Beth’s sperm party

I’m a little embarrassed to tell this story, but my justification is that my “then” current boyfriend had been a real asshole to me. We’d broken up two nights before my best friend, Beth, was due to give a party at her house, and he had the gall to bring that slut, Carla, to the

F” Is For Facial

He stared at his reflection in the bathroom mirror, making faces and sticking his tongue out at himself. “I hate my face.” He said. He could hear her in the bedroom, putting away laundry from the sound of it. “I hate my face!” He said, louder this time so she would hear his complaint. She

My Wife Turns 40 and I Give Her a Cum-soaked Orgy

For my wife’s 40th Birthday I got her something she’s wanted for a long time, a cumfilled gangbang orgy. Over the years we started meeting other bisexual couples and had some great romps. This eventually turned into a private sex group. We have 20 couples total now, but usually only 5 or so make to