Just Another Day At The Office

“Come in,” Danny called without even bothering to look up from the papers on his desk. Although he heard the door swing open, he didn’t acknowledge that someone had entered his office. He was a managing partner…whoever it was could wait until he finished what he was doing. After almost five minutes of playing the

The Drunken Bastard

At about 10:45 Alex came into work. This time he was only 5:45 minutes late, but drunk off his ass. He stumbled into the little nick-nacks shop and stared at Julie in the way only a drunken horney bastard could. Alex was the store co-manager and was allowed to do just about everything the manager

A man is victimized by a hit and run driver, then he turns the tables on her

Let’s start by telling you that I love my car. It’s a shiny, black, 1994 BMW 850 that I have babied for all the years I’ve owned it. Most people mistake it for a new car when they see it, which I consider the ultimate compliment. And, up until six days ago, I had enjoyed