The continuing bestiality adventures of Mike and Gabrielle

Mike peered over Gabrielle’s shoulder as they both read the email. Both were excited beyond words, yet ever cognizant of the fact that it was still only an email and that the true test would be in meeting the couple in person. Such was usually the case when meeting people through these internet personals sites.

African Seduction of Three White Women

African culture regards the seduction of sexually active women totally different than that of the western hemisphere. Sadly, there are few laws enforced to protect women in some countries and this appalling practice of sexual humiliation has torn families apart. A lot of kidnapped women, wives and daughters, have been forced into prostitution and sex

A True Life Tranny Experience

My real name’s Benny, and I’m a 32 year old very passable bi transvestite that has an insatiable craving for receiving another guy’s cum. I’m 5ft 7in tall, quite skinny (10 stone ‘ 140lbs to you Americans), and have perfected the mannerisms of a ‘real’ woman in every way, without going over the top by

A Catholic girl

Alice was a good Catholic girl, at least in all the ways that matter. She went to church regularly. She believed in God. She took seriously the Church’s teaching on various issues, abortion, just war, marriage and divorce. The one thing that she struggled with was sex. It’s not that she was a wild one