A housewife and a young black man improve her and her husband’s sex life

Being a High School counselor can have its rewards in
different ways sometimes. This is one of those times
that a counseling session in High School was remembered
by a college freshman.

Yes I was the High School counselor one time when Todd
was called in for counseling about his desire to pinch
girls on the butt. At the time I told Todd that it was
sexual harassment as well as being naughty and was not
nice. He agreed to stop it and that was the end of it.

Todd went on to college and had finished his first year
in college. He came home and was walking around the
neighborhood one day. He spotted me weeding the
flowers, down on my hands and knees, and in shorts and
halter. He slipped up behind me and pinched me on my
butt. I jumped and looked around and saw a laughing

“You devil you! I see my counseling did not change you
a bit,” as I stood and looked at Todd who had grown
from a sneaky school kid to a handsome young black
man.” Todd, it is good see you. How are things in

“Things are good in college, but it is nice to be home
for the summer. I just saw you there with your behind
sticking up and I remembered what you had told me about
pinching butts. It sure looked nice and inviting,” Todd
said, as he laughed.

“You can help me weed as punishment for your little
deed. Go get your work clothes on and come back. I will
be in the back yard as I will be finished here in front
before you get back.”

Todd returned and got down beside me and we started
weeding and we made small talk as we worked. Every once
in a while Todd would say something like, “That’s a
nice butt you have there Ms Molly,” and give it a slap
and laugh. By this time I was enjoying the attention.
My husband had long ago stopped paying me compliments.
He was more interested in his golf than me anyway and
he played golf every Saturday, as he was on this

Todd looked at my breast and said, “Gee Ms Molly, never
knew you had nice breast like those cause you always
keep them covered up in school.”

“Cut it out now Todd. I am a married woman and old
enough to be your mother. You are liable to start
something you did not want to start. You know what they
say about female school teachers.”

“No, what do they say,” Todd replied grinning. “Guess
some of them must like the younger ones and the younger
ones like them. Is that it? I sure would not pass up an
opportunity with you Ms Molly.”

“OK, that is enough Todd. You are pushing the limit.
Pull some weeds and it will get your mind off such

I could tell that Todd was not just talking. He was
trying to feel me out and was interested in more that
helping me pull weeds. I must admit that I was having
some evil thoughts about this young handsome black man.

When we finished, I remarked to Todd about our dirty
sweaty state and that perhaps we needed a shower and he
could shower in the house if he wanted. He said that he
would like that and we went into the house. I went and
got some towels, and was turning the shower on when I
realized Todd was standing behind me completely naked.

I gasp as I looked at Todd. He smiled and said, “You
surely have seen a naked man before. I aint going to
shower with my clothes on. Get yours off and come on
in. There is plenty of room here.”

I stood there for a moment then thought, “What the
heck!” I threw my clothes off and got into the shower
with the naked young man, knowing that he was trying to
get him some white booty. Well I thought, “My husband
likes to golf. Too bad if he is away and not able to
protect his wife from some handsome young stud who
needs some attention.” My husband, Mark, had lost some
of his sex drive in recent years but mine seemed to be
as strong as ever.

Todd started soaping me up and I took the soap from him
and did the same thing to him. We were now both
laughing and having fun together like two high school
kids on prom night after the prom. As we got out to dry
off, I took the towel and started drying Todd.

I dried his back and as he turned for me to dry the
front I saw his black magic wand standing there working
its spell on me. I was now breathing faster as I
realized it was soon going to be my turn to put a spell
on Todd. I could not resist as I kissed it and
gleefully pinched his black butt. I started moving my
lips over the head as it seeped clear liquid for me to
taste driving me further into sexual arousal.

I felt of his young balls knowing they belonged to a
young man now and he was ready and willing to breed me
even if I was an older married woman. Young men are
like young animals; they are always looking for an
opportunity to breed while the head male is not
looking. The sex drive is strong and controlling in a
young man. They breed any woman who will lie still for

I knew this was true but I was still aroused at the
thought that he wanted me at the moment. Again I
thought of the animals, as I thought about my husband
playing with golf balls while his wife is playing with
a young stud’s black balls ready to drive his wife
wild. The young stud is ready to take advantage of an
unwatched wife while the ole stud is distracted.

Todd was now fully aroused and I could tell he was
anxious to pump his seed deep inside me while the old
stud was not looking. Todd dried me off savoring my
breast as he suckled them and moved lower to lick my
wet waiting womanhood driving me wilder than I have
ever been before.

We soon moved to the bedroom where I pulled the covers
down and moved to the middle of the king sized bed
offering my self to the young stud who had slipped in
to sample some of my husband’s wife’s white wet pussy.
Todd was now moving over me and as he leaned on his
hands, I took his hard black cock and placed the head
between my waiting lips as he drove deep inside me and
started a fast rhythm of thrusting and thrusting, his
black balls banging on my door as if to say, “Get
ready. Here I cum.”

We were now one sweaty mass wreathing in pleasure as we
both met each other’s stroke for stroke and pulled and
pinched and groped and moaned as nature took over and
we both started wild orgasms. I could feel Todd as he
pumped me full of his young black gravy, feed my
waiting womb. We lay there embraced savoring the

As I had my orgasm, I could feel my and vagina
constricting around his black cock pulling his sperm
from his balls depositing the fluid into my womb.

“Damn, Todd, my husband is home,” I blurted out as I
heard the garage door open. He grabbed his clothes and
made it out the back door clutching them in his hand. I
slipped on my robe and went into the kitchen and got a
glass of water just as Mark walked into the kitchen
from the garage. I had glanced out the back window and
saw that Todd had gotten his clothes on and had made it
away from the house. “Whew that was close,” I thought.

“How was golf today honey?”

“Great Day. I had some good strokes today. How was your

“Guess you could say I had some great strokes as well,”
as I thought of Todd. “I weeded the flower beds today
and was about to take a shower.”

Mark leaned over and kissed me and sniffed smelling of
me. He said, “You sure smell musty-Really sexy like.
You have never smelled like this before.”

I replied, “Guess you like the smell of work after
all,” and laughed it off.

This was Saturday and Saturday night was our night to
have our little husband and wife dating party: Dinner,
drinks, sometimes an adult movie and then sex. I could
feel Todd’s juices mixed with mine seeping out and down
my leg as we stood there talking. I was wondering what
Mark would think if he knew why I smelled musty. Maybe
I will just let Todd’s juice and musty smell stay on me
and see if Mark can smell it.

That night, as Mark started licking my clittie, he
started sniffing and remarked that my smell was sure
strong and it was sexing him up. He started eating me
like never before and was making throaty sounds. As he
moved up over me to mound his woman, he whispered that
my musky smell was the strongest he had ever smelled
and it had really made him extra horny tonight as he
plowed deep into me driving me to new heights that he
had never achieved before.

I was enjoying the best sex I had ever had with Mark;
it was almost as good as with Todd earlier in the day.
Todd had really rung my bell with his young black eager
impatient cock. It was nice being loved by a young stud
as it made me feel young again. I felt like a teen-ager
who just lost her cherry to the black boy who mom had
warned her about.

Yes I know, Mom, young black guys want to fuck all the
white girls and make them pregnant.

Mark kept pumping till we both were wreathing in
pleasure and exhausted from our lovemaking.

After we relaxed for a while, Mark said that he was
sure aroused by the musky smell and taste down in my
honey box. He hoped that it would continue, as he loved
it so much.

Little did he know that the musky smell and taste was
my new black lovers sperm mixed with his wife’s sex
juices. I had deliberately not showered or cleaned up
just to see what the results would be and I was pleased
that my husband had found a renewed sex drive from the
results. Yes Todd had accomplished something with me
that I alone could not have done.

Saturdays became better all summer as I continued top
play with Todd’s black club and balls. After our love
making, I would not shower in order to provide the
musty smell for my husband so that he could get really
horny and give me more pleasure. Yes this arrangement
worked out very well for the summer. Thanks to Todd,
sex that summer was the best I ever had.

My stud husband never knew that a young stud was
stealing his honey while his interest was drawn away to
other things. I wonder how many other wives are
yielding to the eager young studs while the old stud is
not watching.

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