A Boss Like A Father

Well, my thinking that first night wasn’t all that
clear with all the shots we had been taking. We were
both pretty toasted, thousands of miles away from home
on a business trip.

We work for a large corporation. I’m a regional manager
for our business, and she’s a direct report. We work
very closely and have a great professional
relationship. It’s kind of funny to think how much we
have in common, even though we’re in such different
stages of life.

You see, I’m married, with a couple of great kids,
house, BBQ with the neighbors on Sunday and all that
dull stuff, and she’s just a few years out of college,
still with a fun loving college mentality. From that
point of view, we couldn’t be more different.

At work, we get along pretty well. I actually liked to
think of myself as her mentor. A couple of times I had
to defend her when she was about to become a scapegoat
for some political bullshit, and more than once I was
sure to share some of my limelight on her when the big
sales came through. I’m pretty sure I would have done
it for any young staff member with such promise and
promotability. Besides, you have to keep these young
employees happy with bonuses and stock options, or
they’ll get lured away by our competitors.

Well, it turns out that this fatherly mentor roll along
with our good rapport was about to turn into something

It all happened on our business trip overseas. I had
just finished a hectic vacation with the family,
complete with fighting kids and spat with the wife. I
guess she had a tiff with her boyfriend that week too.
First thing Monday morning, we met at the airport,
burned out and stressed from the tight schedules.

After a weekend of stress and planning, we finally were
sitting on the plane, with nothing to do but relax and
talk for the 16 hour flight. It was strange, because we
talked for almost the entire flight, when we should
have been getting rest for the work ahead. But, as much
as I hate flying, I was sorry the flight ended. It was
kind of exciting talking to such a cute young thing,
who was obviously enjoying herself just as much as I

Well, after the first grueling day, we went out for a
nice dinner. Since she had never even been out of the
country, she was completely lost in this city. Having
been there several times, I took her to a nice dinner
club in a ritzy part of town.

I admit that since I had known her, I was of attracted
to her. I mean, who wouldn’t be? She has the face of an
angel, silky soft hair and smooth skin. Her petite
frame was almost girlish, with her tiny waist, except
for her nice round ass.

In all that time, I never made a move. The thought
hadn’t even entered my mind, we were so different.
Besides, what would she see in an old geezer like me?

But sitting in the back of that cramped taxi, both very
stewed, our thighs were pressed together. Every turn,
every traffic light, we were bumped and jostled against
each other. I was starting to want her sexually, and I
think she wanted me too.

Back at the hotel, I made some pretense for her to come
to my suite to look at some figures. I don’t know what
I was doing. I was kind of flirty, kind of just goofing
around. I definitely didn’t think something would come
of it. But I wasn’t really thinking, I guess.

In my suite, at the desk, we sat together. My hand
brushed against hers as we looked over the laptop
computer. I could tell that she wanted me to kiss her.
She looked at me with those soft eyes and I knew.

Dilemmas, dilemmas. I was married. She was an
underling. I was twice her age. Oh, what the fuck. You
only live once.

I put my hands on her shoulders and turned her to face
me, as I put my lips on hers. She responded by closing
her eyes and parting her lips, as my tongue entered her
mouth. Her chest heaved as caressed her body, running
my hand from her thigh up her side, against her tight
firm body. When my hand lingered against the side of
her breast, she melted as she had to break our kiss to
even breathe.

My hands lifted her out of the chair and put her on the
bed. She watched me as climbed on top of her and
started kissing her again. Then her eyes closed. I
broke the kiss this time, moving my lips to her neck.
Her arms wrapped around my shoulders as the tip of my
tongue traced a line down to her collarbone.

Again, my fingertips strayed to her breast, lightly
tracing a circle around her protruding nipple. Her back
arched as she let out a long moan.

Man, what was I doing? This wasn’t right. I couldn’t do
this. I stopped kissing her and debated if I should ask
her to leave or not. My hand moved off her, on to her
waist. She must have been pretty hot, because she
gasped when my hand landed on her hip. Without even
thinking, my hand shot down between her legs and rubbed
her gently. Man, was she wet. I could feel the heat and
moisture through her slacks. Good thing our company
pays for dry-cleaning on these trips.

That made up my mind. She was a consenting adult,
dripping wet like that. She knew what she was doing.

I undid her pants and slid my hand into her panties.
She spread her legs wide as I slipped a finger into her
dripping wet cunt. How she writhed like a cat, as I
finger fucked her little hole in the confines of her

Without taking my hand out of her snatch, I rolled her
onto her side. My other hand wedged under her and
kneaded her small breasts through her blouse. I
couldn’t wait with the buttons, so I ripped them open.
She started to come as I rolled her nipples between my
fingers through the top of her bra, as my other hand
rubbed her clit. Her body tensed, as her legs clenched
together on my hand in her pussy, rhythmically pulsing.

After she came down, she pulled my hand out and crawled
on top of me. She undid my tie and ripped my shirt
open. Shit, how was I going to explain that to my wife,
I thought, as she started rubbing and licking my chest.

Then she went down and undid my fly, with her teeth.
Man, how long had it been since someone did that? I
stopped thinking about anything at all when she got her
lips around my cock. I sat up on my elbows to watch her
gorgeous face suck me off. Her lips spread wide and her
cheeks hollowed out as she slid me in and out of her
mouth. I was mesmerized by watching her, up and down,
up and down on my cock. I got harder and harder, as she
struggled to keep as much as my meat in her mouth as
she could.

I couldn’t wait any more. I pulled her off my rock hard
dick and shot my tongue back into her mouth. I thought
she was going to come again. I stopped, and completely
undressed her.

She was a sight to behold–her smooth tanned skin all
over her slender petite body. Her thin waist blended
into her round ass, and her swollen nipples stood out
of her firm tits.

I stripped the rest of my clothes off, and climbed
between her legs, pushing her knees apart with mine. My
hands started at her thighs and ran up her body, over
her hips, up her midriff, over her breasts and hard
nipples, up to her soft arms, bringing her wrists
together above her head.

I held both of her wrists with one hand, and brought
the other one back down, slowly, feeling everything, as
she writhed, pinned with her arms helpless.

With my body over hers, my hard cock was pressed
against her dripping cunt. With my free hand, I guided
the head of my swollen shaft against her wet clit. I
teased her hole, just barely putting my head in, and
taking it out, rubbing it around her clit.

This drove her wild, as her hips started to slowly
buck, trying to get my cock deeper in her. Her arms
struggled to get free to pull me in, but I held them
tight. Mercilessly, I teased her.

“Please, do it. Do it” she whispered hoarsely.

“Do you want it, baby?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, I want it. Put it in!”

“How bad do you want it? Say it.”

“Oh Bob, I want it so bad. Fuck me. Fuck me, Bob. Fuck
my box with your cock, oh fuck me fuck me.”

I couldn’t resist it myself, and I plunged my cock into
her. On the first stroke, I sank in to the hilt,
ramming the back of her cunt. She screamed and her body
rocked with another orgasm.

My free hand reached around and grabbed her meaty ass.
My fingers sank into her flesh as I pumped her. She
moaned loudly and her hips bucked wildly, making the
bed squeak. I thought the management would be knocking
on our door any minute now, in this conservative city.

I let go of her wrists with my other hand and brought
it under her other ass cheek. My fingers lifter her ass
off the bed, giving me the most leverage as my cock
plumbed the depths of her pulsing cunt. With every
thrust my balls slapped her ass, as I pumped in and

Finally, I came, moaning out. As my hot come shot up
into her, she came again. With every dying stroke, the
last drops of come drained from my balls into her
dripping wet hole.

I collapsed into her, and we lay there, panting, not
saying anything. That was a great fuck, but I was
starting to feel the guilt of cheating on my wife of
how many years. What she said totally brought me out of
that reverie into a whole new shock.

She whispered into my ear, “I love you.”

I was stunned. This was supposed to be a carefree
fling, I thought.
What was she thinking?

“I love you,” she said again. After another pause, she
spoke. “These last few days have been amazing. It’s
like we were made for each other. I mean, I’ve dated
before, but I’ve never felt this way before.”

True, it had been pretty intense lately, and we were
working like a well oiled machine. In more ways than
one, after that night. I was getting a little choked up
myself. I didn’t know what else to say, so I said it

“I love you too.” As soon as the words left my mouth I
felt like I wanted to take it back. But then she
wrapped her arms around me and squeezed.

What a fine mess this was. At least I’d be able to fuck
her some more. This would be a fun trip…

* * *

After that, we said it all the time. I managed to
extend the trip to a whole week. We barely slept at
all. When we weren’t working like hell to close the
deal, we were fucking. We were in sync. Each knew what
the other was going to say before she even said it. And
the sex was the best either of us ever had.

The whole trip was really like a suspension of reality.
I was far from my family, and she was far from her own
life. All we had was the project and each other, and it
was good.

When it was time to go back, the house of cards began
to come down. The last night, after the third time we
made love, I told her that I loved her and always
would, but I had to think about my kids. She didn’t say
anything for a while, but then said she understood,
before quietly crying in my arms.

When we got back, I went home to my wife and my kids,
and she went back to her boyfriend. We acted like
nothing happened, other than a great bonding trip.
There was definitely a closer bond between us. People
at meetings would glance at each other when I would say
something and she would spontaneously complete my

After a week, I thought things were in the clear. We
were still pretty close, staying late to talk either in
my office, or hers, with the door open. Perfectly
acceptable, among colleagues. Until the day of our

She called in the morning to say that should couldn’t
make the afternoon meeting, but if I would be staying
late we could go over it at 7. I agreed, thinking
nothing of it.

When I came to her office, the halls were empty. I sat
there, thinking I was safe with the door open. But as
the meeting went on, she grew despondent.

“Bob, I miss you. I miss you so much.”

“Gail, I miss you too. But we agreed…”

“I know,” she said. “But it just hurts, seeing you
every day and knowing you’re right there, but that I
can never have you and that you’re trapped in your life
and I’m in mine.”

I remained silent. Where was this going?

“But I still love you, Bob. I haven’t stopped loving
you since the trip. I miss being in your arms.” She
started to get teary eyed.

I don’t know if it was the single tear down her
beautiful face, or if it was the soft glow of her skin.
I should have walked out, but instead I went over and
held her.

Her arms reached around me, and I held her tighter. She
felt so good, so small and so soft. I leaned down and
kissed the top of her head, smelling her hair. We
pulled each other closer and harder.

My hand seemed to have a mind of its own, as it
caressed her back and kept going down to her ass. She
responded by grinding her hips into my thigh, spreading
her legs in her tight skirt suit. Both my hands cupped
her ass checks, gripping her flesh. She turned her head
up and grabbed my head, pulling it down to hers. As we
kissed, I could feel the electricity between us, that
had been building up with the knowledge that we could
never touch like this again.

I broke the kiss and turned her around, bending her
over the desk. She stopped herself with her hands, but
I pushed her all the way down, her body and face coming
down in a large stack of papers, spilling folders and
pens all over the desk and floor. I pushed her high
heeled feet apart and reached down with my hand,
running it up her inner thigh into her skirt. The
little slut’s panties were already wet.

I hiked up her skirt and pinned her against the desk,
as I pulled my pants down. I shoved my cock into her
back door and rammed it home into her pussy. As I
fucked, her hole got wetter and wetter, till I slid in
and out, pounding her. Meanwhile, she was moaning,
sucking on her finger, as I fucked the hell out of her
from behind.

As I felt her coming, I did a couple quick strokes and
pulled out. I quickly flipped her onto her back, and
jumped up on the desk straddling her chest on my knees.
I stuck my dripping throbbing cock in her mouth and
pulled her head up to take my shaft.

“Take it, you slut. Suck your own juices off my cock.”

Her body continued to pulse, as I fucked her mouth. I
could see her own juices around her lips, as the
practiced cocksucker took me into her throat. She
continued to moan and buck and that set me off.

I came into her throat. I wasn’t sure if she was
expecting it or not, because she gagged, but I held her
head still. Then she started to suck and swallow my
come, as I kept thrusting my hips into her face. She
kept sucking me until I couldn’t take it anymore and
had to pull out. We collapsed again.

“Bob, I love you. I’ll do anything, just as long as we
can be together some of the time.”

“Gail, I love you too. I always have and always will.”
This time, it was only half lie.

Then we noticed the door was still open.

I jumped up and looked out the door. No one in the
hall. But someone could easily have walked by without
us knowing it.

This whole thing was completely out of control, but I
couldn’t help it. We fuck all the time, after work, at
lunch, in my office, in hers, in the car, in motel
rooms, and once on the conference room table. It’d be
the end of my career, and probably marriage, if we were
ever caught. But I can’t help it. I don’t stand a
chance against her soft skin, her beautiful face, and
her wicked ass.

I know it’s wrong, but what can I do?

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