Humiliating for the little Italian bitch

Lynn and I had seen each other several times since we had first hooked up on the internet. Each time grew kinkier. When Cecilia mentioned that she wanted to put us throught a training session, we thought it sounded exciting. Cecilia wanted to become a professional dominatrix and we were to be her students and

What Hubby Doesn’t Know

Fatty kept his eyes on Jeannie Evanston as she served drinks. She was a beauty. She was dressed in tight shorts and a tight strapless halter. She was in her mid-twenties, with shoulder-length wavy ash-blonde hair, green eyes, shapely curvy hips, long full sleek legs, and a big upthrust rump. Fatty’s cock stirred as he

A neighbor and her son dominate their next door neighbor

Anne glanced at the teenage boy across the fence looking over. He was their neighbor and every time her or her daughter went out too get a suntan in their bathing suits, the little runt was always at the fence staring at them. She was furious at him. June, her daughter, was in town at

Joy and some friends

I had Joy dress in some short shorts and a little halter top with heels and told her I was going to call some friends over so they could fuck her. I often do this. I love seeing her getting fucked and guys using her body to dump their cum in and on. When they