A cheating wife has a weekly rendezvous with a well hung black stud

It was lunch time when the phone rang. The caller ID
showed it was from out of area. Normally I never answer
a call like that but my hand suddenly picked it up. In
a quiet voice spoke, “You don’t know me, I work with
your wife and I’m calling to inform you that she has
been cheating on you.”

“Who is this?” I asked.

“I can’t tell you, but they meet for lunch at a hotel
not far from work every Monday.”

“Is this some kind of sick joke!” I shouted.

“Hardly,” came the reply. “If you don’t believe me go
see for yourself. They take separate cars, oh and the
guy is black, light skinned with a shaved head about
6’5″ around 220 pounds.” With that the phone went

Well it was too late to drive over there today, I would
have to wait until next week. I had lost my appetite, I
felt a sickness and tightening in my stomach. How could
she do this to me I thought. Vicky and I had been
married going on ten years now. I thought we had a
sound relationship, and adequate sex life, though we
didn’t do it as often as we used to. We were getting
older. I was close to retirement and she had ten years
to go. She kept herself in good shape. At 5′ 2″ Vicky’s
body was showing signs of age but still turned most men
on. Her blue eyes, amber hair and ample rack, along
with shapely legs and nice little ass surely had guys
hitting on her at work.

We had both been married several times and had admitted
to having sex with numerous partners in our past.
Somehow I didn’t see her as someone who had been loose
with giving her pussy away, though she claimed to have
done it with a dozen guys.

Suddenly I realized, it was my fault. I was the one
that got her into watching porn movies. Sometimes we
would act out scenes that had turned us on. She was
amazed at how big the stars cocks were, especially the
black ones. When asked if she thought she could handle
one, or would like to try one, the answer was always
the same, yuk no way. A typical response from 99
percent of white women. What a lie. Given the right
conditions, circumstances, and physical attraction the
majority will try it once. Why, because women are
inquisitive by nature. I should never have bought that
big black dildo either. She loved the fullness her
pussy felt when it was all the way to the balls.

I needed to calm down before she got home from work,
but my mind was working overtime. Visions of her
sucking and then bucking on some big black cock raced
through my head. My heart was pounding faster than the
pounding she was taking on her hands and knees, as
scene after scene played out in living color. A thick
black cock slicing into her hot little pussy from every
conceivable position. Her moaning in utter delight, and
screaming out things like; give it to me, pound me with
that black cock of yours, I want your cum, I want to
taste your cum.

Damn, the mind can paint some vivid pictures. I had to
get control of myself, I was starting to get a hard on,
as mad as I was, can this be normal? I remember reading
something about this years ago. The majority of men had
fantasies of their wife being fucked by someone else
while they secretly watched.

The ringing of the phone separated me from my thoughts,
a familiar number appeared. I decided to let the
answering machine take it. “Hi honey, I’m going to be a
little late getting home tonight so thought you should
know, I love you.”

Damn I thought, you’re good. You just finished getting
pummeled and stretched but you love me?

I decided to take a ride and check out the hotel. There
was only one close to her work, the Glory Hole, how
fitting I thought. I had a picture of her in my wallet
which I showed to the desk clerk. “Do you know this
woman?” I asked.

“No,” came the reply. “But she has been meeting some
guy in here for the last several months on Monday. He
rents the same room in advance every week. They come in
around noon get the key and disappear. They check out
around 5 o’clock, except for today, you just missed
them. His name is Marcus and he always takes room 11
down the hall at the back of the building.”

“Do you mind if I have a look at the room, I want to
rent it next Sunday.” My hands shook as I tried to
guide the key into the lock while visions of my wife
clenching a huge black cock had no problem finding the

The bed had been torn up, several towels littered the
floor. Upon closer inspection the bed was soaked in
their love juices as were both pillows. The closet
offered a perfect view of the bed I thought. I would
place the video camera there next Sunday. I’d slip the
desk clerk a fifty, to turn it on prior to their
arrival. If I was going to file for a divorce I wanted

Vicky arrived home about ten minutes later than usual.
She seemed to look fine except she was a little pale
looking and her hair didn’t look right. “Rough day at
work I mumbled.”

“Oh God, was it a long hard day, I thought it would
never end. I’m beat, and wore out, I’ll be in bed early

Well I thought, at least she wasn’t lying completely.
She had a long hard black cock and I’m sure she’s worn
out and beat. I thought I’d join her in the shower to
see if I could finger fuck her. I wanted to see just
how much that hot little pussy had gotten stretched.
She would have no part of it but agreed to blow me
right there in the shower. Her mouth was hungry and my
dick was no doubt an appetizer compared to what had
filled it a few hours ago. The thought made my dick
harder and my cum shot down her throat like a bullet
leaving a rifle barrel.

“Ummm, you almost drowned me,” she moaned.

* *

The rest of the week crept slowly by as my subconscious
mind replayed the same scenes over and over. Her on top
riding that big thick black cock. Or being hammered
from behind, his big black balls spanking her clit as
she screamed; do me harder, deeper, deeper, faster,
yeah just like that, ohhhhhh I’m cumming.

The weekend arrived, Saturday night was our night to
get down and dirty. I put on some music and we hopped
into bed. I was rock hard with the first kiss as her
hand fondled my balls and stroked my dick. My finger
found its way to her honey hole. I found it tight and
dry so I applied some slip and slide and easily
inserted three fingers.

Hmm I thought, it used to take a while to work up to
three fingers, that black cock had definitely left its
mark. I did the best I could do but it seemed as if she
just wasn’t into it. She played like she had a small
orgasm so as to satisfy me and finished me off with a
awesome blow job.

Sunday I made an excuse to go to town for some more
wine and swung by the Glory Hole. The desk clerk had
time to think it over and upped the price on me to a
hundred bucks. I gave him the video camera along with
instructions. I asked him to hold on to it until
Tuesday morning.

Monday morning came and Vicky kissed me good bye. She
told me she could be a little late because she needed
to stop by the store before coming home. As the day
progressed I couldn’t stop seeing the reruns of the two
of them locked in what amounted to pure animal sex. The
harder I tried the more lifelike they became. I could
see the big veins that carried the lifeblood to that
thick black cock my wife was either sucking or riding
at this very minute. I could hear the deep moans and
whimpers as her tiny mouth stretched to take that thick
cock. I was sure Marcus would empty a cup full of hot
cum deep into her throat. Somehow I managed to get
through the afternoon and soon her car lights were
lighting up the drive.

I met her at the door with a kiss and a hug. “Oh honey,
today was hell, I worked my ass off all afternoon, I’m
totally spent, every muscle in my body aches. I’m flat
out exhausted. I’m going to soak in the tub and go to
bed early.”

“Yeah, you look like you been rode hard and put away
wet honey. Want a glass of wine?” I asked.

“That’s a perfect description and yes I’d love some

We ate dinner and shared small talk and soon it was off
to soak in the tub.

I was at the Glory Hole by 9 o’clock the next morning.
The clerk smiled as I approached his desk. Here’s your
camera and you can keep the hundred. “Did you get what
I asked for?”

“Oh did I ever, and let me tell ya, I’d pay you a
hundred to watch that again, damn.”

“You weren’t supposed to watch it you asshole.” I left
and flipped him off on my way out the door. I felt my
heart racing as I speeded toward home. Slow down I
thought, you have most of the day to look this over.

I hooked the camera to the TV and hit play. The bed
came into focus there was no sound so I hit the fast
forward. Suddenly the door opened, I tried to stop the
camera but was all thumbs.

Finally I backed it up and there they were, locked in
each others arms as soon as they closed the door. They
embraced for the next couple of minutes. Their bodies
pressed firmly to each other. Her arms around his neck
as he bent down, his huge hands cupping both cheeks of
her little ass. I imagined their tongues dancing, as he
slowly used his to fuck her hungry mouth. Then she slid
her arms down to his groin and began to rub the bulge
that she had come here for. I felt my throat tighten
and my mouth become dry, I was shaking. The kiss ended
and he stood erect and removed his shirt.

He was very muscular and like I had been told, was
light colored and a shaved head. Actually for a black
guy Marcus was a handsome man. I guessed mid thirty’s,
about twenty years younger than my wife.

Vicky was first to speak, as she unbuckled his pants;
“Damn I’ve wanted this beautiful cock all week. Are you
going to fuck me good this afternoon Marcus, I mean
really fuck me, make me cum my brains out?”

“I always do, don’t I? But today I’m really going to
give you the fucking of your life. My balls are full of
hot cum just for you baby.” With that his pants fell to
the floor exposing a huge cock, which was at least 8
inches long in its flaccid state. It was also uncut and
the foreskin concealed what looked to be a bulbous

I watched as she licked and kissed it from the base up
the shaft to the bulbous pink head which was becoming
exposed by her hasty jacking. Marcus was growing with
each pass of her eager tongue. Now I know why he chose
room eleven. Christ his cock was all that in length and
half that in girth. Plumb sized testicles hung in a
deep tanned sac about four inches below the base of his

She jacked the massive cock with both hands. The
sucking, licking, and stroking exposed the head to
daylight. She spoke as if this monster could somehow
understand every word. That’s a good cock, get nice and
hard. She whispered as she struggled to suck the head
into her mouth, I want you to fill my pussy up. I want
you to drown me in your cum.

Marcus pulled her up and replaced his cock with his
tongue. He lifted her sweater over her head and she
unsnapped her braw to free her tits. His mouth engulfed
her tit as she moaned and grabbed a hold of his
chocolate manhood. “I want it now Marcus! Please fuck
me,” she begged. “My pussy is on fire for that big cock
of yours.

“Please fuck me,” has got to be the sweetest words any
man could ever hear. But Marcus wasn’t just any man, he
wasn’t quite ready to give her what she wanted. He
picked her up and laid her on the bed. She quickly
started to pull down her jeans and panties in one fluid
motion. The amber bush was in full view, and suddenly
took up the whole screen. What the hell, and it dawned
on me. The desk clerk was filming this from the closet.

Damn, this is more than I had bargained for. As her
legs came into frame I could see Marcus kneeling. He
was eating her sweet little pussy and fingering it as
he drained her of her juices. She was pleading now,
“Please Marcus, give me that cock, fill my pussy up, I
want you in me, I want your cum.”

Marcus came up for air and grabbed her legs as she
spread them as well as her pussy lips open. The massive
head of that thick veined cock came into focus as it
rested at the entry way to her dripping pussy. As his
buttocks tightened the massive cock split her lips. She
raised her pussy up and arched her back to welcome it
inside. As they pushed against each other it slowly
sank. The massive head followed by inch after inch of
thick chocolate cock.

About half way in Marcus stopped and slowly pulled out
all but the head. He leaned forward as she wrapped her
arms around his neck and her legs around his waist.
Their tongues dueled like swordsman and the cock began
to plunge a little deeper. This went on for the next
ten minutes as I watched my wife moan, cum flowing from
her stuffed pussy. Her pussy was sucking it in, inch by
black inch. Incredible I thought. Marcus kept feeding
it to her slowly, until she begged, “Give me more. I
want more… I want it all.”

Then with a sudden lunge it found bottom and they
froze, both bodies shaking in orgasmic bliss. With the
cum running out of her pussy Marcus began to saw away
slowly. First pulling all but the head out, the length
of the shaft glistening with their love juices. Then it
plunged to the depths once again as Vicky rose in
perfect rhythm to meet him half way.

“Give it to me harder, faster!” she cried. Ohhh just
like that! I love it like that!” You could hear the
sound of his balls slapping her ass, and the wet
sucking sound of her pussy. “Oh God fuck me, fuck me!”
she screamed.

With each long stroke he gave her, she was arching and
raising her ass off the bed to meet him as that huge
cock vanished into her little white pussy. “I’m
cumming, I’m cumming, it’s sooo fucking gooood.”

“I want to suck that cock, I want to feel that hot cum
in my throat.”

Marcus got up and said, “Not yet baby, I’m hitting that
pussy doggie style.”

Vicky quickly assumed the position.

“Now I’m going to send you to heaven baby,” as he
stabbed her pussy relentlessly to the timing of her
lust filled moans. Each thrust was met with an equal
response. “A fuck me, fuck me deeper” only interrupted
by her screaming, “I’m cumming! God I’m cumming again!
Give it to me!”

This continued for the next twenty minutes until Marcus
said, “Ok baby, are you hungry for my cum?”

“Yes! God yes! Please give it to me!” was the response
as she fell forward and dislodged the spear which
impaled her. Quick to her knees she eagerly gobbled
down half his cock. You could see her cheeks swell and
his balls pulsate.

She jacked the other half of his throbbing cock as his
balls were being emptied into her throat. Then they
collapsed in each other’s embrace. Over the course of
the next four hours the scene would be replayed three
more times. Marcus was a man of his word, he had given
her the fucking of her life.

Over the course of the week, I watched parts of it
several times in disbelief, I hadn’t decided what to do
about it yet. That was going to depend on Vicky. It was
finally Saturday night and as we got into bed she
snuggled up to me and whispered, “Are you going to put
some music on?”

“No, I thought we would watch a porn movie,” I replied.

“I’d rather listen to music, we’ve seen all the
movies,” was her response.

I reached for the remote and said, “Not this one.
You’re going to love this one.”

As the bedroom came into focus she sat up in bed with
the most surprised look on her face. “Don’t bother
trying to explain honey, lye back and enjoy the movie.”

We had incredible sex that night. When we were spent
she asked, “Do you still love me?”

“Yes, I do and I don’t mind if you see Marcus, but only
on Mondays.”

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