A young woman, seeking shelter from the rain, meets a homeless woman who lives in a boxcar

As I stood next to the train tracks watching my
boyfriend drive away, I thought to myself why do I
always hookup with the assholes? We had been out
dancing at the local bar when we got in an argument
over the price of eggs in china (well he had been
drinking a lot) which ended with us leaving and him
tossing me out of his truck right here at the train
switching station.

“Well maybe I’ll just get a motel room tonight and take
cab home in the morning and then toss that idiot out on
his ass.”

“Great Anna now you’re talking to yourself, you’re as
crazy as him.”

The Motel No-Tell was about three miles from where I
stood and I could be there in about a half an hour if I
walked fast. After taking about three steps from where
Asshole-Man (that’s his new name) left me it started to
rain, and it was raining hard. Through the rain I could
see a boxcar with its door open, it would give me some
shelter until the rain quit.

At a dead run I headed for the boxcar and naturally,
like a teen girl in a horror movie, I slipped and fell
in the mud. Spitting the wet sand and gravel from my
mouth I got up and headed for the train car again this
time I made it without falling down.

Inside the car I was amazed at what I saw, there was a
small kerosene heater just past the open door, a
camping stove next to the back wall, and an old
mattress lying on the floor. “Someone is living here,”
I said out loud.

“Yes I am,” The unexpected voice from behind me scared
me so badly that I screamed and jumped and
embarrassingly enough I wet myself. Turning around to
face the voice I saw a woman about thirty-five ears
old, smiling at me.

“I’m sorry I really didn’t mean to scare you but you
are in my home,” she said.

“I-I… didn’t mean to trespass I-I was trying to get
out of the rain, I should go” I don’t know if it was
fear or the cold night air but my whole body was
trembling and my voice was shaky.

“Don’t be silly girl, it’s raining cats and dogs out
there and you’ll catch your death if you go back out
there, besides it’s been awhile since I’ve had a guest”
she smiled warmly again. “Just look at you all wet and
muddy you must be freezing.”

She was right I was muddy and thanks to this mini skirt
and thin top I was wearing I was freezing. She went
over to the small kerosene heater and lit it saying
that I should get out of my wet clothes and wrap myself
up in the warm blanket she was holding. I accepted the
warm blanket quickly wrapping myself up in it. She told
me again to get out of my wet clothes before I caught a
nasty cold. Apprehensively, I slipped out of my wet
skirt and top.

“If you don’t mind me asking, how do get away with
living here? Don’t the security guards run you off?”

“Nah, I just suck their tiny little dicks for awhile
and they let me stay here, one big black guard even
brought me this stove and heater”

After she hung my clothes up on a piece of wire she had
put up between the walls, she took off her rain coat
and boots and to my surprise she was standing there in
only a pair of panties and some wool socks.

She had a very athletic body, small perky breasts, thin
but toned stomach, and long smooth legs that ended in a
well rounded butt. I must have had a look of surprise
on my face because she just smiled. I just sat there on
the floor next to the heater, blushing.

She moved in next to me and said it was time to share
that blanket and quickly crawled in the wrap with me.
This about the time I remembered the little accident I
had when she scared me, the odor of my urine soaked
panties filled my nose, she never said a word about the
smell as though it wasn’t even there.

“My name is Wilma,” she said introducing herself.

“I’m Anna.”

“How old are you Anna?” she asked.

“I’m 22 years old,” I answered.

“I’m 37 years old tomorrow,” she told me. “I grew up in
New York, married a doctor then divorced his cheating,
lying, and useless ass and wound up homeless and

Although I didn’t she ask she told me of how Doctor
Dirt-bag, as she called him, was banging his nurse on
the side and how she caught them in his car one night
and how she tossed him out on his ass and then all
about the long, bitter court battle and how she lost
everything, the real bombshell came at the end of her

“His nurse was a man…and my younger brother,” she
said finally finishing her story.

“That must’ve hurt real bad,” I said.

“What doesn’t k**l you only makes you stronger,” she

I was starting to fully feel the effects of all the
booze I drank earlier and told Wilma that I was
starting to feel a little drunk and I needed to lie
down for a few minutes to clear my head she responded
by putting her arm around me and telling me to just lay
my head on her and she would hold on to me until I felt

I laid my head against her soft shoulder and started to
doze off, when I felt her soft lips start to kiss my

“You are so beautiful Anna,” she whispered into my ear.

My mind, numb from he earlier drinking, was telling me
to grab my clothes and run but my body wasn’t
listening, my nipples responded first, swelling out
with excitement. Wilma’s hand was roaming all over my
breasts finally reaching my nipples, she was massaging
and pinching them just like I do when I masturbate, she
continued to tell me how beautiful I was as her hand
started to rub my stomach dipping under the waistband
of my panties just low enough to brush my pussy hair, a
pleasurable moan was my only protest.

Wilma moved so I could lie down on the old mattress
positioning herself on all fours above me.

“I’ve never… with another… girl before,” I moan as
she started to kiss my nipples.

“It’s OK, I’ll stop if you want me to.” She said
between kisses. By now the booze had taken full effect
on me and her constant gentle kisses and loving
massaging coupled with the booze a simple moan was all
I could mutter. This seemed to please her because she
laid down on top of me and planted a kiss right on my
mouth, her tongue invaded my mouth and attacked my
tongue, like a snake her tongue tangled with mine and
to my surprise I was kissing her back…..passionately.
Her hands were moving down my body so gently that I
thought I was going to come just from her soothing
touch. She broke off the kiss and again began to kiss
and suck on my nipples, her hands were busy too, one
hand was massaging my ass the other was rubbing my
pussy through my wet panties. I sat up with a jolt
remembering that just a half an hour ago I had pissed
in my panties and now this horny older woman was
rubbing her hand all over them.

“What a matter, should I stop?”

“No, I want to do this but my panties…are…”

“Its OK I like it”

Without waiting for me to respond, she moved even
farther down my body and began to kiss my pussy through
the piss wet panties. This was driving me nuts, she was
kissing me and gently biting at my clit all the while
moaning about how the smell of piss turned her on and
how she was gong to make me come like never before.

Wilma began to kiss harder and bite my clit harder and
harder, I began to moan harder and louder with every
nibble she took, just before I was going to come she
stopped for a second and let me regain some of my
control, she then tore a small hole in the crotch of my
underwear and inserted her long finger inside my slick
wet pussy working it in and out slowly at first then
faster and faster and faster until her hand was moving
so fast it looked like a blur, once again I started to
moan louder and louder and just before I came she
stopped again.

This time she only stopped long enough to remove her
finger and put her tongue in its place .She started to
lick my slit from top to bottom slowly at first then
faster then slower again. I was going to come and
nothing was going to prevent it this time I could feel
the pleasure building inside me.

“Wilma please stop I have to pee… I have to pee…
Please stop!” I begged, as much as I needed to come I
needed to piss just as bad.

“So piss, but I’m not going to stop until you come all
over my face,” was all she said.

The urge to piss was building faster than the urge to
come and I continued to beg her to let me up to piss
but the more I begged the faster and deeper she would
lick me. I couldn’t hold it back any more I started to
piss in Wilma’s mouth as she kept licking me her face
was being covered in the stream of urine coming from

I looked down at her and she was smiling, happily
drinking down my spray as she continued to eat me this
made me come instantly, I came harder than I had ever
come before and cumming while I was pissing made the
come even more enjoyable I fell back on the mattress
and started shaking from the intense orgasm and
continued to empty my bladder all over Wilma’s waiting

After my orgasm had settled down and the piss stream
stopped Wilma slid up to my face and kissed me again, I
could taste the salty urine on her lips. Guess what? I
liked it! I was completely wasted from my orgasm I just
laid there kissing the old woman who taught me a new

“I told you I would make you come like never before,
didn’t I?” she said smiling at me.

“Yes you did and you kept your promise,” I said. “Let
me return the favor!”

Wilma turned around so that her pussy was directly
above my face and slowly lowered her hot wet slit down
to my lips. I started to lick her shaved pussy through
her panties, not sure if I was doing it right, I just
kept licking her cunt like I would want mine licked,
stopping every once and a while to kiss or suck on her
swollen clit.

Her pussy started to get wetter with every lick of my
tongue and I began to suck her juices out through the
thin material of her panties, this was my first taste
of pussy and I knew I loved it and it would not be my
last taste, just as she had done to me I stopped and
tore a small hole in the crotch and put my middle
finger in her sloppy wet pussy. I put it in to the
second knuckle and began to work it in and out slow
then fast then slow again. As a sign of approval her
moans were getting louder and she started to work her
hips back and forth like she was fucking my finger.

She pulled her hips forward trying to get my finger in
deeper when a devilish idea entered my head, on her
next thrust forward I quickly raised my head into her
butt cheeks and started to lick her little pink
asshole. Even darting my tongue inside it a time or two
this rimming sent her over the edge and she began to
buck wildly on my finger and my mouth. Without any
warning she pulled off my finger, raised herself up and
began to piss on me.

The warm stream of piss hit me across my lips and was
running down my chest between my tits and started to
pool at my navel she quickly bent her head down and
started to suck on my clit again and before I had a
chance to move she slammed her still pissing cunt down
on my face and began to squirt buckets of come into my
mouth. I now had my second taste of piss and I wanted
more! I opened my mouth as wide as I could get it to go
and clamped down on her pulsating pussy and sucked to
whole thing into my mouth causing me to come again.

After we had both calmed down from our orgasms we lay
there on her worn out mattress for a while in complete
silence holding on to each other tightly. I told her I
should be getting home now and she should come with me.
I was going to kick that asshole drunk boyfriend of
mine out of the house and ask Wilma to move in so we
could fuck like this everyday. She agreed.

But before we could get dressed one of the security
guards, the big black one that brought her the heater,
showed up. If your interested I’ll tell you the story
of how he and I stood next to a kneeling Wilma and
pissed all over her. this was right before he buried
his fat black cock up my pussy while Wilma sat on my
face and pissed all over it.

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