A man struggles with his obsession to make love to another man and finds a hermaphrodite, unknowingly

Frankie pulled into the first motel he found, it was
late and he had been driving all day. After checking
in, he went to the room and tossed his suitcase on the
desk and flopped on the bed.

Frankie was on the road for one reason, he just left
his wife of eight years and his kids, a son and a
daughter. The problem wasn’t with them, it was him. For
years now, he’s been struggling with his inner self
about his sexuality. Anita, his wife, was a very
beautiful woman. At twenty-eight her figure was
fantastic even after bearing two children.

They have been arguing at night in the privacy of their
bedroom about his lack of desire for her and she was
left to think that he was cheating on her. Many times
Frankie wanted to tell her that it wasn’t her, it was
just that he no longer was effected by her body, it
didn’t “turn him on”.

Just last night during a very loud verbal argument,
Frankie finally sat down and calmly tried to explain
what was happening to him. He showed her that it wasn’t
her fault at all and that he would rather look at some
guy in the shower, then her naked.

Anita tried to listen to him explain, but she felt like
half a woman now that he had told her and she asked him
to move out, so they could both get on with their

Frankie didn’t know where to go, he just knew it was
best that he left and just drove west. Now he was in a
motel, alone and wondering where he was going to go.
His stomach started to growl on him and he realized he
had not stopped to eat since breakfast.

He lifted the phone and got the front desk, “Is there
any place nearby to get some food?”

The man said, “Closest place would be “Quincy’s”, good
food, but its kind of a hochie-coochie establishment.”

“Okay, Thank You,” Frankie said as he hung up.

He got in his car and drove up the road and saw the
large flashing “Quincy’s” sign and pulled into the
parking lot. The lot was pretty full and he was lucky
to find a spot.

As he walked alongside of the building, he saw marques
showing some of the dancers that were featured inside
and it didn’t effect him in the least, he was just

Entering, he was greeted and was told there was a ten
dollar cover charge, which he paid, then asked about
the food.

“Got a good deal on a eighteen ounce t-bone steak,
baked potato and salad,” the man said.

“Sounds good to me, I’m hungry,” Frankie said. He went
through the inner door and found himself a table, and
checked out his surroundings.

All the waitresses were dressed in gowns which revealed
a lot of cleavage and cut up high on each side to
expose their legs too. The dancer on stage was down to
her panties and was really giving the customers their
monies worth. Her breasts had tassels on them and they
were twirling in circles as she moved.

His waitress arrived, “Hi! I’m Radvanyi, I’ll be your
waitress tonight. Can I start by getting you something
to drink?”

“Yes please, bring me a scotch on the rocks, make it a
double and be sure they use Dewer’s.”

“Yes Sir, be right back with your drink.”

Frankie watched the sway of her ass as she walked away
and felt a slight chill. Thinking to himself, Now why
her, hell Anita is better looking than her, but why did
I just get that feeling? He sat in his chair and soon
she was walking with his drink in her hand.

He checked her out and realized that he was looking
right at her breasts, when she bent down to place his
drink on the table. She seemed to be holding that pose
for longer than necessary. His cock started to get

As she straightened up, she looked at his face and
said, “Can I interest you in something to eat?”

He watched as her pinky finger went to her breast and
moved slowly over the swell of her left breast.

She was getting to him for some reason. “Ah..Yes
please! I’d like the T-bone dinner.”

“Oh that’s my favorite here, she said. How would you
like that cooked?”

“Medium well please.”

“Okay, I’ll put the order in for you, by the way I
didn’t get your name.”

“Frankie, Frankie Pullman.”

“Well Frankie, anything you want or need tonight, ask
me. And I do mean anything too.”

For some reason, Frankie was starting to sweat just a
little as he looked into her face. His cock, for the
first time in years was hard as a rock from looking at
a woman.

Radvanyi was considered to be “a looker” in her circles.
Her long red hair, which reached to the middle of her
back. It was silky and the lights made her hair
sparkle. She had deep green eyes and a perfect face.
She was about five-seven in height and her body
appeared to be sculpted.

As she left to put his order in, he lifted his drink
and he could not take his eyes off of her.

Frankie watched her as she went to other tables around
him and she stopped by his and said, “Can I re-fill
that drink for you?”

“If you would, please.”

Bending down, she lifted his glass and let him get a
good look at her breasts before going to the bar. When
she returned to the table, she did the same thing, but
this time she whispered to him, “Do you like them

He was caught, but he stammered, “Yes, yes I do as a
matter of fact.”

“Would you like to see me dance Frankie? I can dance
for you if you want me to.”

“I think I’d like that, how much is it?”

“Ten for one dance, but I can do three for twenty-

“Just one for now, would that be okay?”

“Sure Frankie, we have all night if you want.”

When the next song started, Radvanyi stood right next to
him and she started to gyrate her hips and thrusting
her breasts at him. Soon she reached behind her and
slid a zipper down and let the dress top fall to her

Frankie was mesmerized by her. When she brought her
breasts out for him to see, he had to take a quick
swallow of his drink. They were beautiful, at a 38C
cup, perfectly round topped with the nicest nipples he
had ever seen.

As she continued to dance, her hands were all over her
breasts, making her nipples hard and putting them just
short of his face.

All to soon for Frankie, the song ended, but he paid
her and she replaced her top and zipped the dress up.

Taking the ten dollars, she said, “Let me check on your
food Frankie.”

Walking away to get the food, Frankie had to reposition
his cock in his pants.

All this bothered him. For years, he hasn’t been able
to get an erection with his wife. Now this woman has
got him so hard, he may just cum in his pants. Of
course he always liked a nice pair of tits, but at the
gym, he liked looking at other guy’s cocks as they
showered in the open shower area. Now that has always
put a charge into his cock and he had to sit with a
towel over him until the guys left.

More often that not, he’d run into a stall and sit on
the commode and jack off, thinking about all those
swinging cocks he saw. He wanted to stick one in his
mouth and taste it. He really wanted to swallow a load
of cum from a spurting cock. This is what had excited
him in the past. So why has Radvanyi got this hold on
him? He couldn’t figure it out.

He caught her in the corner of his eye, as she returned
to the table with his food. Again bending over and
showing off her breasts. She took her time taking the
plates off the tray and she smiled at him.

“I hope you enjoy your food Frankie. Did you like the
way I danced for you?”

“Yes Radvanyi, I did indeed, your very beautiful.”

Leaning down again, she said, “would you like to be
able to hold them in your hands and suck on my

“Yes, I’d like that, I’d like that very much.”

Still bent down, she said, “Is your cock hard Frankie?
I like a nice hard cock. Would you let me suck your
hard cock?”

All Frankie could do was nod his head yes.

“Good, cause I can get off in an hour and then we can
have some fun together. I’ll be back to dance for you
again in a little while, enjoy your meal.”

Frankie gobbled down the food in front of him and soon
she was there again, taking his glass to get him
another drink.

“My nipples are hard thinking about me sucking on you
Frankie, can I dance for you again?”

“Yes, please, I want to see your breasts again.”

“Okay, let me fill your drink and I’ll be back to keep
your cock good and hard.”

When she left his sight, he noticed other girls dancing
at tables for their customers, but none of them did
anything for him like Radvanyi did.

Returning to his table, Frankie handed her fifty
dollars and told her not to leave again until she was
off of work.
“Oh you sweet sweet man, I’ve got a little under thirty
minutes now, this should keep me busy until quitting

At the start of the next song, she once again danced
for him, teasing him with one breast, then the other.

Her dress clung to her hips but from her waist up, he
was held captive. His cock was so hard it almost hurt,
but he didn’t move to touch her at all.

After her last dance, she checked her watch and said,
“okay, let’s square the bill for the drinks and food
and then I’ll be able to leave. You can wait for me in
the parking lot, okay.”

He counted out the money, handed it to her and stood up
to go outside and wait for her.

Radvanyi looked down and saw how hard his cock was
pushing against his pants. Looking into his eyes, she
said, “I’ll take good care of that soon enough,” as the
back of her hand brushed against his hard dick.

Frankie walked outside and the cool night air felt good
on his face. He stood in the lot and waited. After
twenty minutes he was going to go back inside and see
what was keeping her, but he heard a voice behind him
coming from a VW Bug.

“Frankie, I’ll follow you to your place, okay?”

“Okay,” he said as he walked to his car and drove to
the motel. She pulled in right along side of him and
locked her car and he looked at her.

She had changed into some tight pants, heels and a
white button down shirt that was opened from the first
two buttons.

Unlocking the door to his room, he apologized for not
having anything to drink, as he had not been there long
before going to Quincy’s.

“There’s only one thing here I want to drink Frankie
and it don’t come in no bottle,” as she sat him on the
bed. She reached out for his belt and unbuckled it,
pulling it out of the loops and tossing it aside.

Next she unsnapped his button and pulled the zipper
down and then she pulled his shoes off and let them
drop onto the floor. Reaching up again, her hands went
inside of his pants and she held both sides of his cock
in her palms.

“Mmmmmmm Frankie, this is what I want. Tell me what you
want me to do Frankie. What is it you want?”

“Suck my cock Radvanyi, I want you to suck my cock and
let me cum in your mouth.”

She smiled at him and said, “Yes Frankie, I want to
shove you cock deep into my mouth and down my throat. I
want to feel your cum coating my mouth and flowing down
my throat too.”

She pulled on his pants and brought them down his legs
as he slipped his shirt over his head. On her knees
between his legs, she lowered her mouth to the large
hard cock under his briefs. Turning her head to the
side, she took his shaft in her mouth and lightly
pressed her teeth on it.

Her hand came up and cupped his nut sack and then she
took his briefs in her teeth and with her hands pulled
them down his legs.

Radvanyi’s eyes brightened as she looked at the eight
inches of hard cock that had sprung from under his
briefs. “Oh my God Frankie, that is such a beautiful
cock, I am going to enjoy this very much.”

Her hand held his cock to her face and she flicked her
tongue over the tip and brought the pre cum to her lips
and she savored all he gave. Soon the mushroomed her
was in her mouth and her tongue circled it.

Pulling her mouth off his dick, she licked under the
head and then she went from his scrotum all the way up
his shaft and back down again, sucking on his balls.
She had one large ball in her mouth, rolling it with
her tongue, as she pumped his cock with her hand. She
sucked the other ball and then lifted the sack and
licked underneath it, almost tonguing his asshole.

All Frankie could do was lay on the bed and revel in
what Radvanyi was doing to him. Amazed at just the fact
that he was able to maintain an erection.

Radvanyi slowly licked up the vein of his cock and once
again had his cock in her mouth. She loved sucking
cocks more than anything and this cock was nice and

Taking in more and more of His cock, she finally had
the entire thing in her mouth and pushing down her
throat. She worked her tongue all over Frankie’s dick
as her head moved up and down the shaft.

Popping the large head in and out of her mouth several
times, she was devouring this treat.

“Radvanyi, Oh God Radvanyi, I’m gong to cum.”

“Yes Frankie, cum, Give me all of it.”

She began to pump his shaft with her hand and her
mouth, waiting for her reward.

Frankie’s cock felt like a bomb going off when he shot
the first load into her mouth.

“MMMMMMMMM,” was all she said.

Again and again he blasted off and she took all of it
without missing a single drop. She loved the feeling of
the spurts hitting the back of her throat and the sweet
taste of his cum.

She held his cock in her mouth until he started to
soften, then she backed off of it and planted kisses
all over him flaccid cock and scrotum before she
reached behind her and untied the top of her dress.

Again Frankie was admiring her beautiful round breasts,
only this time he placed his hands on them and kneaded
those mounds. He kissed each nipple and then took one
into his mouth and sucked on it.

That nipple was hard and about half an inch long and
thick. He savored the flavor of her breast and then
moved to the other,

To his surprise he started to get hard again, so Radvanyi
reached down and she took it in her hand and pumped it.
Leaning down a little she said, “Fuck me Frankie, fuck
me in the ass please?”

With his mouth still attached to her breast, he nodded

Radvanyi moved back from him and moved to the wall and
shut off the light switch. The room was thrown into a
pitch black void.

Radvanyi made her way to the bed and as she did, she
removed her dress completely and dropped her panties to
the floor.

Frankie was waiting there and he felt her get on the
bed and get on her hands and knees. Moving behind her,
he felt her ass and fingered her anal passage. Then he
inserted a second finger and then a third.

He spread her passage wide with his hand, so his cock
wouldn’t tear her open. Feeling like she was ready,
Frankie positioned himself and placed the head of his
dick at the entrance.

It took a little pushing, but his cock head finally
popped into her ass. A little more effort and he was
going in smoothly. She was so fucking tight, it almost
hurt him. He pulled out a little and spit on his hand
and coated his shaft and slid himself back inside.

“Dam Frankie, it feels like your using a log back

“Do you want me to stop,” he asked?

“No, No, I want you to cum in my ass Frankie.”

With that, Frankie moved once again in and out of her
tight squeezing ass. It seemed that the more he pumped
his cock into her, the tighter she got.

Both his hands were kneading her ass cheeks and he
moved one hand around her and was going to play with
her pussy, but he was surprised again that evening.

Radvanyi didn’t have a pussy, she had a cock that was at
least seven inches long and hard as a rock. At first,
he wanted to stop, then he thought about all cocks he
had been admiring in the showers, so he wrapped his
hand around it and started to pump her cock while he
rammed her ass with his dick. The more he fucked her
ass, and stroked her cock, he began to really get
excited and he began to cum in her ass.

“God Frankie, Oh God that feels so good.”

When he stopped cumming, he pulled out of her ass and
flipped her body onto the bed so she was on her back.
Frankie spread her legs and he brought his face to
Radvanyi’s hard dick.

For the first time in his life, he such a hard cock
into his mouth. He slipped the purple head in and
lavished it with his tongue for a little while. Moving
his hand to the shaft, Frankie held it up and he
lowered his mouth and took in a little more of Radvanyi’s
hard rod.

With his other hand he felt for her tit and squeezed it
softly in his hand as he again played with her nipple.
The combination of playing with her breast and sucking
on her cock at the same time was so thrilling to him,
he gave everything he had to satisfying her.

Radvanyi was so happy that he didn’t try to kill her for
the deception, as that is what normally happened when
they find out she was a he. She had made plenty of
trips to the hospital for all the cuts and broken ribs
she got.

But Frankie was different. He was doing a great job in
getting her to cum.

“Frankie, Frankie, Oh God Frankie,” was all she could

Frankie had been able to take half of her cock into his
mouth, but his hand was making up for the rest as he
moved up and down her shaft. He felt her rod start to
swell just a little as Radvanyi’s cum ran up the shaft.

She let loose with all that she could as Frankie sucked
down what he could. His mouth filled quickly and he had
to come off of her, but he swallowed the juicy cum she
gave to him as the rest splattered on his chin and

Radvanyi pulled him up her body and she kissed him,
tasting her cum on his lips. She held his head in her
hands and began to cry at the same time.

Frankie held her in his arms and let her cry. When she
finished crying she said, “I’m sorry, I don’t know
where that came from.”

He didn’t say anything, he just leaned in closer and
kissed her again.

During the night both discussed they’re sexual problems
and found that they would make the perfect couple. The
next day Radvanyi went to Quincy’s and quit her job and
then she sold her car. She packed her clothes, told the
landlady she was leaving and wouldn’t be back.

Frankie took all her stuff, packed it into his car and
they both headed for California.

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