A new wife makes husband watch her being fucked by another man

My wife is gorgeous. 5’7″ with long legs, firm
asscheeks, 37C breasts… and always horny. We have
been married for 5 years and have no kids. Our sex life
wasn’t the greatest but I thought it was okay… until
last week and I discovered her with Randy.

He’s a truck driver that she me when she was getting
gas at the local truck stop. She chatted with him and
would up in his sleeper cab getting the fuck of her
life. He had a big dick and knew how to use it. She was
so happy she invited him home to meet me and have a
drink. I could tell immediately that they had done the
deed by the way he looked her up and down.

Finally, my wife went over to him and gave him a hug
and said, “Tell, Bob, what we did today.”

I listened as he told me how he undressed her in his
cab and then had her get on her knees to suck his cock
and how he sucked her tits and ate her pussy before he
fucked her. I was actually getting turned-on by his
explicit description of their sex acts. Then I saw my
wife grab his crotch and rub it, saying, “Show Bob what
a nice cock you’ve got, honey.”

He unzipped his fly and hauled out the biggest cock I
have ever seen. At least eight inches hanging between
his legs.

“Wow!!!” I exclaimed.

He smiled at me and told my wife to get down and suck
it. I just stood there and watched him shove his big
dick into her mouth. He face-fucked her for several
minutes…plunging his long, thick cock down her throat
until she gagged. I was getting real hot watching.

He pulled out suddenly and told her to take her jeans
and panties down and kneel again so he could fuck her.
She quickly obeyed and I had to watch his cock
disappear into her already soaking wet cunt.

When he was ready to cum again he pulled out and went
around and shot his load all over her pretty face…
then he made her suck the last few drops off his dying

After he left, my wife made me to lick her pussy and
swallow the Randy’s cum. I did as she wanted because I
love her.

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