A weekend away hots up a small village

A few years ago, a friend of mine was renting a flat in
a small village in the Midlands, which he and another
friend used when they were called to work in the

One weekend my wife and myself had agreed to borrow the
flat for a few days away. Before going to the flat we
had agreed that it would be an ideal chance to engage in
our favourite hobby; that being exhibitionism, with the
occasional spot of sex with one or more strangers,
thrown in for good measure.

Whilst driving to the flat my wife removed her
underpants, stating, “I don’t think I’ll be needing
these this weekend.” It turned out that she hadn’t
brought any other pairs with her anyway, that always
being her intention.

She was wearing a short summer skirt, and a vest top
which had buttons down the front. Apart from when we
went out to pubs in the evening, she wore these clothes
for the whole weekend, they being suitable for the
purpose in mind.

As I drove along, she adjusted her seat to enable her to
recline back comfortably, enabling her skirt to ride up
her legs a little, which allowed her shaved pussy to be
clearly seen, also undoing some buttons to help her tits
almost to burst out of her top. She has gorgeous tits,
with beautiful long nipples which let you see
immediately when my wife is aroused, as they poked out
proudly, either pushing obviously against the thin
material of her vest, or thrusting around the edges of
the material, to escape defiantly from cover.

When my wife is showing herself to me, or anyone else
for that matter, she becomes obviously aroused, with her
nipples bursting through or out of their cover, and her
pussy lips open of their own volition, becoming clearly
wet, puffy, and engorged with blood. This is truly a
beautiful sight to behold, and one that thrills me every
time to my core, and seemingly does the same to everyone
else that has had the pleasure of seeing her thus.

I could never tire of, or become complacent with, the
sight of my wife exposed and excited in this manner, and
cannot understand the views of the people that find
fault with actions such as ours. Nevertheless I believe
that we should all follow our own beliefs, and as
someone once said, “Each to his own.”

Anyway, we arrived duly at the flat, picked up the keys
from a neighbour as arranged, put our luggage inside,
and went back out again to explore the village.

You can more or less walk around the village in a
circle, it consisting of possibly fifty or so houses, a
small shop/ post office, a church with graveyard, two
pubs and a shop which sold beds of all things.

We first of all decided to visit one of the pubs. We
bought some drinks, and sat in a room to the rear, we
being the only people in that room, there being about
three others in the public bar. Whist in that rear room,
my wife started to expose her breasts to me, by undoing
most of the buttons on her top. I fondled her breasts
whilst kissing her, and was enjoying her rubbing my
erection through my trousers.

She said, “Why don’t you go and remove your pants? I’ll
be able to see your cock better and feel it better.”

This prompted me to go to the loo and do that; hiding my
erection on the way back with my hand in my pocket,
until I was back in the rear room with my wife. My wife
by now had allowed her already short skirt to ride up
her legs, until her pussy was once again on show. We sat
in that room for quite some time, quietly having a few
drinks, fondling each other to our hearts’ content. I
was feeling her breasts, then caressing her pussy, then
fingering her to an orgasm; whilst she at one time had
unzipped my trousers, released my cock, and stroked and
sucked me until I too came, she swallowing my come with

When we had tidied ourselves up a bit, we went out into
the bar to get another drink each, both of us sitting on
stools by the bar, and having a brief chat with two
locals, who sat at a table by the window. My wife by now
was only showing shall we say, “more than a usual
amount” of cleavage which seemed to keep the two local
guys amused. When we finished our drinks we said our
goodbyes, and I noticed that as my wife slid off the bar
stool, she made sure her legs opened quite wide, giving
the goggle-eyed locals a view and a thrill I’m sure
they’d never forget.

We walked around the village until we came to the
shop/post office, which we looked around, and found that
they sold “top shelf” magazines which I’ve always
enjoyed for titillation purposes. My wife and I
purchased two magazines and left the shop to return to
the flat to shower and change.

On the way back to the flat my wife was allowing her
skirt to ride up her legs until you could almost see her
pussy lips showing as she walked, and her tits were also
overflowing her top.

A man was walking towards us on the same pavement and I
said quietly, “Give him a good look, and ask him for a
light or something.” My wife quickly removed a cigarette
from her handbag and walked up to this person and did
just that; the expression on his face was priceless.

He was obviously aware that this woman walking towards
him was wearing a ridiculously short skirt, but when she
leaned in towards him for a light and her tits were
almost in his face, he didn’t know where to look first.
He managed to get a good eyeful though, in fact couldn’t
really avoid it. As my wife and I walked away, all she
said was, “Nice!”

We got back to the flat and decided to have a quick read
of the magazines. We sat opposite each other in the
living room, both in easy chairs. We took it in turns
whilst looking at the photographs inside, to read out to
each other stories from the “Readers’ Wives stories.”

Soon it was obvious that we were both turned on by the
stories, especially the ones involving women “flashing”
to others. My wife slowly raised each of her legs to
rest on the arms of the chair, unbuttoned her vest
totally, and started to rub and caress her pussy,
working the wetness around, before dipping her fingers
into her by now soaking wet cunt. I in turn removed all
my clothes, and spreading my legs wide, started

I must say, that was a truly enjoyable wank!

We were both masturbating and listening to each other
relating stories of women showing their cunts to other
men, whilst enjoying seeing each other obviously
excited, wanking to, and for, each other. In next to no
time we both had wonderful orgasms, me sending jets of
come over my chest and stomach up to my chin; my wife
exploding noisily, sending a spray of come out over the
carpet in front of her, her hand a blur, wanking and
rubbing, spraying out freely from her wide open cunt.

After relaxing a short while, we went to lay on the bed
for a while, just gently touching each other, falling
asleep in each others’ arms.

When we woke, it was time to shower and change, before
going out for the evening. We decided to try the other
pub in the village, where we found they were holding a
general knowledge quiz, something we both enjoy. My wife
was wearing a long summer dress, no knickers or bra, and
I a summer shirt and trousers, again with no underpants,
concealing my erection as usual with my hand when
necessary. The evening went quietly, with nothing sexual
taking place.

When we left the pub at closing time, we walked in the
opposite direction to the flat, intending to enjoy
ourselves in some fashion before retiring. At one point
we entered an old fashioned telephone box, and whilst
huddled up close, pretended to use the ‘phone. I undid
the buttons on my wife’s dress and fingered her for at
least fifteen minutes, she pretending to talk into the
receiver whilst exploding come down her legs.

After leaving the phone box, we walked into the
churchyard and ended up fucking on top of a crypt, or
whatever it is called. A large stone box-like thing.
This is something we’d read of others doing in magazine
stories, but hadn’t thought we’d ever be able to
replicate. We both enjoyed fucking like this. Me with my
trousers down to my ankles, my wife’s dress totally
undone, her lying on her back, legs in the air, both of
us banging away for all we’re worth, until noisily
cumming together, not aware or afraid of how much noise
we made. A really lovely spur of the moment fuck.

A short while later, on our way back to the flat, my
wife only had about two buttons fastened, enabling me
free access to her body; tits, cunt and arse all felt
and probed whilst walking. This is a common thing for us
to do when walking home from a pub when at home, and
something we both totally enjoy.

When we reached the flat, we had a last vodka and tonic,
and went into the bedroom, originally intending to go to
bed. As I went to close the curtains, all I could see
from the window was the plain wall of the building
opposite to ours, and a doorway that looked as if it
wasn’t in use any longer. A thought came into my head,
prompting me to say to my wife, “I think I’d like to
watch you undressing, but from a distance.”

Whilst the majority of my ogling my wife’s body takes
place up close, maybe six to ten feet away, I also love
to look at her exposing herself at a longer distance,
possibly me pretending that I’m seeing her as a stranger

This resulted in me going outside, crossing the road,
and watching my wife from the darkness of the disused

When I was in place, my wife stood in front of the
bedroom window, then raised the sash window as high as
possible, not for it to impede my view at all. She then
started to sway to imaginary music, at the same time
slowly rubbing herself through her dress firstly, then
sliding her hands inside the dress, first to caress and
squeeze her breasts, then parting the lower portion of
the dress, enabling her to rub her pussy with one hand,
whilst holding the dress open with the other.

This was fantastic, but I found the room too dark to see
as much as I’d like, so I motioned up to her, after
catching her eye, to switch on the light in the room.
She paused momentarily at that, before recommencing her
sexual dance with the light now on. This was much
better. I had now released my rampant cock from my
trousers and was slowly pulling on it, as my wife
started to then undo slowly all the buttons on her
dress, still caressing herself with obvious enjoyment.

With her dress now hanging off her shoulders, she walked
up close to the window, then placed one foot on the
sill, thereby opening her legs wide, giving a glorious
view of her soaking wet cunt, as she plunged one then
two fingers into it, fingering herself into a blissful

When she suddenly stopped, and walked away from the
window, I thought maybe someone was approaching me, or
something else was wrong, but she soon reappeared,
holding her favourite vibrator. She resumed her previous
stance, and I swear I could see a sheen on the tops of
her legs against the light, where her juices had run
down her legs.

She resumed her masturbation with renewed vigour; at
first rubbing the vibrator between her soaked cunt lips;
occasionally pausing over her clitoris, for the added
enjoyment the vibrations there gave her, before plunging
her favourite sex aid deep within her cunt, then rapidly
wanking herself into a frenzy, coming in torrents down
her legs, while I also wanked myself to a lovely orgasm,
shooting my load over the wall and floor of the doorway.
To see my wife perform in this way, with the lights on,
in full view in the window, was a truly magnificent
sight, and one I will always treasure.

After wiping myself, I returned to the flat, where my
wife was lying spent on the bed. Her dress being fully
open, her legs apart, her cunt fully engorged in plain
view, I couldn’t stop myself from kneeling down between
her legs and slowly start kissing, then licking her wide
open cunt, which in almost no time at all resulted in
another glorious orgasm for her. Are we all jealous of
the number of orgasms a woman can experience in one
evening? I imagine so.

The evening had ended in an extremely enjoyable session
for us both, and we went to sleep in each other’s arms,
whilst quietly telling each other how much we’d enjoyed
what had taken place.

The next day we spent driving around a few of the nearby
villages, sampling a drink or two in some small country
pubs; my wife sampling more than me partly because of me
driving, partly because of how alcohol accelerates my
wife losing her few remaining inhibitions.

On returning to our “home” village, we walked around
aimlessly, my wife enjoying the way the breeze was
wafting along her pussy under her very short skirt, also
causing her nipples to stand out proudly. I was able on
occasions to squeeze the cheeks of her backside as we
walked, my finger sometimes straying forward between her
cheeks to graze against her pussy lips lightly. This
ensured that my wife had a permanently wet pussy all the
time we walked around, which suited us both.

As we were walking past the bed shop in the village, my
wife asked to go in to explore. We did so, and walked
around the beds on display for a while before she lay
down on one, kicking off her shoes, and raising one
knee, allowed me a lovely view of her parted cunt lips.
As we have taken advantage in the past of similar photo
opportunities, I always used to carry a camera with me
(just in case). This seemed an ideal occasion to take a
few snaps; so I had just started to take a few lurid
photos, when a young salesman seemed to appear from
nowhere, immediately asking ” Can I help you?”

Partly I think due to the amount of alcohol my wife had
consumed, instead of trying to cover herself up, my wife
kept up her open legged pose and replied “That would be
nice.” I think I might have tried to bluster my way out
of this situation if it hadn’t been for the fact that
this young chap had an obvious erection trying to force
its way out of his trousers. He wasn’t trying to conceal
it either, so I quickly realised that he wasn’t totally
displeased with my wife displaying her charms in his
shop. I smiled at him, and just said, “Feel free,” and
nodded towards the bed.

He said, “One minute,” and rushed off to lock the door.
On his way back to the bed he removed his jacket and tie
before sitting on the edge of the bed. My wife reached
out to him, and soon they were zealously kissing and
caressing each other. He fingered her cunt until she
came over his fingers, whilst she squeezed his cock
through his trousers before removing that obstacle.

Whilst they were both busy, I had resumed taking photos,
presuming that if he objected, he’d let me know soon
enough. He didn’t so I kept on snapping away merrily.

During the next hour or so I took around forty photos
which showed the pair in a huge variety of situations
and poses. They began with the pair wanking each other,
then gradually removing each other’s clothes until both
naked, they indulged in a fuck-fest of activity,
involving oral and manual stimulation of each other’s
sex organs, including a 69 with my wife on top, pushing
her cunt down onto his mouth whilst sucking eagerly away
at his formidable erection.

They ended up fucking, first standing up by the bed,
then lying on it, finally culminating in my wife
kneeling on the bed, gripping the brass headboard with
all her might, screaming out “Fuck me! Fuck me!” as he
pounded his cock into her cunt as hard and fast as he
was able; both of them calling out as they shared huge
orgasms, both going rigid with the intensity of their

All of this was captured on my digital camera, and has
been viewed by my wife and myself both together and
singly to assure orgasms all round. A fantastic reminder
of a wonderful afternoon. It turned out that the
salesman didn’t have any qualms about joining in or
having his photo taken, because he was just doing
someone a favour, and watching the shop whilst the owner
was at a wedding. Lucky for all involved I think.

After replacing her clothes, my wife and I had a quick
chat with the young man, after which my wife gave him a
lingering kiss to remember her by, then we slowly walked
back to the flat. When there, my wife quickly removed
her clothes again, and walked naked around the flat
while preparing us both a vodka and tonic. During this
period she walked past the open windows without a care,
not minding if anyone should happen to look up at the
upstairs flat. I followed suit, and stripped, following
her into the kitchen to caress her pussy and backside
while she prepared the drinks.

We then sat in the lounge, in the same chairs facing
each other as the previous day, and started once again
to read out the “Readers’ Wives” stories out to each
other. Before long I was slowly pulling my rigid cock,
listening and watching my wife intently as she rubbed
her vibrator along her soaking wet pussy, before pushing
it into her open, wet, cunt; to gradually increase her
pace, until her hand was ramming the toy into her cunt
with abandon, eventually soaking the seat beneath her
and a patch of carpet in front of the chair as she came
in a large spray of cum juice, the magazine having
dropped unnoticed from her hand long before that.

I too had increased the pace of my wanking, watching my
wife’s self ministrations, until I also erupted in a
great gush of cum which shot over my chest and stomach,
even reaching my chin. We both then slumped in the
chairs, looked over at each other with beaming smiles.
All I could manage to say was “Wow!” which seemed to sum
up the moment.

After finishing our drinks, we again, as the day before,
retired to lie on the bed, holding each other, whilst
talking about the day’s events so far; especially what
had happened in the bed shop. We gradually fell asleep
in each other’s arms.

When we awoke, we both showered and changed before going
out for our last evening in the village.

We decided to visit the first pub we had gone into in
the village, the previous day. There were more people in
attendance this evening, and we spent some time in the
bar initially, occasionally having the odd conversation
with a local or two.

During this time my wife, who had at least three buttons
undone at the top and bottom of her dress, was
occasionally putting one of her feet up onto the brass
rail along the floor in front of the bar, causing her
dress to open down its length, showing a lot of her leg.
A sight I’m pretty sure was admired by a good few of the

We noticed a group of people leaving the back room,
where we had spent yesterday’s enjoyable afternoon, and
went into that room to see if there were any vacant
seats. There were spare seats, so we sat down on
opposite sides of a low coffee table which held our
drinks. Every time my wife leaned forward to reach her
drink, she showed a formidable amount of cleavage, and
allowing her dress to part, was also showing a fair
amount of leg.

During the evening, we struck up a conversation with a
couple of young men who, it turned out, were reps who
were staying at the other end of the village for a few
nights. Their looking down my wife’s cleavage became
more obvious as the evening went on, and she in turn
seemed to have to lean forward more and more as time
went by. It was obvious she was enjoying the attention,
and was playing up to it, having received the ok from me
when the two men had gone to buy us all a round of
drinks. She had asked, “What do you think? Are you up
for it? Four in a bed?”

This was something we had never tried before, and I
instantly decided that I would love to experience it.

“I am if you are,” was my reply. Then the two youngsters
returned. Where we were seated, my wife was actually
facing the corner of the room, with me opposite her, and
the two reps standing, leaning against a fireplace which
ran along the wall, which meant that my wife was the
only one facing away from the room, us three facing the
other people present. Not that that were too many others
in the room now as time was getting on.

We subsequently discovered that the pub would sometimes
lock it’s doors, and serve drinks after hours. This was
the case on this evening. Well after hours we became the
only people left in this back room; the remaining
customers having moved into the bar to chat, most of
them knowing each other.

For some time now, my wife had opened more buttons both
top and bottom of her dress, allowing a beautiful sight
of most of both of her tits, with her proud nipples
occasionally peeking around the sides of the dress. Her
legs were also greatly exposed, her dress parted
sufficiently to almost allow a view of her pussy. I
think it was only the fact that her cunt lips were
shaven that stopped us three men from seeing her cunt
totally, in all its glory.

The two reps knew on which side their bread was
buttered, and were constantly giving my wife compliments
on her sexy appearance, at the same time complimenting
her by the fact that they both had erections straining
against their trousers. They both occasionally were
squeezing their cocks through their trousers, resulting
in my wife in turn complimenting them on the size of
their erections, which seemed to please them no end.

After a while like this, my wife asked, “Would you like
to see my cunt?”

My wife, on occasions like this, likes to talk dirty,
and indeed thrills me when talking like this, just
saying it like it is. The two guys nodded, and said,
“Yes please.” This prompted my wife to undo one more
button, and slowly open her legs, whilst leaning back in
her chair, thus giving the three of us an uninterrupted
view of her juicy, wet, wide open cunt.

I think we all almost shivered at the sight, being given
a perfect view, in a public place, of an openly excited
woman, not afraid to show how wet and excited she was,
to her husband and two strangers.

Both the other guys at this point, put one hand in their
pockets to enable them to fondle themselves. At this
point I think maybe they had two emotions running
through them. Firstly a desire to fuck the exposed woman
in front of them; secondly the desire to whip their
cocks out into the open and wank over the sight
presented to them. I know the feelings, having felt them
many times in the past, whilst my wife was exposing
herself to me.

After a while, my wife asked the two guys, “Would you
like to fuck me now? My husband has to be present, and
fully participate.”

Again, I think the only reply they could muster between
them was, “Oh, yes please.”

At this, my wife swiftly buttoned some of dress, stood
up, gripped both guys’ cocks, and said, “Well then, what
are we waiting for?” She then released her grip and led
the way outside, after thanking the landlord for the

It was now some time after two am, and the street was
deserted as we walked back to the flat. This was a
perfect time to indulge in the normal thing we do on
occasions like this, that being that we again undo
nearly all of my wife’s dress, and feel her body all
over as we walk, enabling her at the same time to feel
the cocks of the people closest to her. I let the other
guys walk either side of my wife and have the pleasure
of this, having done the same on many, many occasions.
To see her caress the erections of two strangers as we
walked was a wonderful sight to me, tremendously
exciting, causing me to rub my cock through my trousers
as we proceeded.

When we got back to the flat, the two guys were all over
my wife. They stripped her dress off in the hallway, and
were fingering her pussy and arse at the same time, to
her immense enjoyment. We went straight into the
bedroom, where we all removed our clothing, and lay on
the bed.

My wife at first lay between the other guys, and at the
sight of them both feeling her tits and pussy, I was
moved to kneel down at the foot of the bed and, moving
the guys’ hands out of the way, began to lick, nibble
and suck my wife’s cunt lips, inner cunt lips, and

I love oral sex, and enjoyed bringing my wife to orgasm
by inserting two fingers into her, whilst licking up and
down her cunt; at the same time the other guys were
caressing her tits, pulling on her nipples, and trying
to get their hands under her body to stimulate her arse
at the same time.

My wife having exploded big time with this handling, the
rest of the night passed in a blur of sex. My wife has
for a long time been keen to try almost anything sexual,
and that night truly was one to try out anything and
everything we could think of.

Multiple penetration was certainly the order of the
night, and I have no idea how may orgasms occurred in
that room; that night. With my wife able to experiment
with three cocks available to her, she threw herself, (
as indeed did I) with gusto into the wildest night of
sex we had ever experienced up until that time.

Two views I had that night I think will always remain
with me. My wife trying to get two cocks into her mouth,
after already having licked and sucked them for some
time; and when she had one cock in her cunt, another in
her arse, with neither cock belonging to me! These were
both amazing sights to behold, at least they were to me;
and formed two portions of what turned into a really
long, sweaty, fuck-fest for all the people involved.

When a good few hours of sleep had passed, and our
guests had long gone, we set off for home. During the
journey, my wife dropped off to sleep, her skirt having
risen up her legs, showing me her recently moisturised
pussy; her vest open enough to enable me glimpses of her
nipples. This ensured an enjoyable journey home for me.
At one point I was sufficiently aroused by the sight of
my exposed wife, to make me free my cock from my
trousers, and masturbate whilst driving, catching the
eventual emissions in a handkerchief.

Thus passed a truly unforgettable weekend. Many times we
have relived that time, retelling the events of the
weekend to each other during lovemaking sessions,
reminding each other of the men’s looks as my wife slid
open legged off the bar stool; the masturbation session
my wife and I had on different sides of the living room,
then on different sides of the street; the photos taken,
and the fucking that took place in the bed shop; and
finally the beautiful exhibitionism of my wife in front
of the two strangers, turning eventually into a night
long fucking session with four people thoroughly
enjoying themselves, with no restrictions on anyone.

During the various times we have retold these stories to
each other, it has always resulted in our slow, romantic
lovemaking, ending in frenzied orgasms for both of us;
the stories having the desired effect of exciting both
of us to a glorious, sweaty finish.

I sometimes look at our weekends away as being
marvellous value. The number of orgasms gained after
coming home being far, far, in excess of the number
experienced during the actual weekend away. Can’t be
bad, can it? What do you think?