Beth’s sperm party

I’m a little embarrassed to tell this story, but my justification is that my “then” current boyfriend had been a real asshole to me. We’d broken up two nights before my best friend, Beth, was due to give a party at her house, and he had the gall to bring that slut, Carla, to the party.

Here I was, alone and still grieving over the breakup, and there was Martin, kissing and feeling up Carla in front of everyone. I hated them both, and was extremely annoyed with Beth for not throwing them out of the house when they first showed up.

To make things worse, I was standing around feeling depressed when this guy came over and started to hit on me. I wasn’t in the mood, and he had bad breath anyway.

I tried, unsuccessfully, to indicate that I wasn’t interested, and eventually Beth’s husband, Rob, came over and rescued me.

He is a very handsome guy and we’ve always been friends. Beth, Rob and I had attended high school together, even going to the same junior college. They got married the year we all graduated, and have been husband and wife for almost five years.

We talked about life, and drank margaritas. The party raged on, and the night air was alive with excitement and sexual tension. I can’t explain it, but I’d started to feel horny, and Rob was looking even more sexy than usual to me as the night wore on.

We were sitting at the little bar which had been set up by the backyard pool when Rob suggested that we change and take a dip. It was hot, and I was drunk, so I readily agreed and we went into the house to change.

By the time we both got back to the pool it was past midnight, and things had quieted down in the back yard. As a matter of fact, we were the only ones there at that time.

I felt a little self-conscious as I walked across the decking in one of Beth’s bikinis. Rob was already in the pool, and he watched me scurry over the edge of the pool and nervously slip into the cool water.

We hung onto the edge of the pool at the deep end and talked for a while. I guess the fact that we had a pitcher of ice-cold margaritas and drank another couple of glasses is the main explanation for what happened next.

We were discussing Rob’s youngest k*d, Kathy, when he started complaining about his sex life. He said that, with three kids, he and Beth hardly ever had sex any more; that they never did anything sexually kinky like they used to do; and that Beth appeared no longer to enjoy having sex with him.

I made sympathetic noises as he continued to tell me how horny he was all the time; how he’d drive to work almost everyday with a hard-on; and how he’d eye the women at work and fantasize about having sex with them.

Then he cleared his throat and said he’d even fantasized about me.

Well, I’d been doing the same about him for the past several hours! I was sporting a pretty good buzz from all the alcohol I’d had, and I guess I wasn’t thinking much about consequences when I reached out under the water and squeezed Rob’s nuts through the material of his trunks.

I could see his body tense as I touched him. Our faces were just a foot apart and we looked into each other’s eyes as I continued to massage his crotch. His eyes finally closed and he was obviously enjoying my handiwork.

Suddenly he came alive and looked around guiltily. To my surprise, after reassuring himself that we were still alone, he pulled me to him and kissed me deeply.

I was on fire! Our wet bodies pressed close together, and all I wanted to do was fuck him, then and there. His manly body had been turning me on for hours, and now the feeling of his hard flesh against mine was making me crazy.

I opened my eyes when Rob pulled away from me and dragged himself up out of the water and onto the pool’s edge. I was looking up at him from between his legs, and watched as he pulled his trunks off.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw this large, erect penis poking up in front of my face. I looked past Rob to see if anyone was around, and saw that we were still completely alone. I could wait no longer and, sinking my mouth down over his warm shaft, I began bobbing my head over his lap. I wanted him to come for me, and little moans escaped from his lips as I worked diligently on him.

It was exciting to do something like this in a public place. Being caught in the act was a real possibility, and I felt little quakes deep inside my body, exploding into mini orgasms. It was a wonderful feeling. The texture of Rob’s stiff penis against my lips as I sucked him was somehow deeply satisfying. He was so smooth and hot, and I could feel the throbbing of his pulse transmitted through his penis to my lips.

I was caught unawares by the first hot rush of Rob’s come filling my mouth. It surprised me so much that I pulled my mouth off the erupting penis, only to receive several more gushes directly across my upturned face. I remember feeling his come splatting across my nose, then hitting me directly in the eye.

It was strange to see him shoot his sperm out like that. I’d never actually been in a situation like that before, but it certainly turned me on. And I continued to watch with prurient interest as Rob’s orgasm began to subside.

His still very erect penis became covered with his own come as the spurts became weaker and began dripping down his shaft and into his hairy balls. I was about to take him back into my mouth and do a little cleaning up when I heard a gasp.

I looked up and saw Beth standing behind Rob, a look of total shock on her face. In that moment I realized what I must have looked like to her, with her husband’s come all over my face and my head between his legs as I held on to the edge of their pool. It must have been a real sight!

As it turned out, Beth soon forgave me, and several weeks later I actually did it again. This time, though, Beth and Rob had sent their c******n to stay with Rob’s folks and we had one heck of a threesome weekend. I mean – I owed it to Beth, didn’t I?

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