A wife doesn’t like the way her husband acts in bed

I love my husband. Except for the few times when Bob gets
carried away in bed, he is an excellent husband.

I can’t understand what happens. Most of the time our
love making is fantastic. He is considerate, and kind,
but then every once-in-awhile, he just goes off the deep

About four months ago, we started making love. Things
were going good. All of a sudden, he ordered me to suck
his dick. I’m not too fond of performing oral sex in the
first place, but the way he ordered me down on him, just
turned me off.

At first, I tried to explain to him that I really wasn’t
in the mood for oral sex, but would like it very much if
he would just made love to me. Bob slowed down for a bit,
and then all of a sudden, he started forcing me down on
him again.

I tried to resist, but he was just too strong. Next thing
I know, he is forcing his hard dick between my lips,
ordering me to take it all in! I almost wanted to cry,
but it was no use to fight. I pulled away for one moment,
and told him that because he was so insistent, I would do
it this time.

It was almost like Bob is a different person when he gets
that hot. He said in a very matter-of-fact voice that I
sure would do it this time, and grabbing me by the hair,
he once again f****d me down on his now pulsating dick.

I felt so helpless. I tried to tell him that he was
hurting me, and to please let go of my hair, but he
couldn’t hear a word. By now, he had both hands on the
top of my head, and was pumping me up and down. I could
feel him throb. As his strokes got faster and shorter, I
know that the end was near, and it would soon be over. As
I felt him getting ready to cum, I tried to turn my head
to the side, and point his dick at my tits.

I never minded too much him jacking off on my tits, in
fact I kind of like the feeling of his warm juice on my
tits, but I almost couldn’t bear the thought of him
unloading his balls onto my face. I let out a muffled
“Please,” but once again my pleading fell on deaf ears.
As he got closer to his orgasm, he started pushing even

I almost gagged every time I felt the pressure of his
dick on the back of my throat. His fists were clinched
tighter than ever in my hair. It hurt. Feeling his balls
against my face made me feel so low and dirty. Then it
was over. With a grunt, a sigh, and a mighty shove of his
dick as far down my throat as he could, he let go his
entire load in my mouth… one, two, three spurts.

I was caught between gagging and feeling like I wanted to
throw up, but somehow I managed to swallow all the had to
offer. I just lay there for a moment. His fists still
full of my hair, and his dick now going soft in my mouth.

After his dick had finished draining its warm salty
liquid into my mouth he finally, he let me up. He even
had the nerve to asked me if I came. I told him that I
hoped he had a good time, because I felt totally used and

Things went well for the next few months. Bob was once
again the normal loving man that I married. Our love
making was great, and I found no problems reaching
orgasms. Sometimes I would cum two or three times.

Then two nights ago IT happened again.

It sort of started like it did last time. We were playing
in bed when he said that he wanted to try something new.
I told him that I wasn’t too sure, because I really don’t
like to experiment that much. He said that he wouldn’t do
any thing “bad”. He just wanted to mount me from behind.
He told me how he liked the view of my ass as he knelt
behind me. I don’t rally like the “Doggie Style” because
it feels a bit degrading to me, but I told him that it
would be all right.

Bob rolled me over, asking me to raise my ass to make my
pussy more available to me. Raising me, he kissed the
cheeks of my ass, and ran his hands over my clit. After
kissing my ass, he worked his way down and nibbled at my
cunt for a bit. It felt great. Even though I didn’t like
the position too much, I had to admit that I liked the
way it felt when he licked my cunt like that.

We continued our play for a bit, and then he raised up
behind me and started rubbing my ass hole. It felt good,
but I started feeling a little apprehensive. I was
reassured when I felt his dick enter my cunt. He pumped
long slow strokes for a few minuets. I could feel his
balls slapping against my clit as he pumped. At the end
of his stroke, I could feel my tits shake as his pelvis
butted against my ass. This wasn’t as bad as I had
feared… well it wasn’t.

After pumping me for a few minutes, his dick was harder
than ever. That’s when I felt him pull out of me and
press his hard member against my virgin ass hole. That
scared me. “Please,” I asked, “don’t do that.”

Once again I heard that matter-of-fact voice return. “I
think it’s about time that I explored this hole too,” he
said. He grabbed me by the hair, to give him the leverage
he needed to penetrate the extremely tight passage he
sought to enter. He started to push.

I bucked and tried to move, but he was too strong. With
one hand clinched in my hair, he reached his other hand
around and grabbed my tit. He squeezed it until I cried
out. “Hold still bitch, and this will all be over soon.”

I felt him enter me… I hurt a lot! Soon the pain
started to give way to a numb feeling in my butt as he
continued his pressing. He was pumping hard and fast by
now, there was no stopping him. Each thrust went deeper
and deeper into my once virgin ass. He let go of my tit,
and grabbed my hair with both hands as he started pumping
harder and faster. I felt him drive deeper in me than I
ever thought possible when he began to shoot his load
into me.

Rolling over, he asked if he had hurt me too much. I
didn’t know what to say. Finally I gained my thoughts
enough to make a comment. “I love you honey, but
something is going to change if we are to say together!”

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