Very good, my pet !

Your Mistress has let herself into your house and is waiting in your
living room for you when you come home from work. As you close the door
behind you, she steps out from the shadows. She is wearing a long black
evening dress that accentuates her every curve. The gown goes to the
floor, with a slit in the side that reveals a beautifully tanned and
perfectly shaped leg as she approaches you. Her feet wear black high
heels that are tall enough to let her look you straight in the eyes. She
is breathtaking. Her soft voice instructs you to undress for her. You
pause at first, then begin to shed your clothing.
Slowly, you undress and neatly fold and stack your clothes on the
floor. She looks down at your crotch and notices that you are already
aroused. She orders you to put your hands on your head and spread your
legs so that she may inspect you. You do so. She walks around you,
eyeing you up completely. Before you realize it, you find your senses
falling prey to her scent. It’s an almost hypnotic perfume that you melt
into. She casually runs her hand around your back and chest until she has
circled you fully. Then, she backs away from you, facing you. Her warm
eyes and gentle hair comfort you even as her smile gives away the fact the
she some devil in her heart and tonight she intends on showing you a
little of that wicked side.
She orders you to go shut the blinds. You look at her nervously,
realizing that your windows are large enough and set low enough in the
walls that you will have a hard time not exposing yourself to the world if
you obey. One look in her eyes and you know that you must do as she
commands. You try your best to keep yourself hidden from view, with your
back to the wall as you reach around the curtains to lower and close the
blinds. You realize that you are unable to completely hide from view and
you end up exposing your ass for at least a few seconds. As far as you
can tell though, no one outside noticed, although you do hear a gently
giggle from your Mistress. Then, when you return, she tells you that she
is disappointed that you tried so hard not to be seen. She explains that
since you think nothing of showing your obvious arousal to her, that she
wants you to show others that you appreciate your Mistress. As
punishment, you are to get the mail from your mailbox which is out on the
porch. Now you know that you’re in trouble. As you begin to open the
door, you feel your heart racing. You are so nervous that you find
yourself paralyzed with your hand on the door knob. You don’t sense your
Mistress’s presence behind until she whispers in your ear. “My patience
is generally forgiving, but you’ll regret making me wait much longer…”
You crack the door and try to reach out and grab the mail without leaving
your apartment. Of course you can’t reach it, yet you keep trying. “Do
it now!” she commands. Startled by her sudden sharpness, your fear of
being seen is replaced by a fear of disappointing her and you open the
door and step outside.
There you are, fully exposed for all the world to see. For a second,
you find yourself relaxing, enjoying the feeling of freedom that this
exhibitionism is providing you. You can’t believe it, but you feel your
manhood growing even more, as if it needed a breath of fresh air and wants
to get as much as it can while the opportunity exists. You let yourself
calm down a little, and find yourself looking out at the world. It’s
strange, but you feel as though you are seeing the world through new eyes.
Suddenly, you hear a door open nearby and your heart sinks as your fear
of discovery returns. Grabbing the mail, you zip back into your apartment
and shut the door behind you. “Very good, my pet. Now, let’s get down to