A New Experience

It had taken quite a while for me to fall asleep, as images of what the next
morning’s punishment may hold ran through my mind. I had been awake for some
time when the door opened and Claude’s servant came for me. I had no idea
what time it was, as there were no windows in the dungeon but I was released
from my chains and led to the bath, where I was allowed to shower, in full
view of the man. After drying I was given a plain white dress. The material
was quite thin and the dress was poorly made, possibly hand sewn. The
material clung to my body, revealing the shapes of my figure and was quite
scant revealing my body in many places. The servant tied my hands behind my
back with a bit of rope, placed a leather collar about my neck, and attached
a leash to it. I was led up the back stairway and out the door to the rear
yard of the estate. We continued up a short dirt path into a grove of trees,
my walking hindered as the rough ground abused my bare feet. Finally we came
upon a clearing were Claude and the others were waiting for my arrival. The
clearing was about twenty feet wide and the ground was covered in nicely
manicured grass. In the center of the clearing were two poles in the ground
each about eight feet high. The had a number of rings attached to them,
obviously with which I would be soon restrained. The gathering appeared as
more of a garden party than anything else, as everyone stood about and sipped
champagne and chatted. Claude, the cook, the chauffeur, and two other men
and a woman, who I had not yet met, turned their attention to me as I entered
the clearing. The collar was taken from my neck and Claude walked over to
“Slave, are you ready to accept your punishment ?”
“Yes Sir,” I answered with a lump in my throat.
“Very well.”
“Vincent you may have the honor,” said Claude to the chauffeur.

Everyone, except me, seemed to be quite familiar with the proceedings.
Clearly this was not the first time that this group has gathered for such an
event. I considered Marie, who had most likely has stood where I now stood
and wondered what was to come. What “honor” had Claude just given to the
chauffeur? Vincent put his champagne down and walked over to me as the group
gathered around me. Suddenly Vincent was violently ripping away my dress!

His hands reached inside the collar and with a quick tear my breasts were
exposed. The ripping continued downwards to the hem of the dress. The thin
strips of cloth that held the dress at my shoulders were popped and the
tattered remains of the garment dropped to the ground. Moments later I stood
before the group, naked, shocked, and humiliated.
“Slave, on your knees and present your ass to the cook for your first
punishment.” ordered Claude.
Still in a bit of a daze I dropped to my knees and made my way to where the
cook stood. Turning, I bent over and placed my rear in the air, awkwardly,
as my hands were still tied behind me. I could feel my face flush as my
legs were spread exposing my slit to all to see. The large woman massaged
my ass for a few moments and then without warning gave me a fierce slap,
prompting an unexpected shriek from me.
“Count, slave !” ordered the woman.
“One,” I quivered.
The spanking continued until my ass was a glowing pink color. Claude called
a halt to the punishment and thanked the cook. “Everyone else may have five
strokes at this firm ass”
Remaining bent over, I took the strokes from the other participants, the men
enjoying the opportunity judging from the bulges in their pants. Claude
walked over to me and placed his hand on my stinging rear and fondled it
gently, sliding his hand between my legs to my slit.
“Well, little slave, you seem to be enjoying this judging from your wet
cunt. There’s more to come, and you may even enjoy it a bit.”
After leaving me, in the compromising position that I was in, for a few
minutes, Claude again approached.
Ungracefully I stood, and was taken by the arm to where the two poles were.

“Gentlemen…” issued Claude in a most polite manner.
The two men approached and took me. One held me as the other removed the
ropes from my wrists which were soon to be replaced with leather cuffs, with
another pair fitted to my ankles. The men took full advantage of the
situation, fondling my rear and breasts at every opportunity. I soon found
myself standing between the poles with my arms and legs spread, no part of me
hidden from the gaze of the onlookers. Claude took a leather harness from a
box and held it up to me.
“This should fit you quite well, little slave”
I stood helplessly as the harness was fitted about my waist and an unusual
looking pair of straps run between my legs. Claude stood back to admire his
work, as I became aware of the pressure of the strap on my mound. It was
then that Claude produced a vibrator and held it before me.
“I have a ‘friend’ here to keep you company for a while”
With that the vibrator was slipped into a fitting in the strap between my
legs forcing the vibrator against my cunt. With a knowing smile he switched
the device on. The soft buzzing felt welcomed for a time, as Claude had
apparently set the device to a low setting. I thought to myself that this
was not much of a punishment. I was left to myself as the garden party
continued. The guests were free to do as they pleased to my body as the
vibrator continued on it’s mission. I had began to enjoy the stimulation and
was certainly becoming wet. After some time my hips began to react to the
relentless stimulation between my legs, giving me away. My breathing
deepened as one of the men who had secured me, pinched my nipples and pressed
his lips to mine. Vincent softly stroked my back and nibbled the back on my
neck, as the vibrator persisted. I sweat dripped from my underarms and my
hips gyrated uncontrollably as three people consorted with me and I came for
the first time. The torture aspect had become clear. I wanted to be fucked
in the worst way. The minutes passed slowly as time began to blur. I was in
a state of most pleasurable frustration. Writhing, straining at my bonds
much to the entertainment of the onlookers. I could take it no longer. The
torture had attained it’s goal
“Master, Sir, please, fuck me,” I pleaded.
Claude turned to me, smiled and said nothing. The assault on my clit
continued as I came again and again. Finally, mercifully, Claude switched
the machine off. I was limp as a wet rag, the cuffs supporting my weight as
Claude removed the harness from my waist. I looked pleadingly at him, hoping
that he would take me right there.
“Sir, fuck me. Take me now. Please Sir !”
His hand slid between my thighs and stroked my anxious slit then Claude
quietly picked up his champagne and walked away.

I remained standing, on display, restrained by the two poles for some time
until the garden party was called to a close by the Master.

The guests began to walk away toward the house as the same man who had
brought me here attached the collar about my neck and released me from the
uprights. I was leashed and led, still nude, toward the house. As we
emerged from the wooded area, I was required to drop to my knees and crawl
the rest of the way. We entered the house and I was taken to the Master’s
library. Still on my knees, the collar was removed, my wrists locked behind
me, and I was left alone. I waited there for several minutes before the
Master arrived. The door opened and the master stepped into the room. I
bowed before him and without prompting kissed his feet.
“I see that you have learned a lesson today, slave. I hope that it will not
be necessary to discipline you again in the near future, as it may not be as
pleasant next time. Do you understand ?”
“Yes, Sir,” I whispered meekly.
Claude pressed pressed a small button and in a few moments, the unfamiliar
woman who had witnessed my punishment came into the room.
“Bathe her and cage her for the night.”

The woman bowed to Claude and led me away. I had hoped that Claude would
take me for the night, but it seemed to not be the case. I was taken to the
same bath as usual, but this time was to be different than usual. Rather
than being placed in the bath and watched by the man that had attended me,
the woman, after removing the cuffs from my ankles, placed me in the bath,
walked across the room and locked the door. She then boldly stripped and
climbed into the bath with me. I was a bit shocked as she began to soap my
body and gently stroke my skin. She seemed to be taking more than a few
liberties as she slid her hand between my legs, but I was powerless to
protest, as my wrists were still cuffed and I most certainly did not want to
offend another of the Master’s servants as I had the cook. She continued
with her mix of washing and fondling me. She pressed me against the wall as
her lips sucked my nipples and her fingers explored my cunt. I had never
been fondled by a woman before and was not sure how to react, but the day’s
events had made me anxious for the touch of anyone. She had gently placed
her lips to mine and was pressing her tongue into my mouth when I heard the
latch open. The Master entered the room, still holding the key.
“What’s going on here ! You were instructed to bathe my slave and cage her
for the night, not to assault her ! It seems that my slave will have the
experience of punishing someone else this evening.”
Releasing me from the wrist cuffs, the master allowed me to step out out of
the bath and dry off. I was ordered to follow as the servant was taken,
still wet, by the wrist and led by the master to his dungeon. The girl
offered no resistance as the master quickly cuffed her and attached her
wrists to a rope suspended from above, pulling her arms above her head. The
Master then turned to me and gave me a surprising order.
“Michelle is yours. Punish her or use her in any way you see fit.
With that the Master left the room and locked the door, leaving the two of
us behind. I must admit that I would have been more willing to have a male
slave after the day’s events, but having Michelle to my devices had a bit of
“You can’t punish me, I’m not a slave like you,” complained Michelle to no
“The master has given you to me, and you are mine, slave or not.”
With that I gave her a swift slap on the behind.
“Quiet unless spoken to…slave,” I said with a rather smug tone.
I then blindfolded my slave and picked up a feather duster with which I
began to stroke her body. I began to look about the room searching for just
the right implements, not sure exactly what it was that I was hoping to find.
I continued with the soft feathers for a while until my eyes picked up on a
couple clothspins. I picked them up and decided that Michelle should wear
them on her nipples. She tried to pull away as I pinched her nipple and
carefully attached the clothspin, but moments later she wore one on each
nipple. Flicking them with my finger to insure that they were secure, I
continued with my sensual pain and pleasure routine for some time. Finding
the cuffs, I secured her feet, then placed a collar and leash on her neck.
It was only then that I decided to release her hands from the overhead
pulley and cuff her hands behind her .
“On your knees, slave”
I loved the sound of those words coming from my lips. Michelle knelt before
me as I teased her with a slender riding crop. After removing the blindfold
and the clothspins from Michelle, I sat in the Master’s chair.
“Kiss my feet, slave.”
She crawled to where I sat, bent over and began to gently kiss my feet.
“Suck on my toes, slave.”

Looking up at me for a moment with a hint of anger in her eye, she complied
with my orders. As she groveled at my feet I continued to taunt her with
gentle strokes of the riding crop. I stood, placing my pussy nearly in her
face. Turning around I ordered her to kiss my butt. Somewhat eagerly she
submitted and began to kiss my rear. As she began to enjoy the task I pulled
away and again sat in the large leather chair. I began to stroke her pussy
with my foot, the whole time watching her face for a reaction. She had tried
to appear stern, but the constant motion of my foot soon brought a
pleasurable smile from my slave.
“Kiss my thighs,slave.”
Moving closer, she obeyed my order, as my foot continued it’s assault on her
now wet pussy. She softly kissed my thighs, but as she moved closer to my
pussy, I ceased stroking her and cautioned her that I had not ordered
“Yes mistress,” came the reply.
Michelle continued to kiss my thighs and rub her breasts against my legs as
I teased her keeping my legs spread before her.
“Would you like to kiss my pussy, slave ?”
“Oh yes, mistress, please.”
“I’m sure you would.”
Much to her disappointment I stood and walked away.
“You are here to be punished, slave. That would be far too enjoyable for
I found a harness, much like the one Bob had put on me just a few days
before, and placed it on Michelle. Once tightly secured I began to taunt
her, sitting before her and stroking my cunt. It gave me great pleasure
teasing her, watching her unable to move, unable to touch me. I continued
til I had come and then pushed my pussy against her face. Leaving her
chained to the wall, I headed for my cell and a night’s sleep. I had found
another side of myself.