Bisex party on the farm

We’ve got alot of different friends sexually, Billie’s kinky friends and mine, they come from totally different areas of sex, only Billie and me are into beastly, that we know of.

We make a list, Billie sends invitations to them, I even invited 2 of my old kinky neighbors, ones a single older women and a couple, his’s gay and she’s dominant, I’ve had sex with all three of them, the women is into dildo play. My biker buds are bisexual
Billie’s friends are into everything,
She invites her horse farmer friend she got Thor from.
All together we are going to have about 20 people there, we also invite a kinky gay caterer that we know, he’s bringing all the food,

Friday morning shows up and we start getting ready, Greg shows up with all the food and some of his kinky servants,

Billie’s horse farmer shows up, he brings a couple mares and a stallion, my biker buds bring tents, bedding, porta john, porta shower.
All the other people start coming in about med afternoon, me and Billie supply all the drinks and of course the farm.
Everyone starts party, eating and drinking, having a good time getting to know each other.
We have big fire out in front of the barn, every one is at the fire.
Me and Billie start messing around, Pete comes over and I start rubbing his big dick, Billie gets naked and Pete mounts her.

That’s all it took, everyone got naked, my neighbour couple, she put leash and collar on him and took him to my biker buddies, my lady neighbor was still dressed, I asked her what was the matter, she said she didn’t know anyone but me, I took her to billie’s farm buddy, I made her get naked and start stroking his 10′ dick, that’s all it took for her to let her kink out, she deep throated him.
All the boys were tried up in someone filling there asses and pussies with come.
Thor was fucking a blonde older women.
Billie’s scat and pee friends were collecting pee and scat from everyone, eating and drinking all they could get, maybe the porta John was a waste of money.
There was a black guy fucking one of the mires, he seemed frustrated,I went over to him and started rubbing his balls as he stroke in and out of the mire.
I asked if he was enjoying his selve, he said it was ok, but no one could all his 12’dick but the mare, I felt offended, I said I can all of it and the next largest dick here at the same time, I got everyone’s attention, told Them what I wanted to do, all the men line up to compare, of course it was our farmer friend, he was about 9-10′,Billie lube me up and struck her fist in to loosen me up,
Lee is the black guy’s name and George is the farmers name,
I made Lee lay on his back, I straddled him facing away, I took all of him in one stroke, his toes curled over, his legs started shaking each time I stroke his big black dick, I admit I was injoying him deep inside me too, I stopped and told George it was his turn,
Billie lubed him up, and me to,
At first he couldn’t get it in, I rolled my hips up and relaxed my pussy,
He sled right in, I told both to make me come, they pounded my pussy, one was going in and the other was coming out, I could fill their dicks were about to come in me, I clinch down on both of them and wouldn’t let them move, I started rotating my ass around, holding both tite in my pussy, I could feel both were about to fill me full of come, I deep strokes both of they, their dicks started pulsing inside me,I could feel the warm come being pump into me, I stroked them to get every drop out of them, I slide off their dicks, Billie came over and said she wanted suck all that come out of me, I let her, I told her was going to be tied to the porta john and she had to take all of it, no one could use it, they had to use her instead, I put her collar on and tied her to the john,I told her if I see one use it, I would punish her.
I think everyone injoyed them selves, every one was still naked in the morning, every one smelled of sex, all our farmer buddies were worn out.
That’s only the first night!

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