A curious girl submits to the pleasures that her dog has to offer

Epic walked into her room, it had been a long day and
she was ready to take a shower and use her favorite
vibrator to work off the stress. She set down her
backpack and stripped out of her clothes, setting them
in a pile on the floor. She turned around and headed
for the bathroom. She reached down and patted Joey as
he leisurely walked into her room. She turned around
and watched as he sniffed her clothes and then walked
over to her bed and curled up at the end to take a
quick nap. She smiled and then continued on into the

Turning the water on, Epic reached down and slowly ran
a finger up her slit, taking care to pull and gently
twist her hood piercing. She moaned and slipped a
finger inside, gently exploring herself as she felt the
water to make sure it was warm enough. Sighing from the
feeling of her finger slipping out, she pulled the
plunger and felt a few drops of the spray hit her on
the face. “Oh this is going to feel SO good,” she said
to no one in particular.

Climbing under the spray she began lathering up, gently
massaging herself to help work off the stress. Her
hands strayed down to her pussy but she held back,
remembering the vibrator waiting for her when she was
finished. Picturing it, she quickly finished scrubbing
herself and hastily hopped out. She grabbed the towel
hanging nearby and dried herself off enough so she
wouldn’t be dripping all over the floor as she made the
trip back to her room. She wrapped the towel around
her, modesty making her wrap the towel high enough to
cover her breasts, and then walked the short distance
to her room.

Epic hurried over to her desk and opened her secret
pleasure drawer. She pushed past the different dildos
and eggs that she had collected over the years and
finally found her favorite. It was a clit-tickler
variety and Epic loved to use it after long days, the
pleasure helping to let her forget the stress. She
opened her towel and let it drop to the floor as she
made her way over to her bed.

She sat down on the edge and lay back, she grabbed a
pillow and positioned it behind her back, giving her
some support. Spreading her legs as she twisted the
base of the vibrator, she moaned in anticipation as she
ran the gently buzzing tip along her outer lips. Epic
tilted her head back, closed her eyes and began letting
out small moans from her movements.

Joey heard the noise but ignored it, his master always
used the strange, noisy, thing after long days so he
laid his head back down and ignored it. Epic was too
horny after the gentle play she had given herself
earlier in the bathroom to keep up the gentle teasing.
She turned the vibrator up to full and plunged it into
her now slightly wet hole. “Yes!” she moaned, “Oh god

Joey sniffed, a strange smell had reached his nose and
he stood up sniffing, wanting to find the source of the
tantalizing smell. He turned around and was surprised
to find it came from the hole the strange buzzing
object was currently being thrust into. Joey was
intrigued so he slopped his front feet up onto the bed
and took another sniff. Yes it was coming from the
hole, but the strange object was in the way. He tried
to nudge it out of the way with his head, but he heard
a pleading moan come from his masters lips and the
object was pushed back into his way. He snorted, he
wanted to taste this smell, wanted to get to the source
of it, so he pushed harder and was pleased as it was
removed. He extended his tongue and began to explore
this sweet tasting hole, lapping up the tasty liquid.

Epic was thrusting the vibrator into her now dripping
snatch as fast as she could, the desire inside of her
so great that she could only moan in torment as
something tried to push it out of the way. She pushed
back and then was moaned as it was pushed away again,
only to be replaced with a tongue that was eager to
explore her depths. She gasped and dropped the vibrator
onto the floor, her hands now grasping the head of
whomever was giving her all this pleasure. She moaned
again and pulled the head even tighter in trying to get
the pleasure tool even deeper.

Joey felt his head being pulled closer towards the hole
and he took this as a sign he was doing a good job. He
licked even more, and was rewarded with more of the
sweet tasting liquid. He began licking the small nub
that had appeared and noticed that his master bucked
her hips at every lick. He tried harder wanting to
please her even more. He was overjoyed as she grabbed
the back of his head and he tasted a lot of the liquid,
lapping at her hole, wanting even more of it.

Epic let out a yell as the tongue began striking her
clit on every lick, it was driving her mad! She bucked
her hips every time, trying to get more, feeling it
stroke her insides in a way no one else had ever done.
She felt her orgasm building and grabbed the head and
pulled her invisible lover closer, holding him there as
she tensed up and then yelled as she came in his mouth.
He never once stopped, he kept licking and eating her,
she moaned louder as she was pushed over the edge
again, her juices spilling out to fill the wanting
mouth between her legs. She finally collapsed and
gently pushed the head away, hearing a low pleading
moan from whomever was down there.

Epic lay still for several minuets, trying to come
down, when she felt someone crawl up onto the bed. She
opened her eyes and say Joey sitting there wagging his
tail, her juices all over his face. She gasped,
immediately knowing what had happened, but to her
surprise she didn’t feel ashamed, she felt more turned
on than she had ever felt before.

She looked down and notice his slightly erect cock
sitting there on the bed, it was only half erect but it
was already as long and bigger around than any man’s
cock she had seen. She gulped a bit and thought about
what she wanted to do, something she had fantasized
about but had never had the daring to try. Her
trembling hand reached down and gently stroked his
cock, he let out a small moan and she watched as it
grew bigger, swelling to completely fill her hand.

Epic made up her mind, the pleasure that she got from
just being eaten out was incredible, but she had to
have more. She got up off the bed and Joey followed
her, his now fully erect cock dangling between his
legs, his tail wagging, his head cocked to the side
wondering what his master was doing. She slowly got
down on all fours in front of him and looked over her
shoulder, he got the idea and moved towards her.

She felt his fur graze her back as he climbed on top of
her, his head coming to rest on the base of her neck.
She felt his cock hitting her ass and legs as he tried
to find his mark, she laughed a bit at his trouble and
reached back to grasp his throbbing cock and guide it
to its mark.

She gasped at its size as she eased just the head
inside, it was stretching her farther than any of her
toys had and she loved it. She felt him stiffen and her
eyes went wide as he began to jackhammer into her, his
cock plowing into her depths then being pulled back out
before the quick thrust that sent it back in. She was
leaking juices freely around him as the feeling of
being filled to the brim and having that much wondrous
cock being shoved into her.

She moaned and cursed as she came, the pleasure was
blinding and she was afraid that she would pass out
from the force. She gasped anew as she felt his knot
beginning to swell insider her, stretching her out even
more and allowing his cock to move even faster. She
began panting from the force of his thrusts, wanting
him even deeper and faster. “Fuck me! Yes fuck me Joey!
Fill me!” she cried out. “I want you all inside of me,
don’t stop!” And Joey heeded his masters words, plowing
her as fast and as deep as he could.

Epic’s eyes began to cross as she felt her cervix being
probed from the depth of his thrusts. She was shaking
constantly now, her orgasms coming every few seconds as
she was ravaged. Epic enjoyed every second, she had
never felt so much bliss. She felt stretched to the
point of bursting but Joey was filling that whole space
with what felt like miles of his wondrous cock. She
came again as she felt him cum, it blasted out with
such force that she felt it smack into her uterus.

He didn’t stop filling her either. He continued to
slowly pump her as he came, the sheer amount filling
her past what she thought she could hold. Her belly
began to stretch out and she felt her cunt tighten
again as a final orgasm shook her, she yelled at the
top of her lungs and then collapsed. She panted hard as
Joey slowly stopped cumming, his knot holding all of
his wonderful cum inside of her.

They just lay there for what seemed like an eternity.
Epic was gently panting and not knowing what was going
on, her mind a haze of pleasure and her body trembling
from the sheer number of orgasms she had had. Joey was
gently licking her neck and upper back, cleaning his
mate. She smiled and reached awkwardly back to gently
pet him. After a few minuets she felt his knot slowly
start to shrink, and then she felt a bit sad as his cum
began slowly leaking out of her. She slowly stood, her
legs shaking and felt more of his cum begin to run down
her leg.

Joey just sat there, his tongue lolling out and his
slowly shrinking cock between his legs as if nothing
out of the ordinary had happed. She patted him on the
head and then slowly made her way to the bathroom to
take another shower. She felt worn out, but she wasn’t
in anyway sorry. She smiled at the thought of doing
this again tomorrow. Epic closed the bathroom door,
filled up the tub with hot water, and then slipped in
and dazed off. Her last thought was what it might feel
like to try it with her on top…

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