Woods Strip – Wife Exhibitionism

A few years ago, in 2018, we were visiting ‘family’ for a week and most
everyday we’d go for a walk in the woods near their house. Just behind
the pine trees we walked in, across the gravel road, was a housing
construction project. Most every time we’d walk into this wooded area
I’d get her at least partially undressed, and one of the times
photographed her taking off all but her panties. However, she wasn’t too
happy about this as it was just a short distance (150 ft) from the
By the last day we were there she’d gotten used to the routine and knew
that I’d want to get her naked once again. Each day I’d moved a little
closer to the construction site, so a few of them had actually seen a
glimpse of her undressing. This day I moved even closer, so only the
road and one row of trees was between us and them. I slowly undressed
her and finally she was completely nude, only about 100ft from the
workers, and separated by just one row of trees. After a little bit of
hugging and kissing I noticed a couple of the workers had stopped and
were looking our way. They had a partial view of us through the trees,
and I’m sure the could see that she was naked. When I realized that we
were being watched I caressed Sam for about 10 minutes longer; then I
reached out and picked up her clothes and walked out of the woods on the
side facing the work site.


By then at least 4-5 guys had stopped working and were looking. While
she watched from the trees I put her clothes on the ground, out in an
open spot, about 10 ft out from the trees. I then retreated back to
where she was and encouraged her to go out there and get dressed while
they watched. She give me a real nasty look, and wouldn’t say anything
but soon walked out in the open to her clothes. She seemed very calm as
she picked up her clothes and dressed. Even though I was only looking at
her backside I could tell she was quite mad about it all, but she’s
pretty passive and will go through with just about anything when it’s
time for her to perform. By the time she was done, which was only a
minute, and way to short for me, all the workers had stopped and were
looking our way. When she was done she turned and walked into the trees,
right past me, and kept on walking back to the house. I walked out into
the opening and waved to the guys and then took off after her. She was
kind of upset and didn’t want to talk about it. I guess she decided that
if she didn’t think about it then maybe it didn’t happen.
I was a good thing that we left the next day, as I found out later on
that it had created quite an uproar in the neighborhood, and even was
mentioned in the local paper. Although our relatives may have suspected
us, nobody knew who the naked woman was that day in the woods.