A flashing wife gets more than she bargained for when boys photograph her asleep and naked

My husband Jack was away on a business trip and I was
feeling a bit lonely. Just pottering around the house.
There is only so much housework you can do before you
go out of your mind.

There was a knock at the door and two boys, one about
20 and the other slightly younger. They wanted to earn
some money and asked if they could cut the grass or do
some odd jobs. They look so cute that I couldn’t resist
and I let them mow the lawn.

They did the front lawn first then went around back. I
thought I would have some fun and lay on a lounger near
the patio window so they could see me if they bothered
to look in. I was only wearing a housecoat and panties.
I removed my panties with the intention of flashing my
pussy at them. But I waited and waited but they seemed
really busy and laying there with the hot sun shining
through the window, I fell asleep.

I was startled by banging on the window. It was the
older boy. He was pressing what looked like a photo to
the glass. I went over to get a closer look and was
shocked to see it was an instant picture of me with my
legs wide open and no panties and my shaved pussy was
clearly visible, as was my face. There was no mistaking
that it WAS me.

I slid the door open and he still held the photo high
for me to see. I grabbed it from him and tore it into

‘That was your copy!’ He said. ‘We have plenty more.
Tommy took the rest home for safe keeping.’

‘What do you want?’ I demanded.

‘Some of your sweet pussy of course. We thought you
might be interested in letting us have some, seeing as
you were showing it off but we just wanted to be sure.
That’s why we took the photos.’

‘No! I don’t want to have sex with you; I was just
wanting to tease you a bit.’ I said blushing.

‘Well we’re gonna tease you right back and fuck you
good, you fucking cock teaser.’

‘I can give you money for the photos…’

‘Fuck that! We want pussy, and sweet shaved pussy like
yours will be a real treat.’

‘OK! You win. But you promise to give me all of the
photos back.’

‘I swear on anything you like, we just want pussy. You
can have all of them back.’

I nodded my agreement and returned to sit on the
lounger. The boy, who I later found out, was called
Dave, took out his mobile phone. ‘Hi! Yes it all set,
we can do anything we want to her, bring the photos

On hearing what he had said about ‘Doing anything they
wanted.’ Struck a cord and got my juices flowing. I
hadn’t really wanted to have sex with them but now,
well, perhaps it wouldn’t be so terrible after all.

Dave came over and stood beside me. ‘Lie down!’ He
commanded. I did as he said.

‘Open your dressing gown and let me see your tits.’ My
hands were trembling as I followed his orders. He stood
admiring my body. ‘Spread your legs slut! Show me your
shaved cunt.’ His harsh words were having an effect on
me; I could feel my juices flowing. When he noticed how
wet I was getting, he said. ‘You are a fucking whore,
this is turning you on.’ And with that he roughly
jammed a finger straight up inside my pussy. The force
and the shock of it made me climax.

‘What a slut! We sure hit pay dirt with you Hunny.’

Before I regained control of myself, he was stripped
and on top of me shoving his young cock into my now
willing pussy. He was thrusting into me and sucking on
my nipples, first one then the other. I was just
starting to reach another climax when I was distracted
by the younger boy Tommy, returning. ‘Wow! Fuck the
bitch good!’ He shouted as Dave started to cum inside

As Dave slumped on top of me after his climax, Tommy
came and stood by my head and dropped his pants around
his ankles. He had very sparse pubic hair around his
young but very hard cock. He threw the photos down and
said. ‘Suck me!’

I hesitated with him being so young but he grabbed my
nipple and squeezes and twisted it hard. A searing
white flash of pain shot through my breast from his

‘Do it!’ He almost screamed. ‘Suck me!’ I felt really
intimidated and was surprised to feel this way at the
hands of one so young. As I hadn’t obeyed immediately,
he once again gripped my nipple hard but he didn’t
twist it this time, he just pulled in an upward
direction, so hard that I almost came to a sitting
position. Only for Dave’s weight holding me down, I
think I may have.

The strangest thing happened. The terrible pain I was
experiencing in my nipple and breast caused me to
climax once again.

I could vaguely hear Dave saying. ‘See! I told she was
a complete slut.’
Just then Tommy grabbed my hair and pulled me to his
cock. ‘Suck it you fucking cunt! Suck me!’

I did, I opened my mouth and let him shove his young
cock in as far as it would go. He thrust himself
against my face, fucking my mouth as though it were a
pussy. It didn’t take many thrusts before he groaned as
an orgasm overcame him and he poured his young cum down
my throat.

They spent the rest of the afternoon taking turns
fucking my mouth and pussy. Occasionally young Tommy
liked to get rough and a***e my nipples and breasts and
this I found to be a new source of sexual pleasure.

Just before they left, Tommy told Dave to hold my
ankles high and spread my legs wide. Dave stood over me
facing my feet and did as Tommy instructed. Tommy knelt
on the lounger and started to finger fuck me and play
with my clit, as I was becoming aroused he raised his
arm and brought his hand down with a hard slap directly
on my pussy lips. Their cum that was still in and on
me, splattered everywhere as a sharp pain ran through
my whole being with the most incredible orgasm I had
ever experienced.

They returned to use me quite regularly and also
brought some other friends to use ‘Their Slut’.

Thankfully my husband works away a lot…

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