chaplain. Her mind drifted and focused on Greg’s powerful body, his hairy chest, his cunt-chuming cock. Occasionally Anna snapped herself out of her daydreaming and looked around. Then she saw Chaplain Thompson staring curiously at her. Slowly, Anna began to wonder if the good chaplain’s interest in her was strictly professional.

Finally the last speech ended. Anna stayed in the dining room, watching Chaplain Thompson talk to the gaggle of cock-hungry Navy wives until he looked up and saw her worried expression.

“Excuse me, ladies, but I’d better get over to the chapel and get to work,” he said as he flashed another broad smile and walked briskly out of the club.

Anna waited for ten minutes, then followed him. She thanked God that the chapel was empty. He stood in front of the altar, staring at her as she closed the door.

“Okay, Anna, what’s wrong?” he asked kindly.

“Oh, my God, I-I-I feel sooo sick!” she cried, putting her hands over her face and sobbing loudly. The tension and guilt that had been building up for months finally broke through.

“Hey, hey, come on, the chaplain said consolingly, running tip to her and wrapping his muscular arms around her.

“Chaplain, I-” Anna started.

“Listen, call me Chet,” he said, running his huge hands slowly up and down her shaking arms. “If your problem’s that serious, we’d better be on a first-name basis.”
Anna looked up and saw his handsome face smiling at her. Something told her that she could trust him.

“It’s about my son and me,” she began hesitatingly. “You see, my husband’s away a lot and- Oh, God! Why beat around the bush? Chet, I want to go to bed with my own son!” Anna blurted out.

Chet opened his eyes widely and let out a low whistle.

“I see what you mean when you say you’ve got a problem,” he said quietly. “But have you ever thought that part of it’s because you might be a very lonely woman?”
“I-I guess,” she said, noticing that Chet’s voice was growing huskier.

“And maybe you need the right kind of man to take care of you while your husband’s away,” he said, pulling her closer to him and clamping his lips on hers.

“Please! Oh, my God, you re the chaplain!” Anna cried, pushing herself away from him.

“So what does that have to do with it?” he asked, laughing loudly as he continued to hold tightly onto her. “Religion’s changing, and we’ve got to go along with the changes.”
“But not this much! I-mmmggghffff!” Anna mumbled as Chet jammed his thick, hot wet lips against hers one more time. At the same time he slowly slid his hands down her sides until they cupped around her taut ass-cheeks. Kneading them gently, Chet drove his thick tongue deeper and deeper into her mouth until Anna thought she’d choke from the spittle that flowed down her throat.

“I’ll lock the door,” he whispered hoarsely as he ran back and bolted it shut.

“I really don’t think we should do anything here,” Anna said as Chet took her by the right hand and led her down the aisle to the altar.

“Sorry I don’t have a bed right here, but the altar’s carpeted. That should be good enough,” the chaplain said as he tore open his dress white uniform jacket and revealed a muscular chest covered with a thick matting of blond hairs.

Anna stared at Chet’s body, then shifted her eyes up and gaped at the crucifix that towered over the altar.

“This just doesn’t seem right somehow,” she said as she watched Chet strip down to his white Jockeys.

“Just get out of that dress,” he panted as he leaned back against the altar rail and folded his
arms across his chest.

There was something so excitingly titillating about the idea of screwing in a church that it got to Anna. Suddenly all thoughts of Paul and Greg zipped out of her mind. Maybe Chet was right. Maybe all she needed was the right kind of man-and maybe that man was the base chaplain!
Chet stood there watching her disrobe, squeezing and releasing the large cock-bulge between his powerful, widely spread hairy legs as she exposed more and more of her mammoth tits. Anna shrugged her shoulders, letting the dress float to the carpeted floor. Reaching back, she unsnapped her bra. In an instant, her swollen boobs tumbled out and bobbed sensuously on her chest.

“Ummm, do you like what you see?” Anna asked as she ran her fingertips over her hard nipples.

“Even God would be proud of you,” Chet said, smiling at her as he slid his thumbs under the tight elastic waistband of his shorts and pushed them down to his knees.

“Ohhhh!” Anna cried out as she saw Chet’s long, perfectly shaped dick spring free and twitch in midair.

“Do you like what you see?” he asked, smiling at her as he lowered his right hand to his cock and slid his fingers back and forth along the jerking shaft.

“Ohhh!” was all Anna could say. Her cunt fired up like an exploding nuclear warhead. Hot twat-juice scalded her spasming pussy walls as she
continued to rub her boobs with her fingertips.

“Come on,” Chet said hoarsely as he lunged forward and lowered his head. He cupped his lips over her right nipple and started sucking hard at the brown, stiff flesh.

“UHHhhhh!” Anna groaned, closing her eyes tightly and hunching her thighs forward against his jerking cock as she felt Chet’s tongue swirl over and over her erect, itching nipple.

“Baby, baby,” Chet repeated as he unclamped his lips from her nipple and traveled slowly down her heaving body. Chet ran his tongue along her hot, sweaty skin. At the same time he inched his fingers closer towards her juicing pussy. Chet finally reached the edge of her beaver, and his fingers toyed with the tight blonde curls as Anna begged him to fuck her.

“Ooohhh! Don’t tease me! For God’s sake, don’t! OHHH, SHIIITTT! FUCK MEEEE!” she screamed shamelessly as she felt Chet’s right forefinger snake through her pussy hairs and come to rest on top of her throbbing clit.

“Oh, baby, I’m going to make this last a long time,” Chet said as he pushed her slowly down to the floor.

As Anna lay down on her back and threw her legs into the air, she caught sight of the altar one more time.

“I just can’t go through with this here,” she said, trying to get up.

“Goddamn it! I’m going to rub your fuckin’ snatch until your nipples blow off!” Chet said almost desperately as he dove his blond head in
between her trembling thighs. Anna tried to push him away at first. But slowly she became resigned to the situation and spread her legs widely apart to let the chaplain have more room for his clit-tonguing.

“Oh! OH! OHHHH!!” Anna shrieked as Chet slurped, tugged and sucked at her erect clit.

Anna tossed her hips wildly into the air as she jammed her fingers into the chaplain’s bobbing head. Chet had done exactly as she begged, ramming his spit-slicked tongue against her twitching clit. He poked at it gently, then slashed up, down and around the tiny organ as bolts of electric excitement tore through her cunt and tits.

shrieked, slamming her ass-cheeks back down and grinding them into the thick carpeting as Chet slurped and sucked and tongued and fingered her snatch.

“Okay, okay. I don’t want you coming before I get a chance to stick my dick into you,” Chet said as he backed away and pulled several blonde cunt hairs out from between his straight, white teeth. “Now, why don’t you do to me what I’ve done to you?” he said softly as he inched up towards Anna’s head.

“Ummmm,” she moaned, smacking her lips in excitement as she watched Chet’s blood-engorged
cock sway slowly back and forth with every move the chaplain made. Anna loved sucking cock. She and Paul would suck each other off for hours before they went on to fucking. And now she was going to wrap her lips around that delicious hunk of hot prick-meat! And in the base chapel yet! The entire situation almost made her want to laugh.

“Come on, Anna, open wide,” Chet said, smiling at her as he hunched his powerful hips forward and banged the tip of his hot, hard cock against her lips.

“MMmmgffff!” she cried out as the purple knob slid past her front teeth and over her tongue until it banged against the back of her sucking throat. Anna used her tongue as a slippery, sliding bed for the sensitive-underside of Chet’s invading prick.

“UNNngh! Oh, Jeeesus, suck that mother!” Chet groaned as he rotated his muscular ass-cheeks slowly, churning his prick inside Anna’s mouth. “Suck that son-of-a-bitch till you can feel my cum spurt out on your tongue!” the chaplain cried out mindlessly as he buried his fingertips into Anna’s thick, blonde hair.

The woman continued to swirl her tongue around his cock-shaft while she reached up and cupped his balls in her right hand. Slowly she rolled them from side to side while she bobbed her head back and forth, faster and faster on the chaplain’s jerking cock.

“UNNGH!” Chet screamed, stabbing his prick up farther into the warm, wet gripping cavity. He shoved his dick even farther down Anna’s throat
than before. She felt her lips brush against Chet’s
thick, wiry forest of crotch hair as drops of pre-cum oozed freely out of the man’s expanding piss-slit.

“No! N-N-Noooo! Easy, babe! I’m gonna come! OHHHH! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!”
Anna felt the chaplain’s cock swell in her mouth. She knew that was the sure sign that he was going to shoot his cum down into her gut. She could feel his balls jerking and jouncing in her hand, and knew that the jizz was boiling in his fuck-sac.

“Ohhhh!” Chet cried, jerking his mammoth dong out of Anna’s hot, sucking mouth. “I’m not gonna blow off there, babe. Not by a long shot,” he said, getting up and walking up to the altar.

“Where are you going?” Anna gasped out. She couldn’t believe that he was going to leave her hanging like that. Her cunt was screaming for inches of hot prick-meat. What was he going to do now, say a mass?
“I’m going to make you blow off at both ends,” Chet said as he reached over and pulled out a long tapered white candle from its holder on the altar.

“Ohhhh, noooo!” Anna wailed as she started to jump up to her feet.

“Easy, baby, you’ll learn to like it,” Chet said as he pushed her back down to the floor and dropped to his knees between her widely spread legs. “It’s an old trick we learned in ministry school.”
Some man of the cloth! Anna thought to herself as she felt Chet throw her legs back into the air.

“Now just relax that asshole of yours, and we’ll both have a good time,” Chet said huskily.

“D-D-Don’t!” Anna stammered as she felt the cold, pointed tip of the candle trail across her quivering, upturned ass-cheeks until it settled on the brown, wrinkled skin of her shitter. Slowly but steadily Chet began twisting the candle, pushing it down until it began to screw itself into her asshole.

“Like it, babe? Like it?” he whispered excitedly as two inches of the candle disappeared into her butt.

“UNNngh! Unngh.” was all Anna could say. Thank Cod it was tapered. It gave her asshole enough time to relax and take the rest of the candle Chet was shoving into her.

“I don’t want to jam it so far into you that I can’t find it when we’re through,” Chet joked as he twisted the candle faster and faster, making Anna squirm, buck and moan in time to his manipulations.

“Fuck me! FUCK ME! FUCK MEEE!” Anna screamed as her clit responded to Chet’s butt-fucking.

“But lam fucking you,” Chet said teasingly.


She felt herself going wild. Chet was pile-driving the candle into her shitter now, churning it around her gut like a giant mix master while he fingered her aching, swollen clit with the fingers of his right hand.

“MY CUNT! MY CUNT!” Anna shrieked, arching her back and wriggling her hips again and again as she begged him to fuck her.

“What about your cunt?” Chet asked softly as he ran his fingers lightly over her matted, juice-soaked snatch hair. He smiled as he watched her belly quiver wildly.


“Yeah, babe, I think you’re ready for it,” Chet said hoarsely as he let go of the candle and hunched forward.

Anna felt a shudder rip through her snatch as she felt the hot tip of his stiffened dick poke against her puffy outer labes. She groaned when his cock-head parted her reddened pussy-flaps, poking its way tentatively into her steaming hole.

“UNNGH! UNNGH!” Anna cried out incoherently as more and more of the chaplain’s cock-head pried its way into her rumbling cunt.

Finally Chet hunched his hips forward and buried the first three inches of his prick into her pussy. Anna screamed and threw her head hard into the carpeting. Her lips parted and a scream of ecstatic agony filled the chapel.

“Oh, Jesus, babe, you’re ready for a hot screwin’ now, Chet moaned as he drove the rest of his jerking cock into her slick fuck-tunnel.

Anna wanted to scream but she couldn’t. She felt incredibly stuffed, deliciously filled as the chaplain’s thick, long cock-shaft throbbed wildly against her slick, trembling cunt walls. Slowly Chet began to draw his prick out of her hot hole. At the same time he reached down and grabbed her clit
between his thumb and right forefinger.

“AAAarrgh!” she gurgled, emitting deep, throaty sounds that seemed to come out of her gut as Chet squeezed and tugged at her twitching, swollen clit.

“Easy, easy,” Chet coaxed as he let go of her clit and slid his hand lower. He grabbed the candle and began sliding it in and out of her asshole in time to his cunt-fucking.

Somewhere Anna heard an explosion blowing off in her body. It started to rip through her belly and up to her tits until she thought her nipples were going to blow off as Chet said they would.

“I’M COMING!” she shrieked, gasping loudly for breath as the first brain-searing contraction tore through her snatch. “OH, FUCKIN’ JEESUS, I’M COMING!”
“Anna! Anna!” Chet groaned, slamming his hips hard against her swollen thighs as he felt his jizz boiling and spurting into his jerking cock-shaft.

“AIYEEEE! WAWWWH! WAWWWH!” Anna answered as her clit beat wildly against her throbbing cuntal membranes. Wave after orgasmic wave ripped through her body as she felt wads of Chefs cum spew into her aching, stretched snatch.

“SSSHHHIIITTT!” Chet howled, slamming his thighs against her ass as his balls slapped her sweating skin noisily.

“Ooooohhh, Chet!” Anna moaned as he shot off the last of his heavy load and collapsed on top of
her. She wiped the sweat from her forehead and kissed him lightly on the neck.

“Not bad for my first day on base, is it!” he asked softly as he absently stroked her left tit.

“You’d get a top fitness report from me if I had anything to do with it,” Anna said as she crawled out from under the chaplain and started to get dressed.

“You know, getting back to your problem,” Chet began as he pulled on his uniform. “Maybe you should talk to your son. You know, it could be that he’s unconsciously encouraging a dangerous situation. If he knew your feelings, he might be able to stop it. Then that might be enough for you to keep away from him.”
“You really think so?” Anna asked hopefully as she flopped her big tits back into her bra.

“It wouldn’t hurt to try. You’re certainly not going to get anywhere by just sitting back and trying to ignore it,” Chet said as he buttoned up his white dress jacket. “Besides, kids today are a lot more aware of sexual things than you think. I’m sure he’ll try to understand.”
Anna sighed and shrugged her shoulders.

“I guess I’ll give it a try. But if it all blows up, can I give you a call?” she asked as they walked slowly to the front door.

Chet looked back at the large wet stain at the foot of the altar.

“Anna, you can call me up anytime,” he said, winking slyly at her as he opened the door to let her out.

It was almost four when Anna pulled into the drive. She felt hot flashes of electric sexuality shudder through her quivering cunt-lips when she caught sight of her son’s bicycle leaning against the side of the house.

“Hi, Mom!” Greg called out from behind the screen door.

Anna groaned as she stared at her son’s naked chest and belly. He stood there grinning at her-sweaty, muscular, his cock almost sticking out of his soiled white gym shorts.

“Have fun on the last day?” Anna finally managed to say as she opened the door and walked into the living room.

“I always enjoy the last day. We played a few games of basketball to celebrate,” Greg said brightly as he followed his mother into the kitchen.

Anna couldn’t see how she could follow Chet’s advice. Watching him moving around-his muscles rippling with every step he took, his tanned skin glistening with sweat-made her want to strip down
and take him on.

“Well, why don’t you shower up and change? We’ll go to the O Club or something for dinner to celebrate your freedom,” Anna said huskily.

When Greg didn’t answer, she turned around to see what was wrong with him.

“Oh, my God!” she said under her breath.

“I can’t help it, Mom,” her son answered as he rubbed his right hand slowly up and down the gigantic cock-bulge between his legs.

“Ohhh, don’t-I-no.” Anna said confusedly as she fought the steamy feeling that was firing up her cunt.

“Please,” Greg begged desperately as he slid his hand up to the tip of his prick and squeezed the knob between his thumb and forefinger.

Suddenly something snapped inside of Anna. Nothing mattered any more except her son and his cock. The air between them grew hot, thick and heavy with sexual electricity. Anna could feel her clit swelling up like a balloon while her nipples scratched angrily at her bra. All she could think of now was Greg’s hot, sweaty cock jamming into her snatch.

“Ohhhh, baby, baby,” Anna cooed as she ran up to him and fell to her knees. She brought her face down to Greg’s bulging crotch and started working on his cock with her lips through the shorts. The feel of Anna’s mouth through his shorts drove Greg wild. Anna seemed to know the rhythm of his cock-throbbing and timed her oral massage to get the maximum spasm from her son.

“Ohhhh, Greg, you’ve got a king-sized cock
there, just like your father,” Anna moaned as she pulled her face away from her son’s crotch for a second.

“Mom, suck it. Suck it!” Greg groaned as he lowered his hands and clamped his fingers around Anna’s head.

She went back to the bulge in his shorts, lip-massaging his dick more methodically. She started at the base of her son’s cloth-imprisoned prick, working her way up to the top, then sliding back down to the base again. Over and over she repeated the action until Greg began to lose control of himself. Automatically he started bunching his powerful thighs back and forth, arching his back to force his cock against Anna’s hot, flushed face.

Anna’s heart pounded like a trip hammer. She was making her son lose control fast. She wanted to drive him up to the edge of a come with her lips, then slip her swollen cunt-lips around the head of his thickly veined cock and drive it deep into her gushing hole.

She reached up and slowly unbuttoned the fly of his gym shorts, watching tuft after tuft of black kinky crotch hair poke out. When she unfastened the third button, Greg’s red, rubbery cock flew out and throbbed wildly in the air.

“OOOOHHH!” Anna cried out as Greg’s prick slapped her across the nose. Her son took advantage of her open mouth and thrust his cock hard against Anna’s parted lips.

“MMMmgfff!” she mumbled as she moved her tongue around his cock-head. Anna drove her tongue around and around Greg’s twitching prick, teasing, poking and stroking the hot, sensitive skin as she drove her son closer to the edge.

“UNNNGH! Oh, God, Mom! ARRRGH! Oh, fuckin’ shit! Suck it, Mom! OHHH, SUCK ME OFF!” Greg screamed mindlessly as he stabbed his hot dick farther down his mother’s throat,
Anna moved back slightly until only her son’s cock-head was between her massaging lips. Slowly she slid her tongue over its silky surface, drawing off the beads of cum that were beginning to leak from the piss-slit. She replaced them with a layer of her saliva and teased the edges of the hole and felt new fluid seep out into her mouth.

“UHHhhh! Oh, God! Uhhhh!” Greg groaned as he started to rotate his ass-cheeks, churning his cock inside his mother’s mouth.

Anna saw that Greg was about to shoot. She backed off again and stared at her son’s twitching dong. It jerked frantically, screaming for those hot sucking lips for relief. The veins in his cock throbbed and looked like they were ready to explode through the taut, reddened skin. Beads of cum mixed with Anna’s spittle glistened on the pulsing, purple head of Greg’s cock. Anna reached up and tightly clamped her slender fingers around the boy’s throbbing dong.

“Easy, easy,” she said. “It’s too soon.”
The firm pressure around his prick brought Greg back down to earth. When Anna saw that Greg had calmed down a little, she released her grip and slid
her hand under her son’s muscular ass-cheeks. At the same time she slid her other hand up her skirt until it bumped against her quivering, puffy snatch-lips. Simultaneously she stuck one finger sharply up Greg’s shitter while she drove her other fingers up against her exploding clit.

“NNNGH!” Greg cried out as he jerked back and forth, trying to get away from his mother’s invading finger. At the same time Anna noticed that her son’s cock jerked wildly in her mouth as she continued to ream his tight asshole.

“Nooooo!” he cried out again, this time breaking free of his mother’s gentle grip. “That’s something I should be doing to you,” he panted as he reached down and started unbuttoning her dress.

“Here, I’ll do that,” Anna said, getting up and taking her son gently by the hand. “If we’re going to fuck, I’d like to do it somewhere else besides in front of the refrigerator.”
Greg laughed and nodded as he followed his mother into her bedroom. Anna nearly tore the buttons off her dress as she watched Greg slide his shorts down to the floor and kick them into the far corner. He leaped into bed and rolled over on his back, propping his head up on one of the pillows and staring at her as she reached back and unsnapped her bra.

“Whew!” Greg whistled as her huge tits sprang free.

“You ain’t seen nothing yet,” Anna whispered excitedly as she felt another fresh torrent of cunt-juice seep out of her hot hole and soak into
her panties.

“Ummmm, looks like you’re a little wet,” Greg said, smiling as he continued to stroke his powerful, jerking rod.

“Ohhhhh,” Anna answered, running her fingers sensuously up and down her heaving jugs, pinching her half-inch-long brown, stiff nipples while she ground her thighs together. Tiny electric spasms rippled through her puffy labes as their slippery edges worked together with every grinding movement she made.

“Come over here,” Greg commanded hoarsely as Anna shoved her thumbs under the elastic waistband of her juice-saturated panties and pushed them to her knees.

“Yessss, yes!” Anna moaned breathlessly, staring at Greg’s jerking cock. Her cunt spasmed wildly, aching to be stuffed to the hilt with her son’s thick, long, cum-dripping prick. “Yes! Ohhh, yessss!”
Anna walked slowly to the bed and sat down on the edge, reaching over and running her right forefinger slowly up and down her son’s steaming prick. He groaned and closed his eyes, hunching up his thighs as Anna moved her hand down and cupped her fingers around his heavy, hairy fuck-sac.

“OOOOoooooh, fuck! Shit! I want you! I want to jam my goddamned prick into your snatch!”
Greg opened his eyes and reached over with his right hand, running the tips of his fingers slightly over her swollen, reddened outer labes. Anna tossed back her head and squirmed uneasily on the
bed as a scream of unspeakable pleasure started up from her contracting gut and shot out of her mouth.

“ARRRRRGHHH! OHHHH, JEEESUS, FUCK MEEE! FUCK MEEE!” she screamed out loud as she squeezed Greg’s balls tightly between her fingers.

Greg’s fingers were coated with another load of steaming cunt-juice as he continued to jam his fingers deeper and deeper into Anna’s contracting, sucking cunt-hole.

“I can’t take this!” she groaned as she rolled over and positioned her hairy snatch directly over Greg’s purple, oozing cock-head. “Squeeze my tits,” she pleaded as she lowered her crotch closer and closer to her son’s hard, hot dick.

“Mmmmmm,” Greg groaned as he felt the tips of Anna’s wiry cunt hairs tickle the edges of his leaking piss-slit.

“OHHHHH! ARRRGH!” the woman shrieked as her son clamped his powerful, thick fingers around her swollen tits and mashed in her taut, itching nipples. Anna took a deep breath, then lowered herself completely until Greg’s cock-head parted her puffy cunt-lips and slid into her trembling fuck-hole.

“OHHhhhh, Mom! How does this feel in your cunt?” her son asked as he let go of her right tit and slid his fingers down until they bumped against her trembling, erect clit. Anna thought her snatch would explode when Greg ran his fingers slowly back and forth over her swollen passion-bud.

“S-S-Stop! Ooooh, noooo!

Anna screamed incoherent phrases as she swirled her ass around and around her son’s hairy, muscular groin. Her tits flopped noisily against her heaving, sweaty chest as she slid up and down Greg’s stiff pole.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Greg moaned under his breath each time his mother slid her juicing snatch down his throbbing dick. He jammed his thighs up, burying his prick in her oozing hole with one hard lunge.

“OOOAAAARRRRGHHHH!” Anna screamed, feeling her mind blow out as a violent series of pre-orgasmic spasms tore through her trembling pussy.

“I can’t hold out!” Greg panted as he started hunching his hips wildly up and down. Anna reciprocated, bouncing her ass-cheeks against his heaving thighs. She squeezed her cunt muscles tightly together, gripping her son’s cock like a great, slick fleshy vise. Her nipples twitched wildly as Greg let go of her clit and went back to her swollen tits, squeezing the spongy flesh desperately.

“OH, YESSSS! YFSSSSS! I-I-I’M COMING! OH, FUCK! I’M COMING!” Anna screamed, feeling the scalding heat building up deep in her belly and rocketing towards her clit. In an instant she felt one contraction, then another, and then another, racking her twat as she bucked, heaved, thrashed, and writhed from side to side in animal fury.

“ARRRGHHF!” Anna cried as her eyes glazed over with ecstasy.

“MOM! MOM! UNNGHHH!” Greg screamed out. Anna’s screams and spasms pushed him over the edge. He felt his lava-like jizz. Now out of his jouncing balls and explode into his jerking, cunt-embedded cock. It spewed out of his expanded piss-slit and spattered against her trembling cunt walls. It exploded out of his jerking dick in rhythmic beats as he dug his fingers into his mother’s aching tits.

“ARRRGHH! UNNGH! SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!” the boy screamed as spurt after spurt of hot cum blew into Anna’s contracting cunt-hole. Their orgasm seemed to last for hours as the two of them shrieked, moaned, and bucked on the squeaking bed.

Finally the last spasm swept over Anna’s beating clit and she collapsed forward on top of her groaning son.

“Ohhhh, Mom!” Greg panted out as he kissed Anna lightly on her sweaty forehead.

“Ohhh, baby, that was fantastic!” Anna said, squeezing her cunt muscles again around her son’s softening prick. “I don’t think I’ve ever come that hard. Even with your father.”
“Jeeez, Dad. I wonder how he’d feel about this,” Greg said guiltily as he looked into his mother’s eyes.

Anna swallowed hard. The guilt she’d forgotten came back again. How could she ever explain this to Paul? And would it happen again? She looked into her son’s eyes and felt her heart skip a beat.

Anna knew that it would.

“I’ll have to think that one out,” Anna said as she raised her ass and slid off Greg’s limp prick. “But right now, how about a shower to clean up?”
Greg smiled at her and rolled out of bed.

“Then dinner, and maybe after . . . ?” he said, bending over her and stroking her tits.

“We’ll see,” Anna said, feeling her clit tingle again as Greg’s powerful fingers squeezed her tit-flesh gently.

While her son was in the shower, Anna lay on the bed and thought dreamily of what had just happened. Her son’s hairy, muscular chest heaving with passion; his thick, hot cock sliding in and out of her mouth; his balls jangling and contracting as wad after wad of hot jizz blew into her cunt-all these things floated in. her mind as Anna dreamily strummed her twitching clit.

Suddenly she heard the doorbell ring. Anna debated whether or not she should answer it, then thought of her car and Greg’s bike outside. Whoever was out there would become suspicious if someone didn’t answer the door.

Rolling out of bed, she threw on her short red bathrobe and ran to the front door.

“Chet!” Anna cried out.

The chaplain was out of uniform now, wearing a pair of jeans and a yellow sports shirt. If he looked attractive at the luncheon and the chapel, he was even more of a stud now.

“Hi! Thought you might need some help telling your son about-well, you know,” Chet said as he grinned sheepishly at her through the screen door.

“I . . . uh . . . well . . . ” Anna stammered.

Chet looked closely at her, then smiled and shook his head slowly from side to side. “Looks like I got here a little too late,” he said, chuckling softly.

Anna flushed red as she unlocked the door and let the chaplain into the living room.

“I tried!” Anna insisted, clenching her fists and beating them softly against her firm thighs. “I really tried. But when I got home, he was standing in the kitchen in a pair of gym shorts. His cock was practically poking out of the fly. Ohhh, Jesus! I just couldn’t help myself,” Anna groaned as she sank to the couch.

“Hey, no sense in getting too upset about it,” Chet said as he sat down next to her. “I think that it would have been better if this all hadn’t happened. But, since it did-well, we might as well make the best of it.”
“W-What do you mean?” Anna stammered as she looked curiously at Chet.

“I’ll talk to you later about that. But first he began, lifting up his right hand and slipping it into her robe. Anna gasped as she felt his fingers close around her left tit.

“No, not now! Greg’s in the shower!” Anna hissed as she pushed Chet’s hand away.

“Maybe he’d like to join us,” Chet said as he pulled her up off the couch. “Now, just show me where the bedroom is.”
Anna was flabbergasted! She’d just gotten through confessing that she’d committed incest with her son, and all he was concerned about was
strapping her on and maybe having her son join them or watch.

“No! Leave me alone!” Anna said half-heartedly as she thought of Chet’s long dick.

“Okay! Then I’ll have to fuck you right here, Chet said matter-of-factly.

“What are you doing? Don’t!” Anna cried as she tried to get away from him.

“Just shut up and enjoy!” he answered gruffly as he tore her robe off her body and threw it on the couch.

“Ohhhh!” Anna cried out, covering up her tits with her arms. She backed up slowly, then turned and started running for her bedroom.

“Gotcha!” he said, wrapping his powerful arms around her waist and dragging her down to the floor.

“UNNnghh!” Anna groaned as she crashed to the floor.

“That’s it, babe,” Chet grunted as he slipped off his shirt and unzipped his fly. Anna stopped struggling when she saw the chaplain’s mammoth dick spring free. “I knew that would stop you,” Chet said as he looked down and fingered his raging hard-on. “Remember this?” he said, diving down between her widely splayed legs.

“UNNNGHHH!” Anna cried out as she felt Chet’s tongue probing her cunt-lips. It poked teasingly at her snatch-flaps, sliding up and down the smooth, slippery flesh but not yet jamming into her steaming fuck-hole. Anna felt that growing, familiar, unbearable itch gripping her clit again. She tossed her hips wildly upward, wanting
to impale her cunt-hole on the chaplain’s stiff, hot stabbing tongue.

“OHHHH! EAT ME! SUCK MY CLIT! FUCK MY SNATCH WITH YOUR TONGUE! OHHH, YESSSS!” Anna cried out deliriously. She didn’t care if Greg heard her or not. In fact she prayed that he’d come running out of the shower to see what was going on. Two men in her! Two cocks slamming in and out of her body! It was almost too much to pray for!
“Just hold n Chet whispered hoarsely as he backed off to slide his Levi’s off. In an instant he was back on her, snaking his tongue up towards her erect, swollen clit. Oh, God! It was better than before-better than in the church.

“More! More! Fuck!” Anna groaned incoherently, heaving her ass high off the living-room floor, only to smash it down again on the carpeting. Chet was teasing her, licking her outer labes lightly while he fingered her snatch hair with his right hand.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME!” Anna cried out again and again as Chet reached down with both hands and grabbed the backs of her thighs. Her cunt was already wet and slippery, and her hole dilated wider and wider with excitement. It quivered in anticipation of being stuffed with cock. Her snatch-lips trembled crazily and seemed to be begging the chaplain to ram his prick in as soon as he could.

Chet pulled her forward roughly, then bent down, touching the tip of his pulsating cock-head against the trembling, smooth membranes of her

“Hey, what’s going on in here?” Anna heard Greg ask from the hallway.

“Ohhhh, my God! It’s my son!” she exclaimed softly as she tried to squirm out from under Chet’s grip.

“Come in here, son,” Chet said brightly.

“What are you doing?” Anna hissed between her teeth as she saw Greg walk into the living room.

“My God!” Greg said, stopping short at the doorway. “Who is he?” Greg asked angrily.

“Chaplain Thompson,” Chet said, nodding a greeting at Greg.

“What the hell are you doing to my mother?” Greg asked, clenching his fists tightly together.

“That should be pretty damned obvious. I’m just getting ready to fuck her,” Chet said off-handedly.

“D-Does she want it?” Greg stammered, looking down at the writhing Anna.

“You’d better believe it. In fact, the two of us screwed in the base chapel earlier this afternoon. Now, if you want to join us, come on in. If not, then go outside and play with your erector set. I’ve got better things to do than sit and talk to you, Chet said.

Greg looked at his mother, then back at Chet and shrugged his shoulders.

“Why the fuck not?” Greg said as he slid his hands down his muscular chest and opened up the towel that covered his cock.

“Ooohhh!” Anna groaned as she saw his prick growing stiffer every second.

“Come on down, son. I want to fuck her in the ass. Her pussy’s all yours,” Chet said as he climbed over Anna’s heaving body and slid behind her.

“I’ve never had it that way!” Anna protested as she felt Chet’s long dick bang against her sweaty ass-cheeks.

“You did pretty well with a candle this afternoon. Just pretend it’s wax,” Chet chuckled as he spat on his hands and lubricated the bead of his cock with his saliva.

“A candle?” Greg exclaimed as he dropped to his knees and lay on his side facing his mother.

“It’s a long story,” Anna began.

“Save it for later,” Chet said as he slid down until his face was even with her asshole. Anna groaned as she felt him sticking his tongue into her tight shitter. He moved his tongue up, then down, spreading a trail of spittle around her shithole. He pushed his tongue forward, jabbing it deeper as he tried to dilate her tight bung. He drew it back to get more spittle on it, then shoved it forward again. Chet dug deeper into her gradually slackening asshole.

“Ohhh, it feels soooo good!” Anna admitted. Hot shocks of electric pleasure shot from her shithole to her clit, then zipped back to her ass as Chet continued to tongue her butthole.

“Okay, son. I think she’s ready for your cock!” Chet panted as he pulled away from her asshole.

“I don’t think I can do it sideways,” Greg complained as he tried to drive his cock into his mother’s hot, wet snatch.

“UNGH! UNGH! UNGH!” Anna cried out each
time her son jabbed his thick, meaty knob against her outer labes.

“Give it the old college try,” Chet said as he suddenly jammed three fingers up Anna’s asshole.

“AIYEEE!” she screamed, hunching forward and impaling her cunt on Greg’s prick.

“Ooohhhh!” Greg moaned as he hunched forward and drove more inches of his dick into Anna’s pussy.

“Ohhhh, fuck me!” Anna groaned as she heard a loud slurp echo in the room as Greg’s dong popped into her snatch. She felt a delicious stretching sensation as her son’s prick slid deeper and deeper into her cunt. Two inches, three inches, five inches, six inches; finally the complete eight inches were buried in her twat. Greg didn’t move for a few minutes, enjoying the feeling her cunt walls made as they trembled lightly around his invading cock. Then he started pumping his thighs slightly, sliding his prick gently in and out as he reached down and started strumming her buried clit-shaft. When he gripped it between two fingers and rolled it around, Anna thought she’d piss on the floor.

Meanwhile Chet moved behind Anna and jammed his thighs forward until his cock-head beat against the brown, wrinkled skin around her stretched asshole.

“Ohhhh, Jeeeeesus! OHHhhhhh! Jam it in me! Fill up my ass! OH, FUCK! SHIT! MORE COCK! I WANT MORE COCK! ARRRGH!”
Anna’s screams fired Chet up so much that he gripped her thighs tightly and thrust his hips forward in another powerful shove.

“AIYEE! AIYEE! AIYEE! ARRRGH! N-NNOOOOO!” Anna shrieked in pain as the chaplain buried half his throbbing cock-shaft in her tight hung. Anna bucked and heaved between the two studs as bolt after searing bolt of pain tore through her belly. She thought her gut was blowing apart.

“NO! P-PLEASE! TAKE IT AWAY! UNNGH!” she screamed and begged one more time, jerking up and trying to pull away from the prick that was embedded in her bowels.

“Easy, Anna. Easy, babe,” Chet cooed. “Just relax, and your asshole’s going to expand. You’ll love it.”
Anna closed her eyes tightly and concentrated on relaxing. She discovered that she was actually beginning to feel some pleasure from having the chaplain’s cock up her ass.

“Uhhhh!” she moaned. Chet raised his head and winked at Greg who winked back. The two studs began fucking her at the same time.

“ARRRGH!! WAWWWH!” Anna cried. She couldn’t believe the feeling that was tearing at her body. Two long, thick, hard, hot cocks slid in and out of her at the same time. She felt deliciously stuffed by those thrusting, twisting, trembling pricks. Chet’s dick especially felt like a mammoth fist inside her. Yet her son’s reaming cock made her pussy and clit tremble and quiver as if a stick of dynamite had blown off in her snatch. She loved the feeling of tension and muscle jamming in and out of her juice-saturated pussy. She dug her fingernails into Greg’s shoulders as he stroked and tugged her clit, making her cry out in ecstasy and
whimper uncontrollably. She was begging both of them to fuck her, to jam their cocks in deeper and deeper into her body. White-hot flashes racked her shitter and pussy as the two men grunted and groaned and bucked and heaved.

“OHHH, GOD, CHET! MORE COCK, GREG! JEEESUS! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK MEEEE!” Anna shrieked as she was tossed from one man to the other. She opened her eyes and looked at her son. She saw his face contorted and twisted with pleasure. She knew that he was ready to fire his boiling jizz into her snatch. She felt her cunt walls gripping his twitching cock harder as she increased her pumping. At the same time she felt Chet’s dick begin to swell thicker and thicker in her asshole. Anna wanted both men to come at the same time, and she wanted to make sure that she joined them.

Suddenly Greg’s back went rigid and the tendons and veins stood out on his neck as his cock erupted. Her son shivered and thrashed on the floor as his cum spurted out of his spasming cock-head and spattered onto Anna’s trembling cunt walls.

Greg’s moans triggered Chet’s climax.

“HERE IT COMES, BITCH!” the chaplain shrieked as he hunched up his hips and drove his cock so deep into her asshole Anna thought he was going to send her and Greg crashing into the wall behind them. She felt his hot, sticky jizz jet up her shitter as Greg’s cock continued to throb and shoot wildly in her cunt.

shrieked as her clit beat like a kettle drum with orgasmic contractions. She quivered, bucked and shook, shrieking like a mad woman as one spasm after another ripped through her cunt.

“OHHHH, FFFFFUUUUCCCCKKKK!” Anna screamed wildly as the two studs continued to spew their sticky spunk inside her body.

“Ohhhh, fuck!” Chet moaned as the last wad of his steaming cum blew out of his bouncing balls.

“Jesus! Jesus!” Greg groaned as he pulled his cock out of his mother’s snatch and rolled over on his back.

“Like something like that, son?” Chet asked the boy as he continued to rotate his hairy groin against Anna’s quivering, sweaty ass-cheeks.

“Yeah! Jesus Christ yessss,” Greg said smiling up at his exhausted mother.

“Well, while you two are arguing over the goods, I’m going to take a shower,” Anna said as she pulled free of Chet’s softening prick and jumped to her feet.

“I think I can arrange it so we can have more of these sessions, with people who are like you,” Chet said meaningfully to Anna.

The woman stopped and looked first at her son, then at Chet. She knew she shouldn’t listen to him. But there was something in the tone of his voice that excited her. A-lore cock? Why not? she thought to herself as she turned around and sat on the couch.

Anna reached down and scooped up some jizz that leaked out from between her slackened cunt-lips and used it as a lubricant to rub down her still-aching labes. Chet paced back and forth behind the couch as Greg lay on the floor.

“I think I can trust you two,” Chet finally said as he stopped walking back and forth and leaned on the back of the couch.

“Why not?” Anna wondered out loud.

“Well, what I’m going to tell you isn’t exactly approved of in the Navy Regulations,” Chet began. “But if you’ll go along with me, I can show you one hell of a good time-if you know what I mean,” the chaplain said, winking at her.

Anna felt guilty all over again. Paul hadn’t even been gone one day and here she was, dripping cum onto the carpeting while making plans to get more cock.

“Go on, Chaplain,” Greg said anxiously.

“Call me Chet,” he said, smiling broadly at the boy. “You know, I’ve just been here in Coronado for a few hours, but I see plenty of unhappy cunts
running around.”
Anna jumped off the couch. She wasn’t used to hearing such language coming out of a chaplain’s mouth. Then again, she wasn’t used to getting fucked in front of an altar either. Anna wondered where Chet Thompson had studied religion.

“Well, all the men are off for long periods of time,” Greg said. “They’re just like Dad-gone for a couple of weeks at a time. Some of them are gone for a couple of months or more.

“Right! Now I was stationed at Mayport, Florida, for two years, and I saw what was happening. These Navy wives were sneaking off to Miami or Fort Lauderdale to grab some quick cock. They spent a fortune in travel and motels when they could have tried to organize something there,” Chet said, chuckling to himself.

Anna smiled at the handsome chaplain.

“And I’ll just bet that it didn’t take you too long to figure out a way to get them hopping into your bed,” she said a little sarcastically.

“As a matter of fact, it took me over two weeks!” Chet said, raising his eyebrows.

“Whew!” Anna whistled in mocking disbelief. “For you that is a longtime.”
“I met a Navy wife just like you who had two sons. But she came to me after she’d fucked them. I saw the golden opportunity for stud service in front of me. Pretty soon we had a good thing going. Mothers ‘donated’ their sons to the great cause, so to speak.”
“Kind of like wife-swapping,” Greg said, laughing.

“Something like it,” Chet agreed. “I guess we call it mother-switching, or son-roulette. It doesn’t matter. What’s good about it is that there aren’t any outside people involved in it, so you don’t have to worry about blackmail or the word leaking out. Whenever the husbands went out on maneuvers, we started some maneuvers of our own, Chet said as he reached down and stroked Anna’s titties.

“And you want to start an operation like that here,” Anna said, looking up at him.

“Why not? You and Greg would be heading it Lip,” Chet said, walking around to the front of the couch and sitting down next to her. He reached over and brushed her hand away from her cunt-lips, digging his fingers into her wet, sticky snatch.

“Uhhhh! I don’t know. I still think it’s risky. Suppose we approach the wrong women? My God, it could blow the lid off the whole thing,” Anna said cautiously.

“Mmmmmm! That’s where I come in. You see, we wait until a woman comes to my office to discuss her marital problems. Believe me, there are plenty around this place. Husbands who give too much or not enough cock-or their old men have picked up V.D. over in Hawaii. After a few minutes I can tell if a woman’s ripe for the kind of service we could provide. Then maybe she has a son, or knows of a kid who can help us. Pretty soon the thing snowballs,” Chet said, growing more and more excited both from finger-fucking Anna, and from his speech.

“It sounds good, Mom. You know, I’ll bet a lot of the kids in Sea Scouts would help out,” Greg said enthusiastically as he sprang to his feet.

“The Sea Scouts is perfect!” Chet said. “Lot of young cock hanging around there. You think you could get them interested?” Chet asked Anna as he slid his hand up her tight slit until it rubbed against her partially swollen clit.

“Ohhhh!” Anna cried out as she squeezed her firm ass-cheeks together and tossed her thighs into the air. “Cut it out!” she said, slapping Chet’s hand away from her woolly crotch. “If you want me to think straight, you’ll have to leave my snatch alone.”
Chet and Greg looked at one another and shrugged their shoulders.

“I’m going to set this thing up one way or another,” Chet said as he got up and walked towards the bathroom. “At least this way you’ll be in the operation at ground level. There’ll be a lot of advantages there, believe me.

“Come on, Mom. Dad’ll never know anything about it. Maybe even later we’ll get him to join,” Greg said as he walked over to his mother and kissed her lightly on the forehead.

“All right, Chet, you’ve got yourself a deal,” Anna said, getting up and extending her hand.

“Some deal,” he said huskily, grabbing her hand and pulling her toughly against his body. “I’d say it’s one hell of a bargain.”
“Hey, if you two are gonna fuck around, I want to be in on it,” Greg said as he ran up behind his mother and squeezed her ass-cheeks with both his

“Looks like your son’s ready for some more of your cunt,” Greg said as he clamped his lips into hers.

“Wait! Mmmgffff! Wait a second. I’ve had enough for the day,” Anna said as she broke away from the chaplain and ran for her bedroom.

Chet looked at Greg, then turned and ran after her, his cock bobbing in the air.

“Come on, Greg. The last one that catches her gets the ass!” the chaplain shouted over his shoulder.

Anna sighed and ran her fingers lightly over her sweaty belly. Cool cum leaked freely out from between her sore cunt-lips and dripped down to the stained bedsheet under her sore ass. She closed her eyes and thought of Greg’s cock as it spattered more jizz into her sucking mouth. Both he and Chet had nailed her just as she reached the bedroom doorway, and had dragged her to the bed. While the chaplain fucked her cunt, Greg had crawled on top of his mother and given her a teeth-rattling oral screw job. Anna smacked her lips. She could still taste the hot, fresh flavor of her son’s jizz as it spattered past her teeth and oozed down her sucking throat.

Anna’s thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the doorbell. She wondered who it could be. Both Greg and Chet had showered, then gone out to get some dinner. She was supposed to join them
at the O Club later that evening to discuss the strategy they would use.

“I’m coming!” she cried out as she rolled out of bed and picked up her bathrobe.

“Hilda!” Anna cried out in surprise as she opened the front door.

“Anna, I-I don’t know who to talk to,” the woman began as she wrung her hands together nervously.

“Is something wrong?” Anna asked sympathetically. Hilda Akins was usually calm and composed in any kind of crisis. That was why Anna was shocked when she saw her friend standing in the front doorway, apparently coming apart at the seams.

“C-Can I come in?” she stammered.

Anna nodded quickly and opened the door. Hilda Akins was one year younger than she was and, if anything, more attractive and lively. She was continually involved in planning parties, luncheons, dinners and banquets, something Anna attributed to her less-than-successful marriage. Her husband Carl was gone half the year at sea, and spent the rest of the time drinking and bedding down the camp tramps. Anna could never understand Carl’s infidelity. Hilda was a firm-assed, big-titted bright woman with a head of long, fine black hair. Most of Carl’s fellow officers made all-too-obvious passes at Hilda whenever they could. But at least to Anna’s knowledge, Hilda kept her cunt to herself.

“Sit down on the couch,” Anna said as she walked towards the kitchen. “I’ll go in and put on
some coffee.”
“Ohhhh, that’ll be good,” her friend said shakily as she sank on the couch and covered her face with her hands.

When Anna walked back into the living room, she found Hilda sobbing violently and shaking her head slowly from side to side.

“Hilda, what’s happened? I’ve never seen you like this!” Anna said worriedly.

“I-I don’t know if I can tell you,” she sobbed.

“Hilda, your secret’s safe with me,” Anna said consolingly as she sat down next to her friend and wrapped her right arm around her shoulder.

“Oh, what’s the use!” the younger woman said, springing to her feet and clenching her fingers tightly into a fist. “I’m sick and tired of being the butt of base gossip and jokes!” Hilda said angrily as her face flushed with shame and frustration.

“It’s Carl, isn’t it?” Anna asked softly.

“It’s always Carl. It’s always been Carl. Anna, just today I caught him in our bed with Emily Anderson!” Hilda said huskily.

“The Commanding Officer’s daughter!” Anna said in shocked disbelief.

“Oh, God, yes. If it weren’t for her father, I’d have ripped the bitch’s eyes out. And all they did when I opened the bedroom door and found them there was laugh at me. Can you imagine it? Laugh at me while they laid there, fucking!” Hilda cried out as she paced back and forth in the living room.

“My God!” Anna whispered softly as she watched her friend sob and scream alternately. “But you know, Hilda, Carl’s been doing this sort
of thing for a long time.”
“Don’t you think I know it?” she said. “But at least he’s had the decency to rent a motel or something. But this. THIS! Right in our own home. It’s a first, even for Carl!”
Hilda inhaled sharply, then sank back down into the couch. Anna looked closely at her friend. She wondered if Hilda would be interested in joining Chet, Greg and her in their scheme. She certainly seemed to be the type of woman they were looking for. Too bad Hilda didn’t have any children.

“Hilda, I’ve been talking with Chaplain Thompson today,” Anna began as she stroked her friend’s hair. She couldn’t explain it, but she began to feel her pussy quiver as her fingers trailed along Hilda’s silky hair.

“Oh, isn’t he wonderful?” Hilda said, suddenly brightening. “And so damned handsome, too.”
Bingo! Anna thought to herself.

“He certainly is,” she said to her friend, feeling her cunt-lips shudder again as she thought of Chet’s cum-dripping cock. Anna was turned on more by her son Greg. But the good chaplain was no slouch in the sack.

“Sometimes-I know this sounds terrible-but sometimes I wonder what he must be like in-in b-bed,” Hilda said, blushing a deep red.

“W-well, I wouldn’t know,” Anna said, giggling softly as she felt Hilda’s right hand suddenly creep up to her knee. “But he’s single, and I’ll bet he’s one hell of a stud!”
“Ohhhh, Anna,” Hilda gasped as she slid her hand up her friend’s thigh towards her crotch.

Anna was no dyke, but she’d done some clit-strumming in the past, especially when the men were gone. At least up to now, Anna thought that it was better to get a little relief from a friend’s pussy than use a strange cock and risk scandal.

“Relax, Hilda. You need a little help and consolation, and I can give it to you,” Anna said as she dropped to her knees and slid to one side until she was in between Hilda’s widely spread legs. Her friend had already hiked up her dress, exposing her hairy, naked cunt-lips.

“Oh, Anna,” Hilda sighed as Anna jammed her head forward and pushed the younger woman’s thighs apart. In a second she was pushing her tongue into her friend’s dry slit.

Anna pulled her face out for a second and looked up at her panting friend. “Just relax and forget about Carl,” she said softly as she dove back into Hilda’s cunt. The younger woman closed her eyes tightly and clenched her fists as she felt Anna’s tongue slide up to her quivering clit.

“Ohhh,” Hilda moaned quietly as she ground her firm ass-cheeks together and hunched her sweating thighs upward onto Anna’s sticking mouth.

Anna grew more excited as she saw Hilda turning on to her cunt-sucking. She kept on with her wild tonguing, flicking it in and out of the moaning woman’s steaming slit as she ran her fingers lightly up and down Hilda’s slippery, sliding thighs. Slowly Anna moved her mouth up until her lips were just above her friend’s erect clit. She felt Hilda shiver as she inched her right hand under her
ass-cheeks up towards her shitter. Then she dove down, clamping her lips on Hilda’s clit for an instant. She started sucking on that swollen, fiery nub just like Greg and Chet liked to do.

“UNNGH! OHHHH!” Hilda screamed out, thrashing her arms about and sliding down on the couch, splaying her legs widely apart and hunching up her thighs to give Anna a better shot at her spasming snatch.

“Wow, you’re really steaming down there, babe,” Anna crooned as she licked Hilda’s puffy snatch-lips.

“UNNngh! Ohhh, shit!” Hilda groaned as she clamped her fingers around Anna’s bobbing head and tried to jam her face back onto her cit.

“Jeeesus! How long has it been since you’ve been to bed with anyone?” Anna asked seriously as she pulled completely away from Hilda’s contracting, swollen cunt.

“Oohhhh Anna. It’s been over two months-and that was with Carl,” Hilda said as she tried to catch her breath.

“My God!” Anna cried out in disbelief. “Come on. We’re going to show you a little of what you’ve been missing,” Anna said as she grabbed her friend and pulled her up from the couch. Like an oversexed robot, Hilda followed her friend to the bedroom.

In seconds Hilda had torn off her dress, bra and panties and was squirming like a bitch spaniel in heat on the bed.

“For someone who’s never done this before, you certainly learn the ropes fast,” Anna said,
sniggering as she unfastened her robe, threw it to the floor and jumped on the bed next to her friend. “Now come on, you suck me like I sucked you.

“I’ll try,” Hilda said hesitantly as she rolled over and crawled between Anna’s upturned thighs.

“UNnghhh!” Anna cried out as she felt Hilda’s mouth engulf her juicing snatch. She gritted her teeth tightly together as she felt her friend’s tongue slither up and down her aching gash.

“God, you taste good!” Hilda moaned from between her legs. Anna wanted to snap her thighs together and, smother the woman between her cunt-lips. Her clit responded immediately and furiously to Hilda’s tonguing. It vibrated furiously and beat wildly as the younger woman imitated Anna’s earlier sucking and clamped her lips around the tiny knob.

Anna cried out, hunching up, then slamming her butt down into the sweat-soaked top sheet. The bed squeaked and groaned as she jammed her pussy farther and farther onto Hilda’s stabbing tongue.

“OHHHH! DON’T! P-P-PLLLEEEAAASSSE DON’T!” Anna screamed, hoping that Hilda wouldn’t pay attention to her. She didn’t. Hilda kept on tonguing, running her lips up and down Anna’s puffy labes while she massaged her quivering clit with her tongue. Anna’s shrieked and moaned continually, sliding her firm ass from side to side on the bed as she felt her crotch itch, tingle and explode. Her tits swelled with sexual excitement as Hilda’s tonguing, massaging and
sucking became more frenzied.

“Together!” Anna panted as she hunched her thighs away from Hilda’s sucking mouth. “Let’s do this together.”
“You mean like sixty-nine?” Hilda gasped.

“You got it,” Anna said as she squirmed around the bed until her mouth was opposite her friend’s juicy, puffy snatch. Anna inhaled deeply, smelling the acrid odor of Hilda’s vaporized twat juice as she inched her face closer and closer to the woman’s cunt. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, licking the ends of Hilda’s wiry wet cunt hairs.

“Ahhhhh! Don’t tease!” her friend begged as she started licking Anna’s hairy cunt-mound.

“Ummmm,” Anna responded as she pressed her mouth hard against Hilda’s thick, wet outer labes. She could taste the pungent, acidic flavor of cunt juice. Slowly she stabbed her tongue inward until it snaked its way past the swollen, slick cunt-lips and drove down into Hilda’s fiery fuck-tunnel.

“AIEEE!” Hilda responded, driving in her own tongue deep into Anna’s snatch.

Anna bucked her hips forward, impaling her pussy on Hilda’s tongue while she reached tip and clamped her hands around the younger woman’s sweaty ass-cheeks. Slowly she moved her fingers closer and closer to her friend’s shithole. Finally Anna felt the smooth skin that surrounded the woman’s asshole and drove a finger into Hilda’s tight shit-chute. She heard her scream as her brown, puckered shitter tightened around the invading digit.

Hilda shrieked. Anna tasted another fresh torrent of hot cunt juice and felt her friend’s snatch clamp tightly around her slithering tongue. She could tell that Hilda was about to come.

“Easy, babe, easy,” Anna cooed as she mashed her titties against the younger woman’s heaving belly. Then something broke loose in Anna’s gut. She went wild, sticking her tongue farther into her friend’s fuck-hole. She moved one hand back to Hilda’s snatch and grabbed the brunette’s clit between two fingers while she jammed three fingers of her other hand into Hilda’s asshole. She heard her friend shriek in ecstasy as another contraction blew through her pussy.

Anna grunted as she felt her friend slam her sopping cunt harder and harder onto her face. Suddenly Hilda stopped and her body tensed up like a tightly drawn bow. Then she heard a sharp howl fill the room as Hilda’s cunt jerked and her asshole tightened around her fingers. She tasted a fresh discharge of twat juice and knew that her friend was coming.

Hilda screamed incoherently as the twitching series of contractions exploding in her cunt made speech impossible. She grunted and howled like a wounded animal as she continued to buck and hunch against Anna’s sucking mouth.

“OHHHH!” Anna screamed into Hilda’s spasming
cunt as she felt her own snatch blow apart.

The two women slammed their bodies against one another, grinding their spasming pussies into each other’s sucking, probing mouths as wave after clit-tearing wave swept over their quivering cunts.

Finally the last contraction ripped through their snatches and the two friends rolled apart, gasping for breath.

“That-that was w-wonderful” Hilda gasped as she slid her hands slowly up to her tits and squeezed the spongy flesh between her slender fingers.

“See what you’ve been missing?” Anna said, smiling at her panting friend.

“Ohhh, Anna. If you only knew what I’ve been through with Carl,” Hilda said bitterly. “He won’t go to bed with me any more. He’s too damned interested in the Navy or some strange cunt.”
“You know, I think there’s a way you can get back at him, and still have a good time yourself,” Anna said cautiously.

“What do you mean?” Hilda asked softly.

Anna bit her lower lip, trying to decide whether or not her friend would be willing to join her, Greg and Chet. She studied Hilda carefully, and decided that the younger woman was ripe for that kind of adventure.

“Get a grip on yourself, girl. What I’m going to tell you may sound weird, but it’s happening. And if you want to be a part of it, I think we can all have fun.”
Anna told her everything about her fucking Greg and Chet, and the chaplain’s proposition about
setting up a kind of sex/swap ring.

“My God, Anna. I never thought that you’d go for that sort of thing!” Hilda cried out in surprise.

At first Anna thought she’d made a mistake. Then she watched as a smile slowly crept across Hilda’s face. “Still, it does sound like fun,” she giggled.

“Chet and Greg are supposed to meet me at the O Club around eight this evening to discuss our plans,” Anna said as she lowered her face once more to her friend’s pussy.

“Ummm,” Hilda moaned as she felt Anna’s lips trail across her puffy labes. “Do you think they’d mind if I came along?” Hilda asked her friend as she hunched her hips up against her mouth.

“MMMgffff! I think they’d be disappointed if you didn’t,” Anna said breathlessly as she dug her fingernails into Hilda’s pumping thighs and slid her tongue up to the younger woman’s swelling clit. She pulled her face away for an instant and pried Hilda’s cunt-lips apart while she slid her fingers into the hole. She stirred them gently against the sides, stroked her twitching clit, then pulled them out, moistened with a layer of hot cunt juice.

“OHHH, YESSS!” Hilda hissed between her teeth.

“Yes sir, they’d be damned disappointed,” Anna whispered softly as she dove back into Hilda’s cunt.

Anna spotted Greg and Chet sitting at a table in the far corner of the dining room. She pointed them out to Hilda, then walked slowly over to them.

“Why, Mrs. Akins, what a pleasant surprise,” Chet said less than enthusiastically.

“It’s all right,” Anna said, sitting down next to her son and placing her right hand on his crotch. “She knows all about us and she’s willing to help.”
Chet smiled at Greg, then looked at Hilda.

“You’ll be a welcome addition, Hilda. But you don’t mind if I find out how. . uh, talented you are before I take you on,” Chet said, leering at her tits.

“That goes for me, too,” Greg said, wincing as Anna squeezed his balls gently.

“I don’t know if I can take two men on at once,” Hilda said, giggling nervously.

“You forget, I’ll be there, too,” Anna said as she squeezed Greg’s crotch one more time.

“Then let’s go,” Chet said with a grin as he quickly stood up.

As they pulled into the driveway, Anna and Hilda noticed Chet’s car parked on the opposite side of the Street.

“This is it,” Anna whispered excitedly as she threw open her door and nearly ran to the front porch. She saw Chet and Greg standing just inside the living room, dressed only in their slacks. “Come on, Hilda,” Anna shouted impatiently over her shoulder as she walked quickly into her home.

“Come here, Mom,” Greg said, lowering his hands to his crotch and squeezing the growing cock-bulge between his powerful fingers.

“Ohhhh,” Anna groaned as she felt her erect, blood-engorged clit vibrate furiously. “I want your cock,” she hissed between her teeth as Hilda walked into the living room.

“Close the door and lock it,” Chet said huskily as he moved like a lion towards the nervous Hilda.

“Fuck meeee!” Anna moaned again as she felt her nipples scratching angrily against her bra. “Fuck me,” she groaned as Greg slowly unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants, letting them fall to his knees. Anna’s eyes opened wide when she saw the outline of his throbbing, cum-oozing prick against the stretched material of his Jockeys.

“Beg for it, Mom!” Greg cried out as he closed his eyes and ran the fingers of his right hand over the trembling bulge.

Anna smacked her lips and ground her thighs lightly together as she felt her snatch tire up like an
overheated blast furnace.

“Please, Greg baby. Please, give me your cock,” she moaned, reaching back and trying to unzip her dress.

“Here, let me do that,” Chet whispered huskily as he turned around and almost ripped open her dress from the back. With another quick movement, the chaplain flicked open her bra, and Anna’s big titties popped out into the air.

Meanwhile Hilda was watching what was going on in horrified fascination. She felt like running out the door while she still had time. But the sight of Greg’s cock jerking like that under his shorts was making her twat-flaps flutter like a banner in a hurricane.

“Okay, babe. Now I’m ready for you,” Chet said to Hilda after he’d torn open Anna’s bra.

“P-Please don’t hurt me,” Hilda said pleadingly as the chaplain clamped his powerful hands around her ass-cheeks and drew her roughly up to his muscular body.

“Ohhh, baby, I’m gonna lick your pussy out and suck your clit before I jam my cock into your ass,” Chet grunted as he squeezed her buns hard between his fingers.

“Ohhhh!” Hilda cried out in fear as Chet hiked her skirt up to her waist and jammed his fingers between her firm, white ass-cheeks.

“How does this feel, babe?” Chet asked as he slid his hands around Hilda’s thighs to her hairy cunt-mound and milked the slippery edges of her swollen labes together.

“AIYEEEE!” the younger woman cried out as
she threw back her head and hunched her thighs tip on the chaplain’s probing hand.

“ARRrgh!” Anna groaned almost at the same time, as Greg dove forward and clamped his thick lips onto her right nipple and sucked like a vacuum cleaner. He ran his tongue up and over her aching nipple, pulling the taut brown flesh into his mouth while he stroked her snatch-lips with his fingers.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Anna groaned as Greg let go of her nipple with a loud pop and ‘moved to her other tit. At the same time he slid his fingers up until he found her rising clit-shaft. He gripped it between his thumb and forefinger and squeezed it gently while he sucked hard at his mother’s left nipple.

“AIYEEE! AIYEE! WAWWWH!” Anna cried out, swaying uncontrollably from side to side.

“Ohhh, Mom,” Greg groaned as he slowly sank to his knees, trailing his thick, hot wet tongue along her heaving chest. Anna felt his lips stop at her sunken navel and suck at the hard flesh before he continued downward to her aching, juicing pussy.

“Eat me! Eat me!” Anna moaned as she felt Greg’s tongue push through her thick forest of wiry cunt hairs.

Greg hovered before his mother’s juicing, puffy snatch-lips. His mouth was only an inch from
Anna’s twitching gash. River after thick, bubbling river of lava-like twat juice oozed freely from between her quivering labes and trickled down her thighs.

“My cunt! MY CUNT!” Anna cried out
mindlessly, shoving her hips forward.

“Oh, yeah!” Greg groaned as he ran his fingers lightly over her matted, drenched pussy hair. He watched her belly quiver with excitement and expectation as he moved his fingers closer and closer to the dark slit between her reddened, swollen labes. Anna almost lost her balance as he stuck his right forefinger into the hole and felt her silky cuntal membranes contract and clamp tightly down on it. At the same time Anna screeched like a banshee.

“Ohhh!” Hilda cried, echoing her friend. Chet had unzipped her dress and pulled off her bra and panties. The younger woman swayed back and forth like a tree in a thunderstorm as Chet moved around to her ass and jammed his tongue deeper in her shitter. At the same time he reached under her crotch and gently stroked her black, curly beaver.

“P-p-please, D-DON’T DO- ARRGHHU! AGGGHHHH!” Hilda screamed as Chet reached up and grabbed her swollen clit suddenly. He stroked it, squeezed it, tugged at it, rubbed it until Hilda lurched forward and collapsed to her knees on the floor.

“Baby want a fucking right now?” Chet said, laughing hoarsely as he ran up to her and bit gently into her right ass-cheek.

“OHHhhhh!” Hilda moaned as she reached back and try to push away his head.

“You don’t get rid of me that easily, babe,” the chaplain said as he pushed her down and rolled her over.

“Hey, Greg, what do you think we should do with these two bitches?” Chet called over to the boy.

“Jeez, I don’t know. Looks like they’re both ready to come right now,” he said.

“Your mother likes cock up both ends,” Chet said, looking at Anna thrashing around.

“Yeah, but what do we do about her?” Greg said, pulling his finger out of Anna’s cunt and pointing to Hilda.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” the younger woman moaned, sliding her hands down to her cunt and jamming her fingers in and out of her sopping snatch to relieve the itch and ache that gripped it.

“Jeesus, I’d love to fuck her ass!” Chet said as he reached down and slid two fingers into Hilda’s tight asshole.

“UNNngh!” the younger woman groaned as she tossed up her thighs and screamed in pain and fear.

“Hey! Mom can give me a blow-job while she has Mrs. Akins eat her out. That’d give you a good shot at her shitter,” Greg suggested.

Chet smiled at the boy, then dragged Hilda over to Anna. Greg pushed his mother down to her knees, then moved her forward until she was in a doggie position.

“Come on, Mom, come on and eat that prick,” Greg said as he rubbed its red, rubbery knob against her lips.

Anna didn’t need any more coaxing. Her snatch burned like an exploding star. Twat juice flowed freely now from between her incredibly swollen, hot labes and poured down her quivering thighs
while her tits throbbed and twitched with excitement. In a second Anna felt Hilda sliding between her widely splayed thighs. Slowly she lowered her snatch until she could feel the younger woman’s hot breath blowing through her juice dripping beaver.

“UNNNGH!” Anna cried out as she slammed her pussy hard down onto Hilda’s mouth. At the same time Greg hunched forward and battered his prick-head against his mother’s lips.

“Open that fuckin’ mouth, damn you!” Greg grunted as he kept ramming his powerful rod against his mother’s closed mouth.

“UNNnnngffff!” Anna groaned as she felt her son’s rubbery prick shoot past her front teeth and bang against the back of her sucking throat.

Greg moaned louder and louder as he felt her hot, wet mouth devour his cock. He clamped his fingers on Anna’s head, shoving it farther onto his cock until his balls slapped against his mother’s chin.

At the same Chet was kneeling between Hilda’s legs, spitting on his hands and rubbing the saliva on the thick, meaty head of his prick. The younger woman moaned half in fear and half in excited expectation as he threw her legs high into the air and rested them on his shoulders. Her brown, quivering asshole shot into view as the chaplain inched closer and closer to her upturned ass-cheeks.

“Just relax, Hilda,” Chet said as he poked the tip of his hot, throbbing shaft against the puckered skin of her shit-chute.

“Ohhhh, p-p-please,” the younger woman stammered as she pulled her mouth away from Anna’s banging pussy.

“EAT MEEEE!” the older woman screeched as she jammed her spit-slicked snatch against Hilda’s mouth.

As she drove her twat against her friend’s face, Anna went back to her son’s twitching cock. She felt her son thrust his hips back and forth more violently as he met the attack of her mouth. Anna reached up with her right hand and stroked Greg’s hanging fuck-sac gently with her fingers, pushing it back and forth as she swirled her tongue up and around his probing, thrusting prick.

“Ohhhh, Mom!” Greg moaned as Anna slowly slid her hand up from his balls up to his flat, hard belly. She pushed her hand tip through the thick matting of black hair until her fingers began to squeeze his hard, hot flesh. Rivers of sweat trickled down Greg’s panting belly as Anna’s hands crawled hungrily over the taut skin. Her head bobbed back and forth faster and faster as she felt her son’s prick twitch and swell inside her sucking mouth.

“Now, baby,” Chet moaned to the squirming Hilda as he pulled her sweaty ass-cheeks apart and drove in the tip of his iron-hard prick.

“ARRGHHH!! AIYEEEE! AIYEEE! NNNGHHH!” Hilda screeched in pain as she slid forward, trying to get away from the chaplain’s ass-invading dick.

“Get that bitch back!” Anna groaned as she felt her friend’s lips tear loose from her rumbling cunt.