Aunt Alison

It was the morning of December 21 as Chad Nichols and
his family prepared for the arrival of his aunt,
Alison. Alison was his father’s sister whom Chad
hadn’t seen in twelve years, when he was only six
years old. Even though she was his aunt, she was only
eight years older than him. When he was a baby, she
treated him more like her own k*d than just a nephew.

Alison hadn’t seen her brother and his family in many
years, ever since she and her parents moved across the
country to Oregon. This Christmas though was very
special. Alison’s father, Chad’s grandfather, had
passed away over the summer and drained her
emotionally. The only medicine she thought would help
would be a visit to the family she had missed. It had
been a month since this Christmas visit was planned
and both she and the family were ecstatic about the
visit…except for Chad.

Chad, as mentioned, hadn’t seen his aunt since he was
six and had very faint memories of her at all. Hell,
he hadn’t ever seen a picture of her. While his
curiosity was there, that was the only feeling he had.

Michelle, Chad’s mother, and Brian, his father, had
left for the airport to pick Alison up and left their
son to finish cleaning the house before they returned.
He was like any typical teenager and did the bare
minimum when it came to the cleaning. A quick dusting
and a brief run of the vacuum was seen as enough for
him. He was just happy to have the house to himself
for a few hours. Once his “cleaning” was done, he made
his way upstairs to pass the time by doing what any
single teenage boy would do when he had the house to
himself. After “passing the time”, he cleaned himself
up and made his way back down the stairs and started
watching a basketball game.

Two hours later, he three car doors slam outside and
he knew that his family had returned. He looked
towards the door as his parents walked in, followed by
his aunt. When he saw her walk through, his jaw almost
hit the ground.

Trailing his parents was a tall woman with long, silky
auburn colored hair with big dark blue eyes. She was
wearing a tight fitting t-shirt that hugged her rather
small breasts and pair of baggy green cargo pants. He
was shocked at how amazingly beautiful his 26 year old
aunt was.

“Chad honey, come over here and say hi to Aunt
Alison.” His mother said.

Chad stood up and walked towards her, his eyes locked
on hers.

“Damn Chad, you sure have grown the last ten years.”
Alison said as she pulled him in for a hug.

The 18 year old Chad didn’t know how to feel. He had
this beautiful woman giving him a tight hug but it was
his own aunt and he knew it was wrong to think of her
as a “beautiful woman”. Once she broke the embrace,
she turned and walked towards the dining room table
and sat down. She wanted to relax after the long day
of travel she had experienced.

Since the day was hectic enough, the family decided to
go out for dinner instead of cooking themselves. An
hour after they had arrived home, they were back on
the road heading to their favorite restaurant. They
had a quick dinner and within two hours were back
home. Brian and Chad unloaded Alison’s two bags from
the car and carried them in to the house.

“Come on Alison, Chad and I will show you to your
room.” Brian said as he led them up the stairs.

Alison would be staying in the room next to Chad’s for
the week that she would be staying. Brian showed her
around the room before he heard his wife calling from

“Be right back.” He told the two young people in the

“That’s okay,” Alison said. “I’m gonna catch a shower
in a minute.”

“Okay, Chad will show you where the bathroom is.” He
said as he left the room.
Alison pulled her towel from the bag and laid it out
on the bed as Chad tried his best not to stare at her
from behind. She turned around and walked towards him.

“So Chad, can you show my where the bathroom is?”

“Sure.” He said as he tried to keep his eyes on hers
and not let them drift down, but struggled.

He led her to the bathroom and opened the door for

“Aw, you’re too sweet.” She patted him on the shoulder
before entering the bathroom and closing the door
behind her.

Chad took a deep breath before going into his room. He
sat on his bed and tried to sort his thoughts out. Why
was his mind doing this to him? He was a single guy
who never had a girlfriend, but that was by choice. He
had seen all the teenage drama that surrounded his
friends early in high school and decided that he
wanted nothing to do with it. He had had sex three
times before with a really hot girl he had met at the
mall. This k*d was told several times that he was good
looking enough to have any girl he could possibly
want, but why was he so attracted to his aunt?

As he sat there thinking about his aunt, he felt that
his cock was pressing hard against his pants. It was
just another dilemma that he didn’t need. He had no
idea whether or not to tend to his throbbing erection
knowing that he would have to think about her while
doing the deed. Chad wrestled with his thoughts for
several minutes, he finally decided that he had to get
rid of the erection in his pants no matter what his
brain would think about. While pulling his pants down,
he heard Alison shout out his name.

“Chad! Can you come here for a sec.” Chad pulled his
pants back up and went towards the bathroom. Once he
got to the door, Alison popped her head out from
behind the door and smiled at him. She looked even
hotter in his eyes now seeing her auburn hair wet,
with long dark strands sticking to her face.

“Hey, I left my towel on my bed. Can you get it for
me?” Suddenly he realized that she was naked behind
the door, which did not help the confused feelings he
was already feeling.

“Yeah sure.” Chad said as he quickly turned around (to
make sure she didn’t see the tent in his pants) and
walked towards her room. He retrieved the towel and
went back to the bathroom, handing her the towel. When
she reached for it, Chad got a good look at the side
of her left breast and was only a few centimeters from
seeing her areola. She thanked him and closed the

“What the hell is going on?” He whispered to himself
as he had yet another reason to be confused.

He ran back to his room, locked the door and lay down
on the bed. He pulled his pants down to his ankles and
began to stroke himself. Despite how wrong it felt,
this confused young man’s hormones were running too
wild for him to ignore. He couldn’t figure out why he
was so hot for his aunt, but his balls were aching too
hard for a release and he had to give in.

Chad lay on his bed, furiously masturbating, as
pictured his aunt nude in his mind. His imagination
was taking him over. Chad imagined running his hand
down her slender body, giving her small breasts a hard
squeeze. He imagined the squeal of joy she would make
as his hand worked its way down her body and to her
clit. He increased his pace as he pictured Alison
taking his six inch rod into her mouth and licked it
like a popsicle.

Chad’s imagination was drawing him closer to orgasm
when a knock on his door rocked him back to reality.

“Chad?” Alison knocked again. “Can I come in?”

He sighed, upset that he couldn’t reach his climax.
Pulling his pants back up, he got up and unlocked the
door, letting her in. She was wearing the same clothes
she was before her shower and her hair was still a bit
wet. They made small talk for about a half hour,
talking about school and work and whatever else they
could think of. He pointed out that he was going to
the University of Oregon next fall, which happened to
be close to Alison’s place.

“The campus is like a mile from my house. If you don’t
want to spend money on a dorm, you’re more than
welcome to stay with me. I have a spare room and
living alone is fucking boring.” His heart started
racing as the idea of being around her everyday not
only excited him, but scared him. The fact that he
never wanted to stay in a dorm made his answer easy.

“Absolutely, sounds great.”

She sat cross legged on his bed while he sat at his
desk chair. About twenty minutes into the
conversation, Chad’s eyes wandered down to Alison’s
chest and suddenly he realized that she wasn’t wearing
a bra. During the last few minutes of the talk, he
tried to hide the fact that he noticed her hard
nipples poking through her t-shirt.

Brian walked in around nine o’clock (about forty
minutes after Alison came in) and said his goodnights
to his sister and his son. Once he left, she looked at
the clock and noticed the time.

“Okay buddy, I’ve had a long day. I’m going to bed. I
guess I’ll see you tomorrow.” She stood up and yawned
real loud, stretching her arms above her head. Chad’s
eyes stayed locked on her breasts as she stretched.

Once Alison closed the door behind her, Chad yanked
his pants off and jerked himself so hard he thought he
would tear his penis from his body. It took only a few
minutes before he blew the biggest load he could ever
remember shooting. He cleaned himself up, stripped
down to his green boxers and went to bed.

Chad woke up around one o’clock in the morning, not
being able to sleep with the thoughts racing through
his mind. He was craving a snack so he walked quietly
downstairs and into the kitchen. He almost jumped out
of his skin when he walked in and saw Alison standing
near the microwave as a hot pocket spun inside. Chad
was still in only his boxers and was embarrassed when
she saw him.

“Hey buddy…nice underwear.” His face was beaming red
from embarrassment. Not just embarrassment from being
in his underwear, but also seeing his aunt in her

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think anyone would be in here.”
He said with a shaky voice.

“Well, I guess I can’t make fun of you for that. I
mean, look what I’m wearing.” Chad had already noticed
what Alison was wearing. She stood there wearing just
a white tank top and a pair of black panties.

“Yeah I…I guess n…not.” He tripped over as words
while trying not to stare, which she quickly caught on

“What’s the matter buddy, are you embarrassed to see
me in my undies?” She said while pulling her snack out
of the microwave. He did not answer. “It’s okay, I
understand. But just remember that when you were a
k*d, I helped change you diaper and wipe your ass on a
regular basis. It’s not like I haven’t seen all there
is to see when it comes to you.” She could see that
his nerves were not settling. “I’ll try to wear more
clothes when I’m around you next time.” She took her
plate and made her way back upstairs. Chad sat at the
table taking deep breaths and trying to figure himself
out. After a few minutes he went back to bed.


The next day was awkward for Chad. He spent the
majority of the day helping his family finish
decorating the house, which resulted in a lot of time
directly around Alison. Today, she was wearing a tight
black tank top and a pair of basketball shorts as it
was an unseasonably warm December day in Vermont. It
seemed to Chad that she was now full-on teasing him
after their encounter the previous night. The most
awkward part came when they started to decorate the
tree. The family Christmas tree was about ten feet
tall and almost reached the ceiling.

Alison and Chad were given the responsibility to
decorate the tree while Michelle and Brian were at
work. Chad went upstairs to retrieve a mini-ladder so
they could work on the top of the tree. When he
returned to the den, she had his back to him,
spreading the ornaments and decorations around on the
table. He couldn’t help but check her out when he
noticed a rather large tattoo on her upper back.

“Hey, that’s a pretty cool looking tattoo.” He said,
causing her to turn around.

“Thanks, it took a while to finish. You want to see
the whole thing?”

“Sure.” He responded.

Alison turned her back towards him once again and
lifted her shirt up over her head and off. It was
obvious now to Chad that his aunt did not enjoy
wearing a bra as her bare back faced him. He was now
staring at a large hawk that spread from shoulder to
shoulder down half way to her shorts.

“That’s nice. I guess that had to hurt.”

“At first, but you get used to it.” Chad’s heart
almost stopped as she turned around, still topless,
and gave him a full on look at her b-cup breasts
before pulling her shirt back down. “You have any
tattoos?” He quickly had to snap into reality.

“No, but I’ve been thinking about it.” He walked
towards the table as Alison stepped up on the ladder.

“You should get one, it’s definitely worth it. Can you
hand me the angel?” He handed her the angel and she
placed it atop the tree. They got about half of the
tree decorated before they took a break. “I’m gonna
get a beer, you want one?”

“Um, okay.” Chad wasn’t expecting his aunt to offer
him a beer, but then again he didn’t expect her to
flash her breasts at him either…so he just rolled
with it.

The two young relatives sat down on the couch together
and turned the television on. Chad had the remote and
stopped on a basketball game, the New York Knicks vs.
his favorite team, the Boston Celtics.

“You like basketball?” She asked him.

“Yep, Celtics fan forever.” She gave him a playfully
angry glare.

“Celtics huh…well, I’m a diehard Knicks fan.” Chad
also gave her a playful glare.

“How about we make a bet in this game?” He asked.

“Sure, what do you have in mind?” The obvious thing he
had in mind was to see her naked if he won, but he was
smart enough to realize that that wouldn’t fly well
with her.

“How about the loser finishes all the chores that my
mom left for us? Deal?” He stuck out his hand and she
quickly shook it.


The game was tied at the start of the fourth quarter
when they started watching. It didn’t take long though
for Chad to realize that winning this impromptu bet
wasn’t going to happen. The Knicks went on 16-0 run to
start the quarter. They ended up winning by twenty…
and Alison made sure Chad knew it. She jumped up
yelled out a long “Wooooooo!”

“How did Boston do Chad? Huh? It looks like the mighty
Boston Celtics lost to the little old New York Knicks.
Hope you enjoy the work you have to do while I just
sit back and watch!” She walked to the table and
grabbed an armful of tree decorations and placed them
on his lap. “Go on, your parents will be home in a few
hours.” She grabbed another beer and sat down at the
table as Chad started to decorate the tree.

As he was decorating the tree, he heard the camera on
Alison’s phone go off several times. He looked at her
and she just smiled.

“What are taking pictures of, Aunt Alison?”

She giggled. “Aunt Alison? Way to make me feel old.
Just call me Alison, buddy. I’m just taking pictures
to show your mom how hard you’re working.”

Chad turned his attention back to the tree as his aunt
kept snapping away with the camera. After an hour, the
tree was fully decorated. Alison stood up and took one
good picture of the tree full decked out.

“Beautiful! Good job Chad.” She patted her hand on his
shoulder, giving it a brief rub which felt great for
him. “Sit down and relax for a bit…then you can
finish your work.” She got him a water bottle and sat
next to him. After finishing a text message, Alison
put her phone down and looked at her nephew. “Can I
ask you something Chad?”


“It’s about last night.” Chad felt a chill run through
his body. “I couldn’t help but notice that you seemed
embarrassed seeing me dressed the way I was. If I made
you uncomfortable, then I’m really sorry. I was up for
an hour last night thinking that I upset you.”

“Seriously?” He responded. “It didn’t upset me at all;
it was just a shock to see my aunt in her underwear.
It just…never mind.” He caught himself before he
said something that would have made this whole thing
much weirder.

“Just what?” He just looked at her in silence. “What
is it Chad? You can tell me.”

“I can’t, it would just upset you. Can’t we talk about
something else?”

She was really confused as to what was going on.
“Chad. I promise that whatever you need to say…It
won’t upset me at all. I’ve got thick skin, I can take
it.” He continued to sit in silence. “Chad. If you
don’t tell me what is bothering you than I’m just
gonna think you don’t like me. It’s gonna ruin the
holidays for me if I think my nephew hates me.”

“It’s not that I don’t like you, it’s actually the
complete opposite.” Chad felt that he crossed the line
he didn’t want to cross as he finished that sentence.
His face was suddenly beat red.

“Wait…” She said with a shocked look on her face.
“Oh god. So the reason you have been acting so weird
is because…” Her brain was connecting the dots.
“Chad…are you in love with me?” He quietly shook his
head up and down. “Oh my…” She was trying to figure
out what to say. “When did you start feeling like
this? Was it when I was in my undies last night?”

“No, I have been attracted since the second you walked
through the door. I wasn’t expecting you to be so
beautiful and I… I hate that I felt that way, but
with the towel thing and then you coming to my room.
You weren’t wearing a bra and it was REALLY noticable
when we talked. Then you stretched, and then last
night. And then there was…”

“When I showed you my tattoo and turned around?”

“Yeah, I’ve tried not to think that way but everything
kept aligning.”

“Wait, so last night when I heard your bed creaking
after I left the room…you were…and you were
thinking about?” He looked away and gave no answer,
shocked that she was able to hear. He remembered that
her bed was against the wall, opposite to his. She
knew that he was too embarrassed to admit to it

They both sat in silence, looking down at the table
for several minutes. Alison finally broke the silence.

“I’m sorry Chad. If I knew, I… I need to go lie down
and think things through.” She got up and made her way

“Alison!?” Chad shouted out to her but got no answer.
He heard her door slam shut.

Chad got up and finished decorating the house, the
whole time yelling at himself for fucking things up.
As he was doing his last chore, he heard his parents
come through the door.

“Hey honey.” Michelle said. “Where’s Aunt Alison?”

“Uh, she wasn’t feeling too good so she went upstairs.
She said she didn’t sleep much last night, so I guess
she was just tired.” He lied.

His parents thanked him for decorating the house,
telling him he did an amazing job. Chad went upstairs
to go to his room. He stopped in front of Alison’s
door and went to knock, but stopped himself and went
into his own room instead. After a few hours, Michelle
called both of them down for dinner. Chad left his
room and looked back. He saw that Alison’s door was
slightly open and it seemed she was waiting for him to
go downstairs first. As he sat down at the table, he
saw his aunt enter the room. She was not dressed the
way she had been. Alison was wearing a hooded black
sweatshirt and a red pair of sweatpants. To his
surprise though, she was smiling.

“Hey Brian, Michelle,” Her smile dimmed down. “Chad.”

“You okay honey? Chad said you weren’t feeling too
good.” Michelle asked.

“Yeah, I didn’t sleep much last night. I don’t sleep
well in new beds.” She kept looking over at Chad, only
to look away when he noticed.

They finished their dinner and after a long chat, all
four people went to their respective rooms for the
night. Michelle and Brian’s bedroom was down stairs on
the opposite side of the kitchen and left first. Chad
and Alison spent a few minutes sitting in silence
before going upstairs.

Chad sat on his bed wondering how the rest of the
holiday would go. It seems he went from being good
friends with his aunt to being public enemy number one
in her eyes. The most prevalent thought in his
head…how was tomorrow going to go. Tomorrow would be
just like today, his parents gone for most of the day
leaving him alone with his aunt who seemingly wanted
nothing to do with him.


The next day, Chad woke up around two o’clock in the
afternoon and headed downstairs. His brain didn’t let
him sleep regularly the night before. It seemed like a
blessing to him since his parents would be back in
about two hours. He stopped in his tracks when he
reached the last step and saw Alison sitting at the
table with a bowl of ice cream in front of her. She
was wearing the same clothes as last night and she
clearly hadn’t brushed her hair yet as it was a giant
mess. As he turned around to go back upstairs, he
heard her call out, “Chad?” He slowly turned around
and saw her turned towards him.

“Buddy, I think we need to talk. Come here and sit
down please.” Chad made his way slowly towards the
table and sat down, still finding it hard to look her
in eye.

“Alison, I have to tell you how sorry I…” She placed
her finger over his lips.

“Shush, let me talk first okay?” He nodded and she
took her finger away. “Last night I laid down on the
bed on thought about what happened. I didn’t know
whether to be angry, depressed, disgusted,
flattered…I couldn’t figure it out. Then it finally
hit me… I can’t be angry at you. I mean, I’m a
pretty woman and you are an 18 year-old man. I’d
seriously think you were gay if you weren’t attracted
to me.” Chad couldn’t take his eyes away from hers.
“And we may be b***d related, but it’s not like I was
around when you were growing up. When you saw me walk
through the door, you saw a cute stranger instead of a
family member. Am I right Chad?”

“Yeah, I think so.” He didn’t know exactly how to

“You have no idea how much I’ve missed you since the
last time I saw you. I always hoped we could be close,
but I never thought this would be an issue. What can
we do to fix this?”

“I don’t know but I want to fix this. You seem really
cool and I want to have some kind of relationship with
you. Oh, God dammit!” He quickly was angry with
himself for those words “some kind of relationship”.

“Are you okay?” She asked him, placing a hand on his

“I said ‘relationship’ and that’s not what I wanted to
say. Dammit.”

“Chad, calm down, I’m not angry because… because…”
She stopped and looked down as he looked at her.

“Alison?” He asked her.

“Because…well, after yesterday I started thinking
about things. Especially the thing about you… you
touching… well, that… and I had a good hour
imagining you doing that and I… I had to…”
Alison’s face was so red, it looked like her face was
going to burst. “I did the same to myself.”

“You…you played with yourself? Thinking of me?”
Alison nodded and looked up at her nephew. Her eyes
were filling with tears.

“I have no idea what came over me. I mean… I’ve
known you since you were three days old. I don’t know
why I did that. The only thing I knew was that I liked
it. I really liked it.” She grabbed on to his hand and
gave it a soft squeeze.

“Alison?” Chad broke the brief silence. “I can’t
believe I’m going to say this, but… can I kiss you?”

Without answering, she leaned across the table and
shoved her tongue down his throat. It only took a
second for him to respond by giving her the deepest
kiss he had given anyone. Their lips remained locked
for about two minutes before it was broken.

“Wow…I can’t believe that just happened!” She
exclaimed. Their hands remained locked as they stared
into each other’s eyes. “I think trying to fight these
feeling is just pointless. Are you thinking what I’m

Without saying a word, they both got up ran upstairs
into Chad’s room; their hands never separating. Alison
let go of him and crawled on to his bed as he closed
the door behind him. He dove on to the bed, landing
right next to her as their lips met once again. The
furiously made out for several minutes until his hands
found their way to bottom of her sweatshirt. She sat
up to let him pull the shirt up over her head.
Underneath it was the same tank top she was wearing
two nights before in the kitchen. That shirt did not
remain on her body long until he pulled it off as

For the second time in as many days, he got a full on
look at his aunt nearly-perfect set of breasts.
Alison’s beautiful pink nipples stood tall, just
waiting for Chad’s mouth to a***e them. He pressed his
lips to her left nipple and gently caressed it with
his tongue as she moaned loudly.

“Mmmm, Chad that feels so damn good!’ She exclaimed as
he softly nibbled on the rock hard bud.

Soon after, he turned his attention to the other
nipple and gave it the same treatment. Meanwhile, his
aunt began to move her hand up and down his back. She
pulled his white t-shirt over his head and got another
look at his body. He wasn’t one to workout often, but
his physique showed that he didn’t need to. Chad was
built naturally good; enough for any woman to fall

After a few minutes of tending to her chest, Chad
decided it was time to go for the ultimate prize. He
grabbed onto the waist of his aunt’s sweatpants and
gently pulled them down her perfect legs and off her
completely. The memories of two nights ago returned
when he saw her black panties, the same she wore that
night. The only difference between then and now is the
noticeable wet spot forming on the front. He stood up
and removed his own pants, leaving him in just a pair
of boxers, again the same from two nights ago. Chad
leaned in to remove Alison’s panties when she stopped

“Not yet, it’s my turn.” She reached down to his
boxers and yanked them down, causing his six inch rod
to spring out in front of her. “Just as I imagined!”
She squealed in excitement as she took hold of his
throbbing member and slowly stroked it up and down.
She looked up at him with her dark blue eyes and gave
a big grin. “Can I put it in my mouth Chad? I want to
taste it.”

Chad placed his hand on the back of her head and drew
her closer to his cock. She opened her mouth and
slowly inhaled it, causing a huge sigh of relief from
her nephew. She fit all six inches into her mouth
quickly while working the tip with her tongue. Alison
worked his cock like a pro; licking it up and down
while fondling his balls with her free hand, sucking
on the tip like it was straw and eventually taking a
long deep throat. She used the long, thick strand of
slobber that came from deep down her esophagus to
stroke him as fast as possible.

“I think I’m gonna cum soon!” He yelled out when
suddenly Alison stopped. “Why did you stop?”

She looked at the door before staring up at him. “I
think your parents are home.” She ran over to the
window and peeked outside. “Fuck, they are home. I
need to get dressed and go downstairs. They can’t
catch us both upstairs.”

“But I’m so close, I need to let this out.” He
complained as he slowly stroked his own cock.

“Fine, but you have to it alone.” She pulled her
panties down and handed them to him, giving him a
brief look at her trimmed pussy. “Use this to cum on,
I’ve gotta go.” Alison pulled her sweatshirt over her
head and her sweatpants up before jetting out of the
room. As she made her way downstairs, Chad finished
jerking himself off, exploding all over his aunt’s
black panties. After a minute to relax, he dressed
himself and left his room. He stopped in Alison’s room
and left the cum-stained panties on the floor before
walking downstairs.

Once Chad got downstairs, he helped his parents bring
in the last of the wrapped Christmas gifts into the
house. Moving the gifts under the tree gave Chad an
idea for the next day.

“Hey Alison, since neither of us got each other gifts
yet do you want to go to the mall tomorrow?” She gave
him a big smile.

“Sure thing buddy, I have a pretty good idea what I’m
going to get you.”

They put the last gift under the tree before sitting
down at the dinner table as Michelle put the takeout
food on plates for everyone. After they finished
eating, Michelle asked them to do the dishes because
they had a Christmas party at their workplace to go
to. Alison and Chad looked at each other with excited
faces. They knew that the house was theirs and they
would finally have the privacy they desperately

Alison and Chad started to wash the dishes as Brian
and Michelle left for the night. They said that they
would be home late and to “have fun”. The aunt and
nephew smiled and giggled as those words left
Michelle’s mouth. Chad looked out the window and
watched as his parents left, signaling that his fun
was just about to begin.

“They’re gone.” He said as he looked into his aunt’s

He reached out and gave a light squeeze to her ass,
causing a squeal to exit her body. Alison poked him
lightly in the chest, pushing him back.

“Hold on there buddy, let’s finish the dishes before
we start having fun.” Chad seemed disappointed, but a
quick peck on his lips from her quickly changed his

Once they finished the dishes, Alison grabbed two
beers and led her nephew into the living room and
turned the television on. She cuddled up next to him
on the couch and took a sip of her drink as he channel
surfed. He stopped on a hockey game, his Boston Bruins
were facing the Toronto Maple Leafs.

“Let me guess…Bruins fan right?” She whispered into
his ear.

“Yep, let me guess… Leafs fan?” He whispered back.

“No, not at all…unless you want to make another bet,
then I’ll be one for a night.” She took another sip.

“What kind of bet do you have in mind?”

“Hmm…How about winner chooses which spot in the
house we have sex in tonight?” Chad looked at the
television and noticed that Boston was up by two goals
which made his decision easier.

“You’re on, Alison!” They shook hands and watched the
last two periods of the game.

While Chad wanted to win the bet, he really didn’t
care about the outcome. Either way he was finally
going to have sex with his beautiful aunt; that is all
he truly wanted. It was a good thing he didn’t care
because just like last time, his team let him down and
had a terrible end to the game. Toronto scored five
goals in the fourth period to win the game 6-3.

“Haha, I win again Chad. You’re teams fucking suck
don’t they?” Chad had no response. He only smiled back
as Alison finished off her beer and got up. “Come on,
let’s go find somewhere to fuck.” She grabbed his hand
and pulled him up.

Alison led him around the lower floor of the house,
stopping in front of several rooms only to say “no”.
She eventually led him to his parents’ room, where
Chad stopped in his tracks.

“I’m open to do it anywhere…but not there Alison.”

“That’s okay, I didn’t want to anyway.”

She was still holding on to his hand as they walked
upstairs, like a little girl leading her father around
a toy store and deciding which toy she wanted. Alison
already had her toy; she was just looking for a place
to play. Once she stood in front of the door to Chad’s
room, she let go of his hand and turned towards him.

“What did you do with my panties?”

“They’re on the floor in your room; you’ll probably
want to wash them before you wear them again.”

She ran into her room and grabbed the panties. Once
she returned to Chad, she dropped her sweatpants to
the ground and put on the cum-coated underwear on. She
grabbed his hand once again and led him around the
second floor for a few minutes until they got to the

“I haven’t had a shower since the first day I was
here. Since I won the bet, I choose the bathroom.”
Alison swung the door open and pulled her nephew in.

“Well what?”

“Are you going to take your clothes off or do you
usually shower in them?” She needed not to tell him
twice as within ten seconds, he completely nude in
front of his aunt.

Alison pulled her sweatshirt off, but left the panties
on as she started the shower.

“Aren’t you going to take those off?” She looked back
at him and giggled.

“You said I need to wash them right? Doesn’t a shower
wash things? Come on in Chad, the water is nice and
warm.” She stepped in the shower and held the curtain
open for him.

The second he stepped in, she grabbed the shower head
and blasted him in the face with the jet of water. She
giggled as he shielded his eyes.

“What the hell!? What was that for?” He said.

“Oh calm down. Here, take this.” She handed him the
shower head. “Clean my panties for me. You dirtied
them up, you clean them up.”

As Chad moved the shower head towards her panties, he
changed to setting on it and made it shoot a hard,
single stream and pointed it right at the front.
Alison almost fell down as the powerful jet shot right
into her clit and sent a powerful rush of pleasure
through nearly naked body. He noticed how she reacted
to the stream, so he held the head still. Her clit was
being blasted with a strong stream of water and she
felt like she was in heaven. About a minute after he
started, Alison had to hold onto Chad to avoid
slipping as her legs trembled greatly.

“That feels so fucking good Chad! Don’t stop, I want
to cum so fucking badly! Ohhhh, shit!”

She slammed her lips into his and kissed him deeply as
her body was starting to prepare for the explosion of
pleasure that was imminent. While still kissing him,
she maneuvered her hands down and removed her panties
so that she could feel the full effect from the
shower. Alison grabbed onto Chad’s hair and lightly
pulled him to the bottom of the tub. She lay flat down
in the tub as Chad knelt at her feet and moved the
shower head closer to his aunt’s clitoris. He moved it
up and down her pussy while pulling it farther away
and then closer to the overheating slit.

“I’m gonna cum buddy, I’m gonna fucking cum…oh

Alison arched her back as her orgasm exploded
throughout her body. Her entire body tensed up as her
juices poured from her pussy. Chad put the shower head
down and closed his mouth around her hot opening,
sucking up any liquid that dripped from her vibrating
pussy. Once her orgasm subsided, she was back to being
flat on the ground as Chad continued tending to her

“Come here and kiss me Chad.”

Chad made sure to coat his lips with a thick layer of
her juices before giving her a deep kiss. Alison
sucked on his lips, enjoying the taste of her own
body. Once she was done cleaning his lips, she moved
her mouth to his ear and whispered a message to him.

“If you don’t put your dick inside me now, I’m gonna
beat the shit out of you.” She smiled as he pulled
back and looked her in the eye. She winked and smiled
as he crawled down her body.

Before he started, he put the shower head back on the
wall and aimed it down on her chest. Chad got down to
his aunt’s pussy and began rubbing his solid cock
against her slippery opening. The orgasm she already
experienced was going to make entry very easy and very

“I love you Chad.” Alison said in a quiet, seductive

“I love you too Alison.” He said as he slammed his
cock into her pussy.

He slowly began to fuck his aunt, a woman whom he
hadn’t met three days ago and a woman whom he thought
hated him just a few hours ago. Now he had her naked,
on the floor of the shower he has used for many years
and slamming his solid cock into her moist hole. The
moans coming from Alison was music to Chad’s ears. He
started to fuck her at a faster pace. Once he did, she
started moving her hips in rhythm with him. The sound
of his balls slapping against her ass was almost as
loud as the moans that came from their mouths.

Chad lay down on top of her, the water between their
chests felt amazing as they slid across each other.
They began to kiss passionately as the water poured
over their backs. In their minds, this was the most
romantic experience they could ever have. She was
starting to feel yet another orgasm build deep within
her body again. They quickly switched positions and
Alison took control from the top of the pile.

Chad looked up at his aunt and saw the shower raining
down on her face as she rode his cock. It was just a
perfect alignment that the shower head was pointed
right at her face, making her look the sexiest he
could ever imagine.

“Oh my god…I’m gonna cum again Chad…oh…oh…holy
shit buddy…I love you so much!” She grabbed onto the
sides of the tub to lift her up higher.

Suddenly her body tensed up once again and she
screamed out loud, “Oh my fucking god! Yes baby, yes!”
Her body released another flood of cum from deep
within her womb.

Chad took her by the hips and slammed her up and down
on his throbbing cock as he felt his own orgasm
building. He knew that he wasn’t going to be able to
hold on, especially with the view his aunt being
rained on by the shower. All of a sudden he knew that
it was time. He stood up and leaned against the wall,
turning the shower off temporarily. Alison grabbed on
to his cock and began jerking him off at a rapid pace.
A few seconds later, Chad took hand of his cock and
used his other hand to pull her head back. She waited
on her knees; eyes closed and mouth wide open. Another
few strokes and he began to unload his sticky white
semen on to her face.

One large shot landed in her hair, followed by several
more on her cheek and forehead. When the shots began
to lose thickness, she took control of his cock and
began to suck the last bit from within. As his penis
finished releasing his cum, Alison continued sucking
on his cock, wanting to swallow every last drop that
his balls would produce. Chad turned the shower back
on and rinsed the remaining cum from his aunt’s
beautiful face. Once she was cleaned Alison stood up
and kissed her nephew once again, pushing him up
against the wall and forcing every inch of her front
to press against every inch of his.

Once they broke the kiss, Chad shut off the shower and
held the curtain open for Alison to exit. He bent down
and picked her panties up from the tub before exiting

“Damn it, I forgot my towel again.”

“No problem,” He opened a cabinet next to the toilet
and grabbed a spare towel. “Here you go.” Instead of
handing her the towel, he unfolded it and started to
dry her off himself. He spent the majority of the time
cleaning her crotch over everything else.

“Thank you.” She said, giving him a kiss.

Alison took out a towel and did the same for him;
again making his crotch the prime target for the
towel. Once they were dry, the two walked down the
hallway and into her room, holding hands the whole
way. Alison went right to her suitcase and dug around
for something to wear. She tossed a bra aside, which
caught her nephew’s attention.

“Hey, you actually own a bra. I was convinced that you
didn’t.” He laughed as he picked it up.

“I only wear one when I absolutely have to. They are
too uncomfortable. I prefer to keep the girls free.”
She laughed as she went back to the suitcase and
retrieved her robe.

They then proceeded to go into Chad’s room so he could
retrieve something to wear. He went into his closet
and got a pair of shorts and a Larry Bird Celtics

“Really, a Celtics jersey? I guess you deserve to
punish me after yesterday.” They grabbed each other’s
hands and walked back down stairs.

They sat down on the sofa and put a movie on. The
energy that she lost from her two orgasms proved to be
too much for Alison as she quickly fell asleep on
Chad’s shoulder. She was cuddled up real close to him
with her head resting on his shoulder as she quietly
snored. He gave her a kiss on the cheek and threw his
arm around her. He held her close while he finished
watching the movie.

Once the movie was over, he quietly got up and gently
laid her down on the couch. He slipped a pillow under
her head and covered her with a blanket before going
upstairs to get ready for bed. After an hour, he was
finally comfortable and about to fall asleep when he
heard a knock on his door.

“Chad? Are you still awake?” Alison asked.

“Yeah, come on in.” She walked in still in her robe.

“Sorry for falling asleep on you, our shower took a
lot out of me.”

“No problem Alison.” They smiled at each other.

“Well, I guess I’ll head off to my bed.” She said as
she started to close the door.

“Wait! Why don’t you come sleep in here?” She opened
the door back up.

“You sure your parents won’t come up here and catch

“No way, they will be wasted from the party and
probably won’t wake up until noon at the earliest. At
least that is how it is after every other Christmas
party. And they have another one tomorrow night.”
Alison closed the door and trotted to the bed, laying
down next to Chad.

Chad threw the covers over his aunt as she cuddled up
next to him and placed her head against his chest.

“Goodnight Aunt Alison… and thanks for tonight.”
Chad said as he kissed her forehead.

“Goodnight Chad… if you thought tonight was good,
just wait until your parents leave tomorrow night.”
She kissed his cheek before he turned the lights off.
“And don’t call me “Aunt” again or I’ll have to punish

“Okay Aunt Alison.” He chuckled as she slapped his
chest. They quickly both fell into a deep sleep.


They woke up rather early the next morning since they
went to bed early. It was around six o’clock when Chad
woke up. Alison was up a few minutes later. They
stayed in bed cuddling for about a half an hour before
getting out and downstairs for breakfast. Just like
Chad had predicted, his parents were fast asleep and
weren’t waking up anytime soon. He retrieved two bowls
and a box of cereal. He poured his aunt a bowl before
pouring one for himself. The entire time while eating,
Alison’s eyes were locked onto Chad. Even though her
feelings still puzzled her, she decided to ignore them
and enjoy the ride.

“Are we still going to the mall today?” She asked him.

“Yep. The sooner we go the better. I was thinking we
leave as soon as we finish eating.” She nodded at him
and continued eating.

When they were done, Alison took both bowls and placed
them in the sink. She then grabbed Chad’s hand and led
him back upstairs. He was confused as to what she was
doing. He thought she wanted to have sex again, but he
was worried because his parents were just downstairs.

“Where are we going?” He asked her.

“We have to get dressed, dummy. I’m not going to the
mall in a robe!” She slapped his chest lightly and
smiled as she pulled him into her room. “Have a seat.”

Alison dropped her robe in front of her nephew, giving
him another look at her beautiful nude body. He got an
even better look when she squatted down to go through
her suitcase. She pulled out the pair of cargo pants
she wore when she first arrived, a black polo shirt
and a white pair of cotton panties. Chad sat and
admired her body as she slowly got dressed; bending
over a few times to give him a look at her pussy. Once
she got her sneakers on, she stepped over to him and
pulled him up off the chair. They went into his room
where he got a pair of shorts and a blue t-shirt. It
was another unusually warm December day in Vermont so
he took advantage of the good weather. He got his
shoes on and they headed downstairs.

They quietly made their way outside and to Chad’s car.
He pulled away from the driveway and they were on
their way to the mall. After a minute on the road,
Alison placed her hand on his thigh and lightly rubbed
it as he drove. He looked over at her and got a cute
smile in return. She continued rubbing him the entire
half-hour ride to the mall. Once they arrived, he had
to wait to get out so the entire world didn’t get a
look at the tent sticking out of his shorts.

In a few minutes, they were walking around the mall
holding hands. To the public, they were simply a
boyfriend out with his girlfriend. Since only his
parents knew who she was, and since they weren’t at
the mall with them, they had no reason to hide
anything. When they got to the escalator, they
released each other’s hands and began moving to the
second floor.

“Okay, I guess we can meet back here after we’re done.
Do we want to put a price limit on the gifts?” He
asked her.

“Nah, let’s just go with whatever we think will be a
good gift.” Alison said as they headed their separate

About an hour later, they met back up at the
escalator. It was Christmas Eve, so the mall was
packed air tight. Couple that with the fact that
Alison had never been in that mall before, it took her
a lot longer to finish her shopping than it did for
Chad. He waited for about a half hour at the bottom of
the stairs. They were each carrying two bags as they
made their way back to the car. Once they got home,
they immediately placed one gift each under the tree.
They both had another wrapped gift that was clearly
for private use since they were not placed with the
other gifts. She carried hers upstairs while he left
his in the car.

Alison and Chad spent the rest of the day with his
parents. It was the first time they had the day off
(at least until their second work party in as many
days), so they took the opportunity to get and know
Alison better. Throughout the entire day, she would
constantly look over at her nephew and smile or wink
at him. Basically, she was just waiting until it was
time for Michelle and Brian to leave so she could have
him to herself yet again.

Several hours later, the family sat down for a quick
dinner before Chad’s parents headed off to another
Christmas party. Once again they asked Alison and Chad
to do the dishes as they finished getting ready to
leave. Just like the night before, they left around
seven o’clock and told the two to “have fun”. Once
again, they peered out the window to watch the car
pull out of the driveway and onto the road. Chad
leaned in to kiss Alison as they wrapped up their job
of washing the dishes and was met with a smile.

As they made out, Alison’s hand wandered its way
inside his shorts and grabbed onto his rock-hard cock.
While she stroked him, Chad stuck both of his hands
under her polo shirt and pulled it off over her head.
They spent the next few minutes kissing before
breaking their lips from one another.

“Living room…now!” Alison commanded as her hand
remained gripped on his cock.

They ran over to the couch and she shoved him down.
She pulled his shorts down to his ankles and worked
her hand all over his member. Chad threw his head back
as the tip became engulfed by the sensual warmth of
his aunt’s mouth. He never thought he would get a
better blowjob than she had given him the day before,
but he was wrong. He looked down at her and saw her
beautiful blue eyes staring right up at him as she
pulled his dick out swirled her tongue around it like
it was covered in ice cream.

Alison quickly f****d his cock back into her mouth and
took it as far down her throat as she could possibly
take it. He grabbed on to the back of her head and
pulled her closer. He could feel her throat muscles
struggling as she choked on his throbbing meat. Once
he let her go, Alison took a few seconds to catch her
breath. While doing so, Chad took the opportunity to
give each of her nipples a hard tug which caused her
to moan. She regained control of his cock and bobbed
her head back and forth at a rapid pace. Alison wanted
him to cum and she wanted it now. Her left hand was
tugging on his scrotum hard, which only got him

“Are you gonna cum for me?” She said softly after
pulling him out of her mouth. “Hmm?”

“Oh fuck Alison; you’re damn right I’m gonna cum.” He

Alison took both of her hands and shook his dick fast
enough to start a fire. Chad’s body was having a hard
time staying still; he could feel it closing in. Her
eyes were locked on to his cock as she was shaking
enough to make her arms sore. Chad pushed his back
deep into the couch and let out a long, loud moan as
his cum exploded from deep within. She wasn’t
expecting the first thick shot as it landed directly
between her eyes and dripped down her nose. She
quickly closed her mouth over his cock and felt shot
after shot slam into the back of her throat. She made
sure to swallow every drop that fell from his bright
red head. Chad looked down at his aunt with her lips
wrapped tight around him drinking the last few drops.
After she finished cleaning him, she stuck out her
tongue to show a large glob of semen resting there.
She took a big gulp and showed him her tongue once
again, clear of any leftovers.

“Your cum tastes so good Chad. You better feed me more
cum before the night is over.” Alison said as she
crawled on to the couch next to him.

Before she was even settled, Chad began sucking on her
hard nipples. As he licked the solid buds, his hand
went into her cargo pants and found her special place.
He rubbed her pussy through her white panties. To no
surprise, they were already warm and pre-soaked with
her juices. He slipped his hand into her panties and
felt her matted-down public hair. He continued to
trail down until his finger met her soaked opening.
She placed her cheek atop his head and whispered,
“Please,” as if his finger was asking to enter.

Chad slowly f****d his finger into her womanhood, made
easy by the heavy volume of lubrication already
present. He felt her purring on his head as slowly
moved his finger in and out of her. He put his mouth
back to work on her tits while he was fingering her.
She arched her back to make herself more comfortable
as an intense rush of pleasure began to shoot from
head to toe. He used his thumb to massage her bulging
clit as he picked up the rhythm of penetration with
his index finger. A few seconds later, his middle
finger joined in on the fun.

Alison jumped a bit as her nephew’s second finger
began poking into her vagina. The pitch of her moans
rose as she felt her inner walls being stretched. Due
to the moisture leaking from her crotch, the second
finger had no problem slipping in and out. To give him
more range to penetrate her, she reached down and
removed her pants, tossing them aside. His other hand
yanked her panties down in one quick motion. Once her
bottom half was free of covering, he took full
advantage of the extra room and pounded her cunt hard.
With the motion, he initially feared that he was
causing her pain. His worries were quickly absolved
when she buried her face into his hair and shouted,
“yes, fucking yes!”

Alison had lost full control of her body. Her hips
bucking wildly as the amount of pleasure bursting from
deep in her womb was getting more extreme. The feeling
of her pussy being stretched by his fingers would be
enough to make her cum, but his thumb rubbing her clit
is what was pushing her to her breaking point. The
constant motion of his hands was finally too much for

She wanted to jump out of her skin as the monster
explosion of her womanly juices ran over every inch of
her body. She screamed out “FUCKING YES” as her body
began to shake her loose of her sweet nectar. Chad
could feel the warm liquid run all the way down his
arm and on to the couch. She clenched his head hard
against her chest as she began to relax. Chad
continued sucking her nipple as she collapsed around

Both people sat in the couch near-motionless. Only the
sound have heavy breathing filled the room. Chad
removed his lips from his aunt’s chest to look up at
her. She had her eyes closed and her mouth wide open,
trying to regain her energy. He began kissing her neck
until she was fully re-energized. After a few minutes
of cuddling, Alison broke the silence.

“That was the best! I love you so much.” She said.

“I love you too.” He responded.

“I know it’s not Christmas yet, but that other gift I
got you…I want you to open it now.” Before he could
respond, she jumped up off the couch and ran upstairs.
He quickly followed to retrieve his gift for her.

By the time Chad reached the top of the stairs, she
was already holding her gift with a big smile on her
face. It was at this point that he remembered his gift
was still in his car.

“I got you a little something too; it’s in my car. Be
right back.” Alison put her gift down and sat cross-
legged on the carpet.

He made his way down to the garage where he quickly
retrieved the gift from his backseat. He quickly
noticed how cold it was starting to get outside as the
garage was filled with a brisk chill. The fact that he
was still completely nude made it only more
noticeable. It gave him an idea for something to do
later, but that was later and his aunt was waiting for
his gift so he made his way back inside. Chad made his
way back upstairs but was shocked to see Alison gone.

“Alison!?” He shouted out before hearing the toilet
flush and the bathroom door open.

“Sorry buddy, I had to pee real bad and I didn’t want
to wet the carpet.” She gave him a hug. “Before we
open the gifts, I need a fucking shower.” Good
thoughts began stirring in his brain, but she quickly
clarified herself. “Not a shower like last night, a
real one. You go downstairs and put our clothes away.
I’ll only be in here for a few minutes, than we can
continue.” She kissed his cheek before re-entering the

The slightly disappointed young man headed downstairs
to gather up the clothes that were scattered
throughout the floor. He was starting to feel the cool
air from outside fill the house so once he gathered
all of the clothes; he walked to the fireplace and lit
a roaring fire. This was the idea, at least part of
it, which he had in the garage. He ran upstairs and
left her clothes in a pile on her bed before doing the
same with his clothes.

After coming back downstairs, Chad went to the
refrigerator and retrieved two beers. He cracked them
both open and made his way back to the fireplace.
Placing both beers on a small table, he sat down
cross-legged on the carpet in front of the fire and
waited for Alison to finish her shower. Several
minutes later, she came down the stairs wearing only a
towel and carrying her gift; her hair still dripping
with water.

“Oh my!” She exclaimed as she saw him in front of the
fire. “I like the fire… nice touch.” She giggled as
she sat down and removed her towel. “Here you go.” She
handed him her gift.

“No, no.” He placed it on the ground. “Mine first.”
She picked up his gift and opened it. As she opened
the box, her face changed from excitement to shock.

“Oh my god!” She looked at him in disbelief. “A
fucking gold necklace!” Alison pulled out a golden
necklace designed with her initials ‘AN’. “Chad, how
much did you pay for this?”

“A little over a hundred dollars.” She was in shock by
the amount he had spent.

“Oh Chad, you didn’t need to spend that much. It makes
my gift look like crap.” He picked up her gift and
opened it. Inside the box were a box of condoms and a
key. “If I knew you bought me this, I would have put
some more things in there.” She said while still
staring at her necklace.

“It’s okay Alison. I do have two questions though. Why
a box since this will be our last night together and
what is the key for?”

“They’re both for the summer. Remember Chad, you’re
going to the University of Oregon and I live about a
mile from the campus. The key is for my house and the
condoms are for… well, you know exactly what the
fuck they are for.” She put the necklace on the table
and took a large swig of her beer. “This will be the
last time we have sex for a few months since I leave
in two days and your parents will be home all day
tomorrow. I don’t know if it’s the fire, the necklace
or the condoms…but I want you so bad right now.” She
leaped onto him and began kissing him all over his

Chad began to kiss her back as the fire crackled in
the background. They were both very horny, so they
didn’t wait anymore before she reached for the
condoms. She unwrapped one and rolled it onto his
cock. His cock stood at attention as she slowly
lowered herself onto it. Her pussy was dripping wet,
so entry wasn’t difficult as she began to bounce up
and down on top of him. Her petite breasts bounced
around while she rode him like a wild horse. He
grabbed on to her hips to help slam her down harder
onto his lap. She bent down and started to kiss his
lips as his balls slapped against her asshole, only
increasing the lust she felt.

So far for Chad, this had been the best sex in his
life. He didn’t know why it felt so much better than
the day before, but he couldn’t really care less. He
enjoyed it knowing that it would be the last time
until the summer that he will get to make love to his
beautiful aunt. After several minutes, he flipped
around to lay her down lightly on the floor and
grabbed onto her ankles before continuing. Alison
began to pinch and squeeze her breasts as she felt her
nephew’s cock slide in and out of her at a rapid pace.
Her eyes were locked onto his the entire time, not
wanting anything to distract herself from the intense
rush of pleasure that was spreading throughout her 26
year old body.

The fire was roaring in the background but to Chad and
Alison, nothing else in the world was happening. Their
focus was only on each other as they made sweet love
on the floor of the living room. Her full attention
was only on staring into his eyes until she felt
herself begin to build towards another orgasm. Her
back started to arch itself without her even
realizing. She was still grabbing and pinching at her
nipples and breasts, which only helped her come closer
to climax. He could sense that she was close and
changed position. He pinned her ankles almost against
her ears and put all of his weight onto her crotch. As
his body slammed down onto hers, she knew that the
time had come.

Her loud moans and turned to squeals as her body
started to explode from within. She closed her eyes
and bit down on her bottom lip as her body tensed up
and came as hard, maybe even harder, than she had ever
remembered. He kissed her neck as her body started to
relax from her monster orgasm. The feeling of her
muscles tugging and pulling at his cock was starting
to build his own orgasm. He continued slamming onto
her body until it was his time. He initially thought
about cumming in the condom but he remembered what his
aunt said earlier in the night, “You better feed me
more cum before the night is over”. He swiftly removed
his cock from inside her and yanked the condom off.

She got on her knees as he stood up. She closed her
eyes and opened wide as he jerked himself off to
completion. He placed the tip of his cock on the tip
of her tongue and shot stream after stream of his
steamy white cum deep into her throat. She placed one
hand on his balls and the other on her pussy as she
continued drinking up every drip of cum that landed in
her mouth. Once the last drop fell, she took his cock
back in her mouth and sucked it dry. After a few
seconds, she was finished cleaning him. Alison stood
up and gave her nephew a kiss on the cheek and softly
said, “I love you.” He responded with his own “I love
you” before they both finished their beer and embraced
in a long hug. A few minutes into the hug, Chad looked
up at the clock.
“Oh shit!” He said. “My parents will be home in a few
minutes.” She looked at him.

“We probably should get dressed then, it would look
weird if they caught us hugging naked.”

She grabbed her necklace and led him upstairs. They
both quickly got dressed and headed back downstairs.
Chad put the TV on, which had a Christmas movie on and
sat down next to Alison to watch it. They heard the
car door shut outside when she saw something on the

“The condoms!” She pointed at the box on the floor
next to the used one. “Quick, get rid of them!”

He quickly grabbed them and shoved them in his pocket
just as his parents walked through the door.

“Hey guys!” Michelle said. “Did you two have fun
tonight?” They looked at each other and smiled before
responding with a ‘yes’.

The rest of the holiday went on like normal. The next
morning they opened the other presents that they
bought for each other. Chad got her a New York Knicks
t-shirt while she got him a Boston sports jacket. As
much as they wanted to sex one more time, the fact
that his parents were home made it too much of a risk.
The morning of the 26th, he helped her pack up the
last of her clothes before she would go to the airport
with Brian and Michelle.

“I’m really going to miss you Alison.” He told her as
she closed her suitcase.

“I’ll miss you too. I’m going to be counting down the
days until you move out west this summer. We are going
to have so much fun living together.” They embraced in
a long kiss that seemed to last forever. “I Can’t
wait!” She said as the kiss broke. “But here’s one
last look to remember me buy.” She pulled her shirt up
and gave him one last look at her bare chest before
she headed downstairs to leave.

Chad looked out the window as his parents’ car pulled
out of the driveway to take Alison home.

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