My husband loves to show me off to his friends and even to strangers and I like doing it

Before we even got married I knew Brad loved it when I
wore sexy or see through things when we went out, but
after we got married he wanted me to go to the next
level. Even on our honeymoon he had me pretend to be
sleeping and call room service up and order something
just to get it delivered to our room. It started with me
nude with a sheet covering everything except casually
exposing my lower body, like a leg and part of my naked

Brad really got a trill watching the young guys they
sent to our room as they tried to get an eyeful with him
noticing. And by the pool he would have me undo the
straps to my top and open it to the point that if you
walked behind me you could see my tits right down to my
nipples. Not that I have huge tits or anything, they’re
34B’s but with nipples that my husband calls eye-putter-

After we got home and went back to work he got me to
wear loose tops with shelf-style bras so my tits would
be on display if you cared to look that close. After my
boss saw me dressed like that he asked me if I would
like to move to his floor with a raise as well.

We needed the money so I took him up on his offer. The
other women were calling me a slut and a bitch and even
a cunt, with some saying it to my face. I just laughed
at them and told them if they had a body like mind
they’d probably show it of like I did.

My husband said my skirts needed to be shorter and I
needed to start wearing hose instead of pantyhose, which
was okay with me, I always hated pantyhose anyway. Plus
now my boss has me take dictation and he always wants me
there with him to do it. He has me sit in front of his
desk in a chair that makes my ass sore so I move around
a lot and I’m sure he gets a eye full.

Now my husband wants me to wear see-through panties or
no panties at all. I said I would try it out with his
friends coming over on Friday night to play poker and
see how it went. That got me going. I couldn’t think
about nothing else for the rest of the week.

When poker night came around I was wearing a new tiny
mini skirt with black hose and with no panties and a
loose tank-top, with no bra at all. I felt so
deliciously slutty.

The game started at 8 o’clock and by 10, four of my
husband’s friends had their hands up my skirt far enough
to feel my bare ass and one of them, the one I was
attracted to the most, was rubbing my pussy lips with
his fingers and then sucking them clean, looking into y
eyes as he did that. Man, was I ever getting wet! Five
guys other than my husband telling me how hot I was and
I’m eating it all up.

By the end of the poker game two more of them had run
one or more fingers up and down my pussy slit several
times and I was so horny that after they left I grabbed
my husband Brad and threw him on the couch and fucked
his brains out, riding him like a cowgirl at a rodeo.

After we’d fucked ourselves out, he said, “I dare you to
wear that to work on Monday. But I bet you’ll chicken

I asked, “What if I do and my boss tries to get in my

He just laughed, saying, “That’s up to you isn’t it.
Maybe he’ll give you another raise.”


The next morning. As I leave for work 30 minutes after
Brad does, he isn’t sure what I’ll wear, so I took him
up on the dare and wore a nicer top, but the same tiny
skirt and black hose with no panties, just my shaved
pussy for him to see.

I no sooner got to my desk than he was there saying he
had a few letters to send out. So I grabbed my pen and
pad and followed him into his office. I started in a
very businesslike way, but when I moved on the chair and
my legs opened a bit – for just a second – he couldn’t
remember what he was saying, and had to ask me to read
back what he had said.

It was all I could do to keep from laughing at him and
the look on his face was priceless.

By the time the letters were done and I took them back
in for him to sign, I was getting very horny. As I stood
there watching him sign the letters I was almost
dripping wet and as I put the letters down he asked me
to come around his desk because he said that I had a
typo he wanted to show me.

Now there’s no need for me to come around his desk but
he asked so I did, and he was right I had a wrong letter
in one word so I said I would retype it. Then he said
for me to wait and he would check the other 16 pages in
case I needed to fix another ones as well.

As I stood beside him his hand next to me went down to
his leg and slowly moved over towards me, then up my
leg. I didn’t say a word and when he got to my ass he
massaged my cheeks softly, which was turning me on even
more. Then when his hand went part way down my leg, I
knew I should stop him, but I was way too horny for that
by then.

He began to slowly rub the inside of my thigh just above
my hose then slowly moved up to my very wet pussy. By
then he’d laid the letters aside and was intent on
exploring me as I stood there, with my eyes closed,
breathing hard. He was rubbing my pussy lips and then my
clit and I almost passed out from the orgasm I had just
from one touch on my clit.

I came all over his fingers and when I finally opened my
eyes again he was smiling at me and then went back to
work with his fingers again. Just as I was on the edge
of cumming again he stopped and stood up, pushing me
forward over his deck and I head his fly being unzipped
and his pants dropping.

I was finding it hard to catch my breath, then suddenly
he pushed the biggest cock I’d ever had in me from
behind. Just one push and I was coming again like crazy,
moaning with pleasure as he nailed me. And it wasn’t
long before the room started spinning around and I
blacked out! I’d ever cum that hard in all my life

I wasn’t out for very long because when I came to he was
still fucking the shit out of me, forcing me to have one
long orgasmic event, until I thought I was going to pass
out again.

Finally I begged, “No more! No more!” That’s when pulled
out and pushed down to knees and put his huge cock to
my lips to be sucked.

I have never tasted myself before, but I was so crazed
by then that liked the taste of my pussy on his cock. He
then grabbed hands folds of my hair pushing about half
his cock into my mouth and part way down my throat! I
have ever been able to deep-throat Brad before, but he
was fucking my throat with almost all his cock now and
there was nothing I could do about it. My arms were
flailing around as I tried to breath between thrusts.

I was getting scared that I might die with that cock
down my throat but he let me breathe just enough and
pulled back so just the head of his cock as in my mouth
as he started shooting off. He was spurting his hot
cream into my mouth and down my throat. That was also a
first for me, I had never my husband cum in my mouth
before, but here was my boss shooting a huge load into
my mouth and down my throat.

As I swallowed, I found I didn’t really hate the taste,
it was kind of salty and a little bitter, but not too
bad after all.


When I got home that night, Brad was already in and as I
walked through the door he grabbed my skirt and pulled
it over my hips, seeing that I had no panties on. “I
didn’t think you’d have the guts to do it, but you did.
Good girl!” As he dropped to his knees and started
eating me out.

I hadn’t been a good girl and I was hoping that I’d
cleaned up enough so he wouldn’t know that I’d been
totally fucked by my boss for 4 hours before he let me
up. But he didn’t seem to notice anything, so I guess I
got away with fucking my bosses huge cock, art least
this time.

As I started cumming in my husband’s mouth, all I could
think about was my boss’s huge throbbing cock going deep
into my pussy, doing things to me that I’d never had
done to me before. When Brad got back up after making me
cum, he said, “C’mon, we’re going to Bob’s Restaurant
for dinner.”

I knew why he wanted to go there, they have big plate
glass windows with chairs facing the street and with the
tiny skirt I had on, anyone would be able to see my
pussy from that angle. But after what I’d done at work,
this seemed like a small thing to me.

Anyway, when we got there, Brad said for me to sit
almost in the middle of the window and he would order
for us. When he sat down beside me he saw a young kid
trying to see up my skirt, so he told me to uncross my
legs and give him a good show. “You’ll make his whole
year I bet,” he teased.

Normally I wouldn’t do something like that, especially
to a kid, but I was feeling strange, almost numb, so as
I uncrossed my legs and opened them fairly wide. His
eyes got really big, making me laugh at the look on his
face. When began to eat our meals he asked if my boss
had seen up my skirt or down my top. I said – guiltily –
I didn’t think he’d seen anything much. How do I tell my
husband that I fucked my boss every which way and was
falling in love with his huge beautiful cock.


After dinner and maybe 15 guys and a few women had seen
up my skirt, and most had stopped to get an eyeful
before moving on, one even blew me a kiss, we went to
the mall and just walk around. We went up and down the
stairs flashing my pussy at anyone who looked up at the
right time. It was then that Brad saw these boots in the
window of a shoe store. “Come on,” he said, “you have to
try them on.”

These boots would go half way between my knee and pussy.
I instantly knew what he had in mind and I was beginning
to breath faster. He’d seen a young sales clerk who
maybe 19 or so and super handsome, all tan and muscles.
Brad told him I wanted to try on the boots they had in
the window. So the sales guy had me sit down and Brad
told him to measure my feet because we weren’t sure
about size.

You could have knocked the sale clerk over with a
feather, when I put my foot into the measurer my mini
dress rode up and he got a full pussy shot, one that
only he could see. He looked up at me, then down at my
pussy and then back at my face again. Then he went about
the business of fitting me for the boots, but he really
only had eyes from my pussy as I moved he would smile
and hold my bare foot, lovingly, or so it seemed to me.

The first size he tried was way to big so he went down 2
sizes and he had to straddle my leg to pull them on and
I noticed I had lifted my leg high enough to give him a
great sustained view of my pussy. His face was kind of
turning pink when I put my other foot on his rear to
balance myself from falling over. That’s when I felt his
swollen cock against my leg as it pressed into me
through the material of his pants.

He let out a groan and turned beet red. I think he’d cum
in his pants. Men! He grabbed the top edge of the boot I
was trying on and pull it up my leg. When he got it all
the way up his hand was on the inside of my leg and then
slipped the rest of the way up and a couple of fingers
touched my bare pussy briefly. He sold the boots to me
for under wholesale pricing.

Brad was amused at his discomfort, but I don’t think he
had a clue that the clerk had turned me on…

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  1. Hello ..lord have mercy that was hot wife and I are in our late 50s now but we still talk about all our first she was afraid .but I talked her into.doing it slow ..and a few months of having fun doing this ..I think she found her inner slut and good God all mighty she was unstoppable..I couldn’t have found a better soulmate to play with ..we were wondering if guys ever thought about a sixty year old woman flashing that pussy ….lol

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