A stressed-out young athlete meets hippy chick who mellows him the old fashioned way

People expected things from Jason.

His parents expected him to get good grades, not just
good, but over the top, anything less was unacceptable.
His teachers had come to expect quality work from him,
his coaches expected him to perform to his fullest.

He had been pushed from every direction to excel and
perform at a level that kept the pressure on Jason all
the time.

He was intelligent enough to understand, they were
looking out for his future. He felt that if he fell
below those standards he would be paying the rest of
his life.

At eighteen he saw his life ahead as being far off, a
struggle that he had just begun. Self-awareness had
settled over him.

He was not allowed to date, any activity that would
take from his more important activities simply was not
tolerated. His time was scheduled and allotted and
dating was not a constructive activity. It was
frivolous and time consuming; his time was better spent

Jason was on the student council; he was vice president
of the senior class. He was already well known for his
activities in Football, Baseball, Wrestling and Boxing.
He had no desire to play Basketball.

At thirteen he had learned about masturbation from an
older cousin. He didn’t actively participate in self-
gratification; he would not admit that he engaged in
such a sinful activity. If his parents found out, they
would tell him it was not conductive to his goals.

Jason began to have questions and doubts about where he
was headed. He didn’t understand why, his entire life
had been planned out, without his input or thoughts. He
understood that his potential for doing good and
creating a life for himself was his and guidance was
required, but he had begun to doubt and mistrust what
he was told from those that claimed they had his best
interest at heart.

Jason observed other students; there were several
others in his position, all vying for the top spot, all
fighting it out to be in the number one position.

His cousin gave him a bit of advice that kind of
changed his outlook on life.

“Jason, cuz, you need to get high, chill out, get off
the brain drain and get laid. Your so uptight your
shitting bb’s”

Jason had laughed, he knew he could not do any of those
things, just as his cousin knew he could not. He was
the k*d all the aunts told his cousins they should be
more like. It didn’t earn him any brownie points.

Jason would stand by the science lab, which sat next to
the parking lot, separated by a chain link fence. He
would watch the slacker students in the parking lot. He
had begun watching, just to see what the attraction was
to be out in the parking lot. They didn’t do anything,
they just stood out there, or sat on their cars, or sat
in their cars. He thought they were just out there
slacking off, smoking, sneaking sips from bags they
passed around. Then one day he got a whiff of sweet,
pungent smoke. They were passing the home rolled
cigarette around amongst them.

Every day as soon as school let out, he would go to his
spot and watch them. He had friends, they were goal
oriented and talked of nothing but attaining those
goals. He sometimes wondered if there was something
more in life as he stood watching the shop guys and
motor heads with the girls he had been warned against,
he could hear his mother’s voice in his head, “Girls
who don’t respect themselves, and girls who are loose
have lots of boyfriends, but they are not the kind of
girl a boy marries or brings home to meet a boys

He had heard stories about the girls out there in there
in the parking lot, they were the girls who got invited
to the parties, which were the talk of the school, in
hushed undertones, wouldn’t want the adults to find out
now would we. They were the girls who wore the tight
dresses, the tight bell-bottom hip huggers and no bras,
they were the girls that had different colored hair
every week and experimented with make-up.

Jason knew a secret. It had taken him weeks to figure
it out. He had watched his friends, he had watched his
parents and their friends, he had watched his teachers,
his coaches. The one thing that he noticed was that
they didn’t laugh. They tried but they didn’t know how,
they didn’t laugh like those out in the parking lot

There was a girl he kind of knew, she was the sister of
one of the guys he played football with. She hung out
in the parking lot after school and he thought he might
be able to talk to her without causing the world to go
spinning out of control. He just wanted to know what it
was that enabled them to laugh so freely, he knew the
weed probably had something to do with it, but he
thought it might be something else. The music they
listened to perhaps.

Jason was not allowed to listen to it; it was the
devil’s music, full of bad thoughts and negative ideas.
But he liked to listen when the kids in the parking lot
turned their radios to one station and listened to the
FM stations.

He had heard a song, several times, by a group called
the Doors, it was “People Are Strange” and he had gone
to the record store to find it. He played it in secret
on the phonograph he used to study his French with.

Jason discovered another world besides the one those
around him had limited him to. He needed to know. There
could not be good without evil, dark with out light.
There had to be another side he was not being allowed
to see.

Erin looked an awful lot like Marsha Brady, one show he
was allowed to watch. Except she would be Marsha’s evil
twin sister, the bad one. He had heard the rumors, she
got caught with two boys in her living room, and they
weren’t studying. Sex was as big a mystery as to why
she would be with two boys. How could a girl be with
two boys?

She wore dark glasses all the time, she was slender and
favored short dresses or tight worn jeans, with decals
and patches on them, her long blond hair hung straight
down, parted in the middle. She was a senior and she
didn’t seem to care much. About anything. He decided
that just talking to her would have to suffice, he was
just to curious, he needed to know certain things and
he didn’t want to be lied to.

He caught her in the hallway, when she was alone, just
after school let out.

“Erin, can I talk to you?” he asked her.

She turned, spinning on one sandaled foot; she reached
up to pull her sunglasses down.

“Hey, Jason, Mr. Straight, fly like an arrow.” she said
in a deep voice and then laughed.

Jason smiled as he walked up, he was a little nervous,
he felt like he was stepping over a line somehow.
Entering forbidden territory.

“Do you have a couple of minutes?” he asked her.

“Hey I got all the time in the world ace. What’s up?”
she asked.

He wondered if she was under the influence right now.

“Can we sit down?”

“Sounds cool. You sure you can afford to be seen with
me? You might tarnish that golden rep you got,” she
said giggling.

Jason liked how her face lit up when she giggled. He
didn’t like the way she kept looking him over, pulling
her shades down to look at him.

They sat. Erin threw her hair back as she sat. Jason
eased down onto the bench, he looked around, now
nervous someone might see them.

Was her reputation so bad, that he couldn’t even talk
to her without worrying about what the gossips would
say about them?

Jason set his books down.

He didn’t know where to start.

“Do you have goals?” he asked her.

“Goals, you mean like do I think about the future?” she

“Well, yeah, do you think beyond High School?” he asked

“Not really, this is my last year and college isn’t my
scene. I guess I’ll probably get married, find me a guy
like you, only older, someone that’s got it all figured
out.” she laughed and slapped his knee.

He looked down; it was the very first time a girl had
touched him. He felt a tingle go up his leg as she slid
her hand up the top of his thigh.

“Yeah, see that’s just it, I don’t have it all figured
out. I don’t have a clue. People tell me how I’m
supposed to act, what to study, when to study, where to
go, whom to talk to,” he said looking down at her hand.

“I guess I’m one of the don’t talk to’s, right?’ she
asked smiling.

Jason nodded his head slowly. Her hand had moved up
higher and rested there, she was squeezing his thigh
with her long fingers. He saw the rings on her fingers.
She seemed to like silver. He noticed the skull head

“Like you wouldn’t believe,” he said.

“I’m one of the, boys won’t marry her kind, she’s just
a tramp.” she said echoing his mother’s words.

He nodded his head again.

“Jason, what do you want?” she asked her giggling tone
now gone.

His breath was coming faster; he would die if he told

She moved closer, he could smell her perfume, a heavy
musky scent. She removed her hand from his thigh and
moved it up to rest on his shoulder, she squeezed
again, then her hand slid along to the back of his
neck, she pulled the short hairs there, making his skin
pop up in goose pimples.

“I don’t know what I want, I just know I feel like I’m
missing out on the mystery and everyone else knows the
answer. I feel like I’m being pulled in two different
directions,” he said.

Her other hand came over to replace her left hand on
his thigh, her right played with is short hair.

“Do you ever have fun Jason?” she asked softly.

“Sure, I have fun.” he said looking down her body, she
sat with her legs spread, she had on a blouse and he
could swear she was not wearing a bra, her nipples were
pushing out against the fabric.

He felt a trickle of sweat roll down his temple, down
his cheek and drop off his jaw.

“I mean do you have the type of fun that just wears you
out, fun that continues on without you, even when you
don’t think you can continue. Have you ever just let
go?” she asked him.

His brow furrowed, he thought about the type of fun he
had, and they type of fun she was talking about.

“No.” he said simply.

Erin stood up and offered him her hand.

“All you have to do is take my hand Jason and you could
find yourself in a whole heap of trouble. Would you
like to find out what kind?” she asked him.

Jason took her hand and she pulled him up.

She pushed her sunglasses up onto her nose.

“Where are we going?” he asked.

“Where do you think?” she asked smiling.

“I don’t know,” he admitted.

“Jason, your blind aren’t you, you’re so dedicated to
the pursuit of a future, and you don’t see your
present. Do you think your invisible? We see you
watching us in the parking lot.” she said as if sharing
a secret.

“Who’s us?” he asked a shot of coldness entering his

“There’s more than one of us out there Jason, we don’t
get that stoned,” she said leading him out of the

He followed her, going out into the parking lot with
her. She led him over to a small Volkswagen Beetle Bug.
The car was bright yellow, he knew it was hers. She was
always cruising around town with a bunch of girls.

Now it was too late, the long hairs saw him, they were
instantly suspicious.

“Sit.” she said opening the passenger side door to her

He saw her go around, she was dancing as she went
around the front of the car, she danced over to a tall
skinny k*d with a bad case of acne. Jason knew him by
sight, but not his name, he didn’t think the guy was in
school, but hung out with the high schoolers.

He and Erin talked, he passed her something, their
hands touching, she waved to several other similar
looking girls sitting on the hood of a GTO, they were
smoking, they too had sunglasses on.

Erin slid into the driver’s side. She leaned back.

“You can shut the door, Jesus Jason don’t you have any
free will?’ she asked.

Jason pulled the door shut and entered her world. She
started the car.

“I think we need to be alone for the first time?” she
said grinning slyly at him.

“First time?” he asked her.

“Jason, everything you do with me, will be the first
time, won’t it?” she asked flipping on the radio.

“Okay, yeah, sure, but where are we going, I have…”
he started to say.

“Jason can you handle being in trouble?” she asked.

“What kind of trouble?”

“Jason any trouble means your not complying to the set
of rules you are given. If going off with me for one
afternoon is against the rules, will you be in
trouble.” she asked.

“Big time.” he said somberly.

“Can you handle it?” she asked him.

“I guess so.” he said a little unsure, he wanted to

“You guess so. Take a stand, yes or no.” she told him.

Jason nodded his head “Yes” he said.

“See you just made your own decision. You are straying
from the path you were given to take.” she put the
little car in gear and waved at the other’s standing
around, leaning to look in the window.

Jason could already hear the rumors flying. He and Erin
went off together; think they’re going to her place?
What the hell is he doing with her?

Erin was singing in time with the radio.

“…I’m a joker, I’m a smoker, I’m a midnight toker…I
get my luv’n on the run…” she sang and looked over at

His mind was going all over the place. His parents
would find out and ground him for the rest of his life.
People would be able to see it on his face, he was
going to ruin his life and get in so much trouble.
Would he lie, would he have to make up a story to save
his ass? At least he didn’t have sports; it was between
seasons, if he missed a practice…

“Do you feel it?” she asked her long blond hair
whipping around her face.

Jason shook his head. “What, the wind?” he asked her.

“No stupid, freedom. Don’t you see, there are no adults
here, no one to tell you how to be. Even if it’s for
just a little while, your free, no one knows your with
me, they won’t be able to locate you. You are off the
sensors Jason,” she said patting his knee.

“Yeah but what about when we land?” he asked her
feeling that tingle again, like spiders crawling up his
nerve endings to his groin.

“Have you ever toked?” she asked him looking over the
rim of her sunglasses.

“What’s that?” he asked her.

“Lord, okay I see you’re a fucking virgin all the way
around.” she said shaking her head.

Jason blushed at the word, hearing it was one thing, to
hear a girl say it…

“Erin, where are we going?” he asked her noticing they
were leaving town.

“Up, Up and away…in my beautiful balloon.” she said
smiling again.

Jason was getting concerned, he wasn’t this stupid,
sure it had been exciting at first but now dread set
in. This could be a joke, that guy she was talking to;
she could have been setting him up. Maybe Erin was
taking him out to get him alone, then the strange guy
would show up and they would do something horrible to
him. He didn’t really know Erin except what he had
heard and she was the sister of an acquaintance. Maybe
when she stopped the car he could jump out and run. But
they were miles from town now.

“Scared?” she asked him.

“A little.” he said not admitting he was scared out of
his wits.

“Good it means you have some feeling. You know I didn’t
think you had it in you, I really thought you would
tell me to turn around. Are you sure you want to do
this?” she asked smiling.

“Erin, I don’t know, I don’t know what’s going on.” he
said confused by her actions and her talk.

“Innocence and incense, I think your so fucked up on
rules and regulations, of being the good boy, you
really don’t know do you Jason? Your just so fucking
smart, your ignorant of the way things really are.
You’ve never had your eyes opened. Well honey get ready
to be blinded by reality.” she said and screamed.

“Oh God.” Jason moaned slumping in the car seat.

*** Chapter 2 ***

“Oh I’m sure you’ll see God before I let you go. You
are going to be in so much trouble Jason, but you know
what?” she asked pulling the small car up under a tree.

“What?” he groaned.

“You will never, ever forget today, not if you live to
be a hundred,” she said.

She shut the car off and removed her sunglasses she
threw them on the dashboard.

“Come on little boy, time to find out what you’re made
of!” she yelled. She turned up the radio, and then
exited the car.

Jason got out, they were out in the middle of nowhere,
in a thick of trees and grass, there was no one around,
just them. Jason shoved his hands in his pockets and
looked around.

Erin grabbed his arm and pulled him along. She flopped
on the ground and dug in her purse, she pulled out a
baggie and a little white pack, she pulled a paper from
the pack and then began to do something.

“Sit down stupid, watch this.” she said motioning him

He noticed she had blue eyes. He sat and watched her as
she got into a comfortable position, she placed the
green crumble leaves in the paper, then she began to
roll it up, she licked around the edge and showed him
the joint.

“This is a joint, you toke it, you fly, do you want fly
little boy?” she asked laughing at him. She was
enjoying his discomfort.

Erin produced a lighter and began to light it, she
sucked a couple of times, her cheeks hollowing, then
she inhaled with a hiss, then hit it again, she inhaled
with a hiss again. She held it in and passed the joint
to him.

He took it in thumb and forefinger.

“Go on.” she grunted, trying to hold the smoke in

He took a tentative puff, and let it go he passed the
joint to her.

“Shit, what a pussy.” she said exhaling the acrid

She took the joint, she sucked at it, watching him, she
crooked a finger at him, he moved closer.

Erin grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him to
her, she pressed her lips over his and poked him in the
ribs, he inhaled and then began to cough as she pulled

He covered his mouth. He was coughing hard, his throat
scratchy and tickly.

Erin laughed then hit the joint again, she pulled him
to her and once more blew the smoke into his lungs.

“Hold it Jason, no matter how much you want to cough,
hold it in deep, until you feel like exploding.” she
told him.

Jason held the smoke, his eyes teared and he heaved,
trying to cough.

“First lesson little boy, when you’re bad, you pay a
price, nothing good comes without a price. Your going
to start to feel funny, lightheaded and then you will
begin to wonder about, things. Your going to feel
really funny and your going to start finding things
funny, it takes a little bit and sneaks up on you. The
payment is feeling paranoid and coughing.” she said
then hit the joint as he exhaled in a long whoosh.

Erin pressed her lips to his again; he took the smoke,
staring into her eyes. He was feeling tingly all over
and warm.

“Okay, hold it. I don’t want you to get to fucked up.”
she said with a smile, she brushed his hair from his

He liked that. He liked her fingers on him, he liked
her touch. He was staring at her and he wondered how
long he had been staring at her. Was it to long, did
she know he lusted for her? Shit where did that come
from, lust, he wasn’t supposed to think of things like
that and then he felt her lips on his once again, he
opened his mouth for the smoke, but instead got a

Erin was holding his face in her hands, he could feel
the coldness of her rings on his cheek, he could feel
the tips of her fingers grazing his ears, her thumbs
were under his jaw and her lips were moving against

Erin pulled back with a sloppy wet sound.

“You got potential k*d,” she said touching his lips
with her fingers.

Jason stared at her. “Did she just kiss me?” he

She hit the joint one more time and then knocked the
cherry off the tip, she dropped the roach into the bag
of weed.

“Come here,” she said holding out her arms to him

Jason moved closer.

Erin grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head.

“Hey…Wha…?” he asked.

“Oh shit, look at this.” Erin sighed running her hands
over his solid muscled chest.

Jason wanted to stop her, but it felt so good, he could
feel all his nerve endings, could feel her fingers an
instant after they moved over him, she ran her fingers
over his belly. Years of working out had left him with
solid stomach muscles. All those belly crunches. All
those sit-ups. All that running.

He focused because Erin was kissing him again. He liked
the feelings washing over him; it was just her and him,
him and her, out here alone, she was kissing him, with
tongue. When did she sit in his lap? How did his hand
get under her blouse? Was that a nipple he felt?

Jason was sitting cross-legged with the blond girl on
his lap, her legs were wrapped around his waist, he was
actually feeling an older girl up, he was getting some
titty and he started to giggle. He pulled his face from
hers, he found this very funny for some reason.

Erin was smiling at him, like she knew something he
didn’t, she did, she knew a lot of things.

“I’m not going to give you any more, your fucked up
babe,” she said.

Jason pushed both hands up under her blouse, but kept
on pushing up.

Erin raised her arms.

Jason watched the blouse, it wasn’t his hands doing
this, he would never do this to a girl, he respected
women, you didn’t go around stripping them, while they
were tongue kissing you and sitting on your lap,
wiggling their firm tight little butts where a decent
girl wouldn’t wiggle. He watched the blouse flutter to
the ground; he watched her blond hair settle down
around her shoulders. He saw her breasts, shit, her
tits. He had never seen naked tits before.

Erin pulled his face down under her chin, she cupped
her left tit and offered it to him, running the rubbery
erect nipple over his lips, they were huge, he thought,
he didn’t know, they were a lot bigger than his, they
were a dark pink color. What was he supposed to do with
it? He thought as his lips began pulling on the nipple,
stretching it out. Her tits were small, a handful, but
then he had big hands, how did one determine the size
of a tit? What was big?

“Honey, stop thinking so much, just enjoy the feelings,
don’t use your teeth. Damn your cute Jason, all those
sports keep you pretty fit. You’re a nice boy aren’t
you? You never get in trouble, you would never do
anything to hurt a girl, would you?” she asked stroking
his hair as he nursed on her nipple; he was using his
hand to squeeze and stroke her.

He shook his head as best her could.

Jason felt her hand stop in his hair, her looked into
her face, her eyes were closed and she was smiling. He
kissed her. Her eyes opened slowly, they were glazed
and red. She returned the kiss. Jason rolled her over
onto her back.

Erin wrapped her legs tighter around him; she humped up
against him, their jean-covered crotches scratching
together. He went back to holding and sucking at her

“That’s so nice little boy. See how much fun you’re
having, naughty fun,” he groaned still playing with his
hair. Then running her hands down his back.

Jason could feel her fingers testing his muscles,
stroking him, making him flinch, her hands went to the
middle of his back, she pulled his lean body against
hers, then he felt her hand delve under the waistband
of his jeans, her fingers on his asscheeks, pulling,
squeezing, kneading.

Jason gasped and rose up. Something was happening to
him. Something wonderful. He was rock hard, it was very

“Hey little boy, guess your human after all. What’s
that you’re rubbing against me?” she asked pushing him
up off of her body.

“It’s…uh…I mean…it just happened,” he said
looking down at her.

“I think we need to loose some more clothes.” she told
him nodding her head until he began nodding his head
with hers.

She pushed him off, Jason rolled over on his back, he
covered his eyes, just for a second, he felt her
undoing his jeans and pulling them off.

“Raise that cute ass honey,” she told him.

He raised his ass up.

“How cute, does mommy dress you in the morning honey?
Look at these cute little shorts.” she sighed pulling
them off.

Jason waited. Nothing happened. He raised his head.

Erin was naked, his eyes opened wide. She was sitting
back on her heels, her hands rubbing the tops of her

“Look at you.” she mumbled.

He looked, his penis was lying rigid along his abdomen,
reaching, that sticky stuff was oozing out onto his

“Your so cherry.” she said looking into his eyes.

“I am,” he agreed.

Erin moved closer, she closed her hand around his

“Such a nice cock. You have a very nice cock Jason,”
she told him in a dreamy voice.

“Thank you.” he began to giggle again and clamped his
hand over his mouth.

She stroked it up and then down, pulling her hand tight
against the base of his cock and balls. He groaned
twisting his body, his hips raised up.

“Feels good huh? Want more?” she asked smiling happily.

“Erin I want it all.” he groaned.

“Good, just remember you said that.” she told him
moving over him.

He reached to hold her naked hips.

Erin rose up; he felt something wet brushing his cock
head. Did he say that out loud?

“Erin, this really is my first time. I’m glad it’s with
you,” he said sincerely.

“I know I can tell.” she whispered and began to settle
down on him.

“Oh my God, what the hell?” he asked raising up, he saw
her settling down on him, she cried out then pushed
down, her breathing was hard and ragged.

She leaned down to kiss him hard on the mouth as she
just sat there with his dick up inside of her.

He was fucking, he was fucking Erin. Then he began to
think again, maybe it wasn’t so good. He wasn’t a
virgin anymore, it was gone. He had paid a price, he

Little by little Erin’s words came back about paying a

“Jason, Jason don’t flip out yet. Look at me. This is
my first time too,” she said softly.

“Um, no way, what about the two guys?” he asked and
knew he had spilled the beans.

“Two guys?” she asked kissing his chin.

“I heard you were caught with two guys at your house.”
he said trying to separate his feelings from what he
was feeling.

“I was blowing them honey, there’s a big difference
between giving a blow job and fucking. Fucking is for
real, blowing is for fun,” she said raising and
lowering herself over him.

“How come you didn’t blow me?” he asked her.

“Because your for real Jason. I seduced you honey, but
you came along pretty willingly for a goody two shoes.
Do you know I wished you would come out and talk to me
in the parking lot. I saw you watching us out there. I
knew that somewhere in there was a bad boy. Do you want
me to make you my bad boy?” she asked gently moving up
and down over him.

Jason nodded his head.

“Just quit calling me your little boy,” he said gasping
at the feeling of her pussy around his cock.

“Okay, your not a little boy, not anymore. Man, you are
so nice Jason, I guess your parents are going to k**l
you, huh?” she asked.

“Most definitely.” he agreed.

“Jason, I need you to fuck me now.” Erin said pressing
her body to his.

Jason flipped her over easily.

Erin raised her legs up and out.

“You can cum in me, I’m on the pill, just don’t stop
bad boy,” she groaned as he slowly began to move inside
of her body. Jason could feel every inch of this sexy
girl around him. He wanted it to last and last. He
never wanted to pull out of her. He loved being inside
of her. They lied to him. This was heaven, this was
worth working your ass off for, and this was worth
waiting for, just one moment in time for him.

Jason moved his ass faster; he could hear himself
moving in and out of her. He could feel her pussy
pulling him in, not letting go, pulling at him.

“Hey, Jason, your out of it aren’t you.” She grinned;
she rested her arms around his neck.

“Shut up Erin, I’m fucking you,” he mumbled.

“Oh shit yeah honey, finally, you finally talked to
me,” she laughed.

“Shut up, if you’re going to talk, talk dirty,” he said
laying his face into her neck. He reached down to cup
her asscheeks as he fucked her.

“Nasty boy huh? I like having your cock in my cunt, it
fills me so good. You know, I knew I was going to fuck
you when you were talking to me in the hallway at
school. I could see it in your eyes; you just didn’t
know what you wanted. You fuck nicely by the way, but
you need to go faster, the quicker you cum the faster
you’ll get another hard on and we can fuck again.” she

“Again?” he asked.

“I’m not giving this up. I got me a fucking choir boy,
we’re going to fuck until you feel comfortable,” she
said rocking her hips with his movements.

“Fuck me sweet heart, fuck me hard, come on Jason fuck
me hard!” she screamed into his ear.

Jason was moving harder, he knew he could go faster,
but he was afraid of hurting her. He didn’t know how
much pounding a girl could take.

“Jason, fuck me, either fuck me or get off me!” she
yelled at him.

He rose up; his head was a mess of images and thoughts.
He didn’t know where it came from, but he heard someone

“Alright bitch, you fucking asked for it!” he thought
it might have been him.

He leaned back, he hooked his arms under her knees, he
moved closer to her so her hips where over his thighs,
he leaned forward, tipping the young woman up onto her
shoulder blades, he reached around and under her to
grasp her shoulders in a reverse hold, he had her
pinned, he clamped his mouth to hers, then proceed to
fuck her with all the power he could generate with his
thighs and hips. Slamming into her with such a fury
that Erin’s eyes popped open, they looked surprised,
then rolled back in her head. She moved her hips side
to side.

Jason felt numb, he could do this all day, he was going
to do this all day. His cock moved at a blinding speed.

Erin was moaning, she was groaning, she was whimpering
into his mouth, she was sliding on the grass with each
thrust, Jason followed her.

“Shit, fucking grass.” he complained rising up.

Erin took a long shuddering breath as she was released.

Jason pulled her legs up, he wrapped his arms around
her thighs, he began to fuck her with powerful lunges,
slamming into her each time.

Erin reached for him, he pulled back, her arms went out
to the sides, she grabbed handfuls of grass, pulling,

She was trying to speak but couldn’t, she couldn’t get
any air.

“Oh Jason…Jason…I wanted you for so long.” she
cried out finally.

Jason felt a power like he had never felt before, it
overwhelmed him, he was the master, he was in control,
he was strong and powerful, he was one giant cock, he
was fucking a woman older than him, he was fucking
period. He was fucking a hot wet cunt for the first
time and he was making her orgasm.

“Cumming, cumming, here it cums Jason, do you feel it,
do you feel me, feel me Jason, feel me cum around you,
don’t stop, don’t you fucking stop you prick!” Erin
wailed wildly.

“Fuck you, fuck you!” he cried back at her. Something
happened, he thrust deep into her squeezing cunt hole.
That was what she was a cunt.

Bright lights flashed across his brain, the intensity
of his very first orgasm, tore the scream from the very
depths of his soul.

Erin held his face as he leaned over to drive into her
even deeper. Erin was cumming he could feel it, could
feel her clamping down around him, hear her crying out
for him to do it harder. To just let it go.

He began to shoot, and shoot and shoot, his stomach
cramped, his thighs cramped, he didn’t care, his whole
body cramped, he was trying to breath, he could feel
everything, he was part of everything,

Erin was pulling at his hair, her toes were back over
her head almost digging into the ground, she was bent

Jason collapsed on top of Erin.

Their breathing was loud to his ears, like a rushing
freight train through a tunnel; Erin wrapped her arms
around his body, feeling his sweating back.

“I knew you had it in you to fuck me,” she whispered.

Jason didn’t want her to see him crying, but his tears
were hot on her neck.

She stroked the back of his neck, caressing him. Jason
wrapped his arms around her; he rolled them over, so
she lay on top of him.

Jason slipped off into sleep.

*** Chapter 3 ***

Erin got him home, it was already dark, she felt kind
of bad about keeping him out, but he was going to be in
trouble anyway.

“Are you sure your okay?” she asked him looking into
his eyes.

“Great, how long does this high last anyway?” he asked

“Your probably alright, it doesn’t go forever you
know.” she told him.

He sat looking at his house; he saw the porch light go
on. He was about two hours late.

“Guess I’ll go find out the price.” he said.

“Jason, see you in school tomorrow?” she asked holding
his hand.

He looked at her, he was thinking very clearly now.

“Sure.” he said opening the door.

He looked back to see Erin watching him, with a
concerned look on her face. She waved to him.

He gave her a little wave.

He walked into the house.

“How was Jerry’s honey, did you get a lot of studying
done?” his mother asked him.

He still wasn’t completely sure what she was talking

“Yeah, but I’m really starving.” he said moving by her
to the kitchen.

“I made you a couple of sandwiches, wash the plate when
your done.” she told him.

Jason opened the refrigerator. He pulled out a plate of
cold fried chicken and poured a glass of ice tea, he
sat down to eat.

His mother came in, she stared at him.

“Now Jason, are you going to let those sandwiches go to
waste,” she asked reaching for the plate of chicken.

“Mom, I don’t want a sandwich, I want the chicken, and
I don’t need to drink milk all the time, I like ice
tea.” he said.

She pulled back and stared at him.

He took a deep breath.

“I wasn’t at Jerry’s I was with a girl,” he said.

“What?” she asked.

“I went for a ride with a girl Mom. Jerry’s sister, we
went out and talked.” he said not willing to tell her
the whole truth.

“Jason what are you saying?” his mother asked with
concern in her voice.

“I’m saying, I’m eighteen, I have never been on a date.
I have never kissed a girl; I have never talked to one
on a personal level. I went for a ride with her and
talked with her. And mom, don’t iron my shorts.” he

His mother stood staring at him.

“Arthur!” his mother yelled for his father.

“Oh leave him alone Mary, he talked to a girl, give him
some slack.” his father said winking at his son.

Jason smiled.


Jason carried his books with him out to the fence. He
stood looking at the slackers. His fingers curled
around the chain link. He had seen Erin with her
friends but had not talked to her.

He saw her glancing over at him; she was sitting on the
hood of the GTO with two other girls.

She was talking to some guy who was touching her arm,
stroking his hand up and down slowly. Erin said
something to the guy and he stopped stroking her arm.
She sat staring at him, waiting.

Jason walked to the end of the fence, if he went around
it into the parking lot, there would be prices to pay.

If he went the other way, he would go home. There would
be prices to pay.

He turned to look at Erin; she was looking at him
around the other boys shoulder.

Jason decided.

“Erin, want to go for a ride?” he asked her holding out
his hand to her.

Erin smiled, she took his hand.

“You do know there are prices to pay if you go for a
ride with me,” he told her.

“Here’s a down payment,” she said pressing close and
kissing him hard on the lips.

Much to the surprise of those gathered around.

“Erin I need a girlfriend, badly. You want the job?” he
asked her as he put an arm around her waist and led her
to her little car.

“Do I get the full treatment, dances, dinners,
presents, dinner with your parents?” she asked looking
up into his face.

“Oh yeah, most definitely you get to meet my parents.”
he said laughing.

Erin laughed and slid her hand down inside his jeans to
grip his asscheek.

“Jason are you wearing boxers?” she asked with an evil
smile playing about her lips.

Jason just smiled at her.

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