A nice cheating wife story because it’s raunchy and irreverent

Erika lay uncomfortably in bed under the pristine
pressed sheets of the hospital delivery room and looked
up her handsome young doctor.

“You know doctor,” Erika said softly, “I haven’t had
sex for months now because I was told I couldn’t when
I’m pregnant like this.”

“Actually someone misinformed you I’m sorry to say,”
the doctor replied as he checked the clipboard at the
end of the bed. “If done properly, it’s safe to have
sex right up to the last day before delivery.”

“Really?” Erika’s eyes lit up. “What do you mean, if
done properly?”

“Well there’s only a couple of safe positions,” the
doctor informed her as he prepared to leave the room.
“As long as you stay with those and do things carefully
you’re pretty safe.”

“You know doctor,” Erika said stopping him before he
walked away. “I plan on having another baby after this.
Maybe you should show me how to…you know…do it
safely. For next time.”

“I’d love to explain it to you, after the delivery,”
the doctor smiled.

“I’m not very good with explanations,” Erika laughed
with a flick of her long blonde hair for emphasis. “I
really think you should just show me.”

The young doctor looked at his watch and frowned, “I’d
love to but I just don’t have time right now. I have
other patients to tend to.”

“Well you get to go home sometime tonight don’t you?”
Erika asked. “Why don’t you stop by on you’re way out
and give me a few pointers.”

“All right,” the doctor said with a slight laugh.
“You’re husband’s outside, I’ll tell him when I’m going
to be off and we’ll all discuss it when I get off

“Uh,” Erika paused. “I’d rather not tell my husband
what you’re going to show me. I mean, I want it to be a
total surprise for him next time.”

“Sure,” the doctor laughed again. “I’ll just drop by on
my way out and give you some tricks of the trade. I’ll
just tell your husband I’m checking up on you.”


At 11pm Erika’s doctor was ready to leave. Brad was
still sitting outside his wife’s delivery room half

“I’m just going to check up on your wife before I
leave,” the doctor told Brad. “She shouldn’t be ready
to deliver until tomorrow night so if you want to go

“No,” Brad insisted. “I want to be here just in case.”

“You’re a good man,” the doctor said before he entered
Erika’s room. “I shouldn’t be long.”

“Erika?” the young doctor called softly as Erika lay
quietly with her beautiful eyes closed.

“Uh…yes doctor?” Erika said sleepily as she woke from
her deep sleep.

“I’m sorry to wake you,” the doctor said softly, “but I
wanted to make sure you knew I was leaving for the

“Oh,” Erika said blinking her pretty eyes and smiling.
“I’m glad you came by. Are you going to show me how to
have sex now?”

“Um,” the doctor lowered his voice. “If you’re still up
to it.”

“Of course I am,” Erika smiled.

“All right,” the doctor said. “Well uh, one of the ways
that’s safe is if you stand up and just bend over
slightly. Always use something you can grab on to for
support, like a chair back or a dresser and….”

“Oh doctor,” Erika pretended to be confused. “Maybe I
better try it so you can be sure I’m doing it right.”

“Sure…all right,” the doctor agreed as Erika pulled
off her sheets and carefully rolled out of bed, her
large belly extended.

Erika’s surgery gown was tied only in two places in
back and left her with a cold breezy draft. Erika stood
by the end of her bed and grabbed the rail as she bent
over slightly.

“Like this doctor?” Erika asked.

“Well yes,” the doctor smiled as he could see her
entire naked body through the open back of the gown.
“But actually you would need to bend over a little
further so your husband can get to your…”

Erika obediently bent over more, pushing her still
tight ass outwards.

“I still don’t see how he could do anything in this
position,” Erika fussed.

“Sure he could,” the doctor insisted trying not to
stare at Erika’s nice looking ass beneath those thin
robes. “He would just stand behind you and…”

“Show me,” Erika insisted.

“What do you mean?” the doctor tried to remain
professional about the whole situation even though he
wanted badly to get behind her and get a better look at
that ass and blonde pussy.

“Stand behind me like he would have to so I can know
how this is done.”

“Well,” the doctor said finally giving in to his own
urges. “He would stand right about here.”

The doctor could see the hairs of Erika’s blond pussy
peeking out between her long strong legs and he wished
he could see more. Erika offered him that extra good

“You know, I feel really stupid doing this in this
stupid gown,” Erika said. “Would you mind if I took it
off? That is if you wont make fun of me because I’m

“Don’t be silly,” the young doctor said giving a quick
glance at the door as if Erika’s husband would come
through any second and ruin this for him. “I think
pregnant women are beautiful.”

“Great,” Erika smiled. “Can you untie me then?”

“Sure,” the doctor said as his usually stone solid
hands were shaking in anticipation. As the first tie
came undone the gown dropped off both sides of Erika’s
hot tight ass and the doctor moaned to himself as he
fought the urge to touch it. The doctors hands
continued to shake as he untied the last string and
watched the gown slip off Erika’s silky shoulders and
drop to the floor.

Erika stood there naked in her delivery room as her
young doctor watched the door nervously.

“Don’t worry about him,” Erika said referring to her
husband. “He won’t come in on us.”

“Are you sure?” the doctor said keeping a close eye on
both the door and her beautiful body. The doctor was
telling no lie when he said he thought pregnant women
were beautiful and Erika by far was the most beautiful
of all.

As Erika stood there, her large belly full of c***d,
the doctor felt his cock hardening. Nothing turned him
on more then knowing there was a c***d in that tummy. A
c***d that got there when another man squirted his cum
up in her hot pussy one night. Erika’s large breasts
were swollen with milk and ready to be sucked. The
doctor wanted badly to do that sucking for her but her
husband was right outside.

Erika noticed the way the young doctor stared at her
full tits and she smiled.

“Ooo, my boobies hurt so bad,” Erika moaned. “They’re
so full they ache.”

Erika began rubbing her large breasts for emphasis as
she squeezed little beads of milk out of her nipples.

“See?” she moaned. “They’re so full they just leak all
the time.”

“Well have you been using a pump?” the doctor

“No,” Erika admitted. “My husband has been drinking my
milk when I get full like this.”

“I could let him come in and…” the doctor started to

“No,” Erika pouted. “Can’t you do something about it?”

“Without getting a pump all I could do is the same
thing your husband can do,” the doctor said quietly
with a shake in his voice.

“Could you?” Erika asked.

“Get a pump?”

“No,” Erika moaned. “Could you do what my husband

“Uh,” the doctor struggled with what he should do.
Looking at the door and back at her again he rubbed his
jaw which was starting to accumulate some stubble.
“What if your husband…”

“He won’t come in I swear,” Erika said as she began
squeezing her breasts again in offering.

“Ok,” the doctor gave in. “Just a little bit.”

Erika brushed her long blonde hair off her left breast
and held it out to her doctor.

“Go ahead,” she said. “Suck my milk.”

Nervously the doctor leaned down and covered Erika’s
big fat nipple with his hot mouth. Like a baby the
doctor began sucking on her nipple until a warm jet of
milk squirted onto his tongue.

“Uhhh!” Erika moaned quietly as she felt her milk
squirt out into her doctors mouth. “Drink it baby.
Drink it!”

One of the doctor’s big strong hands cupped Erika’s
breast and squeezed more milk out as the other rubbed
her swollen belly.

“I can feel your baby moving,” the doctor whispered as
he suckled at her big nipple with eagerness.

“Let’s show my baby how much of a whore her mother
really is,” Erika panted heavily as she ran her fingers
through her doctors thick black hair. “Yes!” the doctor

“I want her to feel her doctors big cock inside her
mommy before she’s born,” Erika moaned with the

“Oh God yes,” the doctor groaned as he let go of Erika
and struggled to unzip his pants.

“I want her to know her mother is the biggest slut
there is,” Erika said as she turned around and assumed
the position the doctor had been telling her about.
“I’ll come in for check ups and let her watch you fuck
me.” “Oh yes, yes,” the doctor moaned as he wasted no
time in pulling out his engorged cock.

The doctor’s shaft was thick and lined with dark blue
viens, something that always turned Erika on.

“Give me that fucking cock,” Erika whispered so her
husband couldn’t hear as she pulled her ass up to give
the doctor a better view of her blonde pussy.

Like the surgeon he was the doctor guided his stiff
cock between Erika’s dripping lips and pushed up inside
her with one long thrust. “OH!” Erika gasped out loud
as she grabbed the hand rail on her bed to keep from
being pushed over. “It’s been so long!”

Erika’s doctor grabbed her strong hips and began
pumping his big cock up inside her with wild abandon.
The room resonated with the sound of thigh slapping
against bare naked ass.

“Fuck me!” Erika panted quietly but with forcefulness
in her voice. “I want my baby to feel your cock inside

“She can,” the doctor grunted as he watched the door
waiting to get caught.

“She can?” Erika seemed surprised as bounced on her
doctor’s big cock.

“Can you feel that baby? Can you feel mommy getting
fucked?” “Whatever the mother experiences, she
experiences,” the doctor huffed with his heavy

“So if you make me cum is she going to feel that too?”
Erika breathed in gasps.

“Oh ya,” the doctor said as he put his hands on Erika’s
big belly and rubbed it gently. “She can feel

“Oh good,” Erika panted. “Hang on baby. Mommy’s going
to give you a present.”

“Are you about to cum?” the doctor asked somewhat
shocked as he pumped away at the wife of the poor man
sitting in the hall. “Any minute now,” Erika panted.
“Just keep doing that.” “Does your husband know you
cheat on him?” the doctor managed to ask as he worked
his pole in and out of his hot young patient. “He’s
caught me a few times,” Erika panted. “But he always
stays with me when I tell him I’ll stop.”

“But you wont stop, will you?” the doctor asked.

“Shhh,” Erika whispered. “Just fuck me harder. I’m
almost there!” Eagerly the doctor grabbed Erika’s hips
again and began pounding her well lubricated pussy with
deeper strokes.

“Here I cum,” Erika gasped. “Oh God I’m going to cum!”
The doctor wisely covered his hand over Erika’s mouth
as she nearly let out a scream that would have gotten
them both in deep trouble. Instead Erika bit down on
the fingers pushed into her mouth and nearly broke skin
and she groaned loudly with pleasure, her tight ass
girating in circles.

“There you go baby,” Erika groaned. “Mommy’s cumming.”
Just then, completely unexpectedly the young doctor’s
cock erupted inside Erika, spurting hot cum deep inside
her juicy pussy. “Oh yes!” Erika gasped. “There’s your
doctors hot cum inside me! Feel it baby? Feel it?”

The doctor carefully squirted every last drop of his
hot load inside the pregnant woman before pulling out.

“Thank you doctor,” Erika smiled sweetly as she
carefully walked to her bed, cum running out of her
pussy and down her leg. “My daughter and I both enjoyed
that very much.”

Part 2: Father of the Groom

Erika called her step father first thing after Brad’s
plane left for Chicago. Though her step mother answered
the phone, Erika somehow managed to get her step dad on
the phone without her still on the line.

“Hello Erika,” John spoke like a true friend. “How are
things going with you and Brad?”

“Great! Wonderful,” Erika said excitedly. “Of course
Brad’s out of town now so I’m a little lonely, but
things are going great.”

“Well if you want something to do you can always come
visit us,” John offered. Erika heard her step mother
second the motion from the back room.

“Actually,” Erika said choosing her words carefully. “I
kinda was hoping to see you sometime so I can thank you
for everything you’ve done for us.”

“Oh you don’t need to thank us,” John laughed.

“No not thank both of you,” Erika laughed back. “Just
you, personally. I was kinda hoping I could see you
alone sometime so I could thank you in private.”

“How so?” John said more seriously now as he tried to
keep his wife from hearing this new discussion.

“Well Brad’s out of town and everything,” Erika tried
to sound girlish and flirty, “and I was hoping you
could come over, alone, and let me thank you

“Sounds good,” John said trying to sound nonchalant as
his cock began to harden at what appeared to be his
step daughter offering to have sex with him.

“What did you have in mind?” John asked looking at his
wife who was thankfully not listening any longer.

“Anything you want,” Erika said breathing sexily into
the phone to let him know what she meant.

“Oh yah?” John said turning his back so his wife could
not she his growing hard on.

“Yah,” Erika breathed into the phone. “If you come over
tonight I’ll start by sitting you on our couch and
giving your cock a long hard suck till you cum in my

“No kidding?” John said shakily as his cock was fully
erect and dripping pre-cum.

“And if you can stay the night with me I’ll let you
fuck my hot pussy and tight ass until you just can’t
cum any more.”

“I’ll be there tonight,” John whispered into the phone.
“No matter what the hell happens, I’ll be there

John arrived no more than three hours later and vowed
to stay the entire night with Erika. Erika began the
night be immediately making good on her promise and
giving her step father head in their living room.
John’s cock was long and curved like her husbands and
reminded her how much she missed Brad both times he
made her cum.


By midnight John’s long curved cock found itself buried
deep up Erika’s tight ass as she grabbed the headboard
in a doggie position and let him drill her like a
teenager getting his first lay.

Simultaneously John erupted cum into her hot little ass
as the phone rang loudly. Struggling to regain her
breath as John pumped slowly the last of his semen,
Erika answered the phone.

“Hello? Oh HI SWEETY!” Erika bubbled with enthusiasm
for her husband.

John left his cock stuffed up Erika’s tight hole as he
rubbed his balls to urge more of his load out. Knowing
he was fucking his son’s wife up the ass while he was
on the phone made him squirt a few more shots he didn’t
know where in him.

“What did I do today?” Erika asked with a smile back at
her step father who was not pulling out his still hard
cock and jerking the last dribbles into her open hole.
“I saw your father today. I let him know how thankful
we were for everything.”

John smiled as he sat back on the bed and watched his
cum run down Erika’s crack and over her blonde snatch.

“Oh I think he was very happy that I thanked him,”
Erika said looking at John with a quizzical look.

John smiled back and nodded a yes.

“I think I’ll thank him again in the morning,” Erika
told her husband. “Just to be sure.”

Part 3: Black on Blonde

Erika waited until no one was around before she went to
work on the old black musician.

“I love your music,” she said as the old black man
still played his guitar.

“Why thank you,” the man replied with a weary smile.

Erika shifted her weight to her other hip, making her
short black skirt ride up further on her long white

“I just love musicians,” Erika smiled. “I always get so
horny when I see someone who knows how to play an

“Ya,” the old man smiled, “music can be seductive for

The old man was not getting the hint so Erika decided
to push harder.

“You know, whenever I see a good musician like yourself
I just can’t help myself. All I want to do is fuck them
hard you know?”

The old man stopped playing suddenly and looked up at
the gorgeous rich blonde with long legs standing in
front of him.

“I’m way to old for this shit,” the old man said. “If
you came here to tease a poor old man you can take it
somewhere else.”

Erika could see someone coming down the street and knew
she had to work fast now.

“I came here because I love your music and I want to
fuck you to show you how much,” Erika said.

“Ok,” the old man said sarcastically. “Then where do
you want to go?”

“How ’bout down that alley, behind the dumpster,” Erika
suggested with a nod of her head.

“Let me get this straight,” the old man said before he
stopped suddenly to let the pedestrian walk on by. “Let
me get this straight. You want to go down a dark alley
with a black man you don’t even know?”

“I know you by your music,” Erika said. “Besides,
what’s the worst you could do? R**e me? I told you I
already want to fuck you.”

“Well Goddamn woman,” the black man laughed. “What are
we wastin’ all this time for then?”

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