Two teen boys are talked into dressing up as girls with the promise of sex

“Would you like to go somewhere and have sex?”

That was how my new life started, with a question posed
to me and my best friend, Carl, by the two hottest
seniors, well, actually graduates now, at the high-
school that we would be attending in September as
freshmen. We had just gotten out of eighth grade the
week before.

“Would you like to go somewhere and have sex?”

Now I suppose the two of us should been more
suspicious, but when you’re 14 years old and two, hot
girls walk up and ask you for sex, your hormones tend
to takeover and make you say yes.

Okay, we actually said, “Pardon?” first, because we
thought we had misheard them. After that, when they
repeated their question, we quickly said yes.

So the two of them, Denise and Maria, escorted the two
of us from the park where they had picked us up to
Maria’s house. When we got there, they led us upstairs
to her room and sat us down on the bed. They then said,
“Before we start, we want to play a little dress up

Carl asked what kind of game they wanted to play.

They told us that they wanted to see how we would look
in girl clothes.

Carl got upset and said, “Then you go and parade us
around to strangers and humiliate us? No thanks,” and
got up to leave.

Maria stopped him and said that he was being silly. She
said that the two of them, as well as some other
seniors from other schools across the town we lived in,
were going to have a little sex game. Each girl would
pick one incoming freshmen, dress them up as
convincingly in girl clothes as possible, and then
they’d all get together and have an orgy. She promised
that the only boys that would see us in girl clothes
would be other boys in girl clothes, and any girls that
saw us this day would be participating in the orgy.

Well, I don’t think I need to tell you that, at that
point, most of the b***d in our bodies were pumping
through our little guys in our pants. We still might
not have said yes, except for one thing. Even though
they were four years ahead of us, both Carl and me had
heard about Denise and Maria, and all the stories we
heard were good. The two of them were as nice as
possible, always sticking up for the little guy, and
never tolerating it when somebody got bullied in their
presence. So we took a chance and said yes.

For the next couple of hours, they fussed over us like
we were big china dolls. When they finished, they stood
us in front of the mirror. Even they were impressed
with the results. We looked good. If I hadn’t been rock
hard already, looking at two of us in dresses would
have put us there.

While we primped and posed, the two girls went into the
bathroom. They came out just a couple minutes later
dressed in these big, baggy robes, kind of like choir
robes. We could tell that, underneath those robes, they
were naked.

The two girls then led us down to the basement door.
Before we went in, Maria put her hand on the center of
the door, said some weird words, and only then could we
go in.

Inside the door, we stepped into a large, circular
room. The whole thing was about 40 or 50 yds across,
for larger than Maria’s house. Equally spaced around
the room were doors, ten in all. There were four other
people in the room, two seniors from a school across
town (I learned that later. Didn’t know who they were
at first), and what looked like two teenage girls.
Knowing what Denise and Maria had said earlier, I
guessed that they were actually, like us, boys in

Quick introductions were made and then Denise commented
that the others must all be working on their “girls”.
Over the next 10 or 15 minutes or so, more girls came
in, two at a time, one senior in robes with one girl
like us.

After the 20 of us were in the room, there was a brief
period where all the senior girls looked us over,
complementing each other on their work. Most of us
really got into it, posing as we were critiqued,
although a few of us seemed more shocked than anything

After that went on for a while, Denise clapped her
hands together and said, “Now, ladies, it’s time to get
down to the business at hand.”

Then we, all 10 of the boys in dresses, were brought to
the center of the room and arranged in a tight circle.
We were placed shoulder to shoulder facing the out side
of the room. The senior girls then joined hands and
formed a ring around us, each senior facing one of us.
Denise was facing me; Maria was facing Carl.

The seniors then all started chanting. I couldn’t
really make out the words, but I’m sure that some of
them were the same things that Maria had said when we
entered the room. After about five minutes of that,
they finished chanting. On the last syllable of what
ever it was they were saying, what felt like a bolt of
lightning shot through me, going from my feet to the
top of my head. It wasn’t painful, just intense,
intense and erotic.

When the energy stopped shooting through me, I felt so
supercharged that I wasn’t sure I could move. Luckily,
I didn’t have to. Denise walked right up to me.
Thinking back, I’m pretty sure that the other senior
girls were moving towards us, but I can’t be sure.
Denise opened up my blouse and palmed my breasts
through my garage. That’s right, I had breasts, and I
was so charged up, I didn’t care.

Denise stepped back, reached up and unbuttoned the
single button on her robe at her neck, and let it slide
from her. Standing in front of me was the most
beautiful thing I had seen. She had a fantastic, super-
model’s body with a big, thick cock at her crotch.
Again, I was so charged up, I didn’t care.

She stepped up to me again, and we kissed. We went
together to the floor, and I proceeded to fuck her raw.
The rest of the day was kind of a blur, but, true to
their word, we had a big, 20-person orgy. I’m pretty
sure I fucked and blew, as well as got fucked and blown
by, every person in the room.

When I came out of the sexual charge that I had, it was
with my cock buried in the ass of Carla (used to be my
bud, Carl), the cock of Janet (one of my fellow
transformees) in my ass, and my mouth wrapped around
Denise’s cock, and the amazing thing was I didn’t care.
Before my transformation, I felt funny being in the
same room with an exposed cock, but here I was with 19
other cocks, and I was happily sucking and fucking with
wild abandon.

That only when on a little while longer before Denise
called out, “Okay, that’s enough for today. Your
mothers are going to be worrying about their

We all stood up and disentangled. We then separated
into two lines, the seniors in one, we transformees in
the other, and faced each other. Denise then said,
“Welcome to your new lives, Class Of 2007. Each of you
was selected because of magic potential and
personality. You are now part of a secret society of
magic-users. We work in secret to make things better
for everyone.

“You now share a bond with each other. There are two of
you from each high-school in town. You will be taught
to use spells to make things better when you encounter
problems, and, if necessary, you will come together as
a group to cast powerful rituals to rid the town of the
more serious problems. There are three other such
classes at each high-school. Just as you are the
freshman class, there is a sophomore, junior, and
senior class group, as well as two teachers who will
instruct all the classes, including yours.

“In return for the burden you now hold to make things
better for everyone, you now have these super-sexual to
play with. Sex is free amongst all of us, regardless of
what class you are in. When you graduate, as we have
just done, your duty will be to choose the incoming
class of freshmen. As your first magical task, each of
you will be taken home by she who selected you, and you
will turn a door in your home into a magical portal
that will lead to a magic working chamber of your own.
Any questions?”

A transformee asked about Denise’s earlier comment that
our mothers would be expecting daughters, and if that
meant that they knew what was happening. Denise
explained that, with only a couple of exceptions, the
memories of everyone’s family had been rewritten so
that they remembered only what we were now, not what we
had been.

Then, after some good-bye hugs, as well as some good-
bye gropes (I both gave and got a few of those), we got
dressed and walked back through the doors to where we
had come from. As Denise walked me home, I asked her
about those exceptions she had mentioned when talking
about family members who would remember us. She just
said not to worry about it; that there were reasons why
a few families’ memories couldn’t be altered. I asked
her if my family’s mammories had been altered, and she
said no, I was one of the exceptions.

She wouldn’t explain further, so I was a little worried
walking in the front door. However, as soon as I was
inside, I heard my mother’s (I am the c***d of a
lesbian couple) yell, “Surprise!” and throw confetti in
my face. After the air cleared, I saw both of my moms,
dressed in nothing but panties. I saw in the panties of
mother Anna a big, thick cock. As soon as she was sure
I had seen it, she stepped up to me, took my hands in
hers, and said, “I am Class Of 1984. Welcome to our
exclusive order.”

Mother Bethany then stepped up, gave me a kiss, and
said, “May your magic help you to find someone will
make you as happy as your mother has made me.”

Anna said, “We can celebrate more later. Denise has to
walk our little girl through her first magic.”

Denise then had me select a door in the house. For most
of the time, it would just be a normal door, but when I
invoked the right spell, it would lead me to a special,
magical chamber where all of us transformees would get
together to do our stuff. I decided on my bedroom door,
just be easy.

After I created the portal, my family went out for a
celebratory dinner. Mother Anna gave me a taste of the
power I was to learn by casting a spell that made
everybody think we were clothed when the three of us
were actually naked. I got such a thrill knowing what
was really going on. I also noticed that there were a
few ladies who saw right through the illusion, but they
were ladies like me, part of our secret society.

So now Carla and I are the two hottest babes in the
freshman class at our high-school.

And it all started with a simple question.